Bat-Mite: The Smallest Batman There Ever Was

– [Narrator] Batman has long
been one of the largest symbols of hope in Gotham for decades. Everyone loves Batman.
– All right! – [Narrator] So why not naturally make him all cute and small? Meet Bat-Mite, the miniature
villainous version of Batman you probably knew nothing about. Mini, mini spoilers lie ahead. Contrary to what you may be thinking, Bat-Mite is actually an adult and a giant fan of Batman himself. Bat-Mite comes from the fifth universe, where people idolize the
heroics of the DC superheroes and some even impersonate them. – Batman. – Yeah. – [Narrator] Bat-Mite
is a direct reflection of the same idea behind Mister Mxyzptlk, a small, impish trickster
who bounces between being a super villain and
anti-hero with Superman. Bat-Mite regularly
appeared in runs of Batman, Detective Comics and World’s Finest Comics during the early part of DC’s Silver Age. But the very first appearance came in Detective Comics number 267 thanks to Bill Finger’s writing
and Sheldon Moldoff’s art. For about five years,
Bat-Mite would pester Batman – There’s nothing glamorous
about fighting the Joker. – Are you kidding? It’s good versus evil. – [Narrator] However, the Batman titles were revamped in 1964,
and Bat-Mite disappeared for over a decade until his return in Bat-Mite’s New York Adventure. He heads to the DC Office and asks for his own comic book
series, a bold move. He gets shot down and disappears
again for another decade. Bat-Mite goes in and out of
the DC lore for quite some time until Superman-Batman number 25 in 2006. Regardless of Bat-Mite’s on
and off nature in the DC canon, many have questioned if
Baby Bat is even real. – This isn’t real? – What is real? – [Narrator] In Batman
R.I.P. part five in 2008, Bat-Mite appears to be confirmed simply as a figment of
Batman’s imagination, and the fifth dimension is solidified as a dimension of fabrication. So it seems that the small Bat-Mite is simply an imaginative
super fan of Batman’s. Pretty odd flex, but okay Batman. Bat-Mite may be under three feet tall and weigh less than five average babies, but the small character
packs quite a punch. He possesses near-infinite powers as an imaginative character. To name just a few, he can fly, he can generate force
fields, he can heal himself, which means he’s immortal. He can manipulate reality. Is he stronger than Thanos? Maybe. He can manipulate his size. He has super speed and super strength. It sounds as if Batman wishes
he had all these powers so he made up a small
version of himself that does. Bat-Mite has jumped out
of Batman’s imagination and into other forms of
entertainment as well. He is seen as an animatronic doll in Batman: The Animated Series and he appears in Batman
Brave and The Bold. Now all we should ask for is Bat-Mite as a playable character
in the next Injustice. And it would be really
fun to see more versions of Bat-Mite in the DC Universe. Let us know in the comments where you would like to
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15 thoughts on “Bat-Mite: The Smallest Batman There Ever Was

  1. FYI, Bat mite was a regular on
    Filmation s
    New Adventures
    of Batman in the mid-late 70s n early 80s.
    Always "just wanted to help ! " usually caused more chaos.
    Had a HUGE crush on Batgirl.(who wouldn't? 😁)

  2. Most forgettable while we’re at it.

    Come on be honest. Nobody remembers batmite until someone brings up His name after reading a really really really old Batman comic or watching brave and the bold.

    Or the LEGO game if you’re one of those people

  3. What about Batman when he was just a sperm? You can’t tell me he was going all Osmosis Jones up in old Thomas before he was even born.

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