Bat Drag Buster – Hesitation Tee Drill

The hesitation
t-drill, much like the moving ball hesitation drill, is to make sure that
we’re keeping our head and our chest back. It’s a good place to like have like
a checkpoint so we know where our lower half needs to be. Our upper half
needs to be when we get to heel strike. So the tee hesitation tee drill with
both the red band and the white band are good for younger hitters, good for their
kids who are really learning how to use the bat drag Buster for the first
time, baseball and softball players who are have not seen a live pitch or moving
ball so much. The hesitation tee drill could be really good and but we have
we’ve used it all the way up it’s with our pro guys just getting them used to
how the bat drag buster feels without having to think about a moving ball. So,
as you can see we get into our load we get into our foot strike all right you
can see we want to make sure we’re at the check points with our lower half
right here. Alright the back heel stone the ground.
We have that good spine angle back . You can see how he’s got the lines in his
shirt here meaning he separated his upper body from his lower body and as
you can see the most important thing to focus on here one of the most important
things is we’re keeping our head back as we start the turn. You can see how his
head stays in the circle. His eyes a turn to watch the ball and then you can see
how the band has still stayed stretched across his chest. One thing you’re going
to notice in all these videos is that is where the hands are at contact. They’re
not down here by the belly button. They’re not up here at his neck. They’re
right in the middle right across the chest. I would say they right where
the bottom of the sternum is a good place to keep your hands obviously if
it’s a lower pitcher you have to tilt your shoulder more if it’s a higher
pitch you flatten out your swing a little bit more but we’re still swinging
up. So you can see how to play it for you and then took his turns. Adding the
red band again is for younger hitters who don’t really know how to keep their
elbows apart or can’t really get that feel, so you can see how the red band is
really if you look over here on the left really stretching his elbows apart. It’s
really allowing him to maintain that space between his elbows. As he lands he
gets there so again we’re focusing on the head back in the head staying still
you can see as he gets to contact all right. His head doesn’t move out a circle
actually moves back a little bit but we finishes you can see how the bands
stretch still across his back right there so this is the hesitation tee drill.

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