Bat Speed Lesson w/ MLB Scout Bret Williamson

so Mike when you have those bands on what do you feel that those bands are doing
for you prior to taking them off so what what is
those bands what they help you doing so when i put the bands on honestly what I feel after each swing i have instant feedback so if i fall off balance or my hands fall off the ball its going to yank you back if im able to with that band on my hips or my chest keep a firm front side and stay through the ball it’s not gonna pull me
anywhere Im going to stay right in my finish point through the ball if anything in that process messes up im going to fall of balance and the bands going to pull me back I really enjoy the instant feedback do you feel that it is helping you with
your core strength stabilisation and your you fast twitch muscles when you take
that band off you feel stronger faster quicker more
balanced its working all the muscles I need to
generate bat speed so basically its functional training correct you’re
able to take live swings basically weight lift in that situation
and then go ahead take them off and have even
better results yeah and thats that part that we need to continue to work on back get the back become that hitting IQ right you Right. through the ball inside when we hit keep that head down on the tee longer so when we hit mike we wanna stay here instead of here your now better stay closed longer you understand after the point contacts they through the
ball don’t open up now there it is feel that what adjustment did you make right stay in the legs longer now once we get to a point to contact
we stay here instead of here stay closed longer better stay through
Mike stay down now great you know what it is is relaxed but the
thing is once we start our swing we cant go here first get the hands
moving let the hands trigger the hip ok remember we talked about that inside good good adjustment keep that attack angle attacking ready ok stay through the band to the pitcher through the band hold your finish two count right because we have to work
stabilizers fast twitch and the core at the same time
stay through the band beautiful Mike what are you focusing on different now that you’re being repetitive with your swing just staying through the baseball good swings good swing mike we arent hitting through the completeness here stage there state now that head
still you see how youre staying through the ball thats finishing your swing make that adjustment have that attack angle way stay through the ball hands nice start accelerating our swing okay start giving
me as quick as you can move your
hands you shoulder hips not be violent with them mike so were you seen Jake on numbers wise said started at like 88 and is peaking out at 94 when Mike started with me week ago with he was 88 89 then he took the bands off and he was boom 94 96 right now his swing is so efficient so compact that hes already there so you’re numbers now have notice across
the board with all the kids now number arent 8 9 miles an hour different we’re talking three or four really focus on
staying down through the band after the swing home way hold the finish give me a two count down way good just up nice show me don’t hit the ball get get to the point
of contact show your finish go over the top of ball slow-motion spirit
operable go all the way through sure you’re
finished Mike stay down stay down that three you need to be can you feel that
that’s where we need to finish my finish okay so when you hit and the
moment you make contact and that front shoulder come out up or the head
see ball goes come away from the ball so
you’re losing that exit speed right by give me a practice one just like that again
just to reiterate that fine motor skill go over the top of the ball
complete it all the way through complete now finish stay down stay down that’s a part that I like you see that
bill everything shakes fast twitch core stabilization what good boy no I was good just hand more right him two more work nice stay close longer you
remember you got forty pounds pulling on you right thats alot of weight pulling you back takes strength to get through that band been finish my more thats the thing that this band does more than anything it teaches you how finish a swing because if you dont thats 210 pounds youre yanking back you lose rested good yes your here along get through it ha baby my nice now every time you swing work adjusting good or bad right making
adjustment swing to swing to swing keep it up youre doing great keep that attack angle lite lite lite heavy when he takes a band off hes 94 peaked out at 95 mph bat speed lets go red band hip that practice swing on hip stay over the top reason I do this bill is because they
need to understand that fine motor skill and what it feels like
if they don’t do that you put them into a raw they don’t have that skill its going to be an un productive swing that so I do a dry
swing at times so they get a feel that fine
motor skill ago through you my stayed down longer right hands crush stay down mike nice that finish perfect work are violent be violent alright make your adjustment right here right but the
hands do the work stay inside the ball great adjustment finish Mike you just you doing really good you really are you know Mike you fight
to change a little bit beautiful yeah lottery youre doing really well, your swing making adjustments beautifully mike by 96 yeah thank you stay through Mike work harder I know you
got more in a tank that’s what I’m looking for Mike every
time pick up that hand speed Mike nice right down right the key issue we hit the ball
incorrectly mechanically make our adjustment right on top for so these next few I’m give you five so these next few lets do the dry swing feel the finish have to stay down have to stay down stretch that band stretch that band here we go by my yet I’ll more violent nice mike feel that extension when you get your hands out there you
get to stay through stay down fashion beautiful way that that’s that leak after contact like and you
could see what happens to the ball right yeah back correct and the other for to
support your head your ball took off it went well but it
didnt have its flight or trajectory right because you created top spin when you went here maker just finish you know mike is a is an example mike is an example of how i teach hitting hes short hes flat hes compact hes balanced through 99 percent of the swing he opens up even a little too soon after hes coming
through the baseball right but this is how i think all hitters should hit quite simple black that’s what we need to do today to
provide they don’t have that information not going to be able to be productive
look but here’s what I want you to do right now I need for you to find a place your mind and your heart find out
violence in those hands you need to get that your swing so pretty and so efficient you need it now train at 10 you need to find that that one right got right here down through Mike money 98 98 yes home I come on they closed down longer your stance that little bit takes that doubt thereby fine right here good for something where

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