Basic rules of baseball – Les règles de base du baseball

Hi folks, welcome to Home Run Seby. In this video, I will explain the basic rules
of baseball. First of all, let me show you what the playing
field looks like. Here’s what looks like a baseball field. The square here is called the diamond. In this diamond we find the home plate, the
first, second and third base and the pitching mound as well. This area is called the infield and all this
area is called the outfield. In the outfield we find the left field, the
center field and the right field. These two lines are called the foul line. All the balls which will go beyond these lines
will not count. Baseball is played by two teams of 9 players. So we have 18 players in the game. A full game count 9 rounds. The rounds are called innings. So, to be more correct, the game is played
in 9 innings. A complete game lasts more or less 3 hours. At the end of the game, if the teams are at
equalities, the games can go beyond the 9th innings. Each innings are divided into 2 parts. The first half is called the top of the inning
and the second half the bottom of the inning. The team who start the first half inning as
the offensive team will be located as the defensive team in the second half inning. An half inning is completed when 3 players
of the offensive team are eliminated. In general, the invited team starts as the
offensive team. About the offensives phases, before the game,
both teams determine an order that will not change among the 9 players. The goal of the offensive team is to earn some points. The offensive team send a hitter at bat and
if he hit the ball in the rules of the game, he can reach the first base, then the second
and the third base. And when the player reach the fourth base,
the team win one point. Here are the places occupied by the defensive
team: Into the infield we find the pitcher whose
role is to throw the ball to the catcher. The first baseman, the second and the third
baseman. We also find the short-stop. Into the outfield we find the left fielder,
the center fielder and the right fielder. The role of the pitcher is throwing the ball
to his catcher in a way that the batter can’t hit the ball. For that, he can throw the ball in different
ways like: fastball, curve ball, knuckle ball, etc. The role of the defensive team is to catch
the ball, if possible, before it hits the ground. If the ball hits the ground, they can prevent
the opposite team’s player from reaching the bases by blocking his passage. For that, one of the three baseman need to
receive the ball before the arrival of the opposite team’s player. Now that you know that, how a baseball game
look like? The game begin when the first batter is on
the home plate ready to hit the ball. His goal is to hit the ball as far as possible
so that no player of the opposite team can catch it. Once he hit the ball, he must reach one of
the four bases. When he is on a base, he can stop and wait
for the next player who must hits a ball and he must be ready to run to the following bases. Once he’s done a full turn, he scores a point. On each base, we find an opposite team player. If one of them have the ball before the arrival
of the hitter, the hitter is eliminated because he arrives too late. Any defensive player with the ball in the
glove can eliminate an offensive player who run between two basis, just by touching him. If one defensive player catch the ball before
this one hits the ground, the hitter is directly eliminate but just for that half inning. When the hitter miss the ball and this one
ends up into the glove of the catcher, we called that a strike. After three strikes, it’s a strikeout. The hitter is eliminated for the half inning
and he is replaced by an another hitter. If the hitter hit the ball beyond the foul
line, it’s a strike. If he sends the ball out of the park or directly
in the the stands, he can cross the 4 bases quietly, and this is called a Home Run. He marks a point. It’s better when there are already players
on the bases because it’s a point per player who returns to the home plate. If each base is occupied, a home run can bring
4 points. If the pitcher want to make a strike on the
hitter, he must paying attention to throw the ball in the strike zone. The strike zone is an imaginary box that,
according to the rules, is the width of home plate and extends from the knees to the bottom
of the hitter’s chest. Any ball that passes through the strike zone
without being touch by the batter is a strike. Every ball throwing outside the strike zone
are called « balls ». When it arrives, you can hear the umpire screaming the word “balls!” If the pitcher throw the ball four time in
a row outside of the strike zone, the batter can walk on the first base. The batter can decide to not hit the ball
if he feels that the ball will go outside the strike zone. If he touch the ball while this one is out
of the strike zone and miss his hit, he will receive a strike. Once three players are eliminated it’s the
end of the half inning. The defensive team become the offensive team
and conversely for the other team in the next half inning. And that’s it, you know the basic rules
of baseball. Of course the game is more complex than
that, but we will come back to it in a next video. Don’t hesitate to let me a comment in the
commentary box bellow. Please, subscribe if you want to see more
videos about baseball. Thanks to watched this video. It’s was Home Run Seby See ya.

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  1. Great video once again ! The quality of the video is awesome and I'm really impressed by all the details you put into it. The use of props makes a nice addition . Keep up the good work !

  2. J'aime beaucoup l'utilisation des accessoires ! 
    Bon courage pour ta chaîne 😊 Il y a du potentiel et on voit la passion  

    PS : j'adore le générique !

  3. Salut seby, je ne comprend pas pourquoi parfois après que le lanceur est lancé la balle ni les strikes ni les balls évolue et que rien ne change, merci d'avance pour ta réponse 😊

  4. Excellent . Seulement vous avez oublié un point de règlement : lorsque la balle touche une partie du corps du batteur , celui ci est autorisé à rejoindre la 1 ere base .

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