Baseball Weekly Update (03.03.2020)

let’s knock this out three two one
it is our baseball weekly update here on go-jacks comm head coach Rob Bishop to
speak about so it’ll be a busy couple weeks for his program let’s begin with
the trip to Texas last week I know you were disappointed leaving the 80-degree
weather to come back to Birkins but one in three on that trip yet you felt like
you had a chance to get at least one more game down there at Rio Grande
Valley yeah definitely I mean we were in every every baseball game and it was
really a lot like the Pacific weekend to be honest with you the scores were
different in a circumstance real a bit different but you know the good news is
is that when you looked up in the seventh inning what you know we were had
a good opportunity to win the baseball game and the bad news is we just didn’t
finish games very well I want to highlight one offensive player Josh
Faulk up to 273 he’s hit now safely in five consecutive yeah Josh was really
good this weekend and utrgv I mean they were the regular season wack champions
last year so really good club we saw good arms all weekend so I mean he he
earned it and he was he was a big part of our offense all weekend was a
dangerous guy that did damage when he had opportunities so I was happy for
Josh and we had some other guys take some steps forward I thought just
overall in their progress and development so we saw a lot of good
signs it’s always interesting with your young pitchers how they adjust the first
couple times at the Division one level and you got guys like Mazur and Adkins
or really pitching well right now for you yeah atomizers gotten better each
time out he was he was dominating this weekend and probably their Friday guy
was the the best guy we’ve seen this year and and so he matched matched and
pitch for pitch so that was exciting Brett Mogan continued to throw the ball
well and so we got the win on Friday night and a low-scoring game just by
pitching and playing good defense and and we were happy to to have that Rick
Atkins had a couple outings in a row where it was a little bumpy and we moved
into a penny threw well at the Gophers last
week and then he backed it up with another really good performance this
weekend so that’s a you know was definitely a bright spot eli Sundquist
same thing got his first collegiate started on Saturday and struck out eight
and four innings and you know had had one little rough patch but competed
really well and so again those two guys aren’t guys that that if you’d asked me
in the fall they aren’t guys that I would have expected to be having to
start or having to play that huge role this early and they’ve stepped in and
done a really nice job well let’s talk about what’s coming up the next couple
of weeks it is a busy stretch for your program because you’ve got Minnesota
coming up on Wednesday and the next day you’ll fly to Colorado Springs and Air
Force for three and then Kansas State and then on to Jorge Roberts so these
next couple of weeks what is it nine games and twelve days will really test
this crew yeah I mean it was a tough schedule with a with a veteran team and
kind of as dinged up as we are you know it’ll it’ll definitely stretch our depth
but I still feel like it’ll be a growing experience for us huh we Air Force
Academy is always a fun place to go and a different experience for the guys and
then we K State’s got a new a new stadium and they’re on the way to Oral
Roberts and it is spring break for us so we’re not missing a school or anything
so it’ll be better than better than practice for sure just to continue
running different guys out there and giving guys opportunities to basically
just get better in the game and so I’m excited to see what happens this week
and to wrap this up here we are it’s only a week and a half until Summit
League play begins when you go down to Oral Roberts hard to believe it’s here
already yeah I mean you wait you’re you hurry up and wait through the fall in
the winter and then once it’s on yeah it’s kind of a hundred days sprint so at
this point we’re just trying to do whatever we can to to stay healthy and
keep the guys prepared and and locked in for what’s next and in the cracks you
know filling academics and all the other things that these guys have to to finish
up so looking forward to the and obviously want to want to play the
the real season for us conference play we want to get off to a good start

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