Bat Angle on the shoulder

Once you have the proper grip you should prepare
your bat to swing at the ball. Sometimes we call this the coiled position, which means
you bring the bat back in order to release your energy toward the ball much like a spring
being uncoiled. When you grab your bat you should lift it up and place the barrel of
the bat on your back shoulder. Notice that your forearms will sort of look like the letter
A without the middle line. Or if it helps you can also think of it as looking like an
upside-down V. Once you are in this position you should lift the bat about 4 to 6 inches.
This will put the bat at about a 45 degree angle from where your hands are and where
the top of the barrel of the the bat is located. This angle is the most efficient angle for
bringing the bat around in your swing to make contact with the ball. One other thing to note. Your back shoulder
should be slightly higher than your front shoulder. Sometimes you might hear someone
tell a person to lift their back elbow. This can help to keep the back shoulder slightly
raised, however, do not raise your elbow too high as it will change the angle of your bat
and make your swing less efficient and compact. A slightly raised elbow is okay, but only
so that your back shoulder is slightly raised higher than your front shoulder.

2 thoughts on “Bat Angle on the shoulder

  1. Why do so many of these YouTube "hitting instructors" insist on making hitting so complicated for young players. It takes all of the joy out of the game. Just start the swing with the bat on top of the shoulder and get after it.

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