Bat Shaving 101

Bat shaving 101 Bat shaving is the procedure of removing the back end cap and removing material from the barrel This decrease of material from the barrel allows for more Flex in the barrel the more flex the more exit velocity Which equates the more difference to the batted ball? the distance increases are around 20 60 feet depending on Factors such as barrel length and type of base baseball fast pitch softball Bat Shaving will cause the bat go past standard sets places by all association for example the USSSA 1.20 bpf or 220 as tested on the USSSA Compression tester Bat Shaving will normally increase that PSI below the allowable limit After the bat has been shaved the cap is secured back on to the end of the barrel and the bat is ready for batting practice. And that is Bat Shaving in a nut shell.

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