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Hey. Hello, Dr. Binocs. Hi! Bat bud. How are you? Hello! Friends.
Meet Bat bud. Hey! Ho! Buddies. Suprised that I can see you, right? Hahaha! Ofcourse they are. They thought you were blind. Haven’t you heard, “as blind as a bat”? Come, let me tell you some eye openning facts
about bats. Zoom in! Okay, so first things first. Bats can see.
Yes, they can. You think am lying, right? Ofcourse not.. ..bats can see just as well as humans. However, at night their ears become
more important than their eyes.. they can use a special sonar sysytem.. called “Echolocation”. Which means to find things using
echos. The process is simple.. ..when a bat flies, it makes
shooting sounds. Which is way too high for humans to hear. These sound waves hit an object.. ..and echos are created. These echos travel back to the bat.. ..and that is how they know
what is ahead of them. Now, many of you think that
all bats suck blood. Well, you’re mighty wrong. Most of the bats are called,
“fruit bats”. As they feed on fruits.. ..and they are cute,
trust me on that. There are only 3 spicies of
Vampire bats.. ..and they don’t suck blood. They might bite an animal and
lick blood.. ..but don’t suck it. The bat’s saliva contains a chemical.. ..that prevents blood from clotting. Hence, the blood keeps flowing. Oooh, there’s another chemical
in the bat’s saliva.. .. that numbs the victim’s skin. So that they don’t wake up. Hahaha. Smarty pants they are, aren’t they? Have you ever wondered,
why do bats hang upside down? That’s because it’s the best position
to take off. Well, somethings are best,
when they are upside down. Let me show you. Well, not me for sure. Trivia time! Bats help a lot in pollination. They drink nectar from flowers.. great distances and spread
pollen grains, everywhere. Bats are the only mamaals to be able to fly. So bat bud, planning to take off again? Oh yes, I am. Hey! wait, I’ll come with you. So, this is me zooming off. Tune in next time
for more fun facts.

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