Bat Drag Buster Explaination

Hey guys Chas Pippitt here with Baseball Rebellion, and I’m here today to talk to you about the Bat Drag Buster. Now this is a product we use with kids of all ages and our pros like it the best because you can actually take full swings on it. I’m here with Eric and I’m going to go ahead and strap him up here. So basically you just unclip the straps, you go around the arms, super super simple. And you only use the white band in front of the body and the and the red band behind. You never use them together. So what this is doing is it’s pulling his elbows together. So go ahead and get your stance So what he’s feeling now is the stretch of the white band, which is pulling his elbow in. People naturally resist force so what we want to do is we want to avoid that pull in and so as he loads back and takes his stride and he comes to contact here, he’s gonna maintain that stretch right there And that’s exactly what we’re looking for. To keep the elbows facing as best we possibly can. One of the things that a lot of kids really do poorly is they drag the bat. So Eric, go ahead and get in your stance And when the when the bat drags the main culprit is this back elbow collapses and gets in front of the hands and then you create this giant hole in the swing right here. So the pivot now is around the elbow and he’s stuck and he’s got this hole and it just takes a lot longer for the barrel to get where it wants to go. What we want to do instead is we want to maintain our spacing like this he’s gonna keep his elbows apart and when he goes to turn to contact bang he keeps that good spacing and that’s exactly what we’re Looking for. Another way we use it is with the red bands. So I’m gonna go ahead and take this off Eric and then I’m gonna strap him up in the red band and it’s just real real simple, Really really easy and what we want to do is the red band goes behind in the back, so we clip the red band in and The red band goes behind the back Really simple and this works a little bit differently than the white band this is actually going to restrict his ability to extend his arms. Okay. So again, it’s right around his back but again he can take full swings here and what this is gonna do is if you have a real big knob pusher if somebody’s had a lot of lessons what this is gonna do is gonna help him understand Oh I don’t like how that feels when I push my knob out and it’s gonna force him to keep his hands in nice and tight So if he drives his knob out this way He’s not gonna like how that feels cuz it’s gonna pull on his back and his arms aren’t gonna want to extend so he’s naturally Gonna stay more back and rotate the barrel back behind his body creating the upward Nike swoosh path that we’re looking for. So the bat drag Buster is a very useful product It’s the only baseball rebellion product that you can take full game, live game speed hacks in and that’s exactly what people like it a lot. So try your bat Drag Buster today It’ll help you turn the barrel if you’re already a pro or a college player and it’ll eliminate your back drag for a youth player.

5 thoughts on “Bat Drag Buster Explaination

  1. So when you drag your bat you are pivoting around the back elbow. When you swing correctly are you pivoting around the back shoulder?

  2. I hope the guy doing the demonstration swings is exaggerating the move or doesn’t realize how bad he looks…I’ve never seen one mlb player that has his bottom arm that high and the top arm angled that much at contact even on an inside pitch…like it or not watch more mlb hitters the top arm drives through the ball at impact and the front arm is usually locked out to a certain degree…inside pitches yes the bottom arm may have more of a bend but not that bent…quit teaching this

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