Bat Has REALLY Long Tongue | Freaky Creatures

♪ NARRATOR: What a beautiful
place, Mother Nature. MOTHER NATURE: Thank you. I’m watching a story unfold. There is a flower
that only opens for six days to disperse
its pollen and seeds. NARRATOR: How do the animals
know it’s blooming? MOTHER NATURE: It emits
an extremely strong musty odor, like the stink of a skunk. The smell attracts
a night creature. NARRATOR: A bat?! MOTHER NATURE: Yup.
The tube-lipped nectar bat. A pool of nectar is
at the bottom of the flower, and there’s only one way
to get to it. NARRATOR: Is that its tongue? MOTHER NATURE: It is! This bat has the longest tongue
compared to its body of any mammal in the world. If the bat were a person, its tongue would be
almost nine feet long. While dipping its long tongue
into the high energy nectar, the bat picks up pollen
on its head and delivers it
to the next flower it visits. This spreads the pollen
to create seeds and help new flowers grow. NARRATOR: So they each get
something they need! MOTHER NATURE: Yes! This bat is the only creature
that pollinates this flower. It’s like they’re made
for each other! NARRATOR: That’s freaky!

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