Bat chewing on a grape | Ryan Hansen

– Name a black
movie, Mr. Movies, Mr. Movie Star, Mr. Actor. Name one. – Okay, Black Panther.
BlacKkKlansman. – Wow.
– Black Sheep. Black Swan. – Wait, pause.
– What? – Stop please. You are just naming
movies with black in it. Black Panther. First of all, those
movies are brand new. – Above the Rim. – Okay, that’s one
of ’em, with Tupac? – So good. (slate clapping) – I’m cool havin’
a day off too, man. I’m gonna go catch
up on The Wire, greatest show on TV ever. – [Captain Ladee]
Take care, buddy. – [Vince] That’s
cool for me, man. I got tickets to Wicked. I’ll get back. It’s cool with me
man, I hate this show. Anyway. – Hm, hurtful. (mouth ringing) Sorry, I gotta make
this phone call. It’s to the murderer. (mouth ringing) Oh, is there a phone
ringing in the room? I guess he’s calling
from inside the house! You better start talking,
missy, and right now. (laughing)
So stupid. (people laughing) – What is an inclusion writer? – Ah, an inclusion
writer is this cool thing Frances McDormand
invented that makes sure all your meals, drinks,
and well alcohol are all inclusioned. – What is happening with
the ratings of the show? It’s like there’s never
been a celebrity on it. Why are the ratings so low? Did you look at the
ratings before– – It’s pretty bad.
– Before you signed on to this?
– It’s bad. – Whew. A bat chewing on a grape has
more views than this show. A turtle falling off
a kitchen counter, a porcupine being
washed in a sink. – Do they even have
ratings for webisodes? – They do, and this one is just – It’s bad.
(whistling) – This is the ocean. (whistling) – We might be
bringing 90210 back. But wait for it, we’re
gonna set it in the future, the year 90210. – Aw, the future, awesome. – Imagine it, the
Peach Pit on Mars? Shannen Doherty frozen,
comes to life again, looks younger, computers. Hm. (whooshing) – So help me God, if
I leave outta here with a tattoo… (buzzing) What the hell are you doing? – This whole fight is gonna
be a big CGI action set piece. – What? – I saw the storyboards,
it’s awesome. So I, like, bounce off the
wall and dodge this punch in like super slo-mo. At the end of this, the
whole building explodes. And I think you make
it out too, Vince. The best part of
this whole thing? We don’t have to do anything. That’s Previz, bitch. What? Seriously? Cut for budget? Oh come on. Right, here we go, let’s do it. (upbeat music)

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