Bat Wisdom: How To Get Better At Hearthstone

Instant loss vs Mage? Nah, you hit him for 26, and then you hit them with the weapon twice. And… Hope they don’t have Alex It’s not instant loss, It’s not good match up But you can do it. We’re looking for all of the ramp so that we can get more mana And then play big things cuz we’re Big Druid “What is the secret behind becoming a big player?” There aren’t really any secrets to becoming a good player. You just kind of play the game a lot and do it Interact with the community Find friends that also play the game a lot Play with them People over-complicate it a lot, it’s not complicated It’s not something that’s crazy difficult to just; you commit to it and you do it. And it’s as simple as that. I don’t know People say it’s like really complicated, but it’s really not Just play a lot Why is there a Fire Fly? I’m not gonna hero power it. I want it to stick around for Spreading Plague, maybe I think that’s the most underrated part of, erm trying to become competitive at some things a lot of people try and just do it on their own Whereas, like, if you play with other people I think you’re much more likely to enjoy doing something And enjoy doing it long enough to become really good at it And you have them pushing you and helping you become better So playing with people around a similar skill level that have similar ambitions with the game Is the best way to improve. That’s why like the Latin American community has seen so much growth and so much strength over the last little while is because Every time I go to a tournament or whatever there’s like 40 Latin American guys all working together and like all huddled around whoever’s the farthest in the tournament trying to give advice and encouraging them It’s like that community is really taking off and gonna be crushing us And we’ve seen in their results them getting better and better It’s just all about teamwork man But not really like teamwork… I dunno that’s hard to explain But, err… Strong community “No one will overtake the Koreans” Are Koreans good at Hearthstone? I don’t know IC is a scene. I don’t follow particularly well but “It’s a single-player game -failfish-” Nah, see that’s what I’m trying to explain to people is even single-player endeavours I think it’s correct to work with others And I think it’s very valuable to have People that you play with and just hang out with and talk with about the game You want to improve with the game So not really a team work, but more just motivational support? I don’t know I guess it’s difficult for me to explain. I don’t think I’m doing a good job explaining it. This is a good turn Often times, he a hard time coming back from Me playing 15/15 and setting him to 11 “Firebat’s looking small did he stop going to the gym?” I went to the gym for like a month and then My chest started hurting really bad, and I guess I like Damaged some ligaments and like my upper ribs or something? And so I’ve been going to physical therapy And I’m not allowed to work out But yeah For a while there I was trying to work out a little bit trying to get in shape And they’re like “No can’t do that anymore” All right, not even double fireball kills me, so I’m gonna play the biggest thing in my hand and go face *Sheep Noises* Yeah alright they didn’t say I couldn’t do any physical activity… But…

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  1. This video topic is actually a joke. Out of every competitive video game Hearthstone has to be literally the worst one to try and "get better at". Blizzard designs the game to be entertaining implementing an absurd amount of RNG into it which makes try Harding it very un rewarding. All it takes to get legends is a fat wallet and a bunch of games with that expensive top tier deck.

  2. streamer I play the game a lot and i have friends who play the game, I also won HTC the other day thanks my man #BanMemesAndHearthstone

  3. for the deck you were using I am missing the 3 legendary dragons, malfurion and Kun, does the deck still function without them if I throw in Ysera and some other big dudes?

  4. You gotta make daily sacrifices to Yogg so that you could always have your Keleseth/Raza/Anduin/ramp on curve, never draw Patches and pull the exact needed spell from the Pavelling Book.
    You'll also need to work on your APM. To practice, play against the Innkeeper until you can consistenly drop two Shattered Sun Clerics on the same turn and make them buff each other. Then you could move to more useful things like coining Mountain Giants on 3 and shadowstepping your minions right before they die.
    Last but not least, work on your BM game. A well placed emote can tilt your opponent and make them misplay but if you overdo it, they'll just squelch you. For you it's safe to squelch on turn 1 but if you're an advanced BMer, you can engage in a psychological war with your opponent and outplay them.

    I think this sums up all i learned from reading /r/hearthstone for a few months, and it's still more informative than this episode of Bat Wisdom.

  5. Is rank like a loop?
    When you reach legend 1, next win you go to rank 25 with 0 star.

    Is it what firebat trying to tell us?

  6. I think what Firebat is trying to say here is that you've got to make it real for yourself. You've got to try and arrange your life so that the goal you're trying to achieve, whatever it is, feels like it is an actual thing that you can make happen, and that your day to day provides you with regular support and reinforcement in that direction somehow. You're always going to reach points where you say to yourself: "what the hell am I doing, I'm never really going to become a Hearthstone pro/rock star/alt-right meme interpretive dancer" or whatever. Humans are naturally social creatures, so if you have a support network in place that helps get you through the rough times and periods of doubt, you are more likely to persist in doing the things you need to do to eventually succeed. No man is an island and all that.

    Also it's just easier to stick with something when your friends are doing it too, like he says in the video.

  7. His advise is true, you have to grind this game, like all games, to get better at it. and if you grind with friends, you will get better more quickly and it's more fun. You can't start the game with a top tier deck unless your "wallet is fat" this is correct, but you should not play your first games with the best deck in hearthstone. Those of you who don't do well and are mostly F2P when it comes to pack opening, it's not because of your wallet, rather your time you have put into the game. do at least a quest every day for a year, i promise you will have a good enough collection by the end of it for several top tier decks or just some you enjoy. Don't be salt because you aren't good, it's not the games fault people i don't understand how you think that. It's our skill level that determines our rank, and that skill level depends on the amount of effort you want to put forward to hearthstone. Anyone who has grinded other video games will understand this, because while RNG or bad teammates can affect your climb, if you are honestly good enough you will undoubtedly see a rise in your rank in any game.

  8. Intoxicated at the moment, but is the whole "putting in the effort" AND the "strong community" part among the reasons why Korean and other Asian progamers generally perform better than NA and European teams? Is the culture itself more likely going to push these people into working as a group?

  9. Dont know about the other negative people on here but, i thought it was good advice, it was simple but it was true and made sense. Even though its single player you dont have to go alone, pretty wise advice if you ask me

  10. So, I used to reach rank 5 on a monthly basis, but I never gave it the time to make the grind from 5 to legend. It was too time consuming and with a full time job, I just can't give too much time to HS.That being said if you really want to improve heres my advice:

    1) play a lot.
    2) play too much.
    3) fork over a bit of the green.
    4) forget trying to be unique.
    5) netdeck every deck in the top 2 tiers and find one you really like.
    6) find players on the net and learn what you can from them.
    7) Try to think moves while its your opponents turn.

    and when all of that gets you stuck at rank 10, throw it all away, shill out to Blizzard, become a streamer, and enjoy those top tier mulligans, all the rng highrolls and top tier topdecks.

  11. The best way to improve is to have friends who want to play and improve too.

    Well, shit. I'm going to be stuck where I'm at forever.

  12. Koreans suck hs thats a fact. They trihard with netdecks and play statistically right moves but suck at strategy really bad.

  13. 3:54 Hey Firebat, if you're reading this comment, may I suggest yoga while you recover from your workout injury? It keeps you in shape, and you get to meet some hot girls. (Or if you're currently dating, you can take your GF with you.)

  14. How to get better at Hearthstone:
    1. Point Swipe at face
    2. If you have another Swipe in hand, repeat step 1.
    3. If Swipe not in hand, point Ultimate Infestation at face.

  15. Every month I get like Rank 10 on the first or second day, then I just lose all motivation to play the game. IDK where to find these people Firebat is talking about lol.

  16. fire bat you're on about using a collective mind, talking out strats what to do each players perfered choice of actions in a turn etc

  17. I totally agree with everything Firebat had to say about having a support network when you're trying to get better at HS. It's just like training for an individual skill in real life. Say you're a wrestler. Wrestling is a single-person sport, everything depends on just you and whatever you bring to the match. If you have a team of positive, highly skilled teammates who push you to get better every week, you'll make vast improvements as a wrestler, even though those teammates can't actually assist you in your matches. Conversely, if you train with a couple of guys who aren't as skilled or motivated as you, then you'll make almost no improvements and see no real success as a wrestler. Same thing applies with Hearthstone…..

  18. I need someone to coach me. I've been playing this game since beta and i've reached rank 1 the last 11 seasons still i've never been able to reach legend :/ once a friend joined me and watched my games from rank 1 1 star to 5 stars and after that he watched me fall down to rank 3… he has reached legend multiple times and his oppinion was i need to counterpick my enemys because i always play against my worst matchups but how should i know which deck my enemys are playing?

  19. Wait, so the difference between rank 5 and number 1 legend is as big as the difference between nr1 legend and firebat :D?

    Not bad^^

  20. Step 1: get a credit or debit card
    Step 2: wait for someone much better than you to create the meta
    Step:3 play aggro
    Step:4 go face?
    Step:5 profit

  21. I actually loved this advice as it can be applied to literally any endeavor.

    1. Do whatever it is a LOT.
    2. Find others around your skill level that like doing it too. Play with them.
    3. Form a small community around what you do that keeps you all engaged and push each other to be better.
    4. Profit.

  22. Hitting a high rank like 5 or above isn't too hard if you have a strong aggro deck and a bit of experience with the game. I think people struggle the most with laddering using a control deck. It requires many more decisions and reading what your opponent likely has in hand.

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