BATMAN Bat Robo K.O Review

Bootleg are crap! Well no ! Not necessarily There are some pirated toys
that are rather good it’s the case for the Bat Robo which
is heavily inspired by Bat … uh no forget it … The packaging is nice with the steps of transformations on the back cool picture of Bat … Not… Bat Robot Versus Zectron is
the title and on the edge illustrations of the original toy :
The Convertors Robat where they just stuck the Batman’s head … It is a toy Made in Taiwan imported in the early 90s by an Italian company. go ahead Andiamo ! Here is the beast! out of its Bat box it is quite nice
with its chrome sword round toe to not get hurt and his head is in silver. This is really a knock off of Convertors apart from this Batman inspiration the plastic is very light and ultra cheap It is neither a Transformer or a Gobot the joints now… here we have the elbow no pivot at
the wrist or at the head the legs hips
also the knees but ultimately it is done to hide then the tip of the
feet we will see why just now So the highlight is really
the head of Batman itself Bootleg surely a mold of a thing
of a Batman that would have made UV this is the charm of this thing we are going to transform the a bat because it also the transformation is rather basic but it works. arms go inside the chest torso. Then the wings like this is really super fragile plastic. Must be handled delicately. there is just clipped quietly and then we will go to any part of the legs here and then put the small tabs Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATLEG! I do not know how one could call it … A kind of bat robot made of guano … I do not know but it is rather nice and quite original The guy in Taiwan who had this idea
of combining a Convertors Robat and add Batman’s head is a genius. it hopes to sell it to Batman fans I do not know. It’s a pretty
bizarre that I recommend in any case It is very nice, it has the merit
of being original and if you are a Batman collector and you have nothing new then I think it’s still a nice piece to have. So … Who do you treat shit! That’s right … sorry Here ! and that’s the GUANO! If you enjoyed the review, even if you laugh 2 seconds Before leaving hit the Like If you want to go crazy to risk breaking a fingernail press the Share button If you haven’t understood what you just saw but deep down you want more Then you have to Subscribe my friend !

10 thoughts on “BATMAN Bat Robo K.O Review

  1. Il est juste magnifique ! ^^
    Après les convertors c'est pas de la super came non plus,ça m'a l'air aussi fragile que ce Bat…bat ? ^^

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