Bat Gods and Giant Cryptid bats.

Cryptid time once again and in this video
we have something that is seen in the dark a creature that at its normally small size
terrifies people. This is why the caped crusader himself chose
the animal as his symbol. I am of coarse talking bats. Not your average tiny winged mammal but giants,
massive leather winged flying demons that have, for ions, frightened people around the
world. So what could these creatures be, where have
they been seen, and what legends are told? Let’s take a look Welcome to if ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
As with most of the cryptids I look into here on the channel they are surrounded in myth
and legend. Like onion we have to peel back the layers
to find the creature that lay at the center of the story. Sometimes these animals are nothing more legends,
an animal created by the mind of man as tool. A way to teach a practical or moral lesson. Other times we find a real creature maybe
an animal that lives today or an animal that has gone extinct. This is how we come to giant bats, starting
with the Mayan legend of a massive bloodthirsty bat god a legend which may have links to the
modern day stories of winged humanoids. Let’s begin by looking at the Zapotec Indians
of Oaxaca, Mexico. This culture worshipped a god known as Camazotz,
or literally “Death Bat” in the native Kʼiche’ Mayan language of Guatemala. This giant cryptid bat is written about in
the Mayan book Popol Vuh, the book describes an animal that is a massive size and fuses
characteristics of both man and Bat ……….not Bat and man we know who that is!! Like many gods of old this “Bat god” filled
the Mayan people with fear and dread, they made frequent sacrifices to Camazotz. This is the hope they could keep the death
bat from paying them a visit. The giant BAT was said to reside in a subterranean
lair, the Mayans christening this cave Zotzilaha or “House of Bats.” If you were unfortunate enough to stumble
upon the cave it was said that Camazotz would chop of your head using its razor sharp nose
and then it would feast on your blood. As your corpse lay on the ground spurting
what remained of your blood over the cave walls, you would find yourself adding to the
creatures comfort. The Bat god is said to live in the blood of
those that it has killed, blood always being such an important part of Mayan stories and
cultural practices, in this case it links with the legends of four demon animals that
once destroyed mankind Camazotz being one of these demons but the demon bat is not all
bad as like Prometheus of Greek legend, he is said to have given humanity the knowledge
of fire. This is when we come across the first theories
of cryptozoologists is that the bat god could perhaps be based on a real creature, perhaps
some sort of oversized prehistoric species of bat that like many other cryptids has managed
to cling on while other species have gone extinct and this could be what people are
seeing even in modern sightings. There are a variety of large bat legends found
all over the globe, there are many giant bat reports such as the creature known as the
sasabonsam, from Ghana in Africa. Depicted in folklore as a bearded human with
bat wings, reports of the only known body found described it as being far less human
than the legends say. It was an animal like a huge bat, with a twenty-foot
wingspan and stiff black-and-white spotted fur. It had huge teeth and heavy ridges over its
eyes. The Indonesian orang-bati is even stranger. These human/bat monsters live in an extinct
volcano on the island of Seram and abduct children. Back to the Mayan bat god. Evidence of the Bat god being a real comes
in the form of witness reports that over the years have described as giant bat-like creature
seen flying in the regions where Camazotz was historically worshiped. In 1947 a witness called J. Harrison sighted
several gigantic bats this followed in the 1950s by a Brazilian couple whom encountered
what they described as a humanoid bat in northern Brazil. Most recently there was a report of a frightening
encounter with a giant bat in southern Texas on the border of Mexico. The report said that a farmer had claimed
to have seen aggressive, bat-like creatures with three toes, bald heads, and “gorilla-like
faces.” A description that would match the legend
of Camazotz. In January 16th 2004, Guadalupe, an eastern
suburb of Monterrey, police officer Leonardo Samaniego Gallegos was on patrol when he says
that he saw a very large black creature descend from a tree and then hover above the ground. As the cautious officer approached this thing
he could see that it was a winged humanoid with a body that was covered with thick black
fur, the cryptid was then said to have lunged at the car. It grabbed a hold of the vehicle and began
to shake it, it went onto banging on the windshield all this as the terrified policeman radioed
for back up. Panicking the man threw the car into reverse,
shooting backward smashing into a tree and knocking himself clean out. When he came to the creature had vanished. Jumping forward to 2009 when a witness from
a rural area in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, in the small town of La Junta. A young village man came across something
crouched down and hunched over in the middle of a remote dirt road. When the frightened man moved closer, the
creature stood up to reveal a humanoid creature with expansive wings and red glowing eyes. I have seen Jeepers Creepers SO AT THIS Point
I would be running for the hills. And just like me the terrified witness did
the same, tearing away in his vehicle, he claimed that the creature chased him for a
full 15 minutes before flying off into the night. A narrow escape the creeper could have been
ready to harvest his organs!! Joking aside could the demon in that movie
have been based on the Mayan Bat God? Such sightings have been speculated to be
possible sightings of a type of ancient bat known as Desmodus Draculae, or commonly known
as the giant vampire bat, known from fossils discovered in the Yucatan, Belize, northern
Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina. The current world’s biggest bat is the Bismark
flying fox, an animal that never gets larger than six feet from wingtip to wingtip. The island of Java, not very far from the
Bismark flying fox’s home of New Guinea, is supposed to harbor a bat with a twelve-foot
wingspan called the Ahool. The Ahool is another giant bat-like creature,
sometimes described by witnesses of having eerie feminine features and being around five
feet tall, with a large wingspan. They lurk in the darkest caves all over the
world, and will repeatedly swoop upon their victims with claws and fangs. The Ahool is also described as being a giant
Vampire Bat. Bringing us full circle to Camazotz The death
bat which enjoys a bloody meal!! What do you think these giant bats are, are
they an as of yet discovered species or an animal once thought extinct? Let me know what you think in the comments

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  2. Tuesdays actually would work a lot better for me. Sundays are kind of tough given that they are my 'catch up on sleep' days. And given my schedule as of late, I need the rest. So yeah, Tuesdays would be awesome. I trust that somewhere in this video is a BatMan joke–No? Okay–where's Hashtag?! Obligatory joke needed, pal!!

  3. I didn't heard about this kind of cryptids..
    I rather prefer little bats than giant bats.. Lol..
    Thanks for the great content as always..💖

  4. Truly cool video!! Bat's are interesting creatures and yep there are some wild looking ones. I think the Flying Foxes are adorable. They truly look like little foxes or puppies. Now to me if there was a truly large man like one, it would be a demon. Please keep up the excellent work dear friend. ☺️❤️

  5. Bats have always been a bit of an enigma to me. Flying mammals with fingers as wings.
    Growing up we used to catch cave bats no bigger than a matchbox while fruit bats as big as dogs used to hang from trees above. PS. I like the voice style, sounds abit sensual.

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