Bat Speed and Acceleration – Baseball Rebellion Rebel’s Rack

One of the things the hitters struggle
with the most when learning how to turn is learning how to accelerate the bat
without their arms and by using their turn to do it. So, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna put the rack on just like normal, we’re going to take our bat just
like we always hold it, okay. Now we’re gonna choke up just a little bit, okay, so
there’s my normal position I’m gonna go up one hand length so I can hold the bat
in my top hand. So, what we’re looking to do is we’re looking to learn how to
accelerate the bat without doing this, okay, because obviously we if we did
that the rack would fall and that would be bad. So, we’re not hitting here and if
you wanted to do this hitting off the tee some people like to do this. JK Whited came up with this drill and this is drill that I really really like to
help feel the acceleration of the bat without moving your hands forward. So,
obviously I’m pulling back on the rack like this I’m in something close to my
normal hand position and I just want to turn and feel the rack get accelerated. Excuse me, the bat get accelerated by the turn, okay, now some people like to
choke down lower which is totally fine, okay. So, keeping that good pullback. I’m
just feeling how the bat accelerates behind you if your turn is working
properly. Now I can go like this with my arm and I can hit it, but if I want to
really turn upward and feel how the body can accelerate the rack properly this is
a great drill to feel that good acceleration and understanding how the
body can turn and transfer that power and that speed into the bathead.

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  1. @ Baseball Rebellion I've followed you for several years and love your content. What are your thoughts on the idea of the shoulders moving more in a "ferries wheel" type of movement as opposed to a "merry-go-round" movement to help prevent cutting across the zone with the barrel?

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