John will be Don, now who will save Motu and Patlu? I have a miraculous wonder in my hand, to remove them from the path I stand. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Right no 2? Forget the poetry, look at this. This spray has a smell that will attract huge bats to whoever I spray it on. And the bats will carry away that person. Boss, every time your plans fail and Motu Patlu win. They will not be able to win, this spray never fails. This time they will not get away. Boss, how do you spray it? Give it to me, I’ll check it out. Hey, what have you done? You have used my spray on me. You called them with the spray, now they will take me away. They will kill me and eat me. Boss, run!! Help!! Someone save this poor little John!! Hey, you beggar, go from here, you’ll not get anything here. Go away. May I have just one fat large stick? Take this and go. You thought I was a beggar. You thought John the Don was a beggar? Take this!! Take your reward. Don’t hit!! Boss, how did you become like a beggar? It’s a sad story, I got trapped because of you. I got free of their grip on me with great difficulty and fell down. I fell into a dense forest miles away from here. You people almost got me killed. Bye bye Motu Patlu, bye bye. Thank you John. Wow!! What a lovely perfume!! Hey Motu, what is this? Where did so many bats come from? They haven’t come, they have been called. Now these big bats will take both of you far away to a place from where you will never be able to come back. Motu, run! This is a trap by John. Patlu, why are these bats after us? What have we done? We have the spray that John put all over us. They are coming at us because of that smell. Let’s hide somewhere. They’re gone, Patlu now let’s run in the opposite direction.Come on. Patlu, do something, my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Idea! This John has really made us run today. We have to teach him a lesson; Come, let’s go to Doctor Jhatka. Big brother, John put such a spray on us. Oh my lord! I have twenty years of experience in chasing away bats. As soon as the bats come you shine a mirror at them; They will immediately fly away never to return. They’ve come! The bats have come, shine the mirrors. Hey, this is the opposite of what we were expecting!! They are coming here. Ghasitaram is going to get us killed, now run!! Oh my lord! Looks like I read it wrong, maybe it was written “NOT” to show a mirror to bats. Now, I will go and spray this all over the town. Boss, what will happen if you spray the full town with this? You fools! With the smell of this spray the bats will be all over town and the people will run away from town. Then we will peacefully rob everything in town, haha!! Come. Bats are coming!! Everyone leave town and run away. If you don’t run then I will spray on all of you and the bats will eat you up like they ate up Motu and Patlu. Run away, they are coming. Chingam sir!! Save us from the bats!! Oh my god!! How did bats come into my town? I will just go and drive them away, I’ll be right back. Oh my god! I have never seen such big bats in my whole life!! Help!! Chingam sir, bats!! Yes, I know there are bats, there are big bats. Chingam sir, bat!! Why you are signaling as if there is a bat behind me? Oh my god!! Run!! Brothers, tonight you will take all your valuables, leave Furfuri town and hide here in the jungle. John will be Don!! The full town is ours!! Loot everything, do not leave anything behind. How did this happened? There is nothing of value here. No money in the bank. No jewelry in the jewelry shop and absolutely nothing in the houses. What will I rob? Boss, how will you rule Furfuri town? There isn’t anyone here. There are only three people here, how many days can we feed on them? Where are all the other people? Boss, looks like this small fellow here has scared everyone away. Ok, then first let’s eat the small fellow, he looks tasty. What is happening here? How are you talking in human language? We are carnivorous bats who talk in all languages. Come, have a bath and clean up first, we don’t eat dirty humans. Sorry, I made a mistake. People of Furfuri town, help!! Where are you all? Come back, help!!! You eat the small one, I’ll eat that big one. I’m going to eat the small one, piece by piece chewing him properly. No, don’t eat me piece by piece. Help!! Someone help!! Dear lord above, help me!! Call the people of Furfuri town back, help. Boss, this is all the result of your spray, every time you try something we suffer but you never learn. This is the spray that ruined everything. This is wrong, you people are making a fool out a simple, innocent robber like me. Bye bye John. Chingam sir! Help!!

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