Bat Drag Buster Demo

Hey guys Tyler here from Baseball
Rebellion. I’m with one of my clients, Quinn, and right now we’re gonna be
working with the Bat Drag Buster. So you can see, Quinn’s got it attached above
his elbows, the white band in front of his chest and we tightened it. Not all
the way we were cutting them off their circulation but tight enough to where
it’s not gonna slide up and down, and what we’re gonna do now are half turns. So Quinn’s gonna have to learn to be accurate with his barrel, learn how to keep
and maintain the space between his elbows. Quinn has had problems with
racing that back elbow, right, so what the Bat Drag Buster’s doing is pulling it
apart, he’s just gonna get to contact and hold it and make sure he’s maintained
that spacer. You ready? All right, so what I’m gonna do now is just front toss him
a couple balls and make sure that what we’ve been working on is something that
he’s thinking about here like I said maintaining that space and
being accurate with his barrel. All right Quinn you ready? Good, so make sure you’re not pulling their hand across your chest there, right, try to keep your hands on
the outside part of the home-plate side of the white line. That a boy, good job. Little less that’s like a 3/4 turn just
get to contact. Better, so see how you’re keeping the stretch of the white band? If
you would of lost, you could hear the rattle of the carabiners, right, but
that’s keeping it stretched, keeping it tight. Good one more.

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