BAT vs AYRTON? Cross Server Invasion – New EVENT – Kingdom WAR

Hey Guys, welcome back, this is Castle BAT, we are in K38 Kingdom The kingdom is growing very very good There has been 2 kill events so far, and our alliance has done very well. Still you can see, the various alliances are growing very fast. So well, if you guys want to join us in the Game, the link to download this Game is in the description. It’s a very interesting game with a lot of cool options. Let me show you some interesting facts about this game. So artifacts, are a very good aspects of the game, artifacts can be used to give debuff to enemies The enemy has used debuff skill using an artifact twice so far on my castle. During which my castle for 10 mins could not fight, however the enemy ported to our hive to kill it’s a debuff, but well the look of the castle is amazing when the artifact is used. So let me try to use one of the artifact on a castle to show how the castle looks. Each artifact gives a different look and debuff skill. So I am going to try out the artifact called, thunder imprisonment. It basically will restrict enemy to teleport for 3 mins. Let’s search for a castle to use this skill, just for the video. So look how the castle has this debuff effect. So look of various aspects of this game is very good, another thing is, the new event is coming up, event is called Cross Server Invasion. As I keep saying there are lot of big players who have joined this game. Let me show you, one such big player. So let’s go to other kingdom, to check out these big players. Alright guys, this is K37 Kingdom. So here the top alliance is XTREME_WAR, and if we see the members in that alliance.. So here we see a familiar name, Ayrton, he is a famous player, and is ranking 1 on many charts in this kingdom. He is playing this game for a month, and already has 21 million kills. He is topping the chart in a lot of rankings. He ranks 1 in the kill ranking I believe in the upcoming KVK we will meet him. So you will see BAT against AYRTON Well if you guys, want to join us and play this game along with us, the link to download this game is in the description. Have a lot of fun, alright bye for now.

26 thoughts on “BAT vs AYRTON? Cross Server Invasion – New EVENT – Kingdom WAR

  1. Game DOWNLOAD Link :

  2. You are the enemies of the whole Kingdom. I wish you defeat in the war servers !!!👿👿😈

  3. You are doing very good in both games bro but I don't know what the target from playing second game from zero again and you know both games same way same things and it seems started same target of course : spending money💸

  4. Guys we know BAT…..why are you discouraging him. Stop this disgusting behaviour….does this look like a jungle? Play or do not play. I think it's safe to say COK is lost….to all but spenders….and many have been complaining. Now he shows us a game that could be a bit better….and as I said already….money is essential for these games. While making it too expensive is greed, we can give this one a chance to see🤷‍♂️.

  5. حظا موفقا صديقي .. لا أستطيع فهم اللعبة بسبب الترجمة انها لاتعمل مع العربية بشكل صحيح

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