Bat Spirit Animal | Bat Totem & Power Animal | Bat Symbolism & Meanings

Hello, Wild One! Welcome to What Is My Spirit Animal! Thank you for being here! What Is My Spirit Animal is dedicated to the animals. May their magic and medicine guide you on your way. Because you’re
watching this video powerful Bat Spirit Animal must be
speaking to your soul By seeking out Bat symbolism and meaning, you honor the
animal spirit guides and strengthen your connection with the natural world. In
return the animal allies will continue to be by your side; ready to assist you
when you need them most. Now this video is all about the Bat
Spirit Animal But Bat can be your Totem Animal and Power Animal, too! At any time you can visit by clicking on the link in the
upper right or below in the comments section and get tons of information
about how Bat energy can support strengthen and inspire you! Okay, take a
moment and relax allow Bat to share its great spirit with you. let Bat energy
into your mind your body and your heart. Trust that that brings you sacred and
secret messages of hope, healing, protection, and wisdom. Bat as a Spirit
Animal can fly into our awareness during times when we feel misunderstood. Because Bats come out at night they’ve long been associated with death and the underworld.
Unfortunately, this makes Bats one of the most misunderstood animals. In fact Bats
are extremely nurturing community-minded animals. Bats are so touchy-feely
with their own family it could be said these creatures of the night are
actually ‘cuddly’! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a deeply soulful reminder that we should never
judge a book by its cover. If you’re being unjustly judged
remember who your true friends and loyal family are. Spend time with them. Let
their unconditional love heal you. The Bat Spirit Animal will also wing into
our lives when total transformation is coming. In Shamanism, Bat medicine
directly ties in with the Shamans’ ability to walk between worlds – the world
we live in and the world beyond the veil. In this, Bat represents both death and
life; endings and beginnings. Total transformations. If you’re afraid to make
the necessary changes in your life meditate on bat energy to help you
gracefully navigate through the darkness. Light is always at the end of a tunnel
and nothing is ever final. When one door closes another one opens.
Bats know this better than any of the animal allies. Bat as an animal spirit
guide will also help us uncover secrets; even those we hide from ourselves. It’s a
myth that Bats have poor vision. Bats have excellent vision in the light! But
when the shadows fall, Bat must use its echolocation ability to avoid disaster.
count on Bat energy when you wish to see through your own emotional darkness and
increase your intuition. When you’re unsure of a person or a situation, when
you’re not confident that you’re making the right decision try sitting quietly
in a completely dark room. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Focus on your
question. Ask Bat to help you echo locate the answer that’s for your highest and
best good. Be still. Be present. Be aware. What do you
smell, hear, taste, or feel? What do you see in your mind’s eye? When you feel ready,
open your eyes. Don’t judge any vision or sensation that came to you. Write the
experience down. Chances are, you’ll find that the answer did come to you. By
repeating this process the Bat Spirit Animal can help you learn to see in the
darkness by using your third eye – your psychic eyes – instead of your human
eyes. Well, Wild One. That’s all for this video. But don’t let your bond with the
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15 thoughts on “Bat Spirit Animal | Bat Totem & Power Animal | Bat Symbolism & Meanings

  1. This was very comforting thank you for the video, the bat came to be recently I'm happy and honoured to have this spirit helper to guide me thou this difficult time. change is on the way and who better to guide me.

  2. Makes sense, my bat came to me in a vision when my twin flame and fellow heyoka visited me from another realm/dimension, wherever it is we travel to and from. Since i was young whenever i felt threatened or scared i would imagine i would wrap myself in these two gigantic angelic wings and in my vision for the first time i wasn't alone inside my wings, there was a bat there alongside of me. I got scared because this never happened before so i opened my wings and it flee away then back to me all up in my face as if it wanted me to follow it, but i was unsure. Now that i think about it it was trying to say your safe with me, come follow me on this journey.
    Thank you for your wisdom, it helped with bringing further clarity. I will definitely be calling out to the fuzzy buggy little bat, it was so cute too. It was the first time i ever had a powerful vision like that. It started off with physical sensations in areas a beautiful guide by the name of jobi told me i would feel Addy (my twin flame) if she were to ever visit me. I called out to her new years eve and she came right to me. It was amazing, i felt and saw red and orange energy vibrating throughout my whole body that night.

  3. Sitting outside of a building a bat flew into the side and then flew away.
    Got my awareness alright! I already listen to the natural world.
    Well I now trust that my intuition is right. I'm just going to keep the flow going. I said it would be Devine timing and not a complete shocker. This transformation is going to take work.
    Love&light and guidance on your journeys, strength and courage to take a leap of faith beautiful Soul family!

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