hi it’s tracy and welcome back to my
channel and today I have something super super special for you today so a couple things we are starting a new
series here and it’s going to be work it wear it so we are going to do your favorite
favorite video batwings part two my number one video in
all of YouTube is my batwings video I’ve now had and I thank you so much over two and a half million views on
that video alone so thank you so much and obviously i
know that you all want to work those batwings so this i created this work out for you
this is that wings part 2 but this is something really special so
I want you to do this workout today tomorrow and wednesday and then on
Thursday we’re going to do the wear it portion
so we work it so that we can wear so make sure that you come back to this
channel make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already and check it out on
thursday because then you’re going to have the wear it, the style portion that
corresponds to this video so let’s work out so let’s get started so we’re going to
start off with our arms going up and down and up and down that’s it and up
good and up keep on going here up and up you’ve got it nice and lift and
up good keep going uh-huh good, two more and excellent, so now with
one arm you’re going to go straight up get the elbow high press it back i’ll
turn a little bit up and press that’s it and up and press good and up Press back, you got it up press it good keep those ABS pulled in you should be
feeling this in the back of the arm that’s that batwing right no bat wings
here up and last one stay here little press think of pressing
that palm up to the ceiling it’s going to make all the difference in the world
and seven good that’s it eight, nine now keep it here and press up , up really press that palm to the ceiling good – I feel it, you should too all right good let’s do that any of the
other side up press and up press good up press back end up push it
good and five and six good nice seven and eight perfect two more last one stay here and press to feel the back of
those arms working yes and seven eight nine good stay here
palm up whoa and that’s three good really press
up to the ceiling five six keep your shoulders down your back
nine and good now bring your arms up into this position pulse down two three
this is going to work around the bra area I saw a commercial the other day they
were calling it sleevage, i thought that was kind of weird awesome slash a little bit grose. I’m
not going to lie and seven eight nine good stay here and down down down like
you’re smacking air this should remind you of like when you’re in a pool and
you’re hitting water good you’re going to feel this in your
deltoid you don’t need to tell me feel this shoulder you’re supposed to ok & seven eight we look crazy yes it’s true so go in and keep your hands up at shoulder height do
not stop here I know it can feel so hard your like I
just want to break, don’t don’t give yourself that break keep
going and good in and out two more excellent stay here press down with
straight arms down three four uhhmm again like you’re hitting water good now flex your wrist here and go up
up up three and five that’s it seven nine good now have
your fingers facing down press it down – good three & five seven eight nine good you’re going to
go up out up out up out up don’t stop up good up seven good and let’s do that on the other side
so up out app up out up and don’t stop here and five good six seven you’ve got a good
eight two more good excellent up where we started and
up oh yes it should feel different now
right and up that’s it and five six you feel the back
of those arms no lunch lady arms no bat wings right two more good stay here one arm up other arm up one arm up other
arm up really press oh yes and up good five six are you on fire
you should be seven and eight nine good so now you’re going to go elbow in
press out and in press in internally rotate good get that rotation with your
arms in good, you see what I’m doing with my hand right uh-huh and six keep going two more that other arm is
very happy to have the break right same thing other side rotate palm up
palm back good and four five oh yes and six seven bringing those
arms together nice and tight and toned good ok good so up up good now diagonally out
out out again close to your body up press up palms up to the ceiling and out
out out good two more sets like that two more i
know i said it will be and out good one more here up up up good and
out-out good close to your body flick their palms up up what like you’re doing a little flick
with your wrist flick ok flink and five really press the more
height with you can you get with your arm back there the more you’re going to
feel it nine good and in and out in and out and in
and out up and out up and in and out in and in good up and up good back to that
pressing down three five good flex the wrist you’re feeling at all seven eight nine now ballerina arms circle two four six good
reverse the circle three five last one here pinkies up up up oh yes five this is such a good exercise
because you’re going to get definition between the shoulder and tricep my arms
are on fire yours should be too, eight nine one more sound like that up very good five seven eight nine stay here hooold and let
it go you did amazing now I hope that you
really felt those batwings those triceps feeling tight and tone and really worked so remember do this workout today do it tomorrow do it on wednesday and
make sure to come back to my channel on thursday for wear and I want to hear
from you do you like this new setup of work it
and wear it will be given you two videos a week this week so let me know by leaving me a comment
below I think it’s really really important that we incorporate our
Fitness into our life so I really want to hear from you because you are my
family you’re my community so I look forward to reading your
comments make sure to subscribe and i will see you on Thursday yeah

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