(birds screeching) – [Woman] No way.
– [Man] Oh! – [Woman] Gosh!
– [Man] Oh! Oh! Oh! Did you see that? (birds chirping) Look, the bat’s swimming!
Look, look, look! (guitar music) Look at the water, check out the water. I did bring it. Alright, that’s the island
that we’re pulling up to. That island…Look at the water! Look at it!
(birds screeching) Can you hear the bats? You can hear the bats.
Huh? Yeah, they’re bats.
The squealing noise. – Are they really?
– Yeah, they’re bats. Alright, we have arrived on the island. And– How are you? This man’s just been spear-fishing. He didn’t catch anything. (children playing in distance) We’re walking to the island.
Hey, Robs! Where are we?
– Bat Island! – Bat Island.
(water splashing) – How’re you feeling? – This looks very different.
– Look at you. – It’s very different than the other ones. – Yeah, there’s like, some people here, like villagers.
– They’re really happy. Happy to see us.
– That’s our boat right there. That’s our transport, that’s our taxi. It’s a private boat. Alright, let’s find some shade. OK, so this is Bat Island, and, on a map, this is exactly where we are. Right there.
That red dot. So, that’s Kri Island right there, which is where we’re staying. And we’ve taken a small
boat to get to Bat Island, which is where the red dot is. We zoom out, this is Indonesia. And that’s where we are. Alright, so, I’m not sure
if you can hear that, but, there are bats
over in that tree there, and, you can’t really hear them now, but when they start screaming, they all sort of scream at the same time. So, I’ll put the camera back around, you won’t be able to see them, but you can definitely
hear them on this island. And, I guess that’s why
they call it Bat Island! Makes perfect sense. So, Robs is down there. What are you doing down there? Exploring.
Alright, well come. Let’s go for a walk. Oh, this is nice.
What’s that? Oh, cool!
Starfish. – Shame, I feel like we ought
to put it back in the water. – Pick it up.
– You pick it up. – You pick it up.
– You pick it up. – You pick it up.
– You pick it up. – I’m not picking it up.
– Why? – There’s no one here.
(ocean waves) No tourism.
No nothing. No nothing. Oh, this is nice.
(bats screeching) This is like a secret mini beach. You can hear the bats.
(bats screeching) What’s up?
– Fish on rocks. – Pardon?
– They’re fish, outside of water, on rocks.
– What do you mean? – Here, look!
(water splashing) Look, they’re not moving.
– Where? – Look!
There. (ding)
– OK. Oh, that’s weird. Look at the bats!
– Oh my gosh! No way.
– Oh! – Gosh!
– Oh! Oh! Did you see that?
(bats screeching) Look, the bat’s swimming!
Look, look, look, look! Look at it swimming, look! (woman laughing) Did you see that? – I can’t believe we just saw that happen! I can’t believe we just saw
an eagle take out a bat! (Robs laughing) – That was– That was cool!
(laughs) Did you see the eagle?
It just, like– – I can’t believe that we saw– – So, we saw an eagle grab a bat, and just drag it out and
then drop it into the ocean, and now this bat is swimming back. (Robs laughs) That’s mad!
That’s madness. But look at it!
Look at it swim! You probably can’t see it right now, but he’s swimming back to shore. Look at this guy swim!
Look at him swim! I’ve never seen a bat swim. I’ve never seen a bat swim. (bats screeching) Like a dog’s head!
Like a little dog’s head. Oh!
(guitar music) OK, so, at the moment, on Bat Island. And, you saw the bat before, you saw the injured bat before as well. Just kind of making a quick assessment if I should launch the drone or not, given that there are quite a
number of bats on the island, and I don’t want the
drone to crash into a bat. But, I’m also thinking
about the weather conditions and the wind, as well, so at the moment, there’s like some rain over there. Some rain over there as well. And the winds are passing
in that direction. Look at you, all comfortable.
– Yeah. – Huh?
She’s found a happy place. Yep, she’s got her lemons on. (relaxing music) Bye!
Woo-hoo! Bye!
(people saying goodbye) Alright, so now leaving
the island, Bat Island. And friendly villagers,
friendly locals here. And I hope you enjoyed the drone footage. And, yeah, amazing little place, if you come to Raja Ampat, definitely look at getting a small boat from the homestead that you’re staying at, to Bat Island.
We’ve been here for about two hours.
We’ve been here for about two hours already,
and we’re leaving now. So, yeah, you’ll see a
little bit more boat trip, and maybe a little bit more drone footage, and then I’ll finish off the video. Hey, Robsy Bobsy. You ready? (wind and waves) So, goodbye Bat Island!
Wave, Robs. Wave goodbye.
Did you like this island? – I did, it was peculiar.
– Yeah? – Quite peculiar, very different– – Yeah.
– Than everywhere else we’ve been to.
– Yeah. – And I’m just so blown away by the eagle attacking the bat that
swam through the water. – That was pretty awesome, though. – I’ve never been so close to a bat, and it looks like a small dog. – Yeah, the head.
– The head. – Yeah, I agree. (boat motor) I don’t know if you can hear me very well, but just a quick comment, I brought this boat on the way back to– I think we’re going to the Sand Bar, or something like that.
And, literally, this boat, we’re getting like, the smallest waves are smashing this little tiny boat here. And when the wave crashes over the boat, floods the whole–
There’s like a groove of ocean.
And then, this guy behind me, the skipper, he’s just
scooping up the water out. (laughs)
We have no life jackets or anything, it’s so funny.
If we actually talked about what happens if something were to happen, right now in this boat, what would we do? How would we survive? We’re in the middle of nowhere, this is the middle of
the ocean in Raja Ampat. There’s nobody else around,
this little tiny boat, we’d have to swim a long
way to get back to shore. And there are sharks in this water, so, it’s like, what do you do? (laughs) What do you do? You just enjoy it.
Eh, Robs? Just have fun, hey? – Yeah!
– Just have fun. (guitar music)

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