Bat Flu Is Now Spreading To Humans

Humans are now at risk of getting The Bat
Flu. Great. Its the end of the world as we know it! Whats up friends and welcome to Inform Overload. Im your Bacon King, Johnny Rogers. And I am your potato Queen Charlotte Dobre. If youre new to the channel we find the most
interesting news stories on the internet and then we make them more entertaining. Plus dont forget to stick around until the
end where we will be answering some of your comments from previous videos Just when we were starting to recover from
the idea that a virus was turning Americas deer population into bloodthirsty zombies
science hits us with another animal prospect that will wipe out society. Usually Bats are lower on the food chain and
even though they are terrifying in appearance we put up with them because they wipe out
our mosquito problems. Unfortunately it looks like a new strain of
flu virus is making humans look like mosquitos. Even though the bat virus isnt a new phenomenon
the research discovered in 2012 may have greater implications than first believed. Scientists from the University of Zurich reported
that they identified a gateway receptor that allows the bat flu virus to enter the hosts
cells causing infection The unfortunate thing here is that the receptor
found also exists in the cells of humans and livestock. Generally flu viruses infect a host by binding
to a molecule called sialic acid on cells found in the human respiratory tract. This is especially prominent in the lungs
and is the reason we saw outbreaks of the bird and swine flu spread to humans. The terrifying research discovered with the
bat flu is that it doesnt bind the same way as a normal flu virus. Meaning that normal methods for cures wont
work. Researchers in Switzerland discovered that
this particular virus infects its hosts cells by way of proteins on the cell surface The proteins found on the surface of those
cells is called MHC – 2. This is alarming considering that these protein
receptors can be found on a number of different species such as mice, pigs and chickens. To find out just how the bat flu infected
these cells the researchers compared genes that are either resistant or susceptible to
the infection. Five of the genes compared were shown to be
responsible for making MHC 2 proteins and using a genome editing method they noticed
the bat flu failed to enter the cell when they removed MHC 2 proteins. Johnny – Dont celebrate just yet though. These protein cells actually play a big role
in differentiating pathogens like bacteria and viruses from our bodys own internal structures. Soo its not like we could just get rid of
them and the problem will be solved. As Johnny mentioned earlier the receptor can
also be found in livestock. Normally animals like pigs and chickens transmit
flu viruses to humans and when researchers put MHC 2 proteins from livestock into human
cells they found the bat flu virus was able to infect the cells as well. This is troubling because it means that the
bat flu can both infect humans at the source or by way of first infecting other animals
we come in contact with. There is a limited understanding when it comes
to the MHC 2 found in bats as well as the biological role the protein plays in transmitting
the bat flu, but hopefully they find a way to combat this new virus. We want to hear your thoughts on this story
though so comment down below if you think we should be worried about the bat flu. Now lets check out some of
your featured comments from the video titled – YouTube is to Blame for the flat earth craze. Theron B. – says – Woah I like when they are
doing the story together… Cool Akram TV – says – What’s more flat? Mars or Earth?
-ur mom ma’m no cheating – says – is this the new
potato king? J. Larsen – says – Science… Scientific… Time to grow up, Overloaders! Give three counter-arguments or zip it. Oh, and practice more at home before you publish
awkward material. Alright Charlotte lets play devils advocate,
Ill be a flat earther and you be the voice of reason. Charlotte did you know that gravity is a hoax. What we think is gravity is actually the buoyancy
of objects of different mass interacting with each other Well gravity is very real. An objects gravity depends on its mass. Thats why rocks dont have their own gravity,
but asteroids do. To prove this think about how without gravity
objects of different mass float. Okay, well did you know that Antarctica isnt
a continent. Its a giant ice wall that surrounds the flat
disk earth. Antarctica is real too. Flat earthers say no one has ever crossed
the whole continent before. Except they have and still do all the time. Theres even flight patterns and satellite
date from google earth that proves this. Alright. Last counter argument then – If the earth
really is round, then how come when a boat goes over the horizon its still visible through
a telescope. Why didnt it disappear over the curve of the
Earth? Because the Earth is insanely big. Our naked eyes are not enough to be able to
see the curve from the ground. We are tiny in comparison to how large the
planet is. To put things in perspective it takes around
20 hours just to reach the other side of the world in a plane thats travelling nearly 900
km an hour. Are ya happy flat earthers? Theres your counter arguments and sensible
rebuttals. Thank you for watching Inform Overload, Hit
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100 thoughts on “Bat Flu Is Now Spreading To Humans

  1. Omg I swear like exactly 1 year ago I had a dream that a bat 🦇 was drinking my blood and then I could not stop thinking of it like it is one of the dreams that was stuck in my head

    I am shookth 😱

  2. My favorite argument to the "whole zooming-in on boats that have gone over the horizon to bring them back into focus" thing is: if you can zoom-in on it, it hasn't gone over the horizon yet. Also this argument doesn't work on the sun setting or the moon setting, if this was a good a good argument then you would be able to bring the sun and moon back into focus after they set, but you can't do that (no matter how strong your camera's zoom function is). Weird, it's like the earth is a sphere or something. lol [Do your research.]

    There are no good flat-earth arguments, because the earth isn't flat. The earth is a spheroid and it orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth. Science got it right, now learn to live in reality. Learn to accept reality.

  3. Why does bat flu sound like a weapon batman has on his belt and defeat the bad guys

  4. i love u charlotte dobre and bats only come out in night not on day light so how can the bat bit if we are asleep at night.

  5. Wait so if we can at meat then there’s a chance we could get bat flu?

    Welp I’m vegetarian now

    five seconds later

    I can’t stop myself it’s sooooo good stuffs face with meat

  6. Humanty: We are safe from The Mad Cow Disease!
    Nature: Hold my beer
    Humanity: We are safe from The Zombie Deer Disease
    Nature: Hold my deer
    Humanity: We are safe From the Bat Flu!
    Nature: Wipes out Humanity all together
    Nature: Celebrating


  7. This is why i have little hope in humanity, because there are people dumb enough to
    think of dumb things that be real when they are not. Unless you were thinking of it as
    a "what If" idea, then fair enough.

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