Bat Wing Shaped Acrylic Nail with Bling – Halloween Nail Design

Hi it’s Kristy Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video it’s all about Halloween. I am going to do a really extreme nail and
it’s going to be a bat wing. [vocalizing…music in background] Batmaaaaaannnn I am going to use the extra-long forms. Sculpting form on the back. I mean the tab on the back, give it a roll. Close the end. Like so. I am going to anchor this up, so I may have to cut this smile line a bit. Yeah I am going to cut that a little bit. Let’s see what that’s like. Oh yes. Like a dream. It fits like a glove or like a marigold like
my dad would say. So, I’ve already prepped the nail. I’ve already removed the surface shine the
cuticle work and all of that. I am going to dehydrate. I have got the acid free primer. I am going to do two coats of this. If you are doing a full set you’d move onto your next finger. Prime that, prime that and then start again
at the beginning to do your second coat. I’m going to use quite a big brush. Quite a sparkly brush as well It’s nice that brush isn’t it? We’ve got a video showing you how to do that. I am going to use soft beige. Going to go quite low into the powder just
so I get quite a big bead. I’m gonna chase it down. There’s a bit of glitter or something in there. Tip the finger down. Not going to worry too much at the minute about the cuticle area. I am going to get the main bulk of the nail
done first. Then I will come down the side. Have any of you seen the butterfly nail? It is a very similar process to that. So, you are going to come down the sides,
and if you look at a bat wing it’s got those sort of loops at the side. That’s what we are going to create. You’re gonna create the loops. You got two sections that jump down onto the
form. You are going to do that on both sides. This first drop will be deeper and bigger
from this one. You’re gonna graduate it to a point. Now I am going to make sure that I’ve got
the correct thickness towards the top. Make everything a bit more smoother. I’ve now got [vocalizing] in my head, Just gonna do this
cuticle area. So, you can see I got a little bit of a dip
here. Let’s get rid of that. When that starts to set you will need to pinch
this bit short of product over here we need a little more over there, it’s enough, it’s
equal. But I’ll get it pinched first Because if I add more product here. And that’s going to take a while to set. and everything else will be set. Now I can start to pinch this in, and put the pinching tool on. I am going to pinch towards the end and then
I am going to add this extra bit now. That I want to put on that’s missing. This needs a bit here. Once it is completely set, you are going to
remove the form and you are going to remove it this way by pulling it down towards yourself. [electric file in background] with my electric file. I am going to thin it a little bit. So, I’m just aiming to get it quite smooth. And take off any thickness. I’m looking down the barrel of the nail as well
as the sides. I am going to use the e-file to go in and
create that curve to make it sharper. You want to create the same curves on each
side. Once you have done one side you can use that
as a guide. So, when I look at that I can see that we
just need to come a little bit more here. Alright I am going to change this bit. We are going to use a flattened off cone bit. So, we can get a little bit tighter to the
finger. A little bit more gentle. A little bit more controlled. Now we got to file and make sure it’s nice
and smooth. So, over the top we want it to look like it’s
just a stiletto nail really. It’s all about that side view, the side
view is going to make it look amazing. You do need to support the nail while you are
filing it, because it attached to a living person and they will feel pain if you don’t
support it. That right Dina? I am going to buff this, make it smooth. You want to be careful when you are buffing
that you don’t catch these edges. Because that too can be quite painful Gonna wipe over with some pure acetone. I going to use mega gloss, a nice generous
top coat, because you want it all smooth. Starting at the tip first. It’s easier to do this first. I can start at the cuticle and pull down. Put that into the lamp for me. Now, I going to use some mega gloss take a
long brush. First of all, I going to do a line from that
side, this is hard, this is the hardest bit. Because it has to be equal. So I’m going from here to here Straight down. Put it under the lamp. Then we are going to go from this point here
down to the tip, you will see when I come to the other side. You have to flash cure between each layer. This one we go from here to here from here, up to there. This is going to create the detail of the
webbing of the wing. Put that in. Right what I am going to do with the edges
is I am going to give them like a frame. I am going to go along, right along these edges. Then we are going to give this a little more detail. Basically, make this look like it is wrinkling
and folding a little bit. So, you can come up and do a little sweep. Adam: They are like veins going through Kirsty: Yeah. So, there is a blood supply. You are like the expert of bats. Right, what I am going to do now is go over
some of the parts that I have done already just to make them a little bit more raised. Now, to make this more bat-like we need to
make it black. So, what we are going to do is use the metallic
black. I love this it’s super pigmented. Just do one side at a time. I am going to drag off any excess, it is really
pigmented, so don’t think you got to layer it off or anything, you really haven’t. So, one coat of that is plenty and you can
now start to see the design of the bat wing coming through. We need that to dry. I am going to pop it into the lamp to encourage it to dry It will air dry. We pop it into the lamp. The heat from the lamp will make this dry. And as it dries it will show up the design
even more. Now you’re going to make sure it is all dry. And then we are going to use the Urban Graffiti top coat. I am going to top coat the length first. Make sure that you cap the edge. It will make it last longer. Make sure you take off any excess as well. Now, we are going to add some bling. Because it wouldn’t be a Kristy Meakin nail
without a bit of bling. So, I am going to adhere this with a bit of acrylic,
so clear acrylic. Just there Place that exactly where you want it, you
don’t have to use this kind of stone. I am just using this kind of stone because
I love it. With mega gloss. I am going to adhere the tiny, tiny stones and do a little slither or so. So, I’ve put all the stones on now. What I am going to do is finish with some
Freesia Cuticle Oil. I’m not being funny but that’s a bit of
Fabulous nail. I wonder if she can fly now? Have a go Adam: You’d need another one on the other hand. Kristy: Yeah, just flying with one wing I hope you guys have enjoyed that Halloween
bat inspired nail. [vocalizing] Bat wing. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and
all of that. All of the products used today are in the
description box below, as always. See you guys in the next video. Happy Halloween Bah-byeee [music]

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