Bat Drag Buster – Turn Behind The Turn

Hey guys Chas Pippitt here with Baseball
Rebellion, I’m here with Eric Tyler and we’re gonna go ahead and show you how we use
the Bat Drag Buster to help after we’ve done the turn behind the turn drill. So
Eric go ahead he’s already got the bat drag Buster on and Kyle you can come
over here so you can get this we want to keep the space of and keep the stretch
of the white band. So go ahead and get up in your stance. So right now he’s got
some stretch it’s about this long roughly okay so his my fingers are
measuring it here and that’s his normal movement in his swing. So what we want to
try to do is we want to try to maintain space, so what I saw last night on
Twitter that was very just disgusting and frustrating, go ahead and get in your
stance, was somebody who was just leaving their elbows like this and just
dump it no no leave your elbow it was crazy and dump the barrel like this so
this does not occur at any point in any swing that anyone has ever seen in the
major leagues. So what we don’t want to do is we want to actually use movements
that happen and so what Eric’s gonna do is he’s just gonna slow motion come to
contact correctly and he’s gonna keep that spacing in his elbows, he’s gonna
release the barrel and there you go and you can see it’s still the same length.
That’s what we’re looking for now he has the opportunity to extend he’s turned
the bat deep and that’s what he wants. So I’m gonna use this and he’s gonna come
to this a couple different ways at different locations while still
maintaining that good spacing. So this would be a middle pitch. Boom, this would
be up an end. Boom, this would be down and away. Boom and this would be a little bit
of extended away so you’re gonna see him turn the bat and then release out and he
still has it. If you’re practicing your barrel turn properly you still have
the option to extend while still getting that great barrel acceleration
and good bat path behind the ball deep in the zone.

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