Bats (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we will create the 4 bats and I will also show you how to attach them to the Night Witch we created last week. In this tutorial I try to get the bats as tiny as possible and not as detailed as possible. I think maybe there will be another tutorial if you’re interested in that where I will just build one detailed bat. But now lets start, lets jump in, lets create our 4 tiny bats which perfectly fit to our Night Witch we created last week. I got a lot of comments about my Night Witch. I think most of them were very friendly and lots of you really like this creation, but I also got a lot of comments “Why is the face that ugly?” “Dude the nose is too big!” “The mouth” Oh My God! Yeah as I mentioned in this tutorial itself I wouldn’t say creating faces is one of my strengths. I’m really struggling when it comes to faces. I don’t know why. Well it’s normally only human faces I’m struggling with. Animals are way easier, I think. It has something to do with the proportions of the face. Maybe I should make a tutorial to educate myself how to create human faces, something like that. Then I can practise for you and for this tutorial. OK, now we will create the bats. Currently, I’m creating the eyes and I’m using just some bright purple. You will see that in a minute. Here we go. To get a nice outline around the blue eyes, blue clay we will put into these tiny dents. These tiny holes. And I think it’s a compromise and the eyes could have been much more detailed, but as these tiny bats are this small I think it’s OK for these eyes. Actually, I don’t know if the card of the bats has already been released. I have already fought against the Night Witch itself. Maybe three times something like that and that is why I also fought against the bats of course, but I haven’t seen them just the card of the bats. So I assume the bats are going to be released in maybe some days or some weeks. Just write it in the comments if you know more than I do. If someone is asking why I haven’t uploaded any Pokemon video yet and it’s been a while I know, but I’ve been very busy creating a very big Pokemon project. I think it will be released within the next days. I’m almost finished and I think you will
really like it. It won’t be a creating tutorial, it will be something pretty new. Some of you have already seen some of the images I posted on Instagram, so you have a sneak preview but also you have no idea what it will be like when it’s finished, so just wait a few more days for that to come. Meanwhile we are creating the tiny nose of the bats and this was a lot of fun, creating this tiny nose with these two holes. You can also use just a toothpick for that, so there is no need for all these tools I’m using, because I’m getting still a lot of requests and questions which tools I am using. There is the video about that. I will link it right now, So just click on the ‘I’ and
see which tools I’m using for creating with clay. Now I am using my beloved scalpel. Be very careful with that! But it’s great for cutting, making tiny details and creating tongues as well. This will be the lip we’re placing right now. And after that we will go on, we will make the mouth into shape. And we can create dangerous teeth of the bats. I think bats are one of the coolest animals on the planet. Maybe this is why there are so many bats in computer games and movies,
comics. Well just think of Batman. And now the bats from Night Witch and I think there are many more bats. These will be the ears. I am using my modeling tool for
creating them and well without this tool it would have been pretty hard. So if you’re thinking about just buying one tool I would recommend buying this
modeling tool. Now we can start attaching all
these ears to the bats, to the bodies. While we are working on this step let’s make a poll which creation should be next in the series of my Clash Royale
tutorials. Just click on the I and vote for the card you want to see on this
channel. Okay almost done with the ears. The last one, well you may have noticed it has the eyes closed because this bat is the dreamer, he is flying through the
night and well just enjoying the wind. Yeah. Now we will work on the wings and this is also why I placed all the bats on the plate, because when you’re working
with the very thin clay and after the hardening process in the oven you want to remove it from the surface and when you’re using a plate it works
pretty great so you don’t have any problems or concerns that it would get stuck to it too much. Now just some more details to the wings and then well I’m planning to fold this wing. Someone wrote: ‘Dude, this bat is dabbing’. It was not my intention it’s more like this bat is preparing to
fly, to start to fly but well yeah why not. Let’s say this bat is dabbing. Yeah I’m looking forward to this card. I’m looking forward to how the bats are performing in the game itself. Currently I’m using the Minion Horde a lot. Hopefully this card will be very similar and very strong as well. The minion horde and also the balloon . So in my current favorite deck it’s all about air attacking. And it pretty works very well. So if you haven’t decided yet the balloon is pretty great for our poll. Now let’s go into the oven! Freshly baked bats and even four of them. We will just make some finish work on these tiny models before gluing them to the Night Witch. So we will use some transparent polish for the mouth and the tooth as well. Oops that was too much. And also we will use it just for the eyes for the bats with the eyes wide open. And also the last one. And after the polish has dried we will use it for the eyes as well. Yeah after the polish has dried we can use this pen for some more details. if you’re not very confident about painting your creations I wouldn’t, otherwise you will regret the wrong line and well just leave the creations as they are right now. Now that we have created the four bats I will show you how I attached these to the Night Witch. And all we need for that is just some glue. I’m using some super glue for that. The first bat is placed, also the second one onto the wand. The third, this was pretty difficult, still moving. And for the last one we are using a very thin wirel and we will attach it right behind the head, so take a needle, for tiny holes, take the wire into these
holes. I used this technique also on the Legendary Arena and it just looks like flying. It just looks amazing and I think finally that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of the four tiny bats. Well for me I was just looking forward to the moment to glue them onto the Night Witch. I have a tiny surprise! We will open my very first legendary chest together so this is not planned. I really hope that I’m getting the Night Witch itself because I don’t have any legendary card and this would be pretty amazing. OK finally, I guess that’s it. We will open the legendary chest and… It’s the Night Witch! Yes! Oh that’s great! Thank you I just lost one of my bats. Now I can try out the Night Witch also in the game and after that I will glue the bat to the Night Witch. Onto the hand again. OK I guess that’s it, thanks for watching and hope to see you next week. Bye!

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  1. I love your channel!!
    You're awesome!!!
    please make more Pokemons.
    I am your biggest fan from Israel really!!

  2. Videi mi se svidjaju i ti si najbolji mogući jutjuber i najviše mi se svidjaju video sa plastelinom.

  3. Faces are so hard!!! Don’t feel bad about those epic creations I bet those people who said that can’t even make something close to a face you’re the best creator ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dude, don't listen to those goddamn hate comments! You have an amazing skill, and those people who are commenting stuff like "Meeh, the nose is two big!!" Can't even do it themselves!!

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