Bass eat Bat – Achigã come um Morcego

Take a look at this action Who says this does not catch fish? I’m almost stopped Welcome to another fishing video Today I’m doing the intro at the end of the day I arrived very early My goal was to catch a fish in top water with the Bat, is true, with the 7Cm Bat from Savage Gear And was mission accomplished I got a fish with 500 grams A small fish but it was funny Being in top water and with a lure that I wanted to try Getting results in first try was very good I caught some more fish With the bat but they were very small fish I’m going to leave a small video so you can see one of the catch but they are very small so you can see that even small fish atack that lure I will then leave the footage of one of the small ones fish on first Portuguese Bass with the Savage Gear Bat beautiful here he is let´s release fish on he will jump he is very small so small After that the day warmed is really hot The water is green and full of sediment don´t what are these herbs it’s dirty And how the day got so hot. I decided to fish in drop shot with Rib Worm Kit from Savage Gear you can already buy Is already available, it is new for this year Has been giving excellent results not big fish But the day is not for big fish, it’s complicated but lot of catches I’ll leave some To see how much it lasts, is a lure that despite being very soft really soft I’m amazed by the resistance, it takes a lot of catch I catch two Zanders They already had some size Were already better with Rib Worm since there are no grubs going to be one of my big bets Even because there are very cool colors for Zanders/Walleyes To our waters look at this, so beautiful this will catch fish and the other colours are great too The kit is now available hope you like this video It is not perfect but when the fish do not want there is nothing to do We can not invent, if they do not want do not want till next video there is a fish here in 4 meters Is on the way to the bottom now now he is on 4.5 meters a Zander/walleye A Zander/Walleye but a beautiful Zander/Walleye my friends Let me show you with Rib Worm look at this look at this fish What do you think? release? there he goes However I saw there another fish in the bottom I will try to catch him I think it is a very good lure the new Rib Worm from Savage Gear Because I’m having many attacks And although the lure is very smooth works very will and can take damage The amount of fish that this single Rib Worm caught is incredible It should already be destroyed and this has not happened yet, I’m surprised. There is the compromise of softer gum Takes more fish but rips very easily And the harder gum does not work It’s not what’s happening. very good another Zander/Walleye on Drop Shot It’s not what we wanted, but … It’s better than nothing is hard Swallowed everything another fish and release The lure is more than approved Lasts a long time and catches fish

100 thoughts on “Bass eat Bat – Achigã come um Morcego

  1. sigo a algum tempo e em breve tambem vou comecar a postar alguns videos a
    partir de inglaterra. Muito obrigado pelos vedeos e pelo exelente
    trabalho um abraco e tails up 😉

  2. bela amostra amigo João! ainda gostava de saber como é que ha malta que consegue gastar tanto dinheiro em amostras de sup (pompadour), com amostras tao em conta e com o mesmo trabalhar, no mercado…

    Grande Abraço João! obrigado pela partilha e continua!

  3. Bom dia!
    Ora bem mais um comentário que nunca é de mais,para os teus vídeos
    depois mando a morada para receber o premio do giveaway dos 3500 subscritores.
    ah ah ah

  4. Num lugar tão bonito como esse só podia dar nisto uma coisa diferente e fantástica parabéns.

  5. Parabéns, video fantástico como sempre, já agora uma questão, porquê da opção por dropshot desta vez? Obrigado.

  6. Morcego pela fresca parece ser uma combinação explosiva! Mais um excelente vídeo. Grande abraço João.

  7. Presente!
    Parecia-me é uma amostra para peixe grande…. mas parece que não só! É que cá no douro peixe grande para mim tem sido difícil….

  8. parabéñs pelas capturas com o bat, quando vi o lançamento desta amostra na savage gear nunca pensei que se aprlicasse a pt, pensei que fosse mais para lucios… abraço

  9. Raça de bicho esse que ataca tudo o que mexe … fica o desafio de tentar apanhar um achigã com uma "amostra diferente" ! Um abraço

  10. Good video! I messaged you a couple of weeks ago, you can upload the video you made and I can get you the address of where to send rod next. Thank You

  11. Boa noite , era possível criar um vídeo onde indicasse que amostras devemos comprar para pesca do achiga ,lucio perca e bárbaros . No mercado há mil uma amostras
    É sempre uma confusao por exemplo ia comprar Popper não sabia que cores comprar.
    Set básico para iniciante

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