Bat Speed Training

Step 1. Make sure that back foot is straight and weight on the inside balls of your foot. Step 2. Spread out in your stance. If you start with a narrow stance you’ll always end up in the same spot. Therefore, it makes sense to start close to “foot down” when facing a dominant fastball pitcher Whether you start your hands high or low, make sure you’ve a relaxed grip If you’re hands are high and tense you’ll struggle to hit a dominant fastball as you time and distance to contact is longer, AKA long swing. To hit a dominant fastball, relax, remain close to your core and “blast” with your hips Your load starts with an in turn of your front knee You can do this in multiple ways, including a small toe lift The inward turn coils your hips Generated from the inward turn of your knee, you can do a small or bigger lift Regardless of the height of your “leg kick” make sure your knee turns in Minimize movement of your arms in your load, instead; load from your powerful core Avoid placing all your weight on your back foot, triggering you to “fly open” and “spin off” the ball Watch how my hips coil That’s the key From here Boom! Explode to the ball Knee in, Boom! Train to use your powerful core, and you’ll be able to hit a dominant fastball pitcher During batting practice many players lunge and reach with their swing As soon as you step in the batter’s box, “close your mind and open your eyes” Pick up the release point, and track the ball, making contact closer to your body If you commit to your swing too early, you’ll be “out in front,” unable to adjust to “late-breaking” pitches Build confidence to track to ball and make contact closer to your body The more you track the ball, the more you read the pitch; the more chance of success During Batting Practice focus on a target “up the middle” or “opposite field” Thinking to “pull” your subconscious mind rushes your swing, triggering you to “pull off the ball” Be disciplined during Batting Practice and work on your gameday hitting approach The “opposite field approach” organically fixes mistakes. For example, helps you to track the ball and prevents “pulling off”

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