Baseball’s Skillful Street Version

It’s nice to just be around
people that do the same thing I do. Playing the game connects me back to Dominican Republic [because] you just remember back to your days when
you was young. You feel the games. You have passion through it. I think it feels
personal. As like a sport, is like, everybody in Dominican Republic plays it.
My teammates are Dominican Latinos. We’re like a family in the field. Vitilla was a game that was invented for
young kids in the Dominican Republic. The kids, they wanted to play baseball, but they
didn’t have the proper tools like, a ball and a bat to play baseball so they try
bottle caps. That was the best thing for them to use because they were able to
manage the pitches and develop all the curves that you see on baseball.
If you can hit a vitilla, you can probably hit anything because, like,
they’re just moving around. So if you can hit it well, you can hit a baseball well.
My dad, he’s a big person here in the community and also he played
professional baseball. With my dad, it’s more like a
personal relationship. We go out, we play one-on-one. It’s like, helped us grow as
father and son, but also helped us improve each other’s game. Vitilla, it’s in my blood
because not only it comes through him, but also, this is a national sport. It’s Dominican and it’s American. It revolves around me.

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