BATS & JOKES (Uncut) – The Joker Fan Film

protocol C-Alfred’s upload has been
completed I repeat protocol C-Alfred’s upload
has been completed I repeat protocol C-Alfred’s upload
has been completed I am now inside your brain who’s there? a running joke a running joke who?
oh what’s the point you’ll never get it anyways God knows you’ve tried Bruce
how do you know my name? before I knew it killing you would have been like killing
a god now I’m just gonna kill a man doesn’t make it any less fun though I don’t remember anything how did I get here? what happened? you don’t remember anything you say? Oh Bats oh you know me
too well you know I’d never pass on the
opportunity to tell a good story but what if it’s a trick? oh what the hell it’s not like you’re
gonna kill me anyways right? and I know your name so the Batman is dead anyways oh what a night it was what a night it was turn on god dammit after years of rotting in Arkham Asylum
I finally found a way to shut it down for good Gotham was mine in less than an hour goodbye commissioner do you see what happens when you refuse
to kill people Batman? all that trouble put us all in Arkham for nothing trust me you’re gonna regret a lot of
things at the end of my story the story of the night that you became
Batman and I became Joker again this is what we were waiting for all
this time when I shut down Arkham and freed
everyone there was one word coming out of everybody’s mouth revenge on Batman I told them all to be waiting for you at
GCPD what took you so long? Batman Batman? then who’s piloting the
Batwing Batman Joker is controlling the Batwing get out of there right now just tell me how a magician never reveals his… what have you done? it’s over Bats you know I have this thing with
handshakes don’t you? you’re welcome Gotham you were almost dead Bats if it wasn’t for that
God damned Talia she saw her broken bat toy and decided to take it to Daddy Ra’s to fix it with his Lazarus Pit don’t worry Batman immortality of one for
the price of two you think Ra’s was just using you for
another one of his Lazarus experiments to reach true immortality or was he
trying to give an old friend a hand I mean literally well maybe he was doing
both you know old Ra’s he was always trying to make you his successor in
cleansing the world from the dirt and the scum I guess he was tired of living
after 500 years but you weren’t fit there was a technical problem with you you didn’t
believe in punishment by death and that was the only method that that Ra’s believed in you have to understand him he was he was from a different
era I do anyways I suppose Ra’s suddenly had and idea that could fix that tiny little technicality and all this and all this while I’m singing and dancing and enjoying Bats can you imagine that? so you want to get free huh? well let’s play a little game I’m gonna throw my gun and while I
try and find it you’ll have time to free yourself and if you’re fast enough well
you’ll get me and if not I’ll kill you let the joke begin that’s the Lazarus Pit for you I hope you were worth it my hand Alfred sir something strange has
happened what is it sir? just locate me and send the Batmobile to pick me up yes sir Wow both hands intact what a traumatic night and with no mommy or daddy to go and cry to but you’ll always have Alfred right? right!? What’s Wrong Alfred? sir the security panel is reading Ra’s al Ghul impossible yeah your new hand was actually Ra’s’s
well you know they don’t grow on trees oh by the way spoiler alert old Alfred
is dead about time right? oh but don’t worry you managed to keep him around
artificially welcome home sir somehow Joker has gained control over
everything city security Batwing even my armor but Sir you ordered me to disable
Gotham and Arkham security systems as well as to hit GCPD with the Batwing your cloud system just went online a few hours ago how did he hack you in mere hours? how did he even know you exist? we can only communicate through my mind I don’t
believe I’m hacked sir I use your DNA signature as the security measurement so
only your brain can access and decrypt my signals and only if it’s willing to
communicate I have to understand what’s going on find out where he is it’s not hard sir he’s all over the news he’s at the Monarch theater I saw what you did you used the batwing
to kill everyone at GCPD criminal or hostage everyone you’ve finally lost it
Batman you don’t understand it wasn’t me there’s only one person who pilots a freakin bat shaped jet you can’t get out
of this not this time Batman I told you it wasn’t… now you pay Batman stop please I can’t control my hand no it wasn’t me I’m sorry Alfred this all started
because of you I couldn’t risk it anymore admit it Bats to you Alfred was
always just a brainless Butler and I know because that’s exactly how you
programmed his avatar oh but poor Nightwing your Ra’s al
Ghul hand killed the kid all on its own just because he jumped on you that old bastard was a genius he got the great caped Knight as a successor and he made him lethal too this is where it all began this is where
it all ends I think we need to slow down Bats I’m sure you really need a break it’s a lot to process Alfred is dead both the real guy and the artificial version and your hand kills
people and there’s no way you can control it first Nightwing and then Croc
and it won’t stop there more surprises were coming your way you killed them you killed them you killed them you you killed them what is the countdown for? nuclear
apocalypse of course stop it stop it right now Alfred is the one who hacked all the
nuclear warheads for me maybe if you ask him nicely no no but it’s okay Bats it’s too late anyways and it’s been too late for years
so stop worrying relax it’ll all be over soon I’ve been inside the Lazarus but how
didn’t you die? look around maybe we both did maybe this is hell do you want my
help? what are you doing here Darkseid? I can help you reverse this I can help you save humankind and why would you want to do that? the anti-life equation of course if
there’s no human left alive then how could you ever find it you believe it to
be locked hidden in some clueless person’s subconscious I will use my
Omega beam to send you back in time send me back when? I’ve seen inside Joker’s
brain there’s only insanity except for one vague memory of the night he became
Joker it’s an old memory so there’s still no
Batman and therefore no conflict for you as long as there is a Joker there will
be an apocalypse somehow he is immortal now but you have a chance to stop him
from ever becoming Joker but my hand no chain can hold it it might kill anyone
involved not my concern but remember this will be the end if you don’t go
back and try to correct the beginning I’ve killed everybody remember? send me yeah there were your parents dead on the
ground and there you were the little kid who would grow up to become Batman but Darkseid said that was the moment Joker was born so where was he? oh right face whitened by the ashes of apocalypse
hair dyed green with the wonders of Lazarus and a laughter so wide that even
the elastics of skin couldn’t handle do you remember it Bats? of course not
you’re not even here the new voice in my brain is playing tricks on me
let me ask myself do you remember now? no I’m insane remember? but I know a new cycle is about to begin I repeat protocol C-Alfred’s upload is completed all systems are online and fully functional I’m now inside your brain master Wayne Alfred yes sir who else can hear you? only you sir we communicate through your thoughts override Arkham’s security and then
Gotham’s override is completed anything else? open every door and turn every light… off Alfred never ever do anything again unless I’m
finished ordering you to do it Alfred Alfred I cannot let you go through another
cycle what? your brain deep inside contains the anti-life equation my life
long search thanks to the paradoxical nature of your subconscious being both
Batman and Joker I just needed you to go through enough cycled for it to become
more and more flushed out now finally it’s time for harvest now I am an
unstoppable God you’re not the only god you know I’ve heard there is a whole league of them you’re not only insane but also a fool enough with that prepare for extraction I’ve heard they say the definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing
over and over again and expect a different result so who’s insane now?

71 thoughts on “BATS & JOKES (Uncut) – The Joker Fan Film

  1. incredible! this was pretty amazing! dope job. congrats on the release! ill def hit you up when my web series is released!

  2. Nicely dark. I could totally see it happening that way too which is a little scary. Also great casting for the Joker. Noone will ever surpass Mark Hamill on the voice, but this portrayal was excellent.

  3. Hello! Please check out my Batman Fan Film on my page. It's all about Two-Face. Thank you! <3

  4. Awesome piece of work – one of the finest examples of 'Fan Fiction' I've come across. The opening scene with the blood spattered Bat Signal and Joker's shadow is beautifully effective. Can I ask, Farbod, what software do you use for the illustration, the 2D animation and the particle FX? Are you using different programs for each of these main elements and then compositing? Looking forward to seeing how The Fallers develops 🤖

  5. I know I’m a bit late, but this is great! Great animations, great casting, great acting…this work deserves to be in theaters. Definitely sharing this with my fellow Batman nerd friends.

  6. "You killed them. You killed them. You. You. You killed them"

    Watching this a second time made me realize: *He's not just talking about Nightwing & Croc*.

  7. I have a few problems with this story-Why would robo Alfred obey orders to fuck up everything? Wouldn't joker being Bruce Wayne come up like constantly? DNA tests fingerprints etc and why didn't Alfred mentally contact both Bruce Wayne's or register that there were 2 of him which is something batman would of planned for otherwise a clone could have gotten control also raz doesn't have green hair and he used the pit for hundreds of years so why does joker/Bruce?

  8. Hollywood shouldn't have the guts to make something as brilliant and dark as this fan film. (Darkseids voice wasn't that good)

  9. I usually don't give fanfilm much thought but this just changed everything. What a great script. You are going places with content like this! A new fan!

  10. Some interesting ideas and cool art style on the animation, but the Joker's explanation for why his hair is green and his skin turned white, doesn't really make sense. Also Batman as a tied-up, panicking idiot is just a bad look. I feel like he would've remained calm in that situation. This batman probably wet himself, right after waking up.

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