Bats Out of Hell | Critical Role RPG Episode 93

[no audio] MATT: Where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors
sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons. (laughter) MATT: Why’s everyone laughing? So yes! We’re going
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April 18th. As far as merch goes, we’re still out of stock on dice, I believe? LAURA: No! MATT: No? LAURA: There’s officially 30 sets left, according
to– SAM: 30 sets? LAURA: 30 sets. LIAM: Sorry, they’re gone. (laughter) LAURA: There are 30 sets left in the store, we
will be ordering more. So there will be more, but I don’t know when that’s, you know, going to come
in. So 30 sets for the time being. MATT: Fantastic. Thank you Laura. Yes. Taliesin!
Wednesday Club coming up, right? TALIESIN: There is a Wednesday Club. We’re doing
Comics 101, it’s going to be our intro to how to read comics! The notion is like the show that you
would show your grandmother, or your friend who’s never apparently seen a written word next to a
picture before. They do exist! I’m sadly not going to be there, but Amy and Matt are going to throw
together something really, really awesome, and I’m going to be helping out from the sidelines,
throwing them stuff, because I’m going to be out of town. But yay. MATT: Awesome. Speaking of Taliesin and a
different Matt, we’re both going to be on Eric’s TBD RPG tomorrow at noon Pacific time. SAM: Oh. The dice are gone. MATT: The dice are gone. NOELLE: Just now. MATT: Well done. Jesus. LAURA: Good job, guys that got them! MATT: Yay! We’ll have more soon! But we’ll both be
on Eric’s TBD RPG tomorrow at noon, here at Geek and Sundry, Pacific time for the Doctor Who RPG.
I’ll be returning as my character Meatstick, the– TRAVIS: Meatstick? MATT: Meatstick, yeah. He’s a heavily
experimented-on Ood who is massively buff and looks kind of like Nemesis from Resident Evil 3.
But with more of a tentacle mouth. So that’ll be fun! TALIESIN: Yes! I’ll be doing my old man voice.
It’s very fun, yes. MATT: I know it is, and I believe Darin De Paul
will be joining us as well. TALIESIN: I think he’s a maybe. MATT: Maybe? He’s supposed to be. I think he might
be a little late. I’ll check in. MARISHA: I think he’s going to be on. I think.
Pretty sure. MATT: Mystery! Abound! Marisha! New Signal Boost,
went up this week? MARISHA: Yes! It’s… me! (laughter) MATT: Full circle! MARISHA: Again! I’m back! Go watch– actually,
we’re going to be playing it over the course of the break. So that we have a break. MATT: You should watch it. MARISHA: So you’ll watch it over the course of the
break. MATT: It’s only getting weirder, folks. MARISHA: It’s getting really weird. You can tell
it’s such an outlet for us of the creative team. It’s got a lot of meta things going on,
reflecting our day-to-day lives. It always has been. It’s great. MATT: I will be at Sakura-Con by the way, next
weekend. April 14th through the 16th up in Seattle. Be doing some panels, signings, and fun
stuff, so if you guys are up in the Seattle area next weekend, come say hi! It’ll be fun. Sorry,
pardon my belch. Snuck up on me. And once again, Will Friedle is going to be at the Wales Comic
Con, April 8th and 9th. Real soon. So if you’re near Wales, go say hi to Will, give him a bunch of
really large presents that he can’t bring back on the plane, they will become his problem. So,
that’s my recommendation. Fuck that guy, exactly. And a reminder: me, Taliesin, and Marisha will be
guests at Momocon, May 25th to the 28th in Atlanta, Georgia! So if you’re in that area, other
side of the country, come say hi then! Because that’d be fun. TALIESIN: Yeah. MATT: And Talks Machina, of course, every Tuesday,
at 7PM Pacific here on Twitch and Alpha, where we talk about– next week, we’ll be talking about this
episode! And the episode before that a little bit, probably, too. MARISHA: Yeah. I hope everyone liked the panel, by
the way. MATT: The panel went great! We had a great turnout
at WonderCon! MARISHA: Yeah, thanks everybody who came! TALIESIN: It was super cool. MATT: Like we kind of filled the arena. I had this
big fear we were going to get up on stage and it was going to be, like, seven people in the front
row and just empty space. MARISHA: Apparently 2,800. SAM: Oh wow! MARISHA: 2,800 strong. MATT: Jesus. LAURA: You Critters! MARISHA: Yeah, so many Critters. MATT: So thanks for coming, guys! LIAM: Great costumes, lots of cosplay. TRAVIS: Oh, Brian Wayne Foster also said the
Wondercon panel will be on G&S’s YouTube Friday at 8PM, in case you missed it on
Talks Machina. MATT: Great, so you can check it out then. And I
believe, unless I’m mistaken, that’s it. Anything else anyone wants to talk about? Noelle, anything
you want to talk about? NOELLE: I had a great day today– MATT: Awesome! NOELLE: — and it was really fun. I had a good
lunch. MATT: I’m so glad. What’d you have? NOELLE: Falafel. MATT: Nice, good choice. LIAM: Hey look, this is a book that she made, and
it’s so good! And she signed it for me and I’m reading it to my kids and they love it! NOELLE: There’s a bear in it. LAURA: There is a bear in it! NOELLE: More than that in it, too, let me tell
you. Just getting started. Lots of different animals. (laughter) MATT: Which, by the way, thank you again, Noelle,
for coming and playing this again this week. NOELLE: Yeah, hey, is anyone tied to a table and
needs help right now? Because apparently I’m available now. I’m here to help. (laughter) MATT: And, on that note, let’s go ahead and dive
in to tonight’s episode of Critical Role. [dramatic music] MATT: And welcome back. Just so you guys know, we
know there is a bit of an audio-sync issue that’s happening right now. It’s apparently not on our
end; our systems are syncing just fine. It might be a Twitch-side thing. Hopefully they’re working
on it right now and seeing if we can figure out how to get that fixed. In the meantime, my
apologies. We will continue playing, and at the very least the upload will be synced. So keep an
ear out. Thank you for your patience. Technical! All righty, so. Catching us up from last week. Vox
Machina goes to hell. In tying up loose ends and dealing with lingering business, you’ve decided to
travel to the Nine Hells of Baator, specifically the second layer of Dis, to where the iron city of
Dis, under the rule of Dispater, to seek out the place where Hotis, the rakshasa, which is now in a
chain of perpetually hunting members of your team. You decided it was best to end it there, as the
only way to kill the entity is to destroy it on its own home plane. So you gathered yourselves, you transported via
Keyleth onto the second layer of hell, you wandered incognito as various demonic-adjacent
entities. You’ve avoided a modicum of interest or other issues, you’ve made friends and signed a
contract for aid with a cambion owner of some sort of tavern in the vicinity, you met with a silly
shop owner, you ate soul crystals, little soul stones, and you’ve agreed to, for safe passage
into the subterranean prison of Mentiri, which apparently houses Hotis as he’s reforming, you’ve
come to discover, you will go and assassinate a pit fiend named Utugash, who is the superior of
the individual you signed the contract with. And upon his destruction, and without leaking any
information that could tie this individual to the assassination, be granted passage safely and
unspoiled into the prison to seek out your quarry, slay it, and return home safely. As you snuck into the home of this pit fiend, you
quickly discovered a dwarvish female had endured quite some torture and was found chained to a
table. You released her, and she introduced herself as Tova. Actually, I don’t believe you
ever introduced yourself. You didn’t give a name? Did you? NOELLE: It’s in there somewhere. MATT: I’m sure it was somewhere in there. LAURA: Yeah, she said her name! MATT: I think you did. Okay, good. Little else,
though. LAURA: I wrote it down. MARISHA: I know. That means it happened! MATT: There you go. That was awesome. LAURA: I also wrote down “chain devils know.” I
don’t know what that note meant. NOELLE: Oh my god, what do they know? TRAVIS: You were tripping last session. MARISHA: Because the chain devil potentially
knew– LAURA: About the Bastion of Flesh, is that what it
was? MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: Well, there you go. LAURA: It was just, chain devils know, period. NOELLE: Very broody. MATT: Chain devils, period: no. N-O. Period.
Just don’t. LAURA: That, too. MATT: However, your new dwarven friend transformed
into some sort of a lycanthrope werebear, taking a greatsword from Grog’s stash in the bag of
holding. You gave chase over one of the guardians and keepers of the stronghold, killed it, and in
doing so alerted other members of the stronghold, killed them, and in doing so alerted other members
of the stronghold, and Grog, creeping forward down this hallway, revealed a central chamber where
betwixt two pools of what appear to be molten, glowing blood, and sitting upon a throne, the
corpulent, grotesque, sweaty, slick pit fiend named Utugash sits there. The terrible toothy
grin, who speaks telepathically into your mind. “So. What do you bring to me to pleasure?” And I
need you all to roll initiative. LAURA: Oh god! That quickly, huh? TRAVIS: Telepathically? MATT: Yeah, just like the last one spoke to you. TRAVIS: Are people just too lazy to use their
mouths? TALIESIN: Mouths are for eating, not for talking. MARISHA: It’s like texting in hell. MATT: Kind of, yeah. All righty, folks. So, given
that point. 25 to 20? LIAM: 24. LAURA: 24. TRAVIS: Whatever. MATT: 20 to 15. Who has what? SAM: 19. TALIESIN: 15. NOELLE: 16. TRAVIS: Samesies. NOELLE: Oh, we’re going together. Yeah! MARISHA: 17. SAM: Wow, we all did pretty well. MARISHA: Yeah we did, for us. LAURA: What’d you roll? SAM: We’re all between 15 and 24. MATT: All right, so, as the pit fiend’s still just
standing there, its arm hanging over the edge of this giant axe it’s using, propping it, it stares
at Grog. It seems to be completely lazy, confident, and doesn’t feel threatened whatsoever
by the presence of this goliath that has stepped into its visual range. However, top of the round,
Vax and Vex. What do you guys want to do? LIAM: Take it. LAURA: No, you go. LIAM: Okay. MATT: So you guys are right there. LIAM: Clicking the Boots of Haste. I’m going to
now– I know that there’s a clot of people, but I have a lot of movement now, so I’m going to slide
back towards Grog? No, towards Tova. That’s a big bear at the other entrance. Towards the other
entrance. Oh, that’s a wall. LAURA: There’s no other entrance. MATT: The only entrance you know of is this one
right there. LAURA: We really should have gone up and looked at
it up close before. MATT: That’s okay. Now you know. LIAM: Then I’m going to slide along the wall up to
where Grog is. MATT: Okay. You move along on this side? LIAM: Yeah. Am I within range of oily guy? What’s
the distance, though, ten feet? MATT: The distance between you and Utugash would
be 25 feet. LIAM: 25 feet. All right. LAURA: Kill him! LIAM: Little test run. Let’s dagger, dagger,
dagger. MATT: Okay. LIAM: Okay. Because I don’t know if he’s really
there or not. First one is 33. MATT: That hits. LIAM: Yeah, good. That’s 12, plus eight, nine– LAURA: I was just thinking because it’s at the
same time, technically our moves. Could I send Trinket in? MATT: Trinket into the room? Or just into the
hallway? LAURA: Well, that way Trinket’s next to him so
that my brother gets better– doesn’t he get better– MATT: Trinket, from here, would be five, ten, 15,
20, 25, 30, 35, 40. Trinket has a speed of 40, right? TRAVIS: I think that’s right. LAURA: I think so, yeah. Could he get there? MATT: Trinket can get there. LAURA: Oh god, that is so scary! I don’t know, now
that I’m saying it, if that’s the way to go. TRAVIS: Go with your instincts. LAURA: Here’s my question. SAM: We have a backup bear. (laughter) LAURA: While he’s figuring out his shit, if
Trinket falls and I don’t see him, does he still come into Raven’s Slumber if it’s within 100 feet?
Or do I have to have visual? MATT: You don’t know. LAURA: (gasps) Matthew Mercer! TRAVIS: You know, there is really one way to find
out. MATT: No, as long as the enchantment’s in the
radius, it’s fine. (laughter) LAURA: Then he’s going to do that so that you have
a better attack on him. LIAM: Well, I’m going first, so I’ve got the goods
already. LAURA: Motherfuck. Whatever. MATT: You rush in, you get there. LIAM: First blade goes, and I’m going to Smite
him. MATT: Are you waiting for Trinket to get there
before you throw? LIAM: No, I’m not. I went already. MATT: All right. Go for your attacks. TRAVIS: But you could, he’s saying you could have
your advantage on that. LIAM: I have it because I’m going before. Because
I’m smiting him, first hit’s for 55 total. MATT: 55 points of damage. Slick. LIAM: That’s the first. The second is a 20 to hit.
And the third is a 27 to hit. MATT: All three hit. LIAM: The next one, I will try– NOELLE: What could possibly go wrong? LAURA: Just keep saying that! LIAM: So he has to save against a DC 15 for poison
on the second attack. MATT: No, it doesn’t. He’s immune. LIAM: Yeah, I figured I’d try. The next is nine,
plus psychic damage, damn it, 12. So a total of 14, just for those two attacks. And then I will
use some more movement to move past Grog, still in the hole, pressed against the outside of the door,
out of his sight. MATT: Okay. So you’re now hiding against this side
of the wall there. As Trinket runs in into the center of the area, as Trinket rushes in and
rushes up to the side of the pit fiend, what are you doing? LAURA: I’m going to back up next to Tova. Wait,
who’s the big guy? What’s that big thing? Is that Doty? MATT: That’s Doty. LAURA: Okay, I’m going to get closer to Doty, and
I’m going to hold my attack until I have visual. And then I’m going to have Trinket attack him,
since I don’t have visual on him right now, as my bonus move. So he’s just going to get one attack. MATT: All right, let me check one thing real fast
on beastmaster. You are technically taking the attack action yourself. I’ll allow it. LAURA: You said I can get my attacks and then have
Trinket be my bonus action, because he can do one attack as my bonus action. Single attack on bonus
for bestial fury. MATT: That’s true. Yeah. I’ll allow it. How it
usually works is your action is the attack, and then as a bonus action you can give it, it’s like
you’re both attacking at the same time. You’re holding your action, but it is still an attack
action, so I’ll allow it. Go ahead and use it. It’s fine. LAURA: All right. He’s going to just be in there,
roaring. Get them, Trink! He’s going to roll a 21. MATT: 21 hits. LAURA: Yay! Whoa! That’s a 15! MATT: Awesome. Are Trinket’s attacks magical? LAURA: Well, he’s a really magically charismatic
masseuse– MATT: So Trinket gets an attack, scrapes the claw,
gets up there as it runs into the room, the claw strikes, slashes across the front of the belly of
the giant red pit fiend. It doesn’t do as much damage as you hoped it would. LAURA: Does it do any damage? MATT: It does some damage, but not as much as
you’d hoped. All righty. That ends your turn. You’re holding your action until you have visual
on the pit fiend. Taryon, what are you doing? SAM: It’s rather stuffy in here, so we should open
a window. I’ll run up to right in front of Vex and slap a window on the wall. MATT: Okay! NOELLE: Did you run out of doors? SAM: I’ve run out of doors. (laughter) SAM: I came with one. But I have two windows! MATT: So for the purposes of this, this is now a
window here. MARISHA: Does it have nice Roman-style shade and
then little baskets? MATT: Yeah, no. It’s beautifully carved. Yeah, it
was like some Italian architects designed this beautiful– SAM: It’s a casement window, so I have to go–
(squeaking) (laughter) MATT: Perfect. So, to Taryon. Use your action to
rush forward, you rip off the patch, slam the patch on the side, and you watch as the stone
suddenly crumbles to dust in that space. Window is now open in the side of that wall. As soon as that
happens– LAURA: I attack. MATT: Vex, go make your attack. LAURA: Okay. MATT: Two against the pit fiend. LAURA: Two against– I want to do Bramble Shot as my
first attack. MATT: Go for it. LAURA: Okay. Oh! 30. MATT: 30 hits! Go ahead and roll damage. LAURA: Okay. So I get Sneak Attack because
Trinket’s next to him! MATT: Yep. LAURA: Okay. 4d8. Seven plus ten is 17. 17 just
for that brambleness. And then he has to roll a strength saving throw of DC 17. MATT: That’s cocked. Yeah, rolled a 20. LAURA: Okay. 15. 17 plus three is 20. Three
lightning damage of that and then Sneak Attack is another six. MATT: Nice. All righty. LAURA: So that’s the first attack. MATT: Go for it. Second attack? LAURA: Second attack! What was that? 21. MATT: 21 hits. LAURA: All right! What’s five plus eight? Is that
13? NOELLE: Yes. LAURA: 13. NOELLE: Why are you asking me? I’m a bear.
Notoriously bad at math. LIAM: Moneybags, what the hell? LAURA: 15 with two lightning damage. 16, 17. MATT: All righty. So both arrows fire off. You
watch as the one slams into the side of Utugash and the vines wrap around. Utugash brings one arm
up, tears them off of his body, picks up the axe and hefts it over the shoulder looking back
at where the window now exists where once there was none. Looks over and sees you and Taryon
through the window. LAURA: Am I allowed to move back at all, or duck
under the window? MATT: You could attempt to make a hide, but he
was looking directly at you. You can move on inside. LAURA: Well, I probably can’t hide; isn’t that a
bonus action? MATT: Yeah, you already used bonus action. LAURA: So if I just move out of the way. MATT: So yeah, you can move out of the way if you
want. LAURA: Okay. MATT: This way or this way? LAURA: Towards Doty. MATT: Towards Doty? Okay, so you’re going to move
on the other side of Doty. That’s going to be your movement, there. LAURA: Okay. MATT: Okay. Cool. That is going to bring us to
Taryon. Did you want to do anything with Doty? SAM: Well, he can’t fit through a window.
(laughs) MATT: How big’s the window in size? SAM: It’s two feet by four feet, I believe? MATT: He could pull through, but it’s going to
take half his movement to do so. SAM: I’ll just say, Doty! Go back up Grog! MATT: And Doty runs this way. Five, ten, 15, 20,
25, 30, 35. Doty gets right there, just crammed through the hallway and squeezed through. And
that’s going to be where Doty stays. All right, that ends your turn. All right, at this point now,
Utugash puts one hand up and gives some sort of a marker in the air. You’re not quite sure what the
meaning is or what it’s doing. You’re the only one who really sees it, Taryon. TRAVIS: I can’t see it? MATT: Well, you see it too, Grog, actually. TRAVIS: I totally know he was (sings) dancing,
dancing, dancing! SAM: I don’t have any idea? MATT: You don’t, actually. He just goes like– SAM: Oh. Semaphore. MATT: That’s it. All right, Keyleth. Then Tova and
Grog, you’re on deck, so– MARISHA: Okay, I’m going to scooch Vex over, be
like, sorry, excuse me! I just want to– And into the window? And I want to do– LAURA: I’m not next to the window anymore. MATT: Taryon is. You moosh past Taryon. MARISHA: Oh, sorry. Excuse me, Tary. Blight! MATT: Blight? Okay. ALL: Blight. MARISHA: Bees? MATT: Range on Blight is 60 feet, right? MARISHA: 30. MATT: 30 feet? MARISHA: Am I within 30 feet? MATT: You’re going to have to get closer. SAM: Each one of those squares in the room with
him are ten feet squares, right? MATT: Each square is five feet. It’s five, ten,
15– SAM: The big squares are ten, yeah. MATT: Yeah, the big squares are ten. LIAM: It’s hard to see the smaller ones. MARISHA: All right. MATT: So you’d have go through the window to do
it. SAM: (sings) Come to my window! MATT and LAURA: (sing) Come inside. MARISHA: Yeah, sure, I’ll go through the window. MATT: Okay, so you step through, you get about
there. You have ten feet more movement. So that’ll do it. All right, so. MARISHA: Can I Blight and then back out? Back
through the window? MATT: You’re not going to have enough movement.
You’ll get up into the window. You won’t get all the way through. MARISHA: (grunts) Shit! MATT: That is a 21. What’s your DC? MARISHA: Fuck! Are you serious? 20. MATT: Yeah, so takes half damage. Go ahead and
roll damage. SAM: Wait, he took damage, though! MARISHA: Only half damage. SAM: Because he’s immune to magic or something? Is
that what’s going on? MATT: No, you learned as the last battle, that pit
fiends, as do most devils, have magic resistance. They have advantage on saving throws against
spells. You figured this information when you researched. LAURA: And only magical weapons can damage them,
or they have resist on non-magical weapons? MATT: They seem to have resistance from
non-magical weapons, from the research you’ve done, yeah. LAURA: Based on my lack of Trinket attack fullness. MARISHA: 32 total? And yeah, am I able to like
barrel roll, like through the window? MATT: You get up partway through the window, and
that’s the extent of where you go. MARISHA: Hang on! Wait! (laughter) LAURA: I’d like to think one of your antlers
caught, and you’re like, (yelps). MARISHA: Not like this! (laughter) MATT: All righty. Tova. Grog. NOELLE: Oh boy! TRAVIS: Bears first. NOELLE: Okay, so how far would I have to run to
get into the front door? MATT: To get over here? NOELLE: Yeah. MATT: That would be 30. 35 feet would get you
right at the front door, there. NOELLE: So if I drag Keyleth out of the window,
could I go through the window? Am I too big? MATT: You could go through the window. You’d lose
about ten feet of your movement, but you’d be able to get through it. You’d probably push her out of
it. NOELLE: I push her. Can I pull her? (laughs) I
have to push her back in and then go through? MARISHA: I’m like the golden retriever with the
stick. MATT: If you carry her through, that’s going to
use part of your actions this turn. Or you could just barrel through and push her out. What’re you
going to do? NOELLE: All right, so, I can go 45 feet. MATT: Yeah. NOELLE: So if I just bear-barrel through, how
close could I get to this guy? MATT: You can get right up next to him. NOELLE: All right, I’m going to do that. I’m going
to go for it. MATT: You rush over and go right past, now bear
and bear, side by side. Keyleth, you get knocked out of the window, prone. All of a sudden this
giant werebear (impact noise) just shoulder checks you and you go flying out, landing on your face,
on the heated stone. (sizzling noise) Ah! SAM: Oh! It’s okay. NOELLE: Sorry! MARISHA: It’s fine, I needed a tan! I was getting
a little pasty. MATT: Take three points of fire damage. (groaning) NOELLE: God! I would feel worse if your shopping
trip hadn’t gotten me so much more tortured yesterday than it should have. I don’t feel that
bad. I’m going to be honest. MARISHA: You legit shouldn’t. NOELLE: So now I’m in, is there any way I could
get on the other side of him from Trinket? MATT: Currently, no. Your full movement gets you
right up next to the pit fiend. NOELLE: Damn. This is a bad plan. All right. Well,
I’m just going to hit him with my– MATT: You have a bonus action, too. NOELLE: Are my claws only magical when I’m doing
the thing? MATT: Your claws are magical in general. NOELLE: I’m just going to hit him with my claws,
then. MATT: Okay. NOELLE: All right. MATT: So you take the sword and chuck it aside
for a second, and bring out your bear claws and you’re going to go for a double strike? NOELLE: 19? MATT: A 19 to hit? NOELLE: Yep. MATT: 19 misses, unfortunately. NOELLE: Goddamn it. And 25. MATT: 25 does. The first strike goes (scraping
sound), scrapes across the front of the belly of the pit fiend. No damage sustained, chuckles
deeply. You back up with another strike. NOELLE: All right. So that’s a 14. MATT: 14 damage? NOELLE: Yeah, I guess so. MATT: All righty. And you can use your bonus
action to attack a third time if you want to. NOELLE: Okay. I’m going to use my bonus action to
cast Curse of Mutual Suffering. And I’m going to amplify that. So I’m going to– wait. SAM: What’re these words? NOELLE: I’m super special. It’s about to get extra
in here. So if I do a blood curse and I take damage, does that mean that my werewolf state gets
agitated? If it’s self-inflicted? MATT: If it’s self-inflicted, no. NOELLE: Okay, all right. I’m going to amplify it.
So that means I take 14. MATT: All righty. So go ahead and roll your
Crimson Rite die, which I think is a d8. So you just roll a d8 and you take that much damage. NOELLE: Oh. Right. I thought that it was my other
one, so that’s fine. That’s great. I took one point of damage. MATT: There you go. So you take one point of
damage, and, as far as the Mutual Suffering– All right, there you go. So. You watch as you rush up
to it, you slash it twice with your claws, and as you pick up your sword, you put one hand up, and
as you close your fist, you watch as blood pools in the center of your palm and drips out the
corners of your fingers. As it does, you watch the veins on the outside of Utugash’s stomach pulse
for a second, and his chuckle goes (groans), like he got a tummy ache. All right, that ends your
turn. NOELLE: Told you I was going to going to be
extra. LIAM: The bear musk over here is palpable. (laughter) MATT: So that finishes Tova turn. Grog. TRAVIS: Ah! I want to get in on the melee party.
May I run up to his opposite side? MATT: Certainly. TRAVIS: Just where his right arm is. Just so he’s
got escorts on each end. May I smash together my Titanstone Knuckles? MATT: You may. TRAVIS: It’s like the Autobots. LAURA: Yeah, it was good! LIAM: (sings) You got the touch– MARISHA and LIAM: (sings) You got the power! MATT: You transform into your larger self. TRAVIS: What’s up, bitch? May I make two reckless
attacks? MATT: You may. TRAVIS: Thank you. That’s a 30. MATT: That hits. TRAVIS: 19. Nice. That is 36. MATT: 36? TRAVIS: No, that can’t be. 33. MATT: 33. Damage? TRAVIS: No, I did the second hit. MATT: Both hit. Go ahead and roll damage for
each. TRAVIS: 18 for the first one. These are
two-handed, by the way. 22 for the second one. MATT: Nice! So 40 points of damage on the two
strikes. As you rush up, almost diving into the pool, you skirt off to the side, slam the
Titanstone Gauntlets together and grow to your larger size. Swirling the axe in the air, you go
(whoosh), and the second strike in a big X formation across the side of it. You see it
gashing across the arm and the upper muscles of the shoulder, and you see his fingers grip the axe
with more anger and frustration. TRAVIS: Oh, and this is the Thrower. It’s still
the Dwarven Thrower, though, the hammer. MATT: Right, right, the hammer, okay. TRAVIS: Can I use my bonus action to go into a
frenzied rage? MATT: You may. TRAVIS: Thanks. And I don’t get to attack. MATT: Yeah. LAURA: What color is pit fiend blood? MATT: It’s a dark, dark blackish-purple. All
righty, that ends Grog and Tova’s turn. Percival. TALIESIN: That’s looking really crowded over
there. I’m going to wander over to that first prison cell and take a look inside that door. LAURA: (gasps) Percival! MATT: Okay, make a perception check. MARISHA: Percival. (laughs) LAURA: I’m standing in the corner looking at him
like, (whispers) what are you fucking doing? TALIESIN: Yeah, a lot. 27. MATT: You glance inside, and you can see what
appear to be piles of goods: small chests, boxes, crates. It looks like various things that have
been collected and just shoved in this corner and locked up. There is a lock on this door. TALIESIN: Okay. How’s my visual on that guy
through the window? MATT: Through here? TALIESIN: And I ignore anything other than full
cover. I ignore three-quarter cover. MATT: Yeah, you have visual. TALIESIN: All right. I’m going to take my first
shot at that lock. MATT: You don’t have a bonus action, we’ll say,
because you moved up and just glanced inside. TALIESIN: Yeah, that’s fine. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: I’ll take my first shot with the
Pepperbox at that lock. MATT: The lock? Okay, go for it. TALIESIN: That’s 27. MATT: 27? Okay, go ahead and roll damage on the
lock. TALIESIN: Obviously it doesn’t take psychic
damage. That’s 16 points of damage. MATT: 16 points of damage? The lock blasts off,
and leaves hanging a small piece of twisted, turned metal that once was the top of it. The door
is now unlocked and open. TALIESIN: Cool. I’m going to turn and take my last
two shots at Orthax. I’ve got a plan. MATT: Utugash. TALIESIN: I’ve got an Orthax plan, never mind.
I’ve just given the game away! NOELLE: Yelling out the wrong name in bed, eh? (laughter) MARISHA: Are you having PTSD flashbacks, Percival?
Are you okay? TALIESIN: Oh man! I’m too tired. I’m going to mess
up my plan! This is so bad. LIAM: I’m totally into you, (stammering) Utugash. TALIESIN: First shot, I’m going to take the
Animus, and I’m going to try for a trick shot, for an arm shot. One for Grit, and just for safety’s
sake– no, that’s all. That’s a 31 to hit. MATT: 31 hits. TALIESIN: And that’s ten, plus eight, plus 1d6
psychic. Plus I’m going to burn eight points of Cabal’s Ruin, which empties Cabal’s Ruin. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: So that’s going to be 14 points of
damage, plus one point of psychic damage, plus– MATT: 8d6 lightning. SAM: Oh, shnikes! MATT: Cabal’s Ruin, man. Vestiges (singsong) at
your disposal! TALIESIN: Five, six. Yeah, I’ll take a seven and an
eight, I’ll give these back to you. (continues counting) 23 points, does that seem right? MATT: 23 points, okay. TALIESIN: 23 points of lightning damage. And also
he has to do a strength check or drop the axe. MATT: It’s a 29. TALIESIN: He makes that strength check! (laughter) MATT: He had a natural 19. TALIESIN: And, just for fun, I’ll take one more
shot. MATT: Go for it. TALIESIN: That’s 31 to hit, that hits. Nothing
fancy on this one, obviously, just the old-fashioned– 16 points of damage plus one point
of psychic damage. MATT: Okay, nice. TALIESIN: And then I’m going to use the rest of my
turn to, if possible, open that door and get behind it for cover, of that room. MATT: Okay, because you blew the lock off and the
door’s somewhat ajar, we’ll say you move it open and get partially inside, that’s as far as you can
get. TALIESIN: I just want to use it for cover. MATT: All right, so you get behind the door, and
you’re ducking in the side there. Perfect. Okay. At the end of your turn, Utugash is going to use a
legendary action to attack you. NOELLE: Bring it. SAM: Ursa Major. NOELLE: That’s my wrestling name. MATT: That is going to be a 16 to hit. I think
that hits you because you have no armor on. NOELLE: It hits. Yeah, I don’t have no armor on. MATT: So, as the giant axe swings towards you,
that’s going to be 23 points of slashing damage with the axe. However, that does trigger the
Mutual Suffering, so he takes 23 points of necrotic damage from the impact. As the axe swings
and cuts across your bear chest, all of sudden, where the blood bulged earlier, you watch a
secondary wound open simultaneously where no weapon was apparently visible and blood begins to
just trickle out. Devil blood. TRAVIS: Teach me. LAURA: That. Was. Sick. MATT: And he’s going to use, as part of his last
legendary action, and does another maneuver with his finger like that. TALIESIN: He did another thing. LAURA: He did another gesture? What gesture? What
did he do? NOELLE: Oh, fuck! TRAVIS: Same thing. MATT: He did this. LIAM: Gang sign, gang sign. LAURA: Oh no, people are watching. SAM: Was it this thing? MATT: So, at the top of the round– The only
people in the room right now, Keyleth is face-first on the ground. I need Tova and Grog to
make perception checks, if you could. LAURA: What about Trinket? Trinket’s got a really
good sense of smell. MATT: Have Trinket roll a perception check. NOELLE: 17. TRAVIS: Two! LAURA: Wait, with his keen sense of smell– Okay.
17 plus– what does he add to it? Anything? MATT: Whatever his perception bonus is. LAURA: Oh, wow! 17 plus nine. 26! MATT: Trinket doesn’t know why, but he’s like
(sniffs). And you watch Trinket looking around the room. The pit fiend is not alone. You don’t know
where anything else is, but while the room appears to be empty, Trinket is picking up other scents in
the room. NOELLE: Can I talk to Trinket? Can I understand
Trinket? MATT: (laughs) Sure. LAURA: Yes! MATT: Why not? Your bear form, you speak bear LAURA: Yes! Ah, I love this! LIAM: Everybody buckle up. MATT: “There’s something here!” (laughter) MATT: (sniffs) “Two! Small.” NOELLE: There’s two! Small! TRAVIS: Why do you sound like a bear? MATT: You hear the sound of grinding stone. You
don’t see anything. Unfortunately, the low light in here, and your not great perception, you don’t
pick out any visual, other than– a familiar sound to you, Grog– as something in the ceiling opens
up, and suddenly searing hot oil comes spilling from the ceiling, down onto both you, Trinket, and
Tova. I need you to make dexterity saves, Tova, Trinket, and Grog. LAURA: Don’t fuck me Gil. Oh, Gil. Did he get an
advantage, though, because he sniffed out people? MATT: Nope! LAURA: Damn it. TRAVIS: Should’ve gone with Gil. MATT: Three. TRAVIS: Seven. LAURA: Nine. MATT: All right, that is 21 points of fire damage
to Trinket, Tova, and Grog. LAURA: 29? MATT: 21 points of fire damage. SAM: Does he take 21 points of fire damage? TRAVIS: I am resistant to fire. MATT: Devils have a strange thing called immunity
to fire damage. SAM: Immunity? Not just resistance, immunity? MATT: They’re devils, man. TRAVIS: So I’m resistant to fire, but this is
boiling oil, does that count? MATT: It’s considered fire damage because it’s the
heat that does it, so you take half of that. Put you at ten. So as that’s happening, as the oil
splashes down, you guys are tensing from the impact. Vax, you peer around the corner and you
hear (creaking), and you look to the other side just as the portcullis has been lifted, and you
see coming out of the opposite side the chamber is one of the bone devils that you’ve seen wandering
in the street and is pouring from the other side. Its claws come through. It’s as wide as the
hallway, its jaw unhinges, its tongue slathering, these small flapping insect-like wings across the
back of its scapula, its claws reach out towards you. LIAM: The rest of the party hears: ermagerd,
ermagerd, ermagerd! LAURA: Did you already ask if the pit fiend took
damage because you took damage? NOELLE: Oh, did he take damage from me? Was my
curse still in effect? MATT: Once he takes the damage, the curse is up.
It’s just for one hit. NOELLE: Sorry. I tried my best. MATT: But he took 23 free damage, which is nice.
Vax, he’s going to take three attacks on you. That is a 27. LIAM: Yeah, that kind of hits. MATT: All right, that is a 20. LIAM: That does not hit. MATT: And with the tail, that is a 24. LIAM: That also hits. I will use Uncanny Dodge for
the tail. MATT: Okay. So the first claw hits you, you take
11 points of slashing damage, and as the first claw strikes you across the chest, the second one,
you manage to duck right out of the way, it slams into the stonework, and as you glance up, you try
and dodge and roll out of the way as the tail scrapes you across the back. That is 18 points of
piercing damage, reduced to six, and you would have the possibility of becoming poisoned;
however, you guys are still under the effect of Heroes’ Feast, so that does not affect you. NOELLE: So his tail’s poisoned? MATT: Now it is Utugash’s turn. NOELLE: Oh my god, that wasn’t even his turn. TRAVIS: That was the turn, right? MATT: Utugash stands here with the axe and goes,
the mouth not moving, you just hear the voice echoing between your ears. It’s sourceless and in
your face, “Now that we’re all gathered around–” There’s a flash of red in the eyes and suddenly
the ground circling him erupts into flames. A wall of fire is now currently circling the vicinity. TRAVIS: Oh shit. MATT: This entire column of 20 foot tall flames
encircle him and bursts up, singeing Grog, Trinket, and Tova. LAURA: Just singeing. NOELLE: Seemed like such a good idea! LIAM: How high is the ceiling in that room? MATT: It’s about 25 feet. LIAM: So there’s a little space up top? MATT: A little bit. LAURA: We can see through the fire. MATT: You can’t see through the fire, the fire
completely obscures your visual of him. All you see is flames, and you see the vague shadows of
Tova, Grog, and Trinket, now currently engulfed in them. I need you guys to all roll dexterity saving
throws. LAURA: Natural 20! MATT: Nice! NOELLE: 15. TRAVIS: God, son of a bitch. 12. MATT: All righty, everyone but Trinket failed. TRAVIS: What, a 15 and 12 don’t make it? MATT: 23 points of fire damage to Grog and Tova. TRAVIS: Resistant, so I got halved. MATT: So that’s 11 to you and Trinket. Trinket
takes 11. Currently nobody else has visual range. You have no vision for Percy. Any ranged attacks,
you cannot see the creature. Utugash sits there in the flames surrounding him, seemingly not
interested in moving at the moment, enjoying the current position. LAURA: How are we going to get him out of those
flames, man? LIAM: Tary, you got some kind of Dispel Magic over
there? SAM: I am so weak. LAURA: Don’t you have spells? You have so many
spells! SAM: You guys want a window somewhere? NOELLE: Could you put a window through him? And that would kill him. TRAVIS: He’s real strong. LIAM: All right, I’m going to use my bonus action
to cast Vow of Enmity on the bone devil. MATT: All righty, Vow of Enmity is in play. LIAM: Then I’m going to use one of my two actions,
I’m using an action to Disengage from the bone devil and dance back past Doty. MATT: Dance back past Doty? All righty. LIAM: And then I’m going to chuck a goddamn
Vestige at this motherfucker. MATT: At the bone devil? LIAM: At advantage. Oh, I rolled the same thing on
both. 24 to hit. MATT: That hits. LIAM: Okay, so, he’s going to get it. Right, here
we go. Two plus eight is ten, plus– SAM: How tall is the room? MATT: About 25 feet tall. SAM: So there’s a little window on top. MATT: A little four or five foot gap, very small. SAM: Okay. TALIESIN: I already like it. This is a beautiful
glimmer in your eye. I’m excited. SAM: Well, it’s something, isn’t it? LIAM: 38, and I will Smite him as well. 52. MATT: 52 points of damage. Nice. As you throw the
dagger, as the creature watches you dart past, it streaks out to try and strike at you, but you’re
already gone. As you turn around, you throw the dagger. It strikes right into the chest of the
bone devil, as it bursts with this dark grayish-white light indicative of the Raven
Queen’s direct impact. As it bursts, you watch as part of the flesh tears open, showing the dark
bluish purple sinew and muscle beneath, and the devil just (growls). TRAVIS: Get out of that hallway! LIAM: That’s it, I’m done. MATT: That brings us to Vex. LAURA: Okay. So I’m going to come up in front of
the window. MATT: Okay. You glance in and you just see fire
and the butt of Trinket sticking out of the fire. LAURA: Great. MARISHA: And my feet. MATT: Yeah, just up in the air, kicking. LAURA: Can I Hunter’s Mark the pit fiend? MATT: You can’t see it. LAURA: That’s fine. I know where he was, right?
Trinket is facing him, so can I try to shoot him with an arrow, anyway? MATT: I’ll say, you have no visual on him. You can
go ahead and shoot. Go for it, try it. Disadvantage. LAURA: I have Sharpshooter, I don’t know if that
helps at all. MATT: No, he’s completely covered. LAURA: Okay, let’s try this out. Those are
being aggressive. The lower of the two rolls was 29. MATT: Okay. You watch as you fire your arrow and
it disintegrates upon touching the wall of fire. The actual shaft burns as it impacts in the
flames. LAURA: Okay. NOELLE: You should’ve used your fire-proof
arrows. LAURA: I know, right? Those fire-proof arrows.
Great. If I shot an arrow from a Blazing Bowstring so it was already a fire arrow, you think it would
go through? MATT: Give it a shot. LAURA: Okay, I’m going to do that. MATT: Okay. So, second attack, Blazing Bowstring,
go ahead and roll with disadvantage. LAURA: 19. MATT: 19. You go ahead and fire. It isn’t consumed
by the flames, but the arrow you hear exit the other side and then ricochet off the far wall and
miss the creature’s target. LAURA: Well, it could have been cool. Okay.
Trinket is going to use his bonus action to try to attack him, even though he’s not magical and he’s
a little piece of shit. MATT: All right, go for it. LAURA: That is a 26. MATT: 26 does hit. LAURA: Yeah, go Trinket. TRAVIS: Come on, Trink. LAURA: Yeah, that’s good, too! That’s a 15. MATT: 15. Halve that to seven, seven points of
slashing damage across. Through the fire, still bravely fighting into it. LAURA: Yeah. And I’m going to tell Trinket, back
the fuck out of the fire, Trinket! MATT: That’s a good plan. LAURA: What are you doing? Stop attacking! Get out
of the fire! MATT: Backs up and gets out of the flames, backing
up against the wall. LAURA: Yeah. And then I’m going to back away from
the window. MATT: All right. LAURA: I’m going to back away from the window. MATT: Where do you want Trinket to land, by the
way? LAURA: Just into the corner, like where the angle
of the wall is. MATT: Over there? LAURA: Yeah, right there. MATT: Okay. LAURA: And I’m going to back away from the window
to where he doesn’t have visual on me. MATT: You back out of the way of the window, over
here? LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Okay. As Trinket backs into that corner, I
need Trinket to go ahead and make a dexterity saving throw. LAURA: Of course. NOELLE: Come on, Trinket, come on. LAURA: Come on, Trink! TRAVIS, NOELLE, AND LAURA: Aww. LAURA: It almost was really good, but it wasn’t.
Six! MATT: A giant cage falls from the ceiling of
heated metal and lands on him, filled with spikes and (sad bear noises). You hear Trinket yell from
the other side. Trinket takes seven points of piercing damage. LAURA: You did that to an animal! MARISHA: You don’t fuck with a ranger’s bear! MATT: And six points of fire damage from the
heated metal, and Trinket is currently restrained, has to try and break free to get out. LAURA: You’re evil. MATT: Nope, Utugash is evil. There is a definite
distinction. TRAVIS: Mr. Mercer, we pulled you over for
speeding tonight. (different voice) No, I wasn’t speeding tonight. The pit fiend was speeding. MATT: It’s important, guys. All righty, so. That
ends your turn, Vex. Taryon, you’re up. SAM: Jesus. TRAVIS: Fix everything. LAURA: Make it better. SAM: I’m nobody! Is it just a cage or is there a
door on the bear cage? MATT: It looks like there is no visible door,
you’d have to tear it off of him. SAM: That’s not going to happen. Okay, our last
fight, I had hasted myself. That was more than a minute ago, though, right? MATT: I’d say it’s about halfway done. This has
all happened pretty quickly, because as soon as the battle started with the cambion that you guys
chased out, every round thereafter, it’s still going. So you still have five more rounds of
Haste. SAM: Okay, well then, I’ll go into the place. MATT: Okay, you jump over the window. Keyleth
breaks your fall. SAM: Oh. Sorry! It’s hard to see with my helmet!
No peripheral vision. MATT: Yeah, and you see a column of flame just
flickering and burning in the center of the room. Occasionally, you see a wing tip carve through the
top as the creature is moving within the wall of fire. SAM: Oh my god. NOELLE: (laughs) Do you have a fire extinguisher? SAM: No! I don’t have anything! How far can I
move, hasted? MATT: Double your movement. SAM: You just double your movement. Okay. So my
movement’s 30, so I can move in there with him? MATT: If you wanted to, yeah. SAM: Okay. I’m just going to go, (yells) and run
into the fire. MATT: You rush into the flames. I need you to roll
a dexterity saving throw. SAM: Advantage on dexterity saves. Oh. All right,
no. That’s nine. MATT: 30 points of fire damage. SAM: Halved. MATT: Halved because of? SAM: My Helm of Brilliance. MATT: That’s true. There you go. So 15 points of
fire damage to you, Taryon. As you rush through, you’re like, “Hah!” The fire was enough, and you
sit there and look right up on this massive, like, swollen devilish entity with giant red leathery
wings, lower jaw with hooked tusks that stick out the bottom, gleaming yellow piercing eyes, giant
horns that curl up from the brow, a giant axe in one hand and the other hand just points at you and
goes, “Hi.” in the center of your head. SAM: I’m just going to say, “Hi. It’s a little
warm in here. Here, cool off.” And I’ll throw acid on him. (laughter) MATT: All right, go ahead and make the attack. SAM: I don’t know what I’m rolling. 14. This is to
hit? It’s magic? I don’t know, how does this work? MATT: Well, no– hold on. SAM: It’s a vial of acid. MATT: I’m going to pull up your class here, just
to check it out. SAM: I never know if this is a spell attack bonus
sort of a thing. MATT: When you throw it, they have to make a
saving throw. So what’s your DC? SAM: The DC of the spell is 17. MATT: 17. Okay, and it requires a saving throw.
Because it’s the acid. LAURA: I like how the music stopped while we
figure this out. MATT: It’s dexterity. Okay. That is 17. SAM: So he resists it completely. MATT: Creature must succeed or take– yeah, he
resists it entirely. LAURA: Balls! MATT: Yeah, sorry. SAM: No problem. MATT: So as you throw it, it hits the edge of the
horn and just shatters and breaks behind it. SAM: Oh. All right. I think I get a bonus still,
maybe? MATT: You do have a bonus. SAM: I will cast Sanctuary on myself. MATT: What you do is you have an extra attack– as
Haste you get your action. SAM: Okay, that was my action. MATT: That was your action. You have another
action to do a melee attack if you want to. SAM: Ooh, okay. I will stab him with my lance. MATT: Okay, go for it. Roll for an attack. So yeah,
as hasted, you get the additional attack. SAM: Ooh, that’s going to hit. It’s a 25. MATT: That hits, actually. Go ahead and roll the
damage. And it is a magical weapon, so he’s not resistant to it. TRAVIS: What sound do you make when you hit him? SAM: (high-pitched grunt) (laughter) SAM: Like a breathy (grunts). TRAVIS: Work on your war face. SAM: That’s 1d12. Thank you very much. That’s
seven. LAURA: Do you add anything to it? SAM: No wait, I get a plus six. Ooh, and it was a
six! That’s 13. MATT: Is that fire damage? SAM: No, the fire damage is another plus one, but
I don’t think you’ll be adding that. MATT: No. SAM: (laughs) Yeah, so 13. MATT: 13 points of damage against the pit fiend as
you stab it and you can cast Sanctuary on yourself as your bonus. SAM: I will, and as I do that I also say, Doty–
remember how I said back up Grog? Me! Back up me! (laughter) MATT: As Doty charges forward and rushes in. I
need Doty to make a dexterity saving throw. SAM: Oh no. 16 plus– what’s his dexterity?–
zero, so 16. MATT: Doty takes 30 points of fire damage. SAM: (groans) He’s unconscious. MARISHA: Already? SAM: I don’t know when the last time we rested was
but I have down that he only has 30 hit points left. Did he take damage at some point? MATT: Well because he hurt himself going through
the metal outside. So Doty comes rushing in and goes (impact sound) and just
collapses on the ground next to you, superheated. (sizzling noise) SAM: Oh no! Is he going to melt? MATT: You don’t think so. SAM: He’s in the fire, right? MATT: He’s in the fire, yeah. SAM: Oh god. Is he making some sort of window that
someone else could walk over? MATT: No, the flames curl around, sorry. All
right, so that ends Taryon’s turn. SAM: Good, I’m glad I used that last little
thing. (laughter) SAM: Killed my best friend. LAURA: Tary, it’s your only friend! MATT: At the end of the turn, the pit fiend sticks
a hand out of the flames and does this motion. Make a perception check again, Grog. TRAVIS: Not a problem. MATT: And Tova, both you guys. TRAVIS: 14. LIAM: Tova fire. NOELLE: A 17. MATT: 17, okay. Still not quite noticing anything,
but you’re starting to notice that there are these small, inset stone circles on the wall behind him,
over in this area. And you watch as two of them go (stone grinding) and get pressed in by
themselves. TRAVIS: Into the wall, or out from the wall? MATT: Into the wall. Like something just pressed
this giant, circular stone button– separately. TRAVIS: We’re in an engine. MATT: So Vax, where you are, the floor, you hear a
(click), like something releasing. I need you to make a dexterity saving throw. LIAM: Oh well, I’m good. I’m fine, I’m at
advantage. Hopefully that’s good. Not that good. LAURA: Oh my god. Can you use Luck? LIAM: No, hold on. This is dexterity. TRAVIS: It might be balloon animals, don’t sweat
it yet. LIAM: Oh man, it’s not great. It’s 16. LAURA: Use Luck. LIAM: I think I have one left? I think I have one
left. So I’m going to use it. MATT: All right, go for it. LIAM: Oh, that’s better. That is 25. MATT: 25 is enough. The ground suddenly hinges out
from under you, and you leap up and jam your blades into each side of the wall and put your
foot out to the side, and it’s almost not enough to press into the small space, but you just barely
catch yourself, Van Damme-style, on each side. The bone demon across from you, its wings flare up as
the ground tumbles out from under you. You see about ten feet below you a pool of molten iron
that is just (burbling). It stays open, swinging for a few seconds, before it closes once more
beneath you. LIAM: Good to know. MARISHA: I’m really glad you used that Luck! TRAVIS: How do you know it’s not molten steel?
Kidding. MATT: One way to find out. That brings us to
Keyleth. MARISHA: Oh, jeez! Okay. I roll over. MATT: You stand up and see Trinket currently
trapped in the cage next to you just whining (sad bear whimpers). MARISHA: It’s okay, buddy! Just hang on. Tsunami
coming though, look out! I’m going to do a Tidal Wave and go (bwoosh). Do you have the laser
pointer? What are these red pools of things? LAURA: That’s molten blood, he said. MARISHA: It’s molten blood? MATT: All right, so you’re doing Tidal Wave. MARISHA: I want to try and avoid my friends. It’s
ten-foot-wide. TRAVIS: If you’ve got to, you know who to aim it
at. MARISHA: In fact, there’s a ten-foot gap, right,
Matt? Between everybody? Right up front? MATT: Right up front there’s a little bit of a gap
there, and Doty is on the ground, you can step on Doty. MARISHA: It’s ten foot, right? Can I do my Tidal
Wave from this direction backwards? MATT: How wide is the Tidal Wave? MARISHA: Ten feet. MATT: It’s still going to hit somebody. MARISHA: Who’s it going to hit? MATT: There’s five feet between Taryon and Tova,
and– TRAVIS: Either me or Taryon. I mean, Doty. Or
whoever. MARISHA: I know Grog is dextrous, so Grog can take
it. Sorry, Grog. But I want to start here and go backwards. Towards you. MATT: Towards me? So this way. Okay. You’re
choosing Taryon? MARISHA: No, Grog, to get hit. MATT: So, this way? MARISHA: Yeah. It’s a ten-foot-wide column that I
just want to go back. MATT: Right. In order for it to hit the pit fiend?
It’s going to hit either Taryon– MARISHA: Or Grog! MATT: No, because Grog’s far off to the side– If
it comes back this way, it’s just going to hit Grog. MARISHA: Sorry, I was confused, when you said
Grog. So who’s it going to hit? MATT: It’s going to hit either Taryon, or it’s
going to have to hit Tova and Doty. NOELLE: Do what you’ve got to do. MARISHA: Tova. NOELLE: Sorry I pushed you out a window. (laughter) MATT: I need Tova to make a dexterity saving
throw. MARISHA: Only because I think she’s more dextrous
than him. NOELLE: That is 11. MATT: What is it? NOELLE: 11. MATT: That’s not going to work for a spell DC.
However, Utugash does not make the save either! With a roll of a six plus eight, that is a 14. So,
that’s 4d8 bludgeoning damage, go ahead and roll that. SAM: Oh man. Kill our own guest? MARISHA: No, it’s not that much. Five, six,
seven– Ten, and a reroll, I do an eight! So that’s eight– 23 damage, thank you. MATT: Okay. MARISHA: And he should be knocked prone– SAM: That’s not a seven. MARISHA: No, it’s an eight. Wait, five, seven,
that’s 10, 18. 18 damage. MATT: Okay. MARISHA: And he’s knocked prone. MATT: As is Tova. MARISHA: And then the water spreads across the
ground in all directions, and extinguishes unprotected flames in an area within 30 feet of
it? MATT: Correct! MARISHA: That’s all I cared about, mainly? MATT: So, the water (whoosh), and the wall of fire
in that one section (sputtering, fire roaring back to life). Unfortunately, the enchantment continues
to produce flames once the spell disseminates the water. The nature of the spell is it perpetually
conjures fire. So, there is a brief moment where it causes a gap, and the flames pick up once more.
He is knocked prone, he took damage. MARISHA: Okay. I tried. Sorry, guys. MATT: Are you going to move, or are you going to
stay where you are, Keyleth? MARISHA: I’m going to back up as– Can I crawl? Do
I have enough movement to crawl back through the window? MATT: You do. MARISHA: I’ll do that. MATT: So you go back there, and you can move right
back, around– MARISHA: Yeah, I want to keep it, use it as like
cover. MATT: Okay. That ends Keyleth’s turn. Tova. Grog. NOELLE: Took some damage. Little bit. But I’m
prone. MATT: So you can get up and use half your
movement. NOELLE: Okay, I’ve got to make a wisdom saving
throw to not attack anyone. MATT: Are you under half health? NOELLE: Yes, I am. Oh! I actually did it! Okay,
it’s fine, don’t worry! False alarm, everything’s fine! MATT: So you maintain control. NOELLE: Don’t worry about it! We’ll deal with it
later when it comes up! SAM: What would’ve happened to me?! NOELLE: No, everything’s fine! We’re good! So, if
I stand up, that takes half my turn? MATT: Half your movement. NOELLE: Okay. Well, I’m going to stand up. MATT: You’re still in the flames, currently. NOELLE: Well, that’s not good. MATT: You can take your turn and then back out of
the flames, if you wanted to. NOELLE: I’m going to use my Crimson Rite to light
up my claws. MATT: With what type of– NOELLE: With frozen. Does that help me with fire
at all? Can I bat the flames away with my icy paws? MATT: Your hands feel more comfortable. NOELLE: Okay. (laughter) MATT: Where once was these giant bear claws, you
watch as mystic ice gathers around them, turning into longer razors that extend from your regular
claws. NOELLE: All right; I’m going to come to this guy,
and– LAURA: Eat it, Utugash! NOELLE: My claw attacks with the Rite, does that
increase– MATT: Not to hit, but it does an additional 1d8
cold damage per strike. NOELLE: All right. That’s a 26. MATT: That hits. LAURA: Do you get advantage because he’s prone? MATT: You do get advantage because he’s prone– NOELLE: 24. MATT: That hits. The third attack, if you want to use your
bonus– You already used your bonus, you only get two. Both hit! Roll damage. NOELLE: All right. That is a 13. And that’s a 15. MATT: Add 2d8 cold damage to that as well, because
of your Crimson Rite. NOELLE: 2d8. Can I use my Great Weapon to reroll
my one, here? MATT: Yeah. NOELLE: That is a four and a five. So, nine. MATT: Nice! That’s a total of 37 points of damage
in two strikes. Do you want to back out of the flames? NOELLE: Yeah, that’d be good. MATT: You can get that far out of the way. You
back up just out of the fire. Look over, and there’s another bear chained in that place. That
ends your turn. Grog. TRAVIS: Osh kosh magosh, it’s time for hammers.
Can I advance through the ring of fire and on him more? MATT: Unfortunately, because of both of your
sizes, you cannot advance into the ring. He takes up too much space. You’re either standing right in
the middle of the ring and just taking it, or you’re going to have to back out of it. LAURA: What if you jump on him? MATT: You can try, if you want to. LAURA: You could jump on him! TRAVIS: That’s not actually a terrible idea.
Because at the worst I just fall off one side or the other into the boiling blood– I’ll just stay
in the ring of fire. I don’t want to test the Sriracha pit just yet. Because he’s prone, do I
get advantage on the attacks without having to use Reckless? MATT: Correct. TRAVIS: Can I make all three of my frenzied
attacks? MATT: You may. TRAVIS: With advantage. 35 for the first one. MATT: That hits. TRAVIS: Which is ten, 20. 26? MATT: That hits. TRAVIS: Nice. That’s 29? MATT: Yeah. TRAVIS: Ten. 26 again. 26 points of damage. 19.
C’mon, 37. MATT: Ooh, all righty. TRAVIS: That’s 22 points of damage. MATT: 22 points of damage, all right. TRAVIS: Can I use my Action Surge? MATT: You may. LAURA: Did you take something? TRAVIS: Second level in Fighter. Groggy got two
more hits. MATT: That’s five attacks in one round. TRAVIS: I can only do it one time. That’s a 23. MATT: That hits. TRAVIS: 25 points of damage. And that’s 29. Hits? MATT: (high-pitched) Yeah. TRAVIS: 21 points of damage. LAURA: How much damage did he just do with one
turn? MATT: He did over a hundred. TRAVIS: But I’m cooking. MATT: You’re staying where you are? TRAVIS: Yeah, they’re really strong hits because
I’m burning while I’m doing it. Literally whaling through the fire and just angry. MATT: Make your dexterity saving throw. TRAVIS: Advantage on that. That sucks, that’s a
seven. I have resistance to fire, it’s okay. MATT: 28 points of fire damage. Reduced to half,
14. TRAVIS: 14, thank you. MATT: All right, that ends Grog’s turn. Percival. TALIESIN: If he’s prone, does that mean that
negates the difficulty to hit through the ring? MATT: Well, ranged attacks against prone creatures
have disadvantage, naturally, and you can’t even see him, you have no visual range. You don’t even
know that he’s prone. TALIESIN: So that’s a mess. MATT: Yeah. TRAVIS: I still have my movement, can I move out
of the ring? MATT: I was asking if you wanted to do that or
not. TRAVIS: Oh, I would like to, after all the smashing
is done. MATT: You move out and do not take the last bit of
fire damage. You take that when you end your turn in the fire. How far do you back up? Just out of
the range? TRAVIS: Just on the cusp of it. MATT: You step out of it. LAURA: Not to the other corner where there’s
probably– TRAVIS: Probably not. TALIESIN: Yeah, I think I can see that Vax is
having a little bit of a problem. MATT: You can glance to the side, yeah. TALIESIN: There’s a window in the door. I’m going
to swing around the other side of that door really quickly. Perch on the wall right over there and
I’m going to take a couple shots at Mr. Skelly Skellington. MATT: Go for it. SAM: You’re not just in the closet over there
sorting through file cabinets? TALIESIN: No, I was tempted to see if it was
anything– We’ve got him on tax evasion. (laughter) I was hoping we would find a person in there,
I’ll keep digging. Okay so first shot I’m going to burn a Grit for a torso push. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: Actually, I’m going to add Hex to that,
just for fun. I’m going to Hex him. MATT: Okay, cool. TALIESIN: That’s 23 to hit. MATT: 23 hits. TALIESIN: That’s 14 points of damage, two points
of psychic damage and five points of necrotic. He also has disadvantage on constitution– checks.
And he’s pushed ten feet back. MATT: (slams) up against the wall there. TALIESIN: I’m going to shoot him two more times. TRAVIS: Is the portcullis closed behind you? MATT: The portcullis is currently closed. As soon
as he pushed through it. TALIESIN: Second shot, I’m going to burn one more
Grit and I’m going to try for a head shot. Which will give him disadvantage on next round’s
attacks. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: 24 to hit. MATT: 24 hits. TALIESIN: That’s 11 points of normal damage, five
points of psychic damage and two points of necrotic– piercing damage. He has to save against
a constitution saving throw. Against 20. MATT: That is a 16. TALIESIN: He has disadvantage on all of his
physical attacks for the next round. MATT: Okay, cool. TALIESIN: One more shot for fun and let’s make
this a sharpshooter. MATT: Sure. TALIESIN: That was not my wisest thing ever. 16. MATT: 16 does not hit, unfortunately. TALIESIN: Oh well. LIAM: I don’t think Vax has ever had one of
Percival’s bullets go right by his ear. It is unsettling. TALIESIN: I’m going to flip back around on the
other side of that. I’m going to spider crawl all the way on the other side of that door again. MATT: All right, that ends your turn. At the end
of Percival’s turn, there is a grinding sound above. Grog, I need you to make another dexterity
saving throw. TRAVIS: Come on, Gil. 18. LAURA: No! SAM: Is it big enough to cover his big body? TRAVIS: It’s just like a spiked helmet stabbing me
in the cheek. MATT: It gets around your upper torso and sticks
partway on, and your arms are (click) to the side. It tears into you. You take 14 points of piercing
damage reduced to seven, and then six points of fire damage reduced to three. You are restrained. TRAVIS: This one has spikes on the inside too? MATT: Yep. TRAVIS: And it’s hot? MATT: And it’s hot. (sizzles) as the piercing and
the fire damage hits you. You are restrained. TRAVIS: (warbled scream) Is that how you sound,
Tary? SAM: Always. MATT: The bone devil’s going to fly across and
it’s actually going to fly over Vax and land on the opposite side. LIAM: Did it go past me? Can I get an attack of
opportunity? MATT: Nope, it flies up high enough to be out of
your range and then drops down, both claws arcing towards you with disadvantage. First one’s going
to be 22. LIAM: Nope. MATT: Nice. 18. LIAM: Nope. LAURA: What’s your AC? LIAM: Hasted, with both daggers out? It’s 23. MATT: With the tail, it is 19. All three miss. SAM: Why does he have disadvantage? TALIESIN: I shot him in the face. MATT: Yeah, one of the eyes got blasted on the
side. Part of the skull is broken and destroyed. TALIESIN: That happens when I breathe for a second
before I shoot. MATT: At this point in time– LAURA: Oh no, he’s pulling things out! LIAM: More miniatures. MATT: Two more devil characters come through. The
portcullis rises as they pass through, and they go into a full run into this chamber. You see these
red-skinned devil humanoids rush in with these long jagged spears. Horned crests on their head,
and from where their chins are, there are these writhing tentacles covered in thorns and barbs
that move and twist around. TRAVIS: What sweet hell did your imagination come
from? MATT: Full movement, with the double dash, that
guy will get there, this guy will get about there. That’s as far as they can get. Not fully up to
anybody yet. All right, we have Utugash. Stands up in the flames and looks down at Taryon
Darrington. SAM: Good day to you, sir. Do you know my father? MATT: You hear the voice echo in the center of
your mind, “Good day, and good night!” It’s going to make a full round of attacks on you. SAM: Oh boy. MATT: So that is 30 to hit. SAM: Yeah, of course. Doty will save– Nope. MATT: As he leans forward and takes a big chunk
with his bite out of the front of your– tries to get to the helmet and the jaw sticks under the
chin. That’s going to be 24 points of piercing damage. However, you are immune to poison so you don’t
have to worry about his poison right now thanks to your– So, the helmet catches most of the brunt of
it, and one of the teeth jabs you right underneath the jaw and you can feel it pierce and begin to
bleed from underneath. As soon as he pulls back and shoves you aside and releases its grip, as its
claw strikes out from its left arm. That is a 16 to hit. SAM: Because I’m hasted, that does not hit. MATT: It rolled a two to hit. You just manage to
duck out of the way. SAM: Haha! MATT: As you say, ‘Haha!’ the axe comes from the
other side– That is a 22 to hit. SAM: I have ve– Ah! Yeah, that hits. MATT: Double nines. That is 28 points of slashing
damage. The flames that currently engulf the axe– The axe has burst into flames. He swings with it,
deals an additional 16 points of fire damage. SAM: Halved. TRAVIS: How many ds of what did you roll? MATT: 6d6. ALL: Ooh! No! MATT: And using the momentum of the axe, the
entire body of the pit fiend spins around the tail, whipping towards you. That is 20 to hit. SAM: Me? But I’m just a man! Yeah, of course that
hits. MATT: As the tail swings past, that is 28 points
of bludgeoning damage. LAURA: Are you alive, Tary? SAM: I’m okay because Marisha reminded me that
when I was not here one week, she gave me an extra 17 hit points, which I still have. MATT: The Inspiring Leader feat. SAM: They’re helping me a lot right now. MATT: Utugash stays there in the center of the
flames, just waiting for people to come to him. TRAVIS: He still looks nonplussed? Just chill? MATT: You don’t know, you can’t see through the
fire. That brings us to the top. Vax, you’re up. LIAM: All right, I’m going to shoot out my fucking
wings and I’m going to Hunter’s Mark the asshole, and then I’m going to skip– MATT: The guy you’re fighting? LIAM: Yeah. I’m going to skip Disengage and fly
backward towards the end of the hall he came out of. SAM: Matt? MATT: Yeah? SAM: On the first of those attacks, I have
Sanctuary. MARISHA: You do. SAM: It’s just one wisdom roll. MATT: Natural 20, plus ten, 30. SAM: I think it’s safe to say, even in
retrospect. MATT: Yeah, sorry. Time progressed as it was meant
to. But good call! So, Vax. LIAM: It was wings, Hunter’s Mark, chancing a hit
as I fly down the hall away from him. MATT: This way? LIAM: Yeah, that’s good. MATT: It attacks with the tail. Still has
disadvantage. 20. LIAM: Nope. MATT: Just arcs and misses you as you zoom out. LIAM: I’m going to chuck Whisper using a
sharpshooter, but at advantage. 26. MATT: That hits. LIAM: All right. 11, 21 plus psychic damage,
sorry, doing math, be right with you. 58. MATT: 58, nice! That was towards the bone devil? LIAM: Throwing the dagger? Yeah. MATT: Right. That was with the Sneak Attack
damage, because– LIAM: Because I’m at advantage because of Vow of
Enmity. MATT: Vow of Enmity was on the pit fiend. LIAM: No, it was on the bone devil. MATT: You’re right, it was. You’re correct. LIAM: Also Hunter’s Mark. So let’s up that by
one. MATT: All righty. Cool. That’s your single
attack? LIAM: I used everything. Wings, Hunter’s Mark, and
the dagger. Bonus, action, action. MATT: That ends your turn. Vex. LAURA: If I pop through the window, will I be able
to get out of the window? I want to pop through the window, get Trinket in the locket; that’s what
I’m going to do first. MATT: You come through, step through– LAURA: Go, Buddy! MATT: As you do, Trinket zooms into the locket,
leaving the cage to clank to the ground. LAURA: I’m going to hop back through the window. MATT: Okay. That’s your turn. LAURA: Can I let him back out of the locket from
there, or– MATT: Next turn, you can. LAURA: That’s my whole fucking turn? MATT: Yup! Tary. SAM: What happened? Oh, it’s my turn? MATT: Yes. SAM: Oh, great! MATT: You guys would all be taking Fear Aura
checks, but you’re immune to fear because of your Heroes’ Feast. Just letting you know. TRAVIS: Fear Aura checks? Oh my god. SAM: You know how sometimes when we’re in fights
and bad guys can walk around us without incurring damage? MATT: You only get attacks of opportunity if you
move away. If you stay within range, it doesn’t– SAM: I’m going to clock around him, clockwise. MATT: Until– SAM: Yeah, right there’s pretty good. Do I see
any– I can’t see out of the ring, right? MATT: You are stepping into the flames to do
this. SAM: Ew, what? MATT: You can get right here on the edge and not
be quite in the fire. SAM: I’ll do that. I’ll say, it’s been lovely
having this time with you in private, but our seven minutes in heaven are up. I need you to
leave. I will do the Ring of the Ram at full strength and push him out of his own ring. If it
works. That’s a one. But I’m feeling Lucky. That’s a three. Can I feel really Lucky? MATT: Unfortunately, it does not work that way,
Taryon. I am so sorry. SAM: No, that’s fine. Does it fire? MATT: It does fire, and I believe it’s just a
miss. It’s a hit-or-miss-type circumstance. SAM: It just misses. I’ve lost it all there. MATT: The ram head goes careening out of the wall
of fire, slamming into the stone work and causing a big crack in the stone in the wall. The pit
fiend says, “I will eat your face first.” SAM: Oh Jesus, I like my face. MATT: You’re still hasted. SAM: Still hasted. For my second thing, I can only
do a melee attack. I can’t cast anything, I can’t reach into my satchel or anything. MATT: The bonus action you have from Haste is for
weapon attack only. Or you can try and run away. SAM: Yeah, I could. MATT: So he’ll get an attack of opportunity on
you. TRAVIS: What would Doty do? SAM: That’s fair. LAURA: Fall over and be unconscious, is what Doty
would do. SAM: I will spend the rest of my turn moving back
to where Doty was, picking up his book, putting it in my Bag of Holding so it doesn’t burn up. Then
crawl into a ball and cast Sanctuary on myself. (laughter) MATT: That ends Taryon’s turn. SAM: If I don’t look, he’ll go away! MATT: That brings us to Keyleth’s turn. MARISHA: Where are the little pissant guys? MATT: There’s one there right next to Grog, and
one right next to Doty. So there, and there. MARISHA: I’m going to hop through the window
again. I’m going to cast Sunbeam. MATT: Are you gonna move in to try and get them both in
the same path? MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: Sunbeam it is. LAURA: Matt, can I use my bonus action to at least
Hide? MATT: Sure, roll a stealth check. So it’s a
constitution saving throw for both of the bearded devils. LAURA: 23. MATT: Okay, good to know. That is a ten– MARISHA: Negative. MATT: — and an 18. MARISHA: Negative again. MATT: So, 6d8 radiant damage to both and they are
both blinded. MARISHA: 6d8? Can I have two more d8s, please?
Those were definitely d6s. TALIESIN: I’m sorry, here’s a d8. MARISHA: Thank you. Oh that’s good. 30 points of
radiant damage. MATT: To both of them. Nice. As the beam (pssh)
across the room it streaks down the way and both of them get engulfed. As the beam of bright
sunlight energy slowly diminishes, their faces are seared. You see smoke pouring out of their eyes as
they’re both reaching up to the sockets. That was not so good for them. They’re both looking pretty
rough already. MARISHA: I look at Tary. Tary is within 30 feet of
me, yeah? MATT: You don’t see Tary. You just see a column of
fire. MARISHA: I don’t see Tary. MATT: Tary is currently inside the wall of fire,
curled in a ball. All you see is a giant column of flame in the center of the room. And half of Doty
being slowly heated up. MARISHA: Do I see anyone else, and does anyone
else look rough? MATT: You see Grog with a giant cage on his upper
body, wrapping around his torso. TRAVIS: Just spinning in place (confused
screams). (laughter) NOELLE: I’m down to 39 hit points. MARISHA: Do I see Tova? MATT: You do see Tova, yeah. MARISHA: Okay, I say, hey, sorry about the whole
Tsunami thing. You got this! And I give her a Healing Word at level one. I’m going to give you–
shit– plus my spell modifier. Sorry, nine hit points. LIAM: Fixed. NOELLE: All better now. MATT: Hey, it helps. It all helps. Trust me, it
helps. All right, Keyleth, are you going to stay where you are? MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: All right, Keyleth stays there. Tova and
Grog, you’re up. NOELLE: So two questions and one of them is, is my
Rite still on? MATT: Yes it is. Your Rite stays on
until you dismiss it. NOELLE: All right, my question also is are these
cages still– would it hurt me to touch one or move one? MATT: I mean, they’re pretty warm to touch. NOELLE: My hands are very cool. MATT: You know what? Actually, with your claws
out, I would say they will do no damage to you because the cold will offset that. NOELLE: All right, so let me know if this sounds
doable. I want to grab that cage that Trinket was under. MATT: Okay. NOELLE: And move it towards where Utugash is. Tary
is in the fire, yeah? MATT: Yes. NOELLE: Can I grab him and pull him back with me,
behind this cage? MATT: He’s about 25 feet from you. You don’t even
know where he is. You know that he’s inside the fire, but you don’t see him. Because you’re
outside the flames, all you see is a wall of fire. You have to step into the fire, take the fire
damage, grab him and pull him back. NOELLE: Can I just reach (laughs) my cold bear
hand into the fire and grab him and pull him out? MATT: You’ll still take the fire damage from the
wall of fire, unfortunately. NOELLE: Can I get decreased fire damage? MATT: It’s probably not going to work out. It’s
magical fire, I’m sorry. But the cage is nearby. You are closer to the cage than you are him. So if
you want to grab the cage and move towards him you can do that. Is that what you want to do? NOELLE: Let me– can I grab this cage and put it
between– this cage is just sitting out, got to do something. Can I throw the cage at that guy who’s
standing there? He’s there, right? MATT: You can. Go ahead and make a strength check.
You have advantage because you are in your bear form. NOELLE: (laughs) That is a 14. MATT: 14 is fine, that’s enough. NOELLE: No, wait. 13. What? LAURA: Didn’t you roll an eight? LIAM: Plus your strength of ten. So 18. NOELLE: Oh yeah. Bears are great at math. MATT: Sorry, this would be an athletics check to
lift it, not strength, sorry. NOELLE: Okay, then yeah. 18. MATT: So you reach over and you grab it and the
steam rises up the sides of the cage, and you lift it up over your head, and you’re going to go and
try to throw it over at this guy there? So as you lift the cage, go ahead and roll for just accuracy
on this. Roll an attack, add your proficiency. What did you roll? Oh no. You throw the cage and
it rolls into the center of the hallway there, blocking the doorway. Ah, those ones are the
worst. NOELLE: I know. TRAVIS: (laughs) That dice sucks. NOELLE: I know, yeah. LAURA: You seriously need to stop using that one. NOELLE: What else can I do? MATT: You still have your movement and your bonus
if you wanted to do– SAM: Do you have healing potions? MATT: You still have your Blood Maladict if you
wanted to use any of it. NOELLE: All my stuff is probably in that prison
that Percy was in. I don’t have any pockets. (laughter) SAM: Oh yeah. NOELLE: Yeah, I was sort of unprepared for this. I
was really excited for this fight. MARISHA: Tiny pockets, this is a problem of
women’s fashion, to be fair. NOELLE: I know, even with the bears. MARISHA: Why tiny pockets? NOELLE: I know. MARISHA: Come on women’s fashion, come on. NOELLE: So I have my bonus action? MATT: You do. LAURA: What is a Blood Maladict? LIAM: Really cool words on the sheet. NOELLE: I know. Not as helpful as I had hoped. I
can see an object’s history– MATT: Grog, what are you doing? While she is
figuring this out. TRAVIS: I’m going to try and get out of the cage. MATT: All right, go ahead and make a strength
skill check. TRAVIS: I have advantage on those. MATT: Yes, you do. LAURA: (Grog voice) I have advantage. Ooh, that’s
good. TRAVIS and LAURA: That’s better. TRAVIS: 27. MATT: 27. As you tense, the metal actually
(creaks) and bends out the sides and you just tear the cage off of the top of you. That’s your
action. LAURA: That’s your whole action? TRAVIS: Yep. MATT: Yep. TRAVIS: Yep. TALIESIN: You’ve got bonuses and stuff, though. MATT: You do. You have your bonus action if you’re
still raging, so. TRAVIS: Yeah, I do! LIAM: Waking up! TRAVIS: I’m going to throw– Oh, I just see a
column of fire. MATT: You just see a column of fire. TRAVIS: But I see a motherfucker behind me, don’t
I? MATT: You do, yeah. TRAVIS: He going to turn to jelly. Do I have my
movement? MATT: You do. TRAVIS: I would like to visit him, please. MATT: You turn around, and he’s right there.
Currently with his eyes smoking from being seared with a Sunbeam. TRAVIS: Hi! Smash. MATT: Okay, he’s blinded, so you have advantage
automatically. TRAVIS: Yay! Natural 20. LAURA: Oh! Can you imagine if you had been
attacking the pit fiend? TRAVIS: Yeah, I know! TALIESIN: Smear him. TRAVIS: That’s 24– That’s two additional damage
die. TALEISIN: Like a fat mosquito. TRAVIS: 30. MATT: 30 points of damage? TRAVIS: Yeah. They were all three really
low-damage die rolls. Oh! Actually, I can reroll a one or a two, which was that last one! Nine,
that’s better. SAM: Doesn’t matter, you killed him. MARISHA: Doesn’t matter, he’s dead. He’s so dead. MATT: As you turn around and see him there, you
go, “Hi,” wham. He’s going (hisses) and hears this “Hi” and his entire head collapses inward and you
shove it down to about the height of the rest of his shoulders. He just (wet collapsing noises) to
the ground, and just crumples. And then burns into ash and just cinders left behind. Destroyed. TRAVIS: Cool, huh? MATT: That’s beautiful, is what it is. Ending
Grog’s turn, Percival, you’re up. NOELLE: Wait, can I take my last thing? MATT: Oh, yeah, that’s right! What’re you going to
do with your bonus? NOELLE: All right, so I can only move or I can
only use my bonus action, yeah? MATT: Correct, yeah. NOELLE: Okay, well, I’m just going to cast Curse
of Mutual Suffering on Utugash one more time. MATT: You currently do not have visual range on
him, you can’t see him. Does it say, for the curse, that you need to be able to see the
creature? That’s the question, let me look. NOELLE: It just says, “a creature within 30
feet.” MATT: So, yeah. So you just know where they are.
So you can! Curse of Mutual Suffering does hit Utugash, are you going to amplify it, or not? NOELLE: Am I going to what? MATT: Amplify it, or leave it as it is? NOELLE: Yeah, I’m going to amplify it. MATT: Go ahead and roll your d8 and take d8
damage. NOELLE: All right, I’m just going to– Oh! Six.
That is six for me. MATT: All righty. NOELLE: And then I’m going to throw my bear arms
wide and just like– MATT: (laughs) Come at me, bro? (laughter) NOELLE: ‘Sup, asshole? MATT: Perfect. All righty. Percival, you’re up. TALIESIN: All right, I’m going to reload. Because
boy, I’m out. LAURA and TRAVIS: Bubble throat! TALIESIN: Yeah, no, that’s right! I was, like,
what? What? Bubble– Yeah. (gravelly mumbling) Got a little thing. I didn’t know it had a name, and
now it’s the obvious name for it. It’s bubble throat. I’m going to swing back around and back up
a little bit, and I’m going to take three more potshots at that bone, because that’s what I can
see. MATT: All righty. TALIESIN: I’m not going to get close to him. I’m
going to back up a bit. Just back up in the middle of the room. I’m going to keep going. MATT: About there? Sure. Go for it and take your
attacks. TALIESIN: Nothing fancy, attack number one: that’s
26 to hit. And that’s nine points of piercing damage, five points of necrotic damage, and two
points of psychic damage. MATT: Vax, as you’re looking across the room, you
see the bone devil (hisses), and it rears back, and the wings span out, it looks like he’s
about to leap. And as it takes its jump, you watch its face explode forward with dark crimson, just,
mist, as the head is blown off of its shoulders. MARISHA: Get that Grit back. TALIESIN: Better! And I’m going to see if I can–
Is there anything? I’ve got two more shots. MATT: There is one creature in here that you can
barely see through the side. TALIESIN: Oh, I can? Oh, all right, let’s do that,
that’s funny. Another shot at that guy. LAURA: It is really hard to see some of these
people. TALIESIN: 23? MATT: Red creatures on dark red. Sorry. TALIESIN: 23? MATT: 23 hits. TALIESIN: Oh, and that’s right, I don’t have that
anymore, the Hex isn’t until next turn where I can move it. That’s 15 points of damage plus one point
of psychic damage? MATT: Okay. Still standing, but it’s looking
rough. You have advantage on these attacks, by the way, because it’s blinded. TALIESIN: Oh! All right. And then I’m going to
take another shot. I’m going to make this a sharpshooter, just to end this. Yeah, that’ll do.
That’s 14, 20. 25? MATT: Yep. Go ahead and roll damage. TALIESIN: I didn’t know I had advantage, that’s
lovely. That’s 18, 19, 20, 21. 25 points of damage and four points of psychic damage. MATT: So, after the cage goes flying over his head
and clangs behind it, it spins around as it hears the impact, and turns back in the direction of
Tova. Even though its eyes are currently held shut from the blinding light of the Sunbeam, it rears
back with its hooked pull arm and is about to rush towards the torso of Tova, knowing and being able
to sense where she is. Right as it rears back (gunshots), two shots, the second one knocking its
head limply across the back of its shoulders, and it tumbles to the ground, unmoving. MARISHA: You get another Grit back! TALIESIN: I get another Grit back. TRAVIS: Get another Grit back. MARISHA: Get that Grit back. MATT: Is that the end of your turn, Percy? TALIESIN: That is, other than just backing up a
little bit more, as far as I can go, just to get out of the– MATT: (laughs) Just getting away from everything! TALIESIN: Getting away from everything! MATT: “Ah! Ah!” Okay, perfect. TALIESIN: I’m good at a distance. MATT: Okay, so. This is on Utugash’s turn: Utugash
is going to strike with a bite against Taryon Darrington. SAM: Sure. MATT: Frustratingly, that’s going to be– oh, it
has to make a wisdom save, doesn’t it? SAM: It does. MATT: For that first attack, that’s a natural 20. LAURA: Oh my god! MATT: Better that than for the attack! But after
that, the first attack was a 18 to hit? SAM: Hits. MATT: All righty. As it chomps down onto your
torso, this time, as opposed to going for the helmet, it goes for the side of the shoulder, its
mouth is large enough to go over your shoulder and come in both the chest and the back of the
shoulder as it sinks in. That is going to be 24 points of piercing damage. And you’re immune to
poison, so you don’t take that. You’re still standing? SAM: Yes. MATT: All righty. SAM: Well, crouching. MATT: Right. MARISHA: In the fetal position. MATT: As it’s clamped down on you, it takes its
claw and rakes across your stomach. SAM: Technically, it has to roll another wisdom
save. It lasts for a minute, it’s not per attack, actually. MATT: It does, you’re right! That is a ten plus
ten, that is 20. SAM: He succeeds. MATT: Okay. The attack roll for that one was a
21. SAM: Yes. MATT: So for the claw raking across your torso,
that is going to be 21 points of slashing damage. SAM: (strangled death noises) LAURA: Oh no, Tary! MATT: And with that, Taryon falls unconscious and
bleeding on the ground. TRAVIS: Tary Jumbo! MATT: Utugash, after the claws tear across part of
the plate armor swings open, and the claw rakes through the side of the torso, leaving the wounds
open and bleeding out and steaming across the heavy heated stonework of the room. SAM: And at that point, do all of their necklaces
glow? MATT: They do. They begin to pulse. MARISHA: That’s totally correct, yeah. NOELLE: What’s going on? TRAVIS: I’ve no idea what this means. MARISHA: Someone’s unconscious and we can’t tell
that they’re unconscious. MATT: At this point, Utugash is going to use his–
The wings take flight at this point, as nothing is immediately in the circle, and he’s getting
frustrated by this. The wings pick him up in the air. He’s going to peek through the top of the
form and look over, and he sees Tova and Keyleth, and is going to land, technically on your guys’
spaces. This is part of his Corpulent Form ability. I need you both to make dexterity saving
throws. NOELLE: Finally, thank you. That is an 18. MARISHA: That’s not great. Saving, dex, 14. MATT: All right. You both suffer 17 points of
bludgeoning damage as Utugash’s giant form lands on top of you. You are pinned to the ground. You
are considered grappled and prone. As Utugash is currently now– NOELLE: So, Utugash also maybe takes some damage
from that. MATT: Yeah, well, takes the same 17 points of
damage from the Mutual Suffering. NOELLE: That’s something. MATT: So you’re both prone and considered
grappled. You cannot move until you get out of the grapple. MARISHA: We’re both grappled? MATT: Yeah, because he’s basically sitting on top
of you. MARISHA: Fucking dick. MATT: I need you to make a concentration saving
throw to maintain Sunbeam. MARISHA: I have advantage on that. MATT: You do. MARISHA: I’ll take that 18. TALIESIN: Yeah. MARISHA: Yeah, I just have to beat the damage,
correct? 18. MATT: It’s either ten or half of the damage, so
you’re fine. With you both pinned– you, at immediate visual perspective, look the most
vulnerable to Utugash, as you are a tiny half-elf girl, as far as he’s concerned. He’s going to use
his next two attacks, the axe and the tail, with advantage against you because you are currently
knocked prone. MARISHA: Aw, desu desu. MATT: The axe is going to be a 32 to hit? MARISHA: What? 32? MATT: 32 to hit. MARISHA: I mean, yeah. MATT: 25 points of slashing damage. MARISHA: 17 plus 20. Plus 23– LAURA: What are you doing concentration on? MARISHA: My Sunbeam. LAURA: Oh, right. MATT: So that’s 23 points of slashing damage, plus
23 points of fire damage. So a total of 46. MARISHA: Can I use my reaction to cast Absorb
Elements? MATT: If you have it prepared, yeah. MARISHA: Yes, I do. MATT: Which allows you to? MARISHA: Never done this before. Let me
double-check. I capture some of the energy and I store it, and I have resistance to the next damage
type that I take that, and the first time I hit with a melee attack on my next turn, I can do an
extra 1d6 of that damage type. MATT: So you take 11 points of fire damage
instead. MARISHA: Beautiful. MATT: So, it does 34 points of damage total. MARISHA: So another 11 would’ve made it 82. Okay.
I have to beat a ten, correct? MATT: No, you have beat half of the 34, which
would be 17. So you have to beat a 17. MARISHA: Nope. Wait, what do I add? MATT: Your constitution saving throw. MARISHA: Oh! No, I’m good, then. I’m good, that’s
exactly a 17? MATT: Okay. Then that’s fine, you succeed. And
then the tail’s going to slam down onto you as well, Keyleth. With advantage on that. 16. Natural
20. MARISHA: What? TRAVIS: Matthew! MATT: Natural 20. LAURA: But, wait, what did the next melee attack
do to you? MATT: This is the tail. MARISHA: It’s me attacking. MATT: It’s a nine, a ten, and a seven on 3d10, so
that is– TRAVIS: Oh god. MATT: 62 points of bludgeoning damage. MARISHA: 60– wait, how?! SAM: Halved. MARISHA: Halved. Is it halved? Wait, what? MATT, MARISHA AND SAM: No. MARISHA: It’s not. SAM: I just like saying that. MATT: Well, sorry, it’s 20– it was 52 points,
because it was a ten, a nine, and a seven. So it would’ve been 26, just the dice, crit is 52, plus
ten, 62. 62 points. MARISHA: I mean, I’m still up. SAM: Hey, that’s good. MARISHA: With 20 hit points. No. I was at 82 minus
62, which means– LAURA: 20 points. MARISHA: 20 points. NOELLE: So, seeing as he, like, landed on me,
could I do anything here? Any reaction? MATT: Do you have a reaction to do? NOELLE: I don’t know. (laughs) MATT: No, not really, you’re just like, “Urgh!”
You’re being sat on by the pit fiend. NOELLE: Even if I was upright, be like a
pincushion to sit on? MATT: I mean, you’re holding it off, but his heavy
hide against your pincushion-type nails is not going to do much unless you’re physically
attacking behind it. NOELLE: Icicles. MATT: I know. And he’s resistant to cold, sorry. NOELLE: Just thought I’d check. MATT: Vax. LIAM: All right, well, my enemy is gone. Percival
just shot it through the face, so. I start to fly towards the entrance. The moment I come through
and I see Keyleth mangled on the ground underneath, I just react and fly straight at the
thing and snag onto his chest like an angry, pissed-off cat, and I just start slicing. MATT: Okay, go for it. LIAM: I’m actually going to bonus action Hunter’s
Mark him as I land. I’m going to move the Hunter’s Mark, excuse me, from the slain guy. MATT: Okay. LIAM: Yep, and okay, and here we go. That is shit.
No, well, it’s 16. I’m sure it doesn’t hit. MATT: 16 does not hit, no. LIAM: Okay. That is 19. MATT: 19 does not hit, either. Both angry strikes
just hit the hide, but it’s too strong, and the devilish scales deflecting the piercing blows. LIAM: I’m going to stay hanging on. MATT: Okay. Vex, you’re up. LAURA: Okay. Hey, I can see him now. MATT: You can. It’s also sitting, currently, on
Tova and Keyleth. Keyleth is looking pretty banged up. Tova’s looking pretty banged up, and your
brother is hacking at it to no avail. LAURA: I don’t know what all I could see of that
other than just the pit fiend’s arm through the window, but I’m going to back up and shoot him.
I’m going to Hunter’s Mark him first, though! MATT: Okay. LAURA: And I’m going to– yeah, that’s what I’m
going to do. MATT: Okay. As you back up, he does get a reaction
attack of opportunity, because he has a reach. LAURA: Through the window? MATT: Yeah. As you back up, the tail, after smashing at
Keyleth, goes (whoosh) and whips through the window towards you. That’s going to be a 25 to
hit. LAURA: Yeah, sure, whatever. MATT: That is 21 points of bludgeoning damage
against you. LAURA: Great. MATT: The tail almost sends you off your feet,
almost knocking the wind out of you from the impact to your chest and stomach area. But you
slide and catch yourself before tumbling backward. LAURA: (sighs) I hate you. Hunter’s Mark! TRAVIS: Why do you need Hunter’s Mark? LAURA: Well, you know. LIAM: I think this is going to be a negative, but
a quick clarification question. With them on the ground, then there’s no flanking bonus, or
anything– MATT: Nope, they are not threatening him
currently. LIAM: That’s what I thought. Checking. MATT: They have to be threatening them to be
giving that bonus. TRAVIS: Tickle! MATT: (laughs) They are currently under his rump. LAURA: The first one is a one. SAM: Yay. MATT: The impact from the chest blow ends up, as
you go to grab the arrow, you’re already kind of a little off-aim from the the wooziness. LAURA: (grunts in pain) All right. That’s fine.
I’m going to hit him again, though, or try. That is– I can add– 23. MATT: 23 hits. LAURA: Yes. Okay. Yes! 18 plus one lightning
damage, plus 2d6, here we go, and two ones! I’m rolling great! Woo! NOELLE: Want to borrow some dice? LAURA: All of these. All of you guys are goodbyes.
And you’re a goodbye, too. You can stay. MATT: All right, so. How much damage was that,
total? LAURA: Huh? How much was that? MATT: Yeah. LAURA: Oh. 19 total. One of those was lightning
damage. MATT: Okay, good. So, the second arrow does hit.
And you’re seeing now, Utugash, while looming over and seemingly impervious, at close view, as you
get a glance backing up, is looking pretty hurt. Previously, as it’s now your second time battling
a pit fiend, you’re able to see the faint cracks that you’re beginning to notice generally show a
lot more damage than they do on the surface. So you’re starting to see signs of wear, which, based
on your previous battle, leads you to believe it’s actually pretty hurt. That ends your turn, Vax.
And Vex. LAURA: I’m going to back up. I can use the rest of
my movement, right? MATT: You can, yeah. LAURA: And back up around that corner so I’m
parallel with Percy there. Yeah, right there. MATT: Okay. Cool. That brings us to Taryon. I need
you to roll a death saving throw. SAM: Oh, sure. Yeah. Can I feel lucky? MATT: You can, technically. SAM: Oh, that’s worse. (laughter) MATT: So that’s one failed death saving throw on
Tary. NOELLE: Tary. LAURA: I just have a quick question. MATT: Yeah? LAURA: Since I I haven’t used this very much. The
Disengage feat that the rogues have, is that a bonus action? MATT: It’s a bonus action to disengage, yeah. LAURA: Okay. Just checking. MATT: Yeah. You’d already moved your Hunter’s
Mark, unfortunately, but going forward, you can do that. LIAM: It’s a zig-zag motion. TRAVIS: Serpentine! MATT: Now. TRAVIS: Now what? NOELLE: Don’t press any more buttons. MATT: Two imps that were previously invisible in
the room and hitting the various buttons across the back wall at his command– LAURA: Oh, it was those fucks. MATT: Appear and both fly down, swinging towards
Keyleth, who’s currently pinned underneath. And are just going to begin to start attempting to
bite at her. Or, these are the stings, so with advantage, that is six plus five. That is 11. The
first one, the stinger hits you, it just can’t pierce the armor. The second one is going to go
ahead, and with advantage, that is a 13. Just can’t pierce the armor. Little imps, they’re
like– (snarls) And Utugash is like, “Ugh, hungry “carrion wraiths.” That brings us to Keyleth. MARISHA: (sighs) Okay. Time to go big. I am going
to cast Shapechange, my 9th-level spell, and I am going to turn into a fire giant. LAURA: A fire giant? MARISHA: Yeah! So as I’m down, my eyes light up,
and I start to turn into a giant. And I want to reach up and grab him by the throat and try and
stand up and see if I can pile-drive him. MATT: Okay! Go ahead and roll your attack for your
fire giant. LIAM: I’m going for a ride. LAURA: Are you attached to him? TRAVIS: Are you super strong? MARISHA: I am. Is this plus 11 just to my
attacks? MATT: Everyone else gets pushed out of the way. So
yes. MARISHA: Natural 20! (cheering) MARISHA: Thanks, Gil! LAURA: That made up for all the rest of the times
he fucked us during this game. MATT: So, Tova and the imps get pushed aside as
Keyleth’s form suddenly encompasses most of the corner of the room. Natural 20. You grab Utugash
by the throat. Grab the torso, lift him up, slam him onto the ground. Go ahead and roll just the
basic damage for the fire elemental’s attack. It doesn’t knock him prone, but this is the flavor
for the attack. MARISHA: How do you know what basic damage is? MATT: Look for the attack for the fire giant. MARISHA: Well, it just gives me multi-attack. MATT: And underneath that, it says? MARISHA: And it gives me a greatsword melee
attack. MATT: Yeah, just roll the damage for the
greatsword. The attack is the flavor of the strike. MARISHA: That is 6d6. That is one, two, three,
four. I need one more. LIAM: I’m on this guy’s chest, by the way, and he
goes down, and it’s landing on the ground, I love what you do! (laughter) LIAM: And I want to somersault away. MARISHA: Ten, 16, 24 damage. MATT: How much did you roll? MARISHA: 24. TRAVIS: 24. MATT: 24. That was with the double? MARISHA: Right! So, doubled that, so 48 damage. MATT: Plus seven. MARISHA: Plus seven, yeah! MATT: Yeah. So that is 55 points of damage. MARISHA: (grunts) LAURA: Just say it. I want to hear you say it. MATT: Well, it’s not there yet. (groaning) MATT: Technically your action was to cast the
spell, and you wouldn’t have the ability to attack in the same round. But I’m letting you do it,
because why not. Because it’s fun. MARISHA: Well, I didn’t move. MATT: It’s fine. (laughter) MATT: And we’ll say you can’t move, this turn. But
it was fun. It was cool, why not? All right. That ends your turn, Keyleth? MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: Tova. Grog. NOELLE: All right. Let’s just go all out, here.
I’m going to cast– MATT: It’s looking really rough, by the way. NOELLE: — Blood Curse of the Marked, on Utugash.
I’m going to amplify it. MATT: All righty. NOELLE: Four. Four damage for me. And then I’m
going to slide in under this fire giant’s legs and go for it with my claws and the Crimson Rite. MATT: All righty, so at half movement, that’s
five, ten, 15, 20. You can just get into combat range right there. Knocking Vax over and killing
him. ALL: (chanting) Tova. Tova. Tova. NOELLE: All right, so that’s a 28 to hit on one. MATT: That hits. NOELLE: And that is a 24 to hit on the second. MATT: That hits. LAURA: That die’s so much better. NOELLE: All right, so that is 11. That is a 13.
And I get two more, yeah? Matt? With my Crimson Rite? MATT: With the claws you do 2d8, and these are
doubled because you did your mark. NOELLE: Okay. MATT: So, what did you roll? NOELLE: A seven. Seven for the 2d8. And then, what
did I say, 13 and 11 the first time? MATT: Yes. So, it’s 13 and 11 for the actual
weapon damage, for the claws. And then now, what did you roll for the first? NOELLE: Seven, together. MATT: Seven together. So that’s 14? How do you want to do this? (cheering) MATT: Two guests in a row! All right, so how do
you want to do that? As you watch, the fire giant, clutching it by the throat and slamming it onto
the ground, Utugash is in this sort of wrestling ring encounter in the center of the room. NOELLE: Just going to fucking body slam him with
my bear body and going to hit him with both my claws. Going to tear his fucking throat out. TRAVIS: Yeah! Yeah! NOELLE: And I’m going to look down at him, and I’m
going to be like, how do you like me now, asshole? MATT: So. Keyleth. In the impressive moment of
slamming Utugash down, the grip you have on the throat is loosened suddenly as a secondary force
pushes Utugash out of your grip. What looks to be a bowling ball of a fur-like bear form goes
slamming into the torso of the devil, who then falls onto the back, as the bear just begins
Wolverine berserker barraging, tearing through the chest and torso cavity of the devil. Drops the
axe, and is trying to reach up and is clawing at your back and tearing through flesh. You can feel
the blood, but you’re too focused at this point, the frenzy kicking in from your transformation.
And as you stare down and say that into his face, Utugash’s tongue is lolling back across the tusks
and says, “We’ll still find you.” And just goes limp across the ground. NOELLE: (deep exhale) MARISHA: I stand up, and I look at Grog. And in
Giant I say, “‘Sup.” TRAVIS: ‘Sup, playa? MARISHA: What’s up, man? TRAVIS: Damn, you be talkin’ my lingo! MARISHA: Yeah! NOELLE: I’m going to spit on him while I’m still
standing. And I’m just going to flop on my back, turn back into a dwarf. Be like, “Hey, you guys
want to get a beer?” TALIESIN: Aren’t there still two– MATT: There are two imps in the chamber. But they
both turn invisible as soon as this happens. And they’re attempting to escape as the flame wall
disappears, and you see Taryon bleeding out on the ground. Next to his superheated– LIAM: Oh. I land and Lay on Hands MATT: Okay. Yeah, you’re close enough to do so. LIAM: Okay. I’ll give him ten. MATT: Okay. TRAVIS: Maybe we just toss him in the blood. MATT: So how much do you give him? LIAM: Ten. MATT: Ten. So you have ten hit points. And you
come to consciousness. SAM: Oh! I had the craziest dream. LIAM: Slap! SAM: Oh! LIAM: Are you all right? Are you really all right?
Are you having fun? SAM: Did I kill it? Again? LIAM: Stone-cold dead, you did. Congratulations. MATT: I will say, Keyleth? MARISHA: Yeah? MATT: Because technically they were in melee range
with you, since you pushed them out of the way, as they vanish you do get one attack of opportunity
across them with disadvantage. MARISHA: Ooh! Am I still all fire giant form? MATT: Yes you are. MARISHA: That’s cool. Okay. With disadvantage? MATT: With disadvantage. MARISHA: On both of them? MATT: On just one of them. MARISHA: Just one of them? MATT: Because you only have one reaction. MARISHA: That’s eight plus 11, so that’s 20– LAURA: 19. MATT: That still hits. Go ahead and roll damage. TALIESIN: That’s plenty. MARISHA: So that’s 7d6 plus six. One, two– MATT: Don’t roll damage. Because even if you
rolled all ones, it’s just enough to kill it, it has 13 hit points. So, as they both vanish, and
you hear the flapping of wings, you just do one wide, Hail Mary arc with your fist, and just
(whoosh) and (squeaking screech). One imp just gets spattered across the back of your knuckles.
But the other you hear (wings flapping) fly off. MARISHA: (very deep voice) I imagine he’s going to
tell the others. Oh, this Shapechange has so many weird things! TALIESIN: If I have a moment, I’m going to look in
all those doors really quickly. LAURA: I’m going to run over to Percy and give him
a kiss and say, nice shooting, stud, and I’m going to help him look. TALIESIN: Okay, then I’m going to wait one second,
not to look in those doors. But that happens. And then– Yeah. SAM: In fear, I stand up and throw my lance at the
fire giant. (laughter) MATT: Roll an attack! MARISHA: That’s fantastic! SAM: That’s a 14. MATT: What’s your AC? MARISHA: 18. MATT: The lance ricochets off your chest. SAM: Are you seeing this? Are you all seeing
this? LIAM: No, that’s the Tempest, that’s the Tempest,
man. That’s Kiki, that’s Keyleth. MARISHA: Hi, Tary! I’m Antlers! SAM: Oh! Good day to you, miss. I’ve misjudged you
again. MARISHA: Fist bump. SAM: No! LAURA: I shout through the window, loot the body!
And I keep looking in the things with Percy. MATT: Okay. As you glance through the various
openings, there’re a bunch of cells. Some are empty, some contain long-dead, rotting corpses.
The first room that you go into contains a fair amount of gold, and it’s just stashed– TALIESIN: We pull it. MATT: This small stash here is about 12,300 gold
pieces. LAURA: (sings) Yeah! Putting that in the stash. MATT: You also find your equipment. You find your
maul and your armor. LAURA: 12,300, you said? MATT: 12,300 gold. So you have that at your
disposal now. NOELLE: I go over, and I’m really happy to put my
armor back on over my cool bear bikini that I have on. (laughter) MATT, TALIESIN, and MARISHA: Your bear-kini. MATT: As you’re putting your armor on, you open
the far door on this end, and as you do, suddenly bursting through is a lemure. (groans) Comes
towards you with its horrible, fleshy mound just reaching out in your direction. TALIESIN: I threaten it down, and say, run. And
owe Orthax your freedom. Run! MATT: Roll an intimidation check. TALIESIN: Okay, can I use Friends to help with
that or no, just go for intimidation? MATT: If you want to. TALIESIN: Yeah, I’ll use Friends to add to that
intimidation. So, is that advantage? MATT: Yes. TALIESIN: All right. That’s cocked. That’s fine
anyway. Intimidation is, ugh, eight. MARISHA: Aww! MATT: As you say “Run!”, and you see the whole–
the lemure goes (curious grunt). TALIESIN: I shoot my gun next to it. LAURA: I shoot an arrow into it. MATT: It’s actually just going to reach out and
strike at you. Then the arrow strike comes right after. LIAM: Vax Dagons onto Keyleth’s shoulder and
watches all this through the window. MATT: It misses. His hand slaps against the front
of your armor and (slurping, groan), and then roll your attack. NOELLE: (laughs) This is a great confrontation! LAURA: 21. MATT: That hits, go ahead and roll damage. LIAM: This is weird. (laughter) LIAM: Good weird, but it’s weird. LAURA: 18. MATT: The arrow (impact noise) through its head,
and it just immediately falls to the ground. TALIESIN: I feel like I’m losing it. LAURA: He should’ve listened. You were very clear,
dear. TALIESIN: What’s in the other room? (laughter) MATT: The rest of the chambers here, you find most
of it is a collection of rotting meats. You find various sulfurous chemicals, some that you can’t
really, by scent and texture, identify. TALIESIN: If there’s anything interesting? MATT: Okay, we’ll say that you have a handful of
chemicals that you may be able to look into later. Five vials, specifically. TALIESIN: Anything on the body? On the giant? On
the pit fiend. MATT: Utugash? There’s the axe that Utugash had,
which is this very, very large black, metal heated axe. TRAVIS: Can I see that, please? TALIESIN: Yes, of course. MARISHA: Can I pick him up by his ankles and
schoolyard bully-style shake him out from his feet, upside-down? SAM: For pocket change? MARISHA: For pocket change. MATT: Even for your giant strength, you’re like
(grunts). He’s a very rotund pit fiend, and the red scales, leathery blubber as it moves around–
there wasn’t much that he was carrying on him. Most pit fiends, or at least devilish creatures of
his stature, don’t keep his belongings hidden anywhere on himself. They’re visible. LIAM: That’s a pretty big meatball. LAURA: Some spicy meatball. TRAVIS: Does the axe do anything when I hold it? MATT: It’s roughly twice the size of any axe
you’ve held and is too large for you to use. LAURA AND NOELLE: Aw. TRAVIS: I really think that’s a matter of
perspective? SAM: Would you like me to identify the object? TRAVIS: Yeah. SAM: All right. MATT: Okay. LIAM: Weakly limps over. SAM: Aye, I’ll take a look at it. MATT: Okay. It’s referred to as a Black Iron Axe
of Corruption. It’s used primarily as a means of intimidating and scaring off lessers, and keeping
subordinates in line. SAM: With magic, or just with size? MATT: Both. It’s a minor enchantment. The
enchantment of it, you get the essence as you look at it, the power of it was part of the presence of
the pit fiend, it was an inherent ability, so yeah. This is not considered a very powerful
magical item. It was only powerful in the hands of a pit fiend. TRAVIS: I take it. Can I put it in the pool of
blood? MATT: Yeah. (sizzles) TRAVIS: It dissolved it? MATT: No, but the heat of it just naturally being
in the space, it steams as it goes in. TRAVIS: That’s a deep pool, you guys. Like
seriously, drowning warning, okay? NOELLE: So wait, who are you guys again? LAURA: I’m going to pop Trinket out of the
necklace and cast Cure Wounds on him. NOELLE: Why are you here? TRAVIS: Tax collectors. TALIESIN: We were running– let’s just say, we had
a grudge and we took care of it. NOELLE: All right, works for me. LIAM: What about you? Where are you from? NOELLE: (sighs) I came here with friends. I don’t
know if they’re still alive, the ones– well, most of them are dead. I don’t know if the other two
are still alive, but they’re in prison. I’ve got to rest up. I’ve got to get back and find them. TRAVIS: Are they like you? NOELLE: What do you mean, like me? TRAVIS: I mean like (roars)? NOELLE: Like bears? They’re not bears. TRAVIS: Oh. LAURA: Wait, they’re in the prison? NOELLE: Yeah. MARISHA: I Shapechange back to Keyleth for a
second. Do you know which section of the prison they’re in? NOELLE: (sighs) I guess the same one I was in,
yeah? I know roughly. I was in the prison too. Utugash, he bought me. He was going to, I guess
corrupt my soul, or whatever, but good luck with that, dude! (laughter) LAURA: Wait, does the Bastion of Flesh sound
familiar? NOELLE: Does it? MATT: You haven’t heard the term. You weren’t
given a lot of information. Most of your presence once you were captured was just being dragged
through hallways, tortured, chained up and then eventually purchased and brought here to be
perpetually tortured by Utugash until these guys found you. NOELLE: Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on
still. It’s been a hard time in hell. It doesn’t sound familiar, but I guess I know where my
friends might be. I’ve got to get back and see if they’re still alive, if they’re still in there. LAURA: As she’s saying this, Trinket goes and
grabs some of the rotting meat out of one of those and brings it to her as a present. MARISHA: Aw. NOELLE: I accept it. Thanks, buddy. MATT: And just gives you a big lick on the side of
the face. LAURA: Are you still a bear? NOELLE: I’m a dwarf again. MATT: No she’s a dwarf. TRAVIS: Oh, are you going to hand it over here
now? Thanks. NOELLE: All yours. All yours, pal. TRAVIS: Is it really rotten? MATT: It’s on par with what you ate before. LAURA: Would you know your way around if you went
back to the prison? I mean, do you think you’d know your way through the halls? NOELLE: I think so. I think I’d be able to– with
my bear smell, I think I could find my way back at least to where my friends were. Yeah, I can’t
leave them in there: if they’re still in there, I have no idea, but I came here to help my friend,
he made a contract with a devil, and we came here to try and get him out of it. LAURA: Terrible idea. TALIESIN: Always. MARISHA: The worst idea you could ever do. SAM: Well, we did that, no? LAURA: No, I don’t know what you’re talking about,
Tary. SAM: Yeah, Percy signed it. TALIESIN: No we didn’t. NOELLE: Well, if you were thinking about doing it.
Don’t. It’s a bad idea. LIAM: Since the little ones got away, do we want
to turn this into a walk-and-talk? LAURA: Yeah, maybe we should get out of here. MARISHA: Well, okay, hang on. What happens next?
Because aren’t we supposed to be arrested next? TRAVIS: Yeah, but we can check out the place until
they get here. Can we check the rest of the room first, before we leave? MATT: Yeah, okay. TRAVIS: Especially that back wall. LAURA: But being very careful for traps because
they are present here. TRAVIS: Not me, necessarily. MATT: Oh, so Grog, you’re taking point? TRAVIS: Yep. MATT: Okay. Grog, you enter this chamber, and it
opens up into this candelabra area. As you pass this area, I need you to make a dexterity saving
throw, Grog. TRAVIS: Okay. 15. MATT: 15. You take a few steps and then on one of
the stone slabs beneath you, a glyph suddenly brightly shines with a strange, pinkish-orange
glow, and then you guys watch as a column of somewhat translucent, ethereal energy shoots up,
engulfing Grog. LAURA: What are you fucking doing? TRAVIS: What? MATT: You suffer 21 points of psychic damage. TRAVIS: (yelps) I’m too smart again! (laughter) LIAM: I fly in alongside. You know, all you have
to do is ask. Will you hold still and give me ten seconds? And I’ll check the rest of the room, just
in case. TALIESIN: Ew. LAURA: Ew, what is that? MATT: This is another one of the boiling blood
chambers you saw earlier. LIAM: Okay. I’m just going to check for traps. TALIESIN: I like Crimson Peak as much as the next
person, but this is kind of over it. LIAM: 30. MATT: 30? Okay, as you scan the room, you do
notice on the inside of each one of these pillars is another one of the similar platforms to the one
that Grog triggered, and the one that he triggered here, there are about two, in width. LIAM: There’s spots on the ground? MATT: Yeah, this whole area here, and this area,
and there’s one here, and one here, and all these can be triggered. LIAM: All right, just hold on– stay over there.
Do I see anything of value or anything else in the room, besides the traps? MATT: No, but what you do notice– Vax, you and
Vex, and Keyleth, who have the highest passive perception– you hear from the ceiling above you,
what sounds like multiple entities landing on the roof. LIAM: All right, we’ve got to am-scray. MARISHA: I think reinforcements are here. LAURA: This is definitely what we talked about. MARISHA: Did I see anything that looked like
guards that wore like the armor? The gold armor? MATT: Not in the interior, no. MARISHA: No, throughout the city. MATT: From where you are right now? MARISHA: Just in general, since I’ve been in
hell. LAURA: Yeah, of course. MARISHA: What are they? MATT: You’ve seen the different types. You’ve seen
a couple that have been imps, you’ve seen a few that have been winged humanoid entities. MARISHA: Were there any like erinyeses or
succubuses that were also guards that would be one of these people? MATT: You didn’t see any of that, specifically. TALIESIN: We’re going to be okay. We were
expecting this. MARISHA: I know, but I could still be a guard and
follow you guys there. TALIESIN: Then what? MARISHA: Then I’m someone on the outside and not
in prison as maybe a first responder. LAURA: I don’t know. TRAVIS: I think you’re overthinking this. TALIESIN: It’s a big prison. I think you’re going
to be very far away from us very quickly. MARISHA: If I say, hey, I found these guys, and I
walk with you guys all the way to the prison? MATT: A hatch from the ceiling in this chamber in
here kicks open and about a dozen entities come dropping in, some winged, others like spined
similar bearded devils, some of them wearing the golden armor of the Whisperers you’ve seen
throughout the city. It seems that the guard have been called to the assault on this stronghold. LAURA: I get Trinket back in the necklace really
fast. MATT: Okay. Trinket’s in the necklace. What’s
everyone else doing? MARISHA: Can I stealth? Can I turn into one of the
impish creatures in gold armor? MATT: Sure. Yeah, okay. You turn into an imp. MARISHA: Have they seen me yet? MATT: You don’t create equipment, so you would be
an imp. You’d have to put on gold armor. MARISHA: I don’t have the gold armor. MATT: Yeah, so you’d just be an imp. MARISHA: Never mind. I’ll just be myself for right
now. MATT: Okay. So, you’re remaining as Keyleth’s
half-elf form. All right! What’s everyone else doing? SAM: I drank a healing draught, and I am getting
my lance ready, and I’m staying with fucking Doty. LIAM: In which of these rooms did that trap door
open? MATT: It opened here. Grog was waiting over to the
side. Grog, these entities landed near you, they just kinda (rumbles), about a dozen of them just
swarm into the chamber near you. Vax, you’re over here on the side as you’re figuring out the traps
in this area in the center. So they have been kind of behind you in this area. LIAM: Okay. I’m going to walk towards Grog. I’m
going to join him. MATT: You join up with Grog here. LAURA: I’m going to cast Cure Wounds on myself
really fast. MATT: Okay, we’ll say for the purposes of the
swarming of entities in this chamber. MARISHA: Who’s all been seen? That’s a lot. TRAVIS: We got Dis. NOELLE: Are we all in there? Who’s in there? MATT: Are you guys all going to join? You’re
staying with Doty? SAM: I’m staying. MATT: All right. Percival. SAM: I’m going to try to see if I can try to start
fixing him. MATT: Okay. You need workshop materials to do it. SAM: Okay. Well, then I won’t do that. TALIESIN: I’m going to sit with Doty. I’m going to
stay in the room. I’m just going to be sitting on Doty, probably. MATT. Okay. MARISHA: Are those bone demony guys? MATT: Bone demons, an erinyes enters, bearded
devils, cambions. A whole swarm comes in here. MARISHA: I’ll turn into one of the bone devils. MATT: A chain devil lands. MARISHA: I’ll turn into a bone devil. MATT: Okay. You turn into bone devil form. LAURA: Why? LIAM: Her game, man. MATT: At this point, they swarm the room, they
have their weapons ready, they see you guys standing there not making an aggressive maneuver.
The two bone devils that land within the chamber, they seem to be wearing some sort of a sash that
has a torn bottom portion of it and some sort of symbol that is holding it together over their
shoulder. Looks around. “Do you resist or do you surrender?” TRAVIS: I’m taking my cues from you, here. LAURA: (high-pitched) We surrender. LIAM: We surrender, Grog. TRAVIS: I can’t say it. You’ve got say it. LIAM: I surrender, and he’s coming along. MATT: “I will accept this as universal surrender.”
Puts his arms up and you watch as a number of these individuals begin pulling heavy chain
manacles out from sacks and satchels. Two of them immediately charge up and begin shackling Grog,
multiple layers of chain and manacles across your arms and legs. They shackle you up and begin to
spread into the next room, coming to the rest of you guys. They charge in and begin just, throat
manacle, to arms, to ankles, each with somewhat slack chains and has a specific lead
chain attached to the center of the whole ensemble. They go from person to person, they
throw them on you, though you angrily give in to it. Keyleth, as you approach, one of them turns to
you and goes (speaks Infernal). MARISHA: (speaks fake Infernal) MATT: Make a deception check. MARISHA: Fucking hell! MATT: With disadvantage. TRAVIS: You tried Parseltongue. LIAM: Did you say you want to go to the disco with
me? MARISHA: Eight. Total. NOELLE: I’m not a butt. MATT: Leans in real close to you. MARISHA: I give him a little bit of a twitch, like
maybe I’m the damaged bone devil. MATT: “Liar!” The wings (angry fluttering noise)
behind it as it points its finger at you. A bunch of the devils begin to swarm in from the sides
with the various polearms and jagged weapons pointed in your direction. “Reveal thyself.” MARISHA: Oh god. Okay, I drop form. MATT: “Shackle her. Twice over!” Of everyone, you
and Grog both get the Hannibal Lecter treatment. As you’re standing there with your spear out, they
all begin to swarm around you. Taryon? TALIESIN: I say, oh no, whatever will we do. We
have this enormous piece of equipment that you don’t understand and could possibly be very
dangerous and probably should be locked up with the rest of us. Oh no. MATT: They don’t seem to be paying any mind. They
throw the manacles on you. They subdue you very quickly with a swift hit to the back of your
shoulders, your sense of bravado is immediately crumbled. They throw you to the ground and chain
you up. You are all then chained together and brought to your feet as one of the bone devils
approaches. “You are found in the seeding stages “of usurpation of a trusted of Dispater and are
sentenced to moral reassignment and delivery. You “are forfeit to Mentiri.” Grabs the chains, tugs,
and you guys all begin to be pulled out and then up through the hatch in this chamber, through
multitudes of devilish arms. They are pulling you up through the ceiling. LAURA: This is a good plan! Good plan! TALIESIN: It’s actually working better than I
expected. MATT: You glance over your shoulder and watch as a
series of devils have now leapt onto Doty and are pulling him apart. LAURA: No! This is the part where C-3PO is being
pulled apart. SAM: He served his purpose. LAURA: No! MATT: And that’s where we’re going to take a
break. LIAM: He read you bedtime stories. TRAVIS: Holy shit. MATT: Be back after a short break here. They’re
going to show a few ads and then the Signal Boost episode that Marisha just put out. We’ll continue
our story here in just a few minutes, guys. See you in a moment. TRAVIS: Aw, Doty, poor bastard! [break] MATT: Welcome back. Hopefully the audio’s better
for some folks. Thank you for being patient. We have a winner in the Wyrmwood contest we had in
the chat room. AlchemistKiller wins this awesome set of zebra wood dice box, dice tray, and the
dice roller. So congratulations to you, buddy. This’ll be coming your way soon, signed by the
cast of Critical Role. LAURA: Killer! MATT: Now. Diving back into where we were, folks.
You guys are yanked out onto the streets of the Iron City of Dis, pulled off of the roof of
Utugash’s personal stronghold and yanked across the heated cobblestones, having to keep, through
what strength you have, standing, for fear of being dragged across the extremely hot floor. As
you are brought through, people begin to gather up on the sides of the street. You begin to see other
devils gathering towards the edges, and every ten minutes of walking, when there’s a crowd gathered
around, some of the devils will go ahead and crack one of you in the back of the knee and give off a
showing of ownership and a general sense of cheer emerges with each person that gets smacked in the
back of the head or thrust down. Percival, you get, at one point, hit along the side of the jaw
and you feel the blood fill the side of your mouth, as you wish you could rub it with your
hand, though the way the chains are pulling prevent you from raising your arm too high. You
hear the hissing and the occasional rocks being thrown from the distance as you’re pulled through.
Vex and Vax, go ahead and roll perception checks, please. LIAM: 27. LAURA: 31. MATT: Okay. Vex, as this is happening and you
watch Percival recoil from the impact, you glance with a bit of a sneer towards the crowd and you
watch amongst all these various toothy, hissing devils, you see one familiar red-skinned man with
long-ish dark hair, horns curled up, and as his eyes meet yours, he gives you a smile. And steps
back with the crowd as it closes around him. LAURA: I breathe a little easier. MATT: Bits of filth are being chucked. Grog, one–
not quite sure what form of refuse this is, but it smears and drips down the side of your face, and
gets stuck in your beard. (laughter) LAURA: Gross. MATT: Make a dexterity check. TRAVIS: Okay. 17. MATT: 17. You catch it in your mouth. And it is
filthy. You don’t even know what it is. You regret the impulse immediately. TRAVIS: (spits) MATT: This goes on for about 15 minutes as you
guys are pulled through. You watch as nearby Whisperers begin to stop and perch on the edge of
buildings to watch. You get the sense that what you guys have done has drawn some attention. As
you reach the end of this 15-minute period, you’re pulled down a large road and the buildings begin
to grow a little thin in this area. You’re brought to what looks to be a very, very heavy set of
doors, this crimson gate that is humongous: 20 feet by ten feet for each side of the gate, so 40
feet across. It leans at an angle, like a gargantuan cellar door that sits on its own in the
center. As you begin to approach, you hear chains suddenly (metal scraping). The doors
slowly open with a creaking noise as you’re brought towards it. They open, and you can see
inside it is lightless, it is dark. The two bone devils tugging further, and with each tug, the
chains that connect you all choke and pull you forward. You nearly stumble again as you’re
brought over the stairway lip and down into this darkened chamber below. You are brought down a seemingly endless set of
stairs, the darkness only occasionally broken by the passing faintly red-glowing sconce that passes
by as you’re brought down. You hear the various mutterings of various Infernal phrases being
spoken, chuckled between the devils that speak in your vicinity. You then come to a leveling point.
The stairs come to an end, the light opening up in this area; still dim, the reddish glow that
occasionally gives you a glimpse of the interior. This, you can only imagine, would be what a prison
in hell looks like. The metal and stone walls are warped and misshapen in places; they’re almost
buckling under the weight of the plane they’re holding. You can see what looks to be stone arms
that are either carved out of the walls or have been jammed into it as part of the decor. And you
see giant metal hooks that occasionally eject out the side, some of them with the remains of some
sort of prisoner or meat that has been left to slowly rot. More of those small devilish insects
you encountered when you first arrived are gathering and feasting on these remnants. You begin to hear various echoes of screams from
some distant place within this labyrinthine series of hallways that have bounced through enough walls to the
point that it’s this constant ringing gasp, occasionally mixed with this high-pitched whine.
This wailing, and this sound of horrible torture. It’s very familiar to you, Tova. You have no idea
how long you were here before, but it seems endless in hindsight. It could have been days,
weeks, months; you don’t recall. The air itself is extremely hot, stagnant, and humid with sweat and
has that subterranean putrescense to it. The idea that mold and suffering pervade the atmosphere.
And, as you’re carted through these hallways, you’re turned right, left, forward past multiple
intersections. More devils pass by. You see another erinyes step by with three other minions
to her sides. She hisses as you walk past. You are brought past so many different pathways
that it begins to all blend. You’re trying to pay attention to remember which way you came, but
sometimes the turns almost go so fast, it causes you to lose track of where you originally started.
You get the essence that not only this is a massive prison, but it’s designed to keep
anyone from finding their way back out. You turn one corner as you hear a series of very
high-intensity screams that cut through the relative din in the background, and as you turn
you see three people: two humans and one male half-elf that are naked and strung up by chains in
front of what looks like a large forge. You see there a 12-foot-tall horned devil, his wings
folded up over his shoulders, these giant crested horns off the front of his skull. Very Tim
Curry Legends-style, who’s currently heating this long brand in the forge as he’s glaring at them.
And as you all walk past, his eyes catch yours and he gives you a nod as he sears it in the body
of the half-elf, who begins to quiver and scream against the chains. But he just gives you the rest
of the head nod as you pass, cross the door, not seeing them any further. SAM: I can’t do this. I can’t go in there. MATT: You hear, as you leave past the doorway, you
hear a voice echo from the chamber you just passed, “I’ll see you soon enough.” LAURA: Great. Can’t wait. MATT: You’re brought down another twisting series
of intersecting halls, the smell growing more and more rancid the further in you go. You see three
chain devils wander past, these roving jailers dragging broken bodies behind them in manacles
similar to yours. You see trails of blood streaking across that are slowly turning dry and
thick with caked, drying blood, some bits turning to mist across the hot stonework of the interior
of the prison. A twitch of one of the legs reveals that these bodies are still living, though by but
an inch of their life. A few errant chains that drift and drag behind them creepily caress the arm
and face of Taryon as you pass, just across your cheek. One of them scratches you with
a hook at the tip. LAURA: You fall unconscious. SAM: As we’re walking, I’m going to whisper to
Percy. Are they going to take all our stuff? TALIESIN: It’s going to be fine. SAM: I can’t do anything without my stuff. TALIESIN: We’re going to be fine. MATT: Your weapons have been gathered and they
have been taken from you. SAM: Everything? Armor? Helmets? MATT: You have your armor on you, still. Your
helmet is not currently on you, that’s been taken off. But your weapons have been taken from you
because you can’t hold your weapons in your chains. LAURA: That’s a break of contract. TALIESIN: Not yet. LAURA: All right. MATT: So, further still, you’re finally brought
within this 30 foot by 20 foot room, bisected by a series of thick metal bars that open into a cell.
A single, towering chain devil sits within, larger than any you’ve encountered. The broad shoulders
are almost as wide as Grog’s, and the head is so deeply set within the neck that it almost gives a
profile from shoulder to shoulder of a square. And it cross– Nice. LAURA and TALIESIN: Nope. MARISHA: Fuck this asshole. MATT: The chains all begin to slacken as you enter
and the arms reach out almost in a graceful invitation. You hear his horrible voice slither
out from the mask of black metal that covers everything but his deep, red, burning, beady eyes.
“Good. String them up.” As the devil entourage that has pulled you through this prison brings you
into the cell one by one, they take your manacles and latch them onto a thick, heavy, metal chain.
As they pull, it pulls your arms up over your body and your leg manacles are attached to similar
rings on the ground. One by one, you are all placed within this chamber, chained up, helpless. SAM: This is the worst. MATT: All the rest of the devils that brought you
in here exit the cell and leave through the hallway, leaving the chain devil to do his duty.
He approaches the bars as he closes the entranceway to the cell, so he’s on the other side
of the cell from all of you. You’re just strung up in there and he’s pressed up against the bars from
the other side, his hands clutching as he stares across you, his eyes slowly scanning. As he moves
his hands down the bars, the chains go limp and unfurl around parts of his arms and begin to snake
and slither across the ground, a dozen of them or so slowly creeping like tendrils of living
entities towards all of you as he says, “You seem “weary. Let’s loosen your load.” As the chains
begin to snake their way up each of your bodies, Grog, you feel one come up your torso and under
the gauntlets and begin to loosen the gauntlets on your arm underneath. Vex, you feel as one curls
up, spirals around your leg and finds its way under your armor, and eventually finds the buckles
in the back and begins to undo them. All of you find the chains are all beginning to move– LAURA: I saw this movie! (laughter) MATT: Beginning to infiltrate and remove the
various bits of equipment you all came into this area on. A voice rings out from across the chamber
in the darkness. It goes, “Krix! You are needed by “Overseer Shushot for prisoner enumeration and
status!” At which point, the chains stop and the chain devil releases his fingers, tense against
the bars. The chains begin to slack and pull back from your bodies and retract back into the
chamber. You now see behind him, stepping in, a small green devil with long, knifelike ears, a
series of long spines across his body, similar, though a thicker version, of the merchant that you
saw earlier on your journey here, this one carrying the same sash that the bone devils that
originally arrived had adorned on their chest. It does actually carry a satchel on one side. As the
jailer pulls the chains back to his body, he snarls and turns back to this barbed devil, who
winces and recoils as soon as the chain devil turns, already taking a submissive stance after
making his announcement in the chamber. The chain devil, “I do despise such droll work.”
Turns back to all the rest of you, “I will return, “lovelies.” The chains retract back into his body
and he walks out of the chamber past the barbed devil, shoulder-checking it on the way through,
slips to the side. As it leaves, you’re all still there, chained up. The green devil waits, rubbing its shoulder. Comes
forward, sheepishly, looking at all of you in silence, breathing heavily, rubbing its chin.
Takes its satchel, and you can see it has this hefty satchel on the side that’s filled with a
series of side pockets and small openings, and it begins to pry them open and it begins to produce
each one of your weapons, and is pulling them out quickly and throwing them into a pile on the
outside of the bars. Pulls out your packs. The various things that were taken from you have all
been put within this satchel and is quickly throwing them into a pile on the other side of the
bars from all of you. Throws them all onto the ground. Finishes in this big mass. “There.
Unspoiled. Unharmed. Now, to guide you.” And the creature walks up to the bars, and clutches the
sides staring at you. “You seek Hotis, yes?” LIAM: Yes. MATT: “He is under the ceiling of Iskath, though
Iskath is not in Mentiri this day. You must leave “this room, turn right, left, straight, straight,
left, straight, then right. The iron door with the “fanged grin bears the mark. There lies your
quarry. Now! My debt is paid! Goodbye.” And the devil turns around and begins to run out of the
chamber. LAURA: Oh shit I missed the last thing that he
said. I got all the directions, but I didn’t hear the very last thing that he said. LIAM: Door with a grin. LAURA: Door with a grin? MATT: Door with a fanged grin. LIAM: Right, left, straight, straight, left,
straight, right. LAURA: Wait I got right, left, straight, straight,
left, straight, right. TRAVIS: That’s what I’ve got, too. MARISHA: Right, left, yeah, right, left, straight,
straight, right, left, straight? LAURA AND LAURA: No. LAURA: Right, left, straight, straight, left,
straight, right. MARISHA: Right. MATT: We’ll find out. We’ll find out who got the
right one. But the devil just leaves. LAURA and LIAM: And we’re still strung up? MATT: You’re all still strung up. SAM: I didn’t get my phone call! LIAM: I’m going to start doing something. LAURA: I want to try to lockpick, too. MATT: Your lockpick was taken with your equipment–
unless you were hiding one, you would have to specify. LAURA: Not the one in my mouth. Okay, how about
this. I’m going to pop Trinket out of the necklace– SAM: Oh, wait, do we have the necklace? TALIESIN: They wouldn’t have taken it. MATT: The necklace was not taken off you. It was
just your satchels, equipment, and your armor. LAURA: I grab the necklace and I go, Trinket, get
out. MATT: Trinket emerges. (sneezes) ALL: Bless you! MATT: Thank you. TRAVIS: Allergic to hell. LAURA: Trinket! Get us out of here! Hey, okay,
here’s the thing. Can you go over and get anything out from between those two bars, on the outside of
the room? MATT: Trinket goes over to the edge of the bars
and leans into them and is marking a claw across the ground and it’s about a good foot away from
the equipment and you can see that smoke begin to rise LAURA: Did you get that?! LIAM: Yes! Dead for a ducat, it’s dead! (cheering) MATT: Five experience to Sam Riegel. TRAVIS: (laughs) Five experience. MATT: You can see that the fur is beginning to
send off smoke smoke and burn against the bars as he’s leaning against them. LAURA: Okay, back away. Maybe you can try and just break through
these manacles. Can you do that? MATT: Reaches up and grabs the one around your
ankle and tugs, and you see it begin to singe the outside of his tongue. And he’s pulling. Make a
strength check. LAURA: Okay. Okay. Okay. 17? MATT: 17. The chain on one of your ankles begins
to bend. It’s not quite– doesn’t fully break. But you can see that it’s getting some headway. LAURA: I want to pull my leg at the same time and
see if I can help him out at all. MATT: Make a strength check as well. LAURA: Should’ve had him do this to Grog. Okay.
(laughs) I suck at strength checks. Okay. 15. MATT: 15? Okay. Between both Trinket and you
pulling, you do manage to get one of the chains to (snapping sound), and you get one ankle free. LAURA: Great, I have an ankle free. Hey, guys!
Guess what? My ankle’s free. NOELLE: Lucky. LAURA: I am really flexible. This does nothing. LIAM: Can you Druidcraft into my hand? Can you
give me a thorn, something long and thin? LAURA: Yeah, Keyleth, what can you do? MARISHA: I mean, I could probably also Beast Shape
out of this if I really wanted to. LAURA: What the fuck, Keyleth? LIAM: Do you really want to? MARISHA: Well, you know, I was kinda waiting to
see what everybody else did. TRAVIS AND TALIESIN: Less talking, more doing. MARISHA: Okay. And I Beast Shape into a rat. MATT: Okay. LAURA: Can you do that to all of us? MARISHA: Technically, yeah. And then I shape back
to Keyleth. MATT: Okay. SAM: She’s amazing. Every time. Every time. MARISHA: And then keys. Keys, right there on the
other side or something? Keys? MATT: They’re about maybe three and a half feet
from the edge of the bars. MARISHA: I’m going to do a Thorn Whip. Thorn Whip
them to me. MATT: To your equipment, you mean? MARISHA: Wait. MATT: Sorry. There’s no keys to the door. MARISHA: Oh, sorry. MATT: No, there’s just a pile of– LIAM: Get my lockpicks. LAURA: Yeah, just get the lockpicks. MARISHA: Which are in the satchel on the other
side of the bags, right? MATT: So you Thorn Whip that over. You catch it.
You rummage through the pouch that he usually keeps his equipment in. You find the lockpicks
that Vax usually uses. MARISHA: I got it! LIAM: Okay, bring it over here, love. MARISHA: Okay. LAURA: Do you have any extra? You can pass them to
me and I can maybe help. LIAM: Already doing it while she’s– MARISHA: Are there any other extra lockpicks in
here? MATT: Make an investigation check. LIAM: Am I at disadvantage or anything
because I’m– MATT: You are, because you’re strung up. MARISHA: Investigation check? LIAM: 27. MARISHA: Natural one. MATT: You’re rummaging through the bag, trying to
find it, you’re like, I know it’s in here somewhere! MARISHA: Honey, you’re a hoarder. We really need
to clean out your purse. LAURA: Just fucking let me out of this. LIAM: Yeah, I start with my sister. MATT: Yeah, you eventually get both of your arms
and ankles undone, you go up to your sister. She’s still looking through the pouch. Roll for Vax–
for Vex. TRAVIS: Can I try and just muscle out this bitch,
since I’m still wearing my Gauntlets? MATT: Make a strength check. LIAM: 27 again. MATT: You get her wrists undone. LIAM: All right. I’ll just hit the whole group,
then. TRAVIS: 24. MARISHA: I really can’t find any– MATT: Grog just pulls his manacles off the
ceiling. The chain (snapping sound). You break them off your wrists. LAURA: I want to go over and start trying to do
the lockpick. Oh, actually, I don’t have any lockpicks on me, still, do I? MATT: No. It’s across the way. LIAM: I hand her a spare. LAURA: Yeah, thanks. He gives me a spare and I
start trying to work on the door while he’s doing the others. MATT: Okay, so you go over and grab a spare from
her pouch. You guys begin– we’ll say over the next five minutes or so– getting everyone undone
at this point. You pull– you have the chains still dangling from your wrists, the manacles
still attached to your Titanstone Gauntlets, but you’re free. TRAVIS: I kinda maybe wrap them around, just for a
little super there. MATT: Hell chains. TRAVIS: Hell chains. LIAM: As I get Tary out. We’re going to be fine,
this is going to be fine. SAM: We’re in jail. LIAM: I can see you shaking. It’s going to be all
right. You’re with us. SAM: I have no Doty. Who will record my exploits
down here? Why am I here if not to record my adventures? TRAVIS: You want me to write some stuff down for
you? SAM: No. You’re an idiot– I mean, no thank you,
Grog. I lash out when I’m nervous and I don’t have my belongings. LIAM: Do you know what to do with a knife? SAM: Of course. You cut your food before you eat
it. LIAM: Okay. You also stick the sharp end of it
into things. And I take out the Flametongue, and I stick it in– this is a loaner. I’ll get it back
from you when we’re done here. SAM: I take out my rod and make it a dagger and
set it on fire. LIAM: Oh, you have that. SAM: Yes. MATT: Well, you haven’t picked up your equipment
yet. SAM: Oh, I don’t. I don’t? Where is it? TALIESIN: It’s on the other side of the bars. MATT: You’re going to try and pick the bars that
lead into the next chamber? LAURA: Out the doors, so I can get our shit. MATT: Okay, so go for it. LAURA: What do I add to it? MATT: Add your proficiency bonus and your
dexterity. SAM: Everything’s outside? Shit. I need that
shit. LAURA: 27? MATT: 27? You get partway into it, and you feel
it’s moving but it’s a very, very difficult lock. LAURA: Jesus. TRAVIS: Can I try mine? LAURA: Wait, not yet. It’s quieter to do this. LIAM: I rest my chin on her shoulder. LAURA: Just, come over, and– LIAM: Is it a sticky one? LAURA: Yeah, it’s really, really tough. I could
have done the chains on all of us, and you could have done this, but whatever. LIAM: All right. Rather than do it, I just grab a
hold of her elbow and I shift her to the side and feel through her bones into the lock and– MATT: Go for a roll. SAM: Through her bones? LIAM: Yeah. LAURA: You’re going through my bones. LIAM: Yeah, man. SAM: Tova, can’t you just curse the lock? LIAM: 27. LAURA: Twins. MATT: 27 again? You do so and the lock pick kind
of breaks off inside. LIAM: Oh, it broke! TRAVIS: Would anybody care if I try mine? LAURA: Now you’ve got to. TALIESIN: As long as we’re free already– LIAM: Could you “pick the lock,” Grog? MARISHA: Wait, who’s stuck? TRAVIS: Kame– LAURA: But quiet. TRAVIS: — hame– LAURA: Try to do it quietly. Just quiet. Just
quiet. TRAVIS: — what do you mean, quiet? I can’t hold
it, it’s so powerful, oh! (yells) (laughter) MATT: Go ahead and roll an attack. LAURA: Motherfucking door. MARISHA: Fucking doors! It’s always doors! TALIESIN: Am I still chained down, by the way? LIAM: No! LAURA: No, no, no! He’s been doing everybody. TALIESIN: All right, that’s fine. TRAVIS: I guess it’s not a– what would I add, my
strength? MATT: Yes. SAM: I’m just rubbing my wrists. TRAVIS: 26, so, 52? MATT: It’s your strength modifier. TRAVIS: Which is eight, and I rolled a 18. MATT: Right. That’s 18 to see if you hit, so go
ahead and roll damage. For the purposes of this roll, roll 1d4 and add your strength modifier. TRAVIS: 1d4. LAURA: That’s a six, that’s a 1d6. Hey! Great! TRAVIS: Strength modifier, that’s ten! MATT: Ten. Double that, because Siege, so it’s
20. TRAVIS: 20. MATT: So, with your one-fist punch, between the
damage you had done to the lock by messing with it, and the impact of your fist, the lock
shatters, and the door squeaks open. TRAVIS: You loosened it for me. Nice job. LAURA: I reach through and try to grab everything
in, pass it out. MATT: You pull the equipment in, you get your rod,
you get everything situated. LAURA: Okay. I cast– TALIESIN: Have we technically had a short rest
since we were basically just manacled walking for a while? MATT: Nope! TALIESIN: Okay, just checking. LAURA: I cast Pass Without a Trace on all of us. TRAVIS: Ooh, good call– MARISHA: Do we want to take a short rest while
we’re supposedly– TRAVIS: Nope! LAURA: Nope! TALIESIN: Nope, nope, let’s just– MARISHA: All right, let’s go. LAURA: I think it would be best if maybe we, I
mean, I don’t know how well we can stealth around here, if we should maybe turn into insects and
just crawl around here. MARISHA: I can do that to us. LAURA: I think we should do that. MARISHA: Is everyone cool with that? LAURA: But I’ve definitely got a Pass Without a
Trace still on us. TALIESIN: Can we still Plane Shift later? MARISHA: I can still Plane Shift us, so I can burn
one of my higher-level spells– like an eight on the scale of zero to nine– and be animals, and
then I can save my seventh-level for Plane Shift in case of emergency. TALIESIN: Okay. LAURA: Solid. Copy on that. TRAVIS: Wait a minute, but doesn’t the floor burn?
Are we going to flip out of that shape real fast? NOELLE: The floor does burn. LAURA: But maybe those little insects are immune
to the fire since they live here. TRAVIS: But we’re animals though, we’re not
insects. We’re animals. LAURA: Wait, we can’t be those little– TRAVIS: No. LIAM: Can’t we fly? Can’t we be flying? MARISHA: Can I not do that with Animal Shapes? I
can’t turn into the insects? MATT: Animal Shapes? You can only do beasts. TRAVIS: Yeah, I remember we had this conversation
before. SAM: Well, why don’t we be pigeons that can
fucking fly? MATT: And the creatures that you saw, the insects
here, are technically very, very small fiends. MARISHA: Hm. LAURA: Oh, really? LIAM: But we could be hornets, or flies? MARISHA: Have I seen anything, like flies or rats
or anything like that? TRAVIS: Not insects. LAURA: Not insects. MATT: You’ve seen rats, but they don’t do well
here because of the heat. LIAM: There’s flies all over this shit. LAURA: Maybe hummingbirds, something, the
teensiest bird you can think of. LIAM: We’re not in the woods though. Flies. MARISHA: Hang on, I’ve seen rats, and I’ve seen
what? Have I seen any– LAURA: We can’t be insects, we can only be
animals. MARISHA: I’ve got to be beasts. LAURA: Yeah, so teeny teeny teeny, like, finches
or hummingbirds. MARISHA: Are there anything like bats? Have I ever
seen any bats? LAURA: Ooh, bats, down here? MATT: You’ve seen bats before, you haven’t seen
bats that reside in this domain. LAURA: Whatever, as long as we’re flying, maybe we
can be stealthy. We’ll be stealhty bats. TRAVIS: What happens if we hit a door on this
right-left-straight-straight-left-straight-right? SAM: Let’s just walk. MARISHA: I mean, technically, with Animal Shapes,
I can change us with an action. Correct? MATT: That’s true. I think so, yeah. LAURA: So we can just shift in and out whenever we
want? With an action? MARISHA: Yeah, as long as we don’t get caught. TRAVIS: I don’t mind starting out that way. LIAM: All right. LAURA: Okay, I think getting– yeah, we should,
it’s easier to not get caught. And then we’ll stealth as bats. TALIESIN: Stealthy bats. MARISHA: All right. So we’re starting as bats.
Bats? LAURA: Sure. TRAVIS: What do our bats sound like? LIAM: “Where is Harvey Dent?” (high-pitched squealing) MATT: Okay. This is concentration, so this will
get rid of your Shapechange. MARISHA: Correct. So as long as we’re cool with me
losing my ninth-level Shapechange. I can’t escort us as an erinyes anymore. SAM: I think we should just walk, but if you want
to do this, you can. TRAVIS: Ooh, wait! Well– LAURA: I think we’ll just– there’s a lot of
demons around here. Devils. MARISHA: How much longer is my Shapechange left?
It lasts for an hour. TRAVIS: You don’t speak that shit, is the
problem. MATT: You’re not quite certain, but it’s pushing
close to an hour. LAURA: Yeah, you don’t speak the shit, so even if
you have it– MARISHA: I don’t speak the shit. So, bats! LAURA: Stealthy bats. We fly close to the ceiling and
be as quiet as possible. NOELLE: I don’t care for this. TRAVIS: I know it’s not a bear, but at least they
both start with a… D. NOELLE: Bears, bats– MATT: All of you guys turn into bats, flapping. MARISHA: Wait, I can technically make some of us
bats and some of us other things, correct? I can choose. MATT: Yup. MARISHA: Does anyone not want to be a bat for any
particular reason? LAURA: I’m solid with the bat, but I’m going to
lead the way since I’m good with directions. SAM: Since bats can’t see, maybe we should– TALIESIN: They can see! TRAVIS: Take off, I’ll follow you. MATT: Essentially, you get– MARISHA: Sonar. LAURA: Oh, but we can still see where we’re
going. MATT: Yeah. The equivalent of Darkvision. You know
where you’re going. MARISHA: Echolocation. LAURA: Is it echolocation only? TALIESIN: No, they have both. I mean,
biologically, they have both. MARISHA: We have Darkvision. LAURA: Okay. TRAVIS: I’m following Vex out. TALIESIN: Yup. MARISHA: Bats go in swarms. We’re all bats. MATT: All right, so a bat swarm suddenly emerges
into the hallway, which immediately turns right and left. Which direction do you go? LAURA: Right. MATT: Okay, you turn right, and as you guys rush
into the corner, you watch as the chain devil that originally arrived in the first chamber– LAURA: Flying close to the ceiling, stealthy. SAM: Stealthy. MATT: Right. It’s about 15 feet up to the ceiling,
and you guys come up. The chain devil walks beneath, and as you guys arc past him, he kind of
stops and looks over and watches you all go past him and he keeps walking, looking very confused. LIAM: Fly with purpose, fly with purpose. LAURA: Okay. Fly with purpose, fly with purpose. MATT: All right. So you guys continue. LAURA: As soon as we get to a thing, we turn
left. MATT: Yes. So you go forward for about 60, 70 feet
or so. You see a couple of small imps also fly past, and you guys kind of dart around, and they
all look curiously at these bats that are swarming past them. MARISHA: This is the best. LAURA: At least they’re letting us go right now. TALIESIN: Everything’s fine. MATT: You come to a T intersection now. LAURA: Left. Oh! TRAVIS: Straight. LIAM: Straight. SAM: Wait, do we go right? What? LAURA: Wait, no, we haven’t gone left yet. LIAM: We didn’t take a left yet? TRAVIS: Yeah. LIAM: I thought we were taking it. MATT: You turned right. LAURA: Yes, and now we’re going to turn left. MATT: And then you turn left. All right. You all
shift, following Vex’s pathway, left. And as you go forward in that direction, you watch as another
chain devil and two barbed devils, similar to the one that came in there and brought your equipment,
are patrolling down the hall. As you guys are approaching, I want everyone to roll a stealth
check. LIAM: Yeah. Plus ten. LAURA: Plus ten! MARISHA: Plus ten. LAURA: I’m going to say Trinket’s back in the
necklace, by the way. MATT: I assumed. LAURA: Okay. NOELLE: So that plus ten for them, that was their
Feast? LAURA: No, that was me, I did that. TRAVIS: Pass Without a Trace. MATT: Spell she cast she cast on everybody, so
everyone gets plus ten dice. NOELLE: Oh, okay! Cool! Cool. SAM: 17. TALIESIN: 35. MARISHA: 26. LIAM: 37. NOELLE: 15. LAURA: 34. TRAVIS: 25. MATT: Okay. As you guys (fluttering noises) past,
the barbed devils just keep walking forward. The chain devil stops and turns and looks over and
sees you all. LAURA: Just keep flying! MATT: And turns and starts walking in your
direction as you guys keep flying. You come to a gate that is closed. TALIESIN: A gate! LIAM: Solid, or bars? MATT: It’s solid, there is a small opening with
some bars that are about that far apart each. LAURA: Let’s go through them. TALIESIN: We can go through. MATT: You guys as bats press through the gate,
just as– LAURA: Avoiding the bars! Avoiding the bars. MATT: — just as the chain devil runs up to try
and grab at you as you guys charge through, his arms catching the gate, and you hear him start
yelling, and suddenly you start hearing in the distance, behind where you were, sounds like rapid
footprints, footfalls. Apparently, people are now aware that you have escaped your cell. LAURA: Fuck, fuck, fuck. NOELLE: Fuck. SAM: I’m Batman. MATT: So. You guys continue rushing forward. MARISHA: We can always be rats whenever the time
is necessary! TRAVIS: No, no, we’ll burn out of it. We’ll burn
out of it. LAURA: Let’s just keep going. MARISHA: Keep going. MATT: You guys come to another T section. LAURA: Straight! MATT: You go straight on this one? All right. You
go straight past. Beneath you, you can see there’s another one of those blood pools that was in
Utugash’s chamber, and there are a couple of grates on each side. You can see the grates are
corroded with the quick glances as you go past. As you continue straight forward, you hear more
screams from the right and left side, the two hallways that you pass, just kind of (screaming)
echoing past, and you just keep pushing forward as best as you can. You hear the gate in the distance
open, so now you know, whoever was giving chase, they’re now starting to pick up behind you. You
come up to what looks to be a right and left. SAM: Wait, what? LAURA: Wait, only a right and left? But we have
two straights in a row! SAM: We go straight! LIAM: Yeah. Is there any hidden door here? Search
for a hidden door. SAM: We go straight into the wall! LIAM: I’m searching for a door, as a bat. TALIESIN: Straight, in the door, keep going
straight. MATT: Make an investigation check. MARISHA: Come on, come on! Come on! LAURA: Keep going straight. LIAM: 18. MATT: 18? You briefly glance forward as you guys
sit here for a second, and you begin to hear the distant sound of various Infernal yells getting
louder and louder. Something about the wall right in front of you doesn’t look right. LAURA: Keep going straight! LIAM: I start battering into the door. LAURA: Can we batter into it, or can we just fly
straight through? MATT: Vax just passes straight through. It’s an
illusory wall. (yelling) MATT: As you guys (flapping noise) into this next
chamber– LIAM: Everybody’s doing something different. MATT: Yeah. NOELLE: It’s like, ‘fuck, okay’. MATT: Tova’s so confused– NOELLE: This has been a weird day. LIAM: Aren’t you glad you’re playing with us? LAURA: Tary’s got wings coming out of his head. MATT: As you guys are flying, in this new chamber
it is pitch black. Thankfully, your vision allows you as best to see. Tova, you start having the
recurring memory of the fact that you’re not sure where they’re going, where they’re taking you, but
you still have people in this prison. NOELLE: Yeah. Am I looking out? Do I recognize
anything that we’re passing? MATT: You have no idea where they are and you have
no idea where you are currently. NOELLE: Can I use my heightened senses to do a
perception check and see if I can smell anything? MATT: You would if you weren’t a bat. NOELLE: I mean, there’s nothing in the rule book
that says bats can’t have heightened senses. MARISHA: Hang on. Well, technically, what do bats
have? TRAVIS: Not a great sense of smell. That’s for
sure. NOELLE: I don’t need to be a bear to do that. It
says that’s just part of my class. MATT: I know, I know. When you’re in your normal
form you would. SAM: As bats– MATT: As bats however, it’s a little more rough.
Let me check real fast just to be safe. NOELLE: Can I use my sonar? MARISHA: 5e bats– MATT: Here we go. TALIESIN: Nothing quite like googling ‘5e bats’. LAURA: Yeah. MARISHA: Bats– MATT: Let’s say swarm of bats. That’s basically
what you guys are all together. MARISHA: That’s true. We are a swarm of bats. MATT: Now, you have echolocation so you can, you
know– LIAM: Oh man, put us in a Strahd campaign. MATT: You have keen hearing but that’s not going
to help you tremendously in this circumstance. So yeah, there is a sinking feeling that right now,
either you– going with them, you might leave your friends behind. Just be aware. As you guys push
forward into this dark chamber, it continues forward and then dips down into a series of
stairs. Takes you to a secondary level below. As you guys follow this down for about 45 feet, it
evens out again and opens up into another T-intersection. LAURA, TRAVIS: Left! MATT: All right. You guys go ahead and turn left.
As you turn, right around the corner, there waiting, you see there is a single bone devil and
three flying spined devils. These deep blue, dark green, imp-like devils with these giant spined
wings and these long quills sticking out of their body as they carry these spears. And you all
almost– you encounter each other at once. The spined devils are up in your area and as you kind
of flutter past there’s no way they didn’t see you. LAURA: Chaos. Chaos. MARISHA: (bat squeaks) LIAM: Drop some guano. LAURA: Yeah, I poop. MATT: Okay. TRAVIS: ‘I poop’. TALIESIN: Smells better than the prison. LIAM: Guano, guano, guano. MATT: As this is happening, the bone devil stops
and turns and the spine devils that get caught up in the area, two of them are going to
instinctively swing at you guys as you move past. LAURA: Oh god. MATT: That is going to be– there’s the spined
devil here. That is an eight. SAM: Oh wow. TALIESIN: Oh. SAM: That might actually miss. MATT: I think it does, actually. The worst
possible– A bat has an AC of 12. TALIESIN: Yeah! SAM: Guys, we have one hit point, by the way. TALIESIN: Oh yeah. LAURA: Oh. MARISHA: Those bats were jus– I made no promises
other than bats. TRAVIS: One hit point? MATT: One hit point, each of you. The other one is
going to swing. Same roll! Two sixes in a row. (cheering) MATT: Eight. Eight. That is– aw, man. TRAVIS: ‘Aw, man!’ LIAM: Matt turned 12! Matt turned 12! MATT: So both of them miss as you guys continue
pushing forward past these– MARISHA: Go, go, go! MATT: However, the full speed of a bat, if I
remember– SAM: 30 feet. MATT: Is it 30-foot speed? SAM: It’s a 30-foot fly speed. MARISHA: And we’re definitely doubling our
movement here. TALIESIN: And we’re doubling movement. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Correct. LIAM: We’re dashing. MARISHA: And we’re dashing MATT: The spine devils are a little faster than
you guys. SAM: Ooh. MATT: And they’re gaining on you. As you move
past, they get their attack swings but you guys do double dash so they’re behind you. And now they’re
all starting to slowly gain. As they’re pushing forward and pushing forward, you come to another
T-intersection. LAURA: Straight! MATT: You go straight, okay. As you go straight
forward, it kind of curves a little bit to the right and then continues forward. The spine devils
are just starting to catch up to you guys and two of them go ahead and– Let’s see what attacks they
have here. NOELLE: Are we passing any cells? MATT: They’re both going to fire tail spines at
you. Their tail curves up behind and swings. And they fire these spines forward. LAURA: Fly zig zag! Fly zig zag! SAM: Serpentine. MATT: There’s three of them so one of them’s going
to be at Grog, one’s going to be at Vax and one’s going to be at Percy. Against Grog, that is a two
plus four. These guys can’t hit anything. Six. Just zooms past you. One towards Vax. That’s
cocked. Natural 20. (groaning) MATT: And against you, Percy. That is a 19 plus
two, so both of you guys get hit. LAURA: Fuck. MATT: Even basic damage, both of your bat forms
(boof) and you both fall about ten feet. LIAM: Is it an attack roll or– LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Yeah, they both hit– spines hit you. You
both take– LIAM: But if it’s under my AC? LAURA: No, it’s a bat’s AC. TRAVIS: You’re a bat. LIAM: Oh we’re a bat– bat’s AC. MARISHA: Bat AC. MATT: Bat’s AC, which is 12. LIAM: Thanks. MATT: So that’s six– So you take five points of
damage, Vax, to your main form, and Percival, you take four points of damage to your main form. Oh,
plus one point of fire damage and two points of fire damage. LIAM: My armor is set to fire, so do I take one
anyway? MATT: You still take one. LIAM: Okay. TALIESIN: Okay, yeah. Just the two of us. MATT: All right, so the rest of you are bats. Both
of you plummet, hit the ground, and the spine devils approach. TALIESIN: Attempt to acrobat roll, so that I’m up
and rolling? SAM: Oh boy. Here we go. LAURA: Oh dear lord. MATT: So now, we have Vax and– MARISHA: We did pretty good, you guys. We got
pretty far. LAURA: Yeah, we did get pretty far. TALIESIN: We did a lot. We did well. MATT: Vax and Percival are back this way, I’m
going to say that these guys represent you as bats. We’ll say that Taryon is one, Keyleth is
two, Tova is three, Vex is four, and Grog is five. All right. So, we’ll use these for spine devils
for now. Well actually they’re pretty small, so we’ll use these. So these are the spine devils
right here, and you see a bone devil coming up in the distance. So I need everyone to roll
initiative. TRAVIS: Yeah! Don’t fuck me, Gil! That’s it, go! LIAM: Terrible. Terrible. MARISHA: All right. Not great. MATT: All right. So, that brings us to– 25 to
20. TALIESIN: 30. NOELLE: 25. LAURA: Wow. MATT: Jesus, Percival. TRAVIS: 20. MATT: So, 30, 20. TRAVIS: Tova had– NOELLE: 25. MATT: 25, nice. TALIESIN: Are we making noise now? Do we care? NOELLE: No, that was bad math. 23. MATT: Okay, still good. MARISHA: I don’t know. If we can get in and out of
this quick and keep going– MATT: 20 to 15? MARISHA: — because I can keep turning us into
these. MATT: All right, 15 to ten. TRAVIS: 15 to ten. MARISHA: 11. As long as I don’t lose concentration
I can keep turning us into different things. TALIESIN: Including the two of us, even though we
hit one? MARISHA: Correct. TALIESIN: Good to know. MATT: All right. Ten to five. LIAM: Big seven. LAURA: Eight. MARISHA: It’s a concentration of up to 24 hours,
so as long as I don’t use a concentration– TRAVIS: What are you, Tary? SAM: Four. LAURA: Oh! MATT: Nice. TRAVIS: Oh, shit. MARISHA: On a subsequent turn, I can use my action
to transform affected creatures into new forms. MATT: So. Now in these forms, if it looks like
it– SAM: We do get an attack. MATT: You do, but you attack as a bat. SAM: Yeah. TRAVIS: Rabies. LAURA: Can Keyleth just– SAM: And a hit is one point of piercing damage. LAURA: Wait, what was your initiative order? What
was your number? MARISHA: 11. LAURA: Fuck. MARISHA: Not great. NOELLE: We’re stuck as bats until she lets us
out? MATT: Yup. LAURA: As long as you just stay out of the way and
don’t break your concentration, you can keep turning us in and out? MARISHA: Correct. LAURA: Okay. Don’t get hit. MARISHA: So that’s probably exactly what I’m going
to do, is to try and not get hit, by the by. MATT: Percival. You just plummeted to the ground.
Actually, both you and Vax from the fall, since you were 15 feet up, you both took two points of
bludgeoning damage, and five points of bludgeoning damage, Vax. LIAM: Okay. MATT: All right. TALIESIN: Okay. I’m going to take my six paces
towards the lava pit, and then– TRAVIS: Is it a blood pit or a lava pit? MATT: It’s a blood pit. TALIESIN: — blood pit, and then I’m going to hold
my attack until Vax does what he’s going to do. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: I’m loud. LIAM: Yeah. And I’m weak. MATT: All right, that ends Percy’s turn. Tova. NOELLE: So, can I go from a bat to a bear? LIAM: Bat-bear! Were-bat-bear! Batman. SAM: There, bat-bear. LAURA: Tricky, tricky. LIAM: Bear-man. Man-bear. MATT: The magic keeps you– MARISHA: “Choose any number of willing creatures
that you can see within range, you transform each “target into the form of a large or smaller
beast.” MATT: Technically, you are not a dwarf. You are
not a Blood Hunter. You lost the abilities of your class while you are currently a bat, so currently
you just have bat capabilities. You could move and then hold your action if you were to change forms.
It’s up to you. Kind of what Percy did. TALIESIN: Get in position and then wait. NOELLE: I’m going to fly over with my dudes and
hang out and hold my action. MATT: All right, so you’ll hang there. All right.
Grog. TRAVIS: I’m just following Vex. MATT: Okay, so you’ll just kind of stay over in
this area. TRAVIS: I’m real good with directions but, let’s
be honest. MATT: All right. So these three spine devils who
just hit the other– This one here is going to rush over to this side, is going to fire, this is
going to be at Tova. It’s going to fire its tail spine. That is an eight. I keep rolling sixes to
hit. Misses, no effect. These two other spine devils here are going to– There we go, they’re
going to come forward and do a multi-attack on Vax. Both of them are just going to pincer up this
way. One with its bite, and one with its fork. Actually, technically it gets to use two tail spines.
It’s going to make a second strike at you, Tova. That is an 11, misses still. NOELLE: Yup. I mean, unless my– SAM: Unhittable bats. NOELLE: Unless my bat stats are– bad. MATT: Bat AC is 12, so you’re actually like
(whoosh), you dodge out of the way. NOELLE: Oh, okay. MATT: And that is a seven, and a 21. 21 hit you? LIAM: No. Nope. Oh, it just hits me. MATT: It just? That’s what I thought. So you take
five points of piercing damage. LIAM: Can I Uncanny Dodge? MATT: All right, you take two points of piercing
damage. LIAM: Okay. MATT: The other one is going to attack you again
twice as well. That’s a four and an 11. Nope. LIAM: Yeah, eat it. MATT: Ending their turn now. The bone devil is
going to catch up, flies in, its wings expanding forward, it’s going to go ahead and make three
attacks against you, Vax, since you’re the closest one to it. That is ten, 20, and 20. LIAM: No. MATT: Two twelves in a row. You just (whoosh),
dodging out of the way, being crazy rogue, evading. That brings us now to Keyleth. MARISHA: Oh, shit. Can I change people as a bat? MATT: Yeah, as an action, you can change your
form, which is an action. MARISHA: But can I stay as a bat and change other
people? MATT: Yeah. MARISHA: Yeah? MATT: It says here, “On a subsequent action you
can use your actions to transform affected “creatures into new forms.” So yeah. I don’t see
why you couldn’t. MARISHA: Okay. I’m going to turn– do you want to
be a bat, too? TALIESIN: Yeah, I’m useless. MARISHA: I’m going to turn both Vax and Percy into
bats. What? I asked what you wanted to be and you said a bat. Bat! We’re both bats! LIAM: That is what I want to be. You just do it. TRAVIS: You didn’t even have time to ask that
question. MARISHA: And we’re peaced out again. LAURA: If we can, we’re going to peace out. MARISHA: If we can, we’re going to peace out. MATT: Who else is going to turn into bats? SAM: Bats. We’re all bats. LAURA: We’re all bats again. MATT: Okay. All right. And so you’re just going
to do that? It’s your turn, you going to move? MARISHA: I’m going to look at Vex and go
(squeaking noise). LAURA: I wink as a bat like I totally understand
her. MATT: Okay. Is that your turn, Keyleth? MARISHA: Uh-huh. TRAVIS: You’re not going to move? MARISHA: I’m following her! LAURA: Well, would she move? She’s got to wait
until Vax gets out of there, now he’s surrounded and he’s a bat. MARISHA: Vex was leading the way, she knows where
to go. MATT: Vex, your turn. LAURA: I want to lead everybody away down to the
right, but I’ve got to make sure that my brother gets away from these thugs before that happens, so
I’m going to hold my movement until– can I– MATT: You can’t hold your movement, you can only
hold an action. You can hold a dash action. LAURA: I’m going to hold my dash action, then,
until I see that he’s safe. Or at least he’s away from them, so we can get going. LIAM: As a bat, do I have an action and bonus
action like Vax does, or just one thing now? MATT: You have your action as a bat. You can dash,
still, if you want to. LIAM: Well, I will disengage as a bat? MATT: Disengage is an action. LIAM: Can I use my action to disengage? MATT: So you could. LAURA: Bats disengage. LIAM: Yeah. We’re in new territory. MATT: Anybody can disengage as an action, it’s
just a combat action. You just can’t do anything else, the only thing you can do is move with your
speed after that. LIAM: If they hit me, I’m back to being in regular
form again, and there’s three of them, so I’m going to disengage– MATT: All right, so you disengage. LIAM: — and then fly as far as I can towards the
group. MATT: Okay, 30 feet. Five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30.
That’s where you get. LAURA: Okay, I see him, and we have everybody now.
I take off to the right. MATT: Which way is the right? You guys moved in
this way? So, this way. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Okay. So using your dash action– LAURA: It was the last thing, it was to the right
was the final turn. Right? SAM: Yup, yup. MARISHA: Right, yeah, to the right. TALIESIN: I’ve been holding an action, right? Can
I burn that as a dash action? LAURA: I know! Why did he say it like that, like
it was– MARISHA: Yeah, as far as we know, the right means
right. SAM: Maybe it’s stage right. LAURA: But everything else was– I’m going to the
right. That’s the last intersection that I know. MATT: All right, so that ends Vex’s turn there.
Taryon. SAM: I’m going to go where she went. And further
if I can. MATT: And you are off the page, over that way. TALIESIN: Can I burn my action as a dash? MATT: You can, yeah. TALIESIN: Yeah, I’m burning my action as a dash. MATT: All right, so that’s– MARISHA: Let’s go! SAM: Bye! LAURA: Toodles. As much as we can be, toodles. MARISHA: Dear god, I can’t believe this shit. MATT: That brings us to Percy. TALIESIN: I’m going to keep booking. MATT: Five, ten, 30, and you also with a double
move get to there. Okay. Next up is Tova. NOELLE: Oh, I’ll just keep going with the rest. MATT: You just keep going? All right, so you catch
up with these guys here way off the map. All righty. Grog. TRAVIS: I’m going to burn my “ashton” as a
“darsh.” (laughter) MATT: (gibberish) All righty. With that, the spine
devils are going to move forward. LAURA: Who is that? Is that Keyleth? MATT: That is Percy. LAURA: Oh, it is? No, but Percy’s off the map! MATT: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s Keyleth. Yeah, because I
have one-two, but you guys both transformed. MARISHA: But I was holding my movement to move
with Vex. LAURA and TALIESIN: You can’t hold movement. MARISHA: I can’t fucking hold a movement. I did an
action to make sure they were bats. MATT: Yep. So you get swarmed by
three spined devils. LAURA: Fucking balls. This is not good planning. LIAM: We might be able to outrun them. MATT: Not in this form. Attacks against you. Yep,
that’s an 18. Keyleth, you take six points of slashing damage. Your bat form is gone, you drop
that. You become Keyleth again and you take five points of damage carried over. Then it’s going to
get its tail attack against you. It’s going to miss. The other one’s going to bite. Miss. Tail
attack is going to be a 17. What’s your AC? MARISHA: Currently, 16. MATT: So you take six points of piercing damage.
The last one’s going to get its last two attacks on you. That is a 21 and a natural one. So the
last attack you get is four points of slashing damage. MARISHA: So it’s six plus four total? So, ten?
Okay. MATT: And I need you to go ahead and make three
concentration checks. It’s got to beat ten each time. MARISHA: Good the first time. Good the second
time. And seven plus my constitution, correct? MATT: Yes. MARISHA: So that is an 11 the third time. MATT: Your constitution saving throw? MARISHA: All three. MATT: That’s enough. So you maintain concentration
on the spell. LAURA: Solid. LIAM: Thanks, Keyleth. MARISHA: You’re welcome! MATT: The bone devil flies up and is now going
after Keyleth with all of its might. MARISHA: Did we heal any? We didn’t do any of that
healing or anything, did we? MATT: Nope! You didn’t have time. MARISHA: That’s cool. MATT: Three attacks. That is going to be an 18 for
its claw. MARISHA: Hit. MATT: Second claw, that’s a 27. MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: And the sting is a 25. So all three hit you.
So you take nine points of slashing damage. Concentration check. MARISHA: I mean, I’m about to go down. I make it! MATT: All right. That is 12 points of slashing
damage. MARISHA: I’m down. Everyone’s about to hit the
ground. MATT: Keyleth falls unconscious. And the tail
strikes you, auto crit. You lose two death saving throws. (yelling) TALIESIN: We’re all human now. MARISHA: And you’re all human. MATT: All of you drop form. So four would be Vex. TALIESIN: Okay, got to fix this super fast. MARISHA: Really not looking good. LAURA: Everybody’s far away from her except for me
and– who’s the other person? MATT: Aw man, where did my Vex model go? LAURA: Oh no, did I disappear? MATT: I think I may actually have left you on the
other map. That’s okay, I’ll be fine for this one. LAURA: Oh, because I was in a corner. MATT: I’ll use the erinyes for you. That’s fine. LAURA: That’s okay, that’s pretty hot. Can you put
a little marker on me so I can see it? I can’t see the erinyes. MATT: That’s you. LAURA: Okay. Thank you. MATT: You’re welcome. Percival, Vax, Taryon,
Tova. SAM: Percy, my necklace is glowing. TALIESIN: Yeah, we all know. SAM: And I’m not a bat. Does that mean Keyleth’s
dead? MATT: End of their turn. Keyleth. It’s your turn.
You’re next in the initiative order. TALIESIN: Oh shit, no. LAURA: Oh god. MARISHA: Oh my god, I’ve never been here. I don’t
want to die. Who do I do this to? SAM: You just rolled it. MARISHA: I did. It’s a 13. Technically. Yeah. I
was going to switch dice, but that’s a 13, I’ll take that. MATT: Was it the intentional roll? MARISHA: No. Okay. TALIESIN: No, that’s not– Oh. MARISHA: Don’t fuck me Gil. I’m good. I’m good. MATT: What did you roll? MARISHA: It’s a 12. I rolled a 12. MATT: Okay. Still bleeding out. Man, losing that
Plane Shift. MARISHA: A success. What did you just say? LAURA: Oh my god, if she dies, we’re fucked MARISHA: Yeah, I know. TRAVIS: That was a big oversight. MATT: That would’ve been campaign over. Okay. MARISHA: No, we’re good, guys. Come on. TALIESIN: That might be campaign over. MATT: Well, I don’t know. TRAVIS: Oh my god, what the fuck were we
thinking? MATT: I’m so nervous right now, oh my god. LAURA: I’m up! I run forward and I slide on my
knees and put my hand on her and cast Cure Wounds at 4th level. On Keyleth. MATT: Okay. All right. SAM. Campaign resumes. MATT: Holy shit. MARISHA: I’m great, I’m good. TRAVIS: Aw, man. That roll was bigger than I
knew. TALIESIN: Yeah, that would’ve been fucking bad. MATT: You guys have a spreading urgency of the
entire prison of Mentiri now bearing down on escaped mortal criminals. Without Plane Shift, if
that doesn’t work… MARISHA: Okay, all right. So we have the extreme
hint. SAM: But we were bats, Matt. That was pretty fine
planning. MARISHA: That was awesome. It was going great. LAURA: 27 points. MATT: You heal 27 points, Keyleth. MARISHA: Okay. LAURA: That’s my action. MATT: Your movement. LAURA: Yeah. TALIESIN: You have a bonus. TRAVIS: You want to heal yourself? Potions? LAURA: I’m going to pop Trinket out, as my bonus. MATT: Whereabouts? LAURA: Behind– sure, whatever. MATT: I’ll say, just instinctually, you pop him
out about there. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: All right. LAURA: And that was my full movement and
everything, wasn’t it? MATT: Yeah. All right, Vax, it’s your turn. LIAM: I run and skip right up next to my sister
and I have a potion of superior healing and I pour it into Keyleth’s mouth. MATT: All right. MARISHA: I’m conscious. LIAM: Yes, I know. MATT: (gurgles) (laughter) LIAM: 22 more. MARISHA: Oh, okay. Vax! I’m at 49 hit points. MATT: You didn’t realize until the last moment and
was like, “Oh, if Keyleth goes down.” LAURA: Bad News Bears. LIAM: How long has it been since the pit fiend
moment? MATT: It’s been roughly an hour. A little over an
hour. LIAM: All right. And I’m going to, as a bonus
action, chuck Whisper into– no, it has to be tied to an action, doesn’t it? MATT: It has to be after an attack, yeah. LIAM: Oh, well there’s nothing else I can do. TALIESIN: Stand her up. LIAM: I can get up with a bonus action, though? MARISHA: Can you help me up? LIAM: No, bonus action was the potion, no? Can’t
the potion be a bonus? LAURA: No, not if you give it to somebody else. LIAM: Okay. Then I’m done. MATT: So, Taryon. LAURA: Do you have any spells? Like a Bless or
anything? LIAM: No, I’m out. SAM: How far away am I? MATT: You’re about– with 30-foot movement you can
get within range where you can see any of the creatures. SAM: Okay. I’ll run back then, I guess. MATT: Okay. You’ll get there. LAURA: Bring everything in to use so you can
just (poosh) to them. MATT: Yeah. You have these three little spine
devils that are like flying imps covered in spines that are relatively small, and you have one big
bone devil– that was the one that just almost killed Keyleth. SAM: I’ll throw acid at one, I guess. MATT: At which one? SAM: The one who looks the meanest. MATT: That’s the bone devil. All right. Dex save.
That is a 14. What’s your DC? SAM: 17. MATT: So yeah. Go ahead and roll damage. TALIESIN: Yay. SAM: Okay. Give me some sixes. And one more. Boom.
Oh, lots. (laughter) LAURA: How did this happen? How did we get here? SAM: 25. MATT: 25 points of acid damage to the bone devil. LAURA: Nice! LIAM: Fiancee and campaign? Killed. MATT: So as the vial breaks across the front of
its body, you can see the acid burn its flesh. It curls into itself; you can see the smoke rising
off of it as its flesh is beginning to burn and melt away. Nice. That’s your turn. SAM: All right, I will cast Sanctuary on young
Keyleth. MATT: Oh shit! TALIESIN: Nice! LAURA: That’s the first time you’ve helped another
person, right? SAM: In my life. (laughter) MATT: Oh, Taryon. All right, Percy, you’re up. TALIESIN: Fuck sound at this point, I suppose. I’m
going to run and just get them into view. MATT: Yep, you got them. TALIESIN: All right. Three shots, and I’m going to
do a pushback on all three and I’m going to push them all– MATT: The spine devils, you mean? TALIESIN: Spine devil, spine devil, bone devil. MATT: Okay, so there’s three spine devils and one
bone devil. So two spine devils and one bone devil. TALIESIN: Three spine devils and one bone devil? MATT: Yes. Three spine devils and one bone devil. TALIESIN: Three spine devils and one bone devil? TRAVIS: Stop saying it. MARISHA: No Coke, Pepsi. TALIESIN: No Coke, Pepsi. And the bone devil’s a
real problem, I suppose. MATT: He’s the dangerous-looking one. TALIESIN: Okay, in that case, I’m going to push
him back. I’m going to do a shot to push him back. MATT: All right. TALIESIN: And that’s a 19, 29– MATT: Yeah, you hit. LIAM: Pop-pop-pop, motherfucker! LAURA and MARISHA: (sing “mmmbop”) TALIESIN: That’s my power song, you don’t even
know. 15 points of damage, plus five psychic, and he moves backwards ten feet. MATT: So 20 damage. He pushes back just that far,
but he hits the wall. He can’t get pushed back further. TALIESIN: Can’t get pushed any– he’s still– MATT: Still right there. LIAM: Percy’s in hell, Hanson playing in his
brain. MATT: He’s already up against the wall. TALIESIN: All right. Second, I’ll take a spine
devil, the one that’s threatening the most people? SAM: That song is not called “Doo-Bop.” It’s
called “Mmmbop.” LAURA: That’s what I said. TALIESIN: 25. MATT: That hits. Roll damage. TALIESIN: That’s not the damage. Oh yeah. 17
points of damage and six points of psychic damage. MATT: You scatter one of the spine devils with one
shot. Blasts apart. TALIESIN: The other one, I’m going to spend a
point for Grit for deadeye, just to get advantage. MATT: Go for it. TALIESIN: That’s cocked. 29? MATT: 29 hits. TALIESIN: 14 points of damage and one point of
psychic? MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: He’s still standing? MATT: Still standing. TALIESIN: Action surge. LIAM: Yes! TALIESIN: Three more shots. SAM: Three more? TALIESIN: Hitting him again. Same thing, with a
Grit. MATT: All right. TALIESIN: Yeah, that’s good to do. 24 to hit? MATT: Hits. This is against the second spine
devil, yeah. TALIESIN: That’s 11 points of damage and four
psychic. MATT: He scatters. TALIESIN: Third spine devil. Same thing–
actually, I get my Grit back. Third spine devil. MATT: These shots are (gunshots). TALIESIN: Yeah, actually, I’ll reroll the cocked
one, but it doesn’t matter. Yeah. That hits. MATT: Echoing through the hall. Everyone who is
ever searching for anything knows exactly where to go now. TALIESIN: Yeah, fuck it. It’s worth it, though. 13
points of damage and five psychic. MATT: Okay. Still standing, but looking rough. TALIESIN: And another shot, same thing, with
advantage. That’s fine. 24? MATT: 24. Yep. TALIESIN: Thank god they’re easy to hit. That’s 16
points of damage and four psychic. MATT: The third spine devil’s upper torso is
disintegrated by the blast. Its wings flick off to its sides, spattering part of the bone devil. TALIESIN: I’m going to spend my last Grit. Last
Grit is a shot to the spine devil. MATT: That was already three attacks. That was
three more attacks. TALIESIN: That was one, two– MATT: Yeah, you killed the second one, and then
shot twice to kill a third one. So you’re out of attacks. TALIESIN: I’m done. Reload, and that’s the end of
my turn. MATT: All righty. At this point, you guys can hear
distant yelling getting louder and louder down the hallway where you came from. You hear the voices
echoing and swarming, and people are starting to get closer, knowing where you are. Tova, you’re
up. NOELLE: How many of these devil-guys are left? MATT: There’s just the one bone devil left. NOELLE: Okay. I’m going to run back a full 45
feet. How close can I get to him? MATT: 45? You can get about there. You’re about
ten, 15 feet from him. Ten feet. LIAM: You got any projectile shit? NOELLE: I do not. TALIESIN: Need to heal? NOELLE: That would help. TALIESIN: Do you have anything to heal with? (laughter) NOELLE: Don’t think so. TRAVIS: You hungry? Yeah. You have any food? (laughter) NOELLE: Who’s closest to me, here? MATT: Currently, it’s Vax, the half-elf rogue
guy. NOELLE: Can I save my action? MATT: You could. NOELLE: Yeah. MATT: Yeah, because you haven’t had a short rest,
so you don’t have your blood curses back, yeah. NOELLE: Yeah, no, I don’t have– MATT: Okay. So you’re just going to hold your
action just in case it comes near? NOELLE: Yeah, I’ll just hang out with my new
friends here. MATT: Okay. Sounds good. Grog. TRAVIS: Go running in 50 feet. (war cry) MATT: 50 feet puts you standing over Keyleth,
pretty much. TRAVIS: Am I in melee distance? MATT: You are in melee distance. TRAVIS: Reckless attacks! LAURA: Yes, kill it so we can run away. TRAVIS: 29. MATT: You do have a point of exhaustion, by the
way. TRAVIS: Yes. MATT: 29 hits. TRAVIS: 24 points. MATT: 24 points of damage, all righty. TRAVIS: Second one, reckless. Natural 20. ALL: Oh! LIAM: From the gods. MARISHA: Yes, from the gods. TRAVIS: 24, 27, 34. 34 points of damage. MATT: Well, did you double the dice? TRAVIS: Did two additional damage dice rolls. MATT: Right, so you did the first one– TRAVIS: Initial one, and then I did two more
d10s. MATT: Okay, so the total was? TRAVIS: 34. MATT: 34. All righty. TRAVIS: Yeah, because I have two levels of brutal
critical. MATT: Great, so those are your two attacks. TRAVIS: Yeah. MATT: All right. That brings us to the bone
devil’s turn. LAURA: Oh, he’s still alive? MATT: Yeah, he’s still alive. And seeing
everybody rush in and help this wounded creature on the ground– NOELLE: Matt? Can I– sorry, keep going. MATT: Okay. You sure? NOELLE: Can I use the blood curses– I can use it
three times per short rest, so I have one more, right? I did two in the prison. MATT: Two Mutual Suffering, and you did your
Mark. NOELLE: Oh, you’re right, okay. You’re right. Did
three. Sorry. Carry on. MATT: It’s all good. All right, so. It’s going to
go ahead– actually, no, let me roll to see which way it goes. Okay, yeah, it’s not that
intelligent. So intelligence check, you being the immediate threat, it turns attention towards you
as opposed to Keyleth, who’s currently on the ground. As you’re the biggest threat to it at the
moment, it’s going to go ahead and make three strikes at you. That is 16? TRAVIS: Misses! MATT: 16? TRAVIS: Misses! MARISHA: Come on, Grog! MATT: 17. TRAVIS: Hits! MATT: Ah, finally. Eight, eight, nine. (laughs)
All right. That is 16 points of piercing damage, and no poison because you are immune. TRAVIS: Word. MATT: All right. That ends its turn, and it’s
going to shift over, flying over onto this way, the coasting in the center there, and getting over
Keyleth, getting closer to the blood pool– TRAVIS: May I make a retali– MATT: Retaliation? Yes, you can. As a reaction,
you can. MARISHA: Come on, kill it! TRAVIS: Reckless, please. 30. MATT: Yeah, that hits. TRAVIS: Yeah. 24. MATT: 24 points of damage. As it flies over you
through the air, you arc in the direction with your hammer, and as you do, it breaks its entire
ribcage inward. You hear the shattering of bones, and it gives out this wheeze as you follow through
and slam it back down where it was standing. TRAVIS: Sweet! (cheering) LAURA: Keyleth, can you do a Wall of Stone? MARISHA: Yeah, into the corridor. LAURA: Yeah, block it! TRAVIS: Do it here so they don’t know which way we
went. SAM: They know the layout of this prison. TRAVIS: Yeah, but they don’t know which direction
we went. MATT: You guys hear voices now coming from the
other sides, as well. SAM: Let me do something. I’m going to use my
Scroll of Programmed Illusion. MATT: Okay. SAM: Have any creatures talked to us in Common
down here? With their mouths, not with their minds? MATT: There have been a handful, yeah. SAM: What kind? MATT: They’ve been the cambion, the guy you met
earlier with the red skin who made the deal with Percival. TRAVIS: The chain devil. MATT: The chain devil spoke Common. SAM: Okay. Did he work in the prison? MATT: The chain devil did. SAM: Great, chain devil. So I’m going to make a
Programmed Illusion. Upon anyone approaching, a chain devil will appear over the dead bodies that
we just killed and say, “There were five of them. “They went that way!” And point down the hallway
that we just came out of. “Go, get them now! Make “them pay!” (cheering) MATT: All righty. As you pull the scroll out, and
you watch the scroll burst into flame as you finish the incantation, you watch as out of the
blood pool, rising, this chain devil, looking real, material, steps up and walks over to the
bodies and sits there looking over them, waiting for someone to trigger. LAURA: Okay, we should put Dust of Tracelessness
down. Dust of Tracelessness on the ground! MATT: Okay, you start flower girling your way. MARISHA: I hold my Wall of Stone, since he has
that, because I don’t want to make it apparent. MATT: Get this map out if we can? Okay, so you
guys continue to the right. Thank you. And bring the last one in. You guys head down this hallway
for about another hundred feet, hearing the shouts behind. You hear conversation, different languages
happening. They’re getting a little more distant. You’re catching some ground here, and it’s going
well. Eventually you make your way– SAM: Jesus, there’s another whole fucking map? MARISHA: The doors, always. This is Matt Mercer
we’re talking about. LIAM: I’m looking for fucking traps. MATT: You guys make your way down to the end of
this chamber, and you see three different doors that are all closed off, to the front, to the
right, and the left. LIAM: Fanged smiles. LAURA: Fanged smile. MATT: As you’re making your investigation check,
you hear what sounds like the writhing of chains and the pulling of heavy metal grinding. As you
begin to look and inspect the doors real fast, you glance up, and the entire ceiling is a sea of
rolling chains, all gathering, and then from the ceiling bursts down in the center of the
chamber– (yelling) MATT: A chain golem slams into the center, its
glowing red eyes from underneath. All right. As you guys have all scattered amongst these chambers
you ran down, Vax just rushed up and began to inspect these here. What are you guys doing? MARISHA: Wait, is this it? Is this where we’re
supposed to be? TALIESIN: We’ve got to find out which room he’s
in. MATT: All right. Everyone roll initiative. TRAVIS: Oh my god. What size is that thing? MATT: It’s almost 20 feet tall, and when it slams
the ground, it’s hunched forward. If it were standing upright, it would scrape the ceiling. TRAVIS: So it’s fire giant size. MATT: A little bit under fire giant size, but you
watch the chains from the ceiling are still attached to it. It’s like the whole ceiling and
upper portion of this chamber is made of chains that are feeding it. LAURA: Do we have anything to freeze? MARISHA: To freeze? Yeah. We have our shit back,
right? TALIESIN: Yeah. LAURA: If we can freeze him in place, maybe. He’s
made of metal. MATT: 25 to 20. LAURA: 24. MATT: 24. NOELLE: 21. MATT: Tova. And what did you roll for your
investigation check earlier? LIAM: Oh, 22. MATT: 22. This doorway, the first one you checked?
Does not seem to have– the symbol on it appears to be some sort of Infernal symbol that you don’t
recognize. All right. 20 to 15? MARISHA: 17. TALIESIN: 15. MATT: 15 to ten? TRAVIS: 13. MATT: Taryon? SAM: Two. TRAVIS: Wow. LIAM: Eight for Vax. MATT: All right. Vex, you’re up first. LAURA: Can I run to the other doors that Vax has
been looking at? MATT: Which one of these are you checking? LAURA: Huh? MATT: Which one of these doors are you checking? LAURA: The far one in the back. Yeah. And I’ll
look for the symbol. MATT: Make an investigation check. LAURA: 23. MATT: 23. You go and look up, and this one has a
symbol that looks like a half-moon that is broken and is bleeding into a pool below it. LAURA: And I’m looking for a fanged grin? MATT: It’s a crescent half-moon that looks like
it’s broken in the middle. LAURA: That totally could be a fanged grin. Okay. SAM: Which one? LAURA: The very back door. MATT: This one and this one have been inspected.
So that’s your movement to get up there. And your action to look thoroughly and look at the symbol
in the low light. You have a bonus still. LAURA: Yeah. Is it possible to bonus hide? MATT: You have nowhere to hide from. You have
nothing obscuring. LAURA: Nothing to obscure the view? MATT: Not really. LAURA: Okay, then I’m going to use my bonus to pop
Trinket out. MATT: Okay. Trinket appears out of your necklace. LAURA: I guess he was already out, wasn’t he?
Because we were running. MATT: Yeah, but you may have pulled him back in.
It’s fine. LAURA: That’s a waste of bonus. (laughs) No, I’m
going to Hunter’s Mark. So Trinket was out. I’m going to Hunter’s Mark the guy. MATT: All right, I’ll go with it. Hunter’s Mark on
the chain golem. Tova, your turn. NOELLE: Okay. I’m going to run over there behind
the chain golem where Vex is. I’m going to do a perception check. I guess I’ll check out this last
door. MATT: Okay. NOELLE: Can I do a general sense of smell for the
whole area and see if I smell anything coming from any of these prisons? MATT: Sure. Make a perception check as you’re
rushing in. LAURA: What about symbols? Do you see anything? MATT: With advantage. NOELLE: Yep. All right. So that is a 23. MATT: 23. The chambers seem to have various scents
that kind of mix in this area. The one on the far end has this ancient, dusty, decay smell to it.
The one on the opposite side of the chamber has a weirdly iron, rusty old metal scent, and the
doorway that you’re at right now has a very strong scent of sulfur. NOELLE: Is there anything on the door? MATT: Make an investigation check. NOELLE: Where’s investigation? That’s an 18. MATT: You knock the dust from the side, and as you
inspect closely, hearing the chains grinding and spinning around you, and occasionally you duck
because you see one kind of whip across and break part of the stone and cause chunks of it to fly
off. You look down, and you see two small eyes and one deep, toothy grin. NOELLE: Hey, this one’s smiling! LAURA: But is it a fanged grin? A fanged grin is
usually cocked. But it looks more– NOELLE: He doesn’t appear sincere, so. What do I
have left? MATT: Well, as a note, just remember this, it took
you a while to get there because the chains that were rolling around it are entangling and wrapping
around the area, so you were at half movement, which got you just to there. I forgot to mention
that earlier. However, the chains, in the process, are crushing and doing damage as you move through
them. Six points of bludgeoning damage to you as you pull your way through the chains getting to
that area. All right, that ends Tova’s turn. It is now the chain golem’s turn. NOELLE: Do I have an extra action or anything? MATT: Your action was to do the investigation. You
have your bonus, if you have something to spend it with. NOELLE: Turn into a bear? MATT: Sure. LAURA: (laughs) “I turn into a bear?” MATT: And bear form. (sings) And bear form. There
is your bear form. All righty. So ending Tova’s turn, it is now the golem’s turn. The golem has a
ten-foot range on its slam. It’s going to do two slam attacks. It’s going to reach out and slam
once at Percy, who is within its front range there after landing, and Keyleth, who’s immediately to
its left. LAURA: Don’t fucking die, Keyleth. MATT: A physical slam attack. A giant
battering-ram of heavy, thick chains are going to punch out towards Percival. The fist swings, and
almost merges with the rest of the body as a second arm forms where it was and then backfists
into Keyleth. Like its form shifts with the chains that move around within its body, and its form is
ever-changing and shifting, like a giant amoeba of moving metal. The first attack towards Percival.
That is 27 to hit. TALIESIN: Oh my god, yes. MATT: All right. You suffer 22 points of
bludgeoning damage. And against Keyleth, that is a 25 to hit. MARISHA: Yep. MATT: Keyleth, you take 21 points of bludgeoning
damage. SAM: Is Sanctuary still working on her? MATT: Actually, Sanctuary is on. Has to make a
wisdom saving throw before it can do that. Which it fails! You take no damage. (cheering) MATT: It rolled a two and had a zero wisdom
modifier. MARISHA: Oh, that’s good, that’s great. MATT: So as it goes to strike you, the second fist
appears and then seems to dwindle and fall to the ground, and it forms again in the spot where it
was. You watch as multiple arms are now forming and coming out of it at different places. It’s
going to back up. As it does so, its eyes shift. These two red, beady points of light that form its
eyes kind of shift to the back of its head, and now you see they’re almost moving around, and it’s
keeping a visual range of everything in the room. TALIESIN: Do I get an attack of opportunity since
we’re moving out of its combat range? MATT: No. It was not in your combat range. It had
reach, unfortunately. That ends its turn. Keyleth, you’re up. MARISHA: Okay. I need to stay alive. Who’s close
to me in a 30-foot radius? And who’s looking rough? TRAVIS: You. MATT: Everyone but Vex and Trinket are in a
30-foot radius. MARISHA: Okay. I want to start backing out a
little bit, and who’s lowest on hit points? Legit. LAURA AND LIAM: You. NOELLE: I have 19 hit points left. SAM: And me. MARISHA: Me, Tova, Taryon, and I can pick three
more people. I’m going to do a Mass Cure Wounds. TALIESIN: Who else wants it? LIAM: I’ll take it. I’m at like two-thirds, I
guess? MARISHA: Vax. TALIESIN: Grog, you want it? MARISHA: Anyone else looking relatively low? TRAVIS: No, I’m not relatively low. LAURA: If you can do it to everybody, why not? MARISHA: I can do it to six people. TALIESIN: So we’ve got, one, two, three, four.
I’ll say yes. LAURA: And Grog. MARISHA: And Grog. And we’re going to do a Mass
Cure Wounds. 3d8 plus my spellcasting ability. Okay. MATT: Yep, so 3d8 plus six. Go for it. Percy,
you’re up next. MARISHA: Oh my god, that’s amazing. Oh, that’s a
one. SAM: You can reroll ones. MARISHA: No, only if it’s elemental damage. Eight,
16, 17 plus six. MATT: Six, so 23. MARISHA: 23 points. MATT: 23 points of healing. So mark that in, guys.
That’s your action. MARISHA: And then I’m backing out a little bit. MATT: Backing this way or this way? MARISHA: Yeah, away from the chain golem. Yeah.
That way. MATT: This way. If you move one more, he’s going
to get attack of opportunity on you because you’re within melee range of him right now. MARISHA: Fucking hell. MATT: You want to risk it? Or not? MARISHA: Yeah, I’ll risk it. MATT: Okay. LAURA: Can you transform anymore or are you
spent? MARISHA: I can do it one more time, but only to an
animal, not an elemental. MATT: Okay, so you back up. It takes a swing at
you with its chain slam. That is 26 to hit. MARISHA: Yep. MATT: You take– SAM: Is Sanctuary still on her? MATT: 30 points of bludgeoning damage. TALIESIN and LAURA: Sanctuary. MATT: Sanctuary. Thank you for reminding me. That
is a 14. MARISHA: Miss! MATT: What’s your DC? 17? SAM: On what? My spell DC? MATT: Yeah, spell DC. SAM: 17. MATT: 17. It goes to swing again towards you as a
reaction and the magic prevents it from actually hitting its mark and the chains retract back into
its body. TALIESIN: Yeah. MATT: So no damage is sustained. SAM: Matt, if I may be– LAURA: No. SAM: Technically, he can choose another target. MARISHA: Are you going to be honest? LAURA: Oh, because he failed? SAM: No, it just says in Sanctuary you can either
fail or he can choose another target. MATT: That’s true. All right, so instead– SAM: Sorry. Just saying. MATT: No, that’s good. It’ll go to Tova and Vax
for the two attacks that he got Sanctuary earlier. So to Vax, that is a 31. LIAM: No, that does not hit. MATT: So you take the 30 points of damage
instead. MARISHA: You’re taking it for me? LIAM: Yes, I am. MARISHA: Thanks, boyfriend! MATT: Against Tova that is a natural one. NOELLE: That’s a what? MATT: Natural one to hit you. So it actually slams
into the door above. LAURA: Does it break through the door? MATT: I’ll make a strength check now. LIAM: Happy to. MATT: The door cracks and it partially gets pushed
inward. Somehow the chain golem actually helped you out. That’s interesting. All right. That ends
its turn. Keyleth, you’re up. No, sorry, that was Keyleth’s turn. Percy, you’re up. TALIESIN: I’m out of its range now. MATT: You are currently just out of its range. TALIESIN: Okay. I’m going to back up a bit. Move
me behind that– and then move me– the other pillar. MATT: Oh, this way? TALIESIN: Head that way. Does it look like those
chains are feeding it? MATT: It doesn’t look like it’s feeding it more
than just the chains are keeping it attached to the walls. The mass of the chains are still in its
chest. TALIESIN: And it has eyeballs. MATT: It has some sort of two glowing light
sources within the mass of chains that form where its head would be– TALIESIN: Would a headshot to those eyeballs
actually be a thing that might work? MATT: You can try it. TALIESIN: I’m going to try it. I’m going to burn a
thing and see if that does it. So. Yeah. Let’s find out. MATT: You’re up next, Grog. TALIESIN: Right. Yeah, that’ll do. 32 to hit. MATT: 32 hits. TALIESIN: All right. That’s a d10 and d6. That’s
11 points of damage and three points of psychic damage. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: And it has to make a constitution saving
throw. MATT: It does not, actually, because it’s not
affected by that effect. Its eyes can shift throughout its body. TALIESIN: There’s no snapping, breaking the
glass? MATT: Nope. TALIESIN: Man, you made me burn a Grit. That
sucks. MATT: Yeah. Even with its spell advantage against
all those Sanctuary saves, it just doesn’t have a very high wisdom so it just cannot make it. TALIESIN: That’s okay. I’m going to take a
sharpshooter shot at it and just keep damaging it. I’m going to do a sharpshooter shot. MATT: Two more. Go for it. TALIESIN: That was shot one. MATT: Shot one. You have two more. TALIESIN: Shot two. That’s a 25. MATT: Hits. TALIESIN: That’s, ooh. 27 points of damage. And
five psychic. MATT: Nice. 32, all righty. Last attack. TALIESIN: And another shot, same thing,
sharpshooter. Fuck. MARISHA: Yeah, that’s cocked. SAM: You have too many dice on there. TALIESIN: I never do. (groans) Could be worse.
14. MATT: 14? Okay. TALIESIN: Does 14 hit? MATT: 14 does not hit. Sorry, thought that was the
damage. Sorry. TALIESIN: Okay. And then I’m going to stay in but
keep an eye on everything that’s happening. MATT: Yeah. All right. Keyleth, by the way, as you
were moving through the chains– I forgot to mention earlier, as the tangling chains around it.
You did suffer five points of bludgeoning damage as the chains are just swirling around and the
aura and the area of its vicinity just shreds like a slow-moving grinder. MARISHA: As I move out? MATT: You’re still in there. MARISHA: But I healed? Okay. So I’m at 60 points,
right? MATT: Grog, you’re up. LAURA: Get it, Grog. TRAVIS: Where am I on the map? MATT: Right there. LAURA: Ooh, perfect. TRAVIS: Yeah, door– smash it open, right? MATT: All right, go for it. Roll an attack. TRAVIS: Crack of doom. 23. MATT: 23 hits. TRAVIS: What do I roll? MATT: Just roll damage for your hammer. TRAVIS: Oh yeah, that makes sense, right? Nine.
25. MATT: 25 damage? Becomes 50 because of siege. The
door is absolutely sundered and comes off. Oh god. As the door blows open, you glance inside. You can
see within the walls are covered in pulse-y, fleshy, muscle-like substance with these long
stretched tendons and pieces of sinew that all gather to the center, and you see this shifting
larval egg. And within, you can see a small humanoid figure that is swirling and writhing
within. It seems like it’s in this perpetual state of agony, screaming quietly within this weird
fleshy egg sac and you can see the features of a tiger-like face and fangs writhing inside. MARISHA: Fucking, umbilical cord. TRAVIS: I have one more hit. I’ll stride forward
and swing away. MATT: Okay. As you step forward, the chain golem
already used its reaction so it cannot. You just walk forward. Make an attack. TRAVIS: Reckless, please. LAURA: Because why not. TRAVIS: Because why not. That’s a million. It’s
32. MATT: Roll damage. LAURA: A million. TALIESIN: Million. TRAVIS: 22. MATT: (impact noise) It just (explosion) spattered
across the ground. What was once shifting is now a fine red cream as the true form of Hotis,
partially returned, is now scattered across the steaming pavement of the depths of the Mentiri
prison. The devil is no more. You are free from the curse. (cheering) MATT: Now just to get out of here, because you
hear the voices in the distance now getting– LAURA: Now we just have to Plane Shift. NOELLE: What is happening? LAURA: Is it done? TRAVIS: No. How much movement do I have left? MATT: That was you. Because of the chains wrapping
around you– which, by the way, did five points of bludgeoning damage to you. TRAVIS: Okay. MATT: It takes you half movement to move through
that space so that’s five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30. So you can move two more squares. TRAVIS: Two more squares. I’ll come back out the
door and towards Keyleth. MATT: All right. That’ll get you about there. And
that’s as far as you can get. The chains are tangling you up and preventing you from moving
quickly. Ending Grog’s turn. Taryon. SAM: I mean, we’re done. LAURA: Get to Keyleth. We have to be touching
her. SAM: I’ll move to Keyleth and say: Tova, are you
coming with us? You have to, sort of. NOELLE: Where are you going? SAM: To another plane of existence. But one
without chain golems trying to kill you. NOELLE: I can’t. I can’t leave my friends. I have
to try and find them. SAM: How? NOELLE: I don’t know. SAM: I’ll go next to Keyleth. MATT: Okay. So you step in next to her over the
grate. SAM: I can make you invisible. I can make you fly.
What would help you get out of here? NOELLE: I’ll have that invisibility. SAM: Sure. NOELLE: Invisible bear? MATT: As Tova vanishes in the moment, and is this
slight ripple in the air. TALIESIN: Oh, you have a slight ripple figure.
Phantom bear. LAURA: Does he? MATT: There is where you are. Tova’s form
vanishes. NOELLE: How long does that last? SAM: A minute. NOELLE: Thanks. SAM: Just one minute. (laughter) TRAVIS: Run real fast. LAURA: And the minute you take damage, you become
visible again? MATT: Invisibility lasts an hour. SAM: It lasts an hour?! Oh! Hey, you can get out
with that. NOELLE: Going to try and do that. MARISHA: Get out. TRAVIS: She’s like: okay, I’ve got to get–
(poof) MATT: All righty. Vex. LAURA: All right. I’m going to run forward and try
to get to– I’m going to poof Trinket in and run forward and try to get to Keyleth. MATT: Okay. Ten, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35. That’s as far
as you can get, right there. Make a double dash? LAURA: Yeah. MATT: All right. 25, 30. That’s as far as you get,
and you take eight points of bludgeoning damage from the chains that are whipping around you and
wrapping around your legs and tying you up as you’re reaching forward. It’s like this swamp of
grinding metal. That ends your turn. Tova. You’re invisible. If you do any attacks, you lose
invisibility, so either you’re going with them, or you’re retreating into the prison for better or
for worse. NOELLE: Can I run over, pick up Vex, and carry her
over to her friends? 45. SAM: Is Vex down? NOELLE: No. She can’t move any more. SAM: Oh. (laughs) MATT: 35, 40. You get right up next to her, right
there. She’s light enough. You lift her up, and you make a dash action to bring her over for half
speed. LAURA: Oh my god. MATT: 15, 20. You get her just there, within range
of Keyleth. LAURA: I’m so confused. NOELLE: You just got carried by an invisible
bear! MATT: You take five points of bludgeoning damage,
reduced to half because you’re in your bear form, so you take two points of bludgeoning damage. LAURA: I feel very nostalgic for some reason as
she’s doing this. This is very comfortable for me. MATT: The golem’s turn now. LAURA: Oh god. Am I on the ground again? Did you
put me down? NOELLE: Yeah, I put you down. LAURA: Okay. NOELLE: I mean, unless you want to be airplaned up
by an invisible bear. LAURA: I mean, I’m not opposed, but. MATT: The golem is going to make a chain prison
attack. TRAVIS: A chain prison? MATT: Yes. LAURA: He’s really going to just try to kill us
before we can get out of here. MATT: It’s going to– let’s see here. It’s going
to get Percy, Keyleth, and Taryon. SAM: Oh, shitballs. MATT: I need you guys to all make dexterity saving
throws. MARISHA: Don’t fuck me, Gil. Oh, that’s good,
Gil! SAM: I’m feeling lucky. Thank god. 20. MATT: 20? That’s exactly what you needed. MARISHA: 19 plus four, 23. MATT: Percy? TALIESIN: It’s a dex saving throw, and 20 is what
we need? I’m going to use a resolve and see if I can make this work. MATT: Okay. TALIESIN: Nope. Same thing. 17. MATT: 17. So everyone else, you guys both manage
to break free. Percy, you are restrained. TALIESIN: All right. MARISHA: Gods damn it. MATT: As the chains swirl up and wrap around your
legs and torso and you find yourself bound in place. TALIESIN: Can we make a chain? LAURA: If we make a chain, we can reach over to
him. MARISHA: Oh my god, like Guardians of the Galaxy,
you guys? LAURA: Yeah! MATT: Keyleth, your turn. MARISHA: I’m holding my turn and reaching out and
trying to make this chain as much as I can. MATT: You’re going to begin casting the spell and
holding the release of it until? MARISHA: As soon as everyone links hands, we’re
out. MATT: At the start of your turn, you take nine
points of bludgeoning damage from the chains that are swirling around you. MARISHA: That’s fine. Can I do a bonus action to
heal– who’s looking rough? LAURA: You. Heal yourself. TALIESIN: You. LAURA: Just heal your-fucking-self. MARISHA: Okay, I’m at 59 hit points. I’m going to
heal myself. MATT: So 2nd-level Healing Word? 1st-level? MARISHA: Yeah. 2nd-level. That’s four plus another
three. MATT: So seven plus six. 13. You heal 13, and you
begin casting Plane Shift. You pull out of your side satchel the tuning fork that you have attuned
to where? Where are you going to be casting this towards? MARISHA: 73. Sorry, 73 hit points. MATT: What location are you shifting towards,
Keyleth, as you begin the spell? MARISHA: Home. Whitestone. Exandria. MATT: Focusing on Whitestone in Exandria, you
begin to cast the incantation. You see the power in her hands begins to glow, but she’s holding it
back. She’s concentrating hard. MARISHA: And I just take whatever leftover action
I have to be like, Vox Machina, come on! MATT: All right, ending your turn, Keyleth.
Percival, what are you doing? TALIESIN: I’m going to try and break out of this
chain. MATT: All right. Go ahead and make a strength
check. TALIESIN: Goddamn it. TRAVIS: You’ve got this. SAM: Natural 20. Golden snitch. TALIESIN: Strength check or strength save? MATT: Strength check. TALIESIN: 14. MATT: 14. You can’t break the chains. They’re too
strong. TALIESIN: Can I use an action surge to try and do
it again? MATT: Yeah, because you get two now, at this
level. TALIESIN: Yep, I’ve got one more. MARISHA: Come on, Percy. TALIESIN: (sighs) Nope. MATT: Can’t break free. The chains are holding you
in place. Ending your turn. Grog, you’re up. TRAVIS: Who’s the one who’s back there? LAURA: That’s Vax. He can dash. TRAVIS: Okay. Yeah, I would like to move towards
Percy. MATT: All right, at the start of your turn, Grog,
you take seven points of bludgeoning damage from the swirling chains. TRAVIS: Okay. MATT: Reduced to three. TRAVIS: I’m not raging. MATT: So that’s five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30. What’s
that? LAURA: He’s not raging. MATT: 50. You get right there. LAURA: Tary and Grog can hold hands in that
position, right? He can reach Tary and Percy? MARISHA: We just need a chain. MATT: No, Taryon is right here. LAURA: Yeah, so can he reach his hand out and have
Percy and Tary? MATT: Everyone would need to shift one more in
that direction, or someone can plug that hole. LAURA: Okay. TRAVIS: Do I need to break your chains or just
touch you? TALIESIN: Just touch will work. LAURA and MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: That’s true. TRAVIS: All right. I just grab your hand, and I’ll
lean back like this. LAURA: Oh yeah, he’s super tall. Can he reach
farther because he’s super tall? LIAM: I saw my sister get picked up and put down,
so I know where invisi-bear is, and I’m going to push through and feel along my sister’s shoulder
and feel were-bear’s arm and say: You’re in the middle of hell. This is a Ring of Invisibility.
Thank you– and push through, and I’m going to try to use my bonus to push all the way through and
fill that gap. TALIESIN: You may have to throw the knife. MATT: You can just barely, with the chains that
are around you– which by the way, Vax, you take eight points of bludgeoning damage. You can just
get up to put the ring into Tova’s hand, and that’s as far as you can get. LIAM: I have an action and bonus action. Can’t I
use the bonus action to dash? MATT: You can, actually. LAURA: Please, please, please. NOELLE: Come on, guys. Get out of here. LAURA: Please, just let him get there! MATT: 25, 30. You’re not quite there. LIAM: All right, well, I grab Keyleth’s hand and
we’re going to work on closing this gap. MATT: Well, you dashed with your bonus. LIAM: My action wasn’t to give her the ring? MATT: So yeah, you feel for her. That’s your
turn. MARISHA: Can you throw your dagger and hit me? LIAM: I’m out. MARISHA: You can’t do anything else. You can’t hit
me? SAM: No problem, guys. LAURA: We’ve just got one teeny little gap here,
and whose turn is it? MATT: All right, that brings us to Vex. LAURA: That’s me? MATT: Well, technically Taryon. SAM: Oh. Me? I’m right there, aren’t I? MATT: Yeah. SAM: Can I bridge the gap somehow? LIAM: Can he yank Vax? MATT: You can use your action to try and pull him
over. SAM: To pull Vax over? MATT: Yeah. LAURA: Fill the hole. MATT: You do take seven points of bludgeoning
damage from the chains. TALIESIN: Oh god. Stress. SAM: Okay, great. Seven points. Okay, yeah. I’ll
reach like I’ve never reached before, and say: We’re brothers forever. Lifelong teammates.
Friends. TALIESIN: Out, out. Go, go! MARISHA: You fucking ass. Goddamn it! MATT: You pull him into the space. Everyone grabs
hands. LAURA: Oh, not you. MATT: You see Tova’s form appear briefly as she
puts the ring on and then vanishes once more. You see the rest of them grab arms together. Keyleth,
you finish the spell, Plane Shift. NOELLE: I’ll look you up if I make it out of here
alive. MARISHA: Please! LIAM: The ring’s a loaner! NOELLE: We’ve still got to get that beer. SAM: Greystone Keep! Get my robot! MATT: You can see the chain golem swelling as the
chains are feeding it. It’s growing larger in the chambers, its red eyes getting brighter and
brighter. As you all clasp hands together, the light flashes a bright whitish-green. There’s a
high-pitched whine just as you hear devils rushing in from across the hallway. (whoosh) Silence. And that’s where we’ll pick up next week. (groaning) LAURA: Holy shit. LIAM: You’ve got to live, Tova. You’ve got to
live! NOELLE: I’ll do my best. MATT: Holy shit. NOELLE: I’m doing great. TRAVIS: Oh my god, Matthew! MATT: Thank you guys. Oh shit. LIAM: You’ve got to Bilbo Baggins your way out of
that shit! NOELLE: I’m in a much better position than I was
to start with. LAURA: Holy crap. MATT: Let’s just hope Tova doesn’t come across
another pit fiend, because they can see through invisibility. SAM: Five minutes later, Tova was killed. (laughter) MATT: There are devils that can see through
invisibility. NOELLE: I’m sure it will be fine. MATT: I’m sure you’ll be fine. It’ll be great. SAM: Worst case scenario, she ends the day where
she started. LAURA: That was a really fun episode. That was a
really fun game. MATT: That was awesome, guys. LAURA: I feel like that was the most fun that
we’ve had in a while. TRAVIS: Chain golems, all the demons. LAURA: I’m so tired! MATT: It was fun. Guys, well done. MARISHA: We made it out, right? MATT: Noelle, thank you so much for playing with
us. NOELLE: This was fucking awesome. MATT: Such a blast. Good sticking to the guns and
staying behind. I was like, I don’t know what she’s going to do about this. Thinking you were
going to find a way to find them. NOELLE: Yeah, and then I just keep showing up
every week. You can’t get rid of me. (laughter) MATT: It’s happened before. Our story ended up
keeping Rothfuss here for three or four weeks in a row. It was supposed to be just a one-night
thing. NOELLE: I had a mission. MATT: He got a killing blow on a boss, too. We’ve
had two guests get killing blows on a boss. MARISHA: We’ve had good themes of guests killing
bosses. LAURA AND MATT: Yeah. MARISHA: Because Mary killed the white dragon. MATT: That’s true. You guys have got to pick up
your slack. LIAM: Maybe your ghost can haunt us. “Remember
when you left me in hell?” LAURA: Good times. NOELLE: Or it’ll just be me with the invisibility
ring. MATT: Thank you so much for coming and playing
with us, Noelle. NOELLE: Thank you for having me. This has been
awesome. MATT: Yay. So guys, once again, you can check out
Noelle. If you want to pimp your stuff real fast before you leave? Nimona! MARISHA: Look at that! And Lumberjanes! SAM: And Lumberjanes. NOELLE: And Lumberjanes. And other things soon to
be revealed. MATT: Yeah, I’m excited. Well, thank you again.
Guys, awesome job. We’ll pick this up next week, and we’ll see you guys then. Until then, is it
Thursday yet? Good night. [music]

100 thoughts on “Bats Out of Hell | Critical Role RPG Episode 93

  1. 0:45 Dice Merch?
    1:47 The dice are gone
    5:26 And on that note…
    10:58 Facing Utugosh
    19:21 Mind if I open a window?
    23:19 Pit Fiend Hand Signals
    29:11 Blood Curse!
    34:17 Percy shoots at…Orthax? No, wait…
    36:59 Blood Curse takes effect!
    38:15 Trinket Perception…& Bear Speech?
    39:38 A Burning Sensation
    41:15 Reinforcements!
    43:34 Wall of Fire!
    50:45 Evil Cages! (51:33 Who's evil? Matt or Utugosh?)
    53:38 Taryon Goes Into The Fire
    57:10 Doty, well…just watch.
    59:26 Clutch Use of Luck
    1:01:15 Tidal Wave
    1:04:43 Wall of Fire…Wait, WHAT?!
    1:10:13 Grog's Action Surge!
    1:15:18 Evil Cages Again!
    1:18:11 Good Day…and Good NIGHT!
    1:21:34 Time progressed as it was meant to
    1:25:54 Feeling Lucky Yet?
    1:35:52 Grog Smash
    1:41:31 Utugosh Nat 20 on a Wisdom Save (Better that than for the attack!)
    1:44:22 Pit Fiend Punishment (1:47:56 Major Damage!)
    1:54:41 Clash of the Giants
    1:57:10 Say it Matt! Not quite there yet.
    1:59:08 Now say those magic words!
    2:14:39 The cavalry has been called
    2:20:28 LIAR!!!
    2:23:03 Oh, poor Doty… (Break Starts)
    2:41:44 Break Ends
    2:43:22 Assistance From Afar
    2:45:45 Let the Nightmare Fuel Begin!
    2:51:50 The Chain Devil
    2:56:25 The Inside Devil
    3:09:50 Bats out of Hell
    3:21:25 Roll for Initiative!
    3:31:00 Bone Devil Gunning for Keyleth
    3:33:50 Keyleth Unconscious
    3:35:10 Oh s**t! Oh god! Oh no!
    3:51:22 ANOTHER Map?!
    4:06:55 Door Destroyed…and…
    4:19:02 Completing the Chain
    4:20:02 And that's where we'll pick up next week!

  2. How does the devil attack someone with his giant axe and tail that he's currently grappled by "sitting on" them?
    I'm sure there's some reason why the Devil never had to make a concentration check to maintain his wall of fire.

  3. 5:27 – intro begins

    7:05 – intro ends

    7:32 – recap begins

    11:09 – recap ends, episode begins

    2:41:45 – break ends

    3:41:46 – brief cast song

  4. I feel bad for trinket. He loves vex so much he will mindlessly do anything she says, and she repeatedly sends him in to fight ridiculously powerful monsters that can one shot him.

  5. It was at this point the fiend covered in chains removed his head revealing a small humanoid male
    “ so about that beer I owe you”

  6. That moment when Laura tried the “you shouldn’t be bringing him” about Doty like Trinket didn’t almost get lots of party members killed over the years.

  7. If I am not mistaken that is the second time Taryon has had an epic fail when using his luck. I have a feeling that Sam accidentally chose the feat, "Luck of the Polish."

  8. Dang that sucks, thought the contract specifically said there would be a guide. Someone who guides them to there destination. Not someone who just tells them where to go.

  9. With his girlfriend's character on the verge of death and the look on Matt's face clearly said, "Gill, don't f#$k me!"

  10. Question. What spell did The Pit fiend use? It couldn’t be firewalls was it, cause I didn’t see Matt roll concentrations saving throw at all.

  11. Only Percival could casually ignore a raging pit fiend battle, glance into a random cell closet, glance back at the raging pit fiend battle, blow off the lock on the random cell closet, squeeze off two more shots arched with lightning at the raging pit fiend battle, and duck inside the random cell closet all within 6 seconds.

  12. Ripped from another comment and posted for my own reference, 'cause I don't like scrolling down a ton to find other timeline comments ¯_༼ ツ ༽_/¯
    0:45 Dice Merch?
    1:47 The dice are gone
    5:26 And on that note…
    10:58 Facing Utugosh
    19:21 Mind if I open a window?
    23:19 Pit Fiend Hand Signals
    29:11 Blood Curse!
    34:17 Percy shoots at…Orthax? No, wait…
    36:59 Blood Curse takes effect!
    38:15 Trinket Perception…& Bear Speech?
    39:38 A Burning Sensation
    41:15 Reinforcements!
    43:34 Wall of Fire!
    50:45 Evil Cages! (51:33 Who's evil? Matt or Utugosh?)
    53:38 Taryon Goes Into The Fire
    57:10 Doty, well…just watch.
    59:26 Clutch Use of Luck
    1:01:15 Tidal Wave
    1:04:43 Wall of Fire…Wait, WHAT?!
    1:10:13 Grog's Action Surge!
    1:15:18 Evil Cages Again!
    1:18:11 Good Day…and Good NIGHT!
    1:21:34 Time progressed as it was meant to
    1:25:54 Feeling Lucky Yet?
    1:35:52 Grog Smash
    1:41:31 Utugosh Nat 20 on a Wisdom Save (Better that than for the attack!)
    1:44:22 Pit Fiend Punishment (1:47:56 Major Damage!)
    1:54:41 Clash of the Giants
    1:57:10 Say it Matt! Not quite there yet.
    1:59:08 Now say those magic words!
    2:14:39 The cavalry has been called
    2:20:28 LIAR!!!
    2:23:03 Oh, poor Doty… (Break Starts)
    2:41:44 Break Ends
    2:43:22 Assistance From Afar
    2:45:45 Let the Nightmare Fuel Begin!
    2:51:50 The Chain Devil
    2:56:25 The Inside Devil
    3:09:50 Bats out of Hell
    3:21:25 Roll for Initiative!
    3:31:00 Bone Devil Gunning for Keyleth
    3:33:50 Keyleth Unconscious
    3:35:10 Oh s**t! Oh god! Oh no!
    3:51:22 ANOTHER Map?!
    4:06:55 Door Destroyed…and…
    4:19:02 Completing the Chain
    4:20:02 And that's where we'll pick up next week!

  13. Maybe this will be explained. But if Hotus is in this awful hell prison, why do they assume he will be able to get out again?

  14. God watching this makes me wanna play D&D so bad… last two sessions got canceled because of prior plans and then the DM got sick and lost his voice AND I'M CRAVING IT SO BAD we left off with one of our members fucking DYING and I've been planning on how to bring him back and it's driving me NUTS x.x hope my DM gets his voice back by next week…

  15. Kinda irks that Percy had the silence spell, makes a case he doesn't wanna make noise and forgets that he does have it.

  16. It's episode 93 and Keyleth still hasn't learned basic tactics. It's been established multiple times during the fight that the pit fiend is immune to fire and then she turns into a fire giant -_-

  17. umm, did Taryon have revivify at this point, because if he did, he could had possibly revived Keyleth had she gone died.

  18. why bats? why bats…. they don't have bats in there, it's suspicious. i heard Matt said they had rats. so just turn into rats, tun along the walls, 4 on one side, 3 on the other. when you see people, split a bit. even if they notice them, they would probably not be suspicious.
    but hey, that's why makes the game interesting

  19. As brave Sir Percy tries to intimidate the lowest of the low level devils, with advantage, he spectacularly manages to scare…. Himself
    Luckily Vex was there to save him from wetting himself
    So he decided to repay the favor by alerting all the guards in the prison to the location of the party. /Face Slap
    Brave Sir Percy should go in search of the Holy Grail. Scanlan could follow him, singing about his magnificent deeds and Monty Python could hire him

  20. Idk why marisha kept trying to changer herself after the pit fiend died.. The plan was for all to get arrested together so they wouldn't be separated…and also when they got chained up..why didn't she just shape change back into her giant form and break them all free..or like Laura said best changed them all along with her..she could have asked matt to see if he would let her..since he does let her get away with more stuff

  21. Here I am in 2020 and I decided to google the book. It's going to be made into an animated movie to release sometime in 2022

  22. Does anyone think this is a lot of trouble to go through for killing what would be a pretty small assassin given their lv?

  23. Devil: "Right, Left, Straight, Straight, Left, Straight, Right, the iron door with the Feigned Grin!"
    Me: "Who's on first?"

  24. That's actually a Myth; Bats actually have pretty decent Night Vision. Sonar is important, but, not the only means they use to "see".

  25. I kind of jumped into the middle of this, but doesn't Asmodeous traditionally limit planar travel to Baator through the first level of Hell then you go down manually to the second level? How were they able to go directly to Dis? Did Matt just ignore that DnD convention or what?

  26. I would like to point out that Vax, as an extremely high AC rogue that can get sneak attacks on all 3 attacks per turn thanks to Vow of Enmity, is by far the single most dangerous person on the entire prime material plane. Good God, man!

  27. I love how: Vex got Trinket out of the cage, but didn’t think to free Grog the same way. Tareon decided to call Doty into the Wall of Fire rather than freeing Grog. Tova decided to use the empty cage to throw, instead of freeing Grog. DEFINITELY don’t wanna make it a priority to free the dude who can take and deal the most damage….Teamwork at its finest.

  28. “I’ll pretend I found you guys, then I won’t be IN jail” Entire group is against it. Grog suggests she’s over thinking it. It’s GO time. Aaaaaand Keyleth decides to become a Bone Devil….Vex says “Why?!” and if you look at Keyleth’s face, she has this shit eating grin, ALMOST like she knows she hasn’t given it enough thought at all, and even her tiny mind knows she’s about to LAST MINUTE throw a wrench in their already fragile and dubious ‘plan’…

  29. So isn't there a spell or an item that allows you to speak and understand all language? If so Keyleth needs that. She could transform into anything and try to talk her way out of it….granted being Keyleth it'd still only have a small chance of being convincing, but perhaps in 100 years when she can read that book that Scanlan used….lol

  30. I know scheduling is an issue for them, BUT, Zahra is a powerful friend who could have blended in as a Tiefling, AND SPEAKS INFERNAL, and didn't Ashley ask them not to go to hell without Poke?

  31. i was wandering all along if as a druid or mage could u controll the bloodpools with watercontrolling magic or summonwater/blood-lementals in there….
    but ok if u can easily summon a tidelwave in hell above an volcano with no water nearby … why even using our brains if magic can make everything work??

  32. Mmkay hang on. What was the save for craven edges strength steal? Wisdom right? Thatd be nutty if he could have messed up this guy with that nasty sword.

  33. Timestamps
    0:45 Dice Merch?
    1:47 The dice are gone
    5:26 And on that note…
    10:58 Facing Utugosh
    19:21 Mind if I open a window?
    23:19 Pit Fiend Hand Signals
    29:11 Blood Curse!
    34:17 Percy shoots at…Orthax? No, wait…
    36:59 Blood Curse takes effect!
    38:15 Trinket Perception…& Bear Speech?
    39:38 A Burning Sensation
    41:15 Reinforcements!
    43:34 Wall of Fire!
    50:45 Evil Cages! (51:33 Who's evil? Matt or Utugosh?)
    53:38 Taryon Goes Into The Fire
    57:10 Doty, well…just watch.
    59:26 Clutch Use of Luck
    1:01:15 Tidal Wave
    1:04:43 Wall of Fire…Wait, WHAT?!
    1:10:13 Grog's Action Surge!
    1:15:18 Evil Cages Again!
    1:18:11 Good Day…and Good NIGHT!
    1:21:34 Time progressed as it was meant to
    1:25:54 Feeling Lucky Yet?
    1:35:52 Grog Smash
    1:41:31 Utugosh Nat 20 on a Wisdom Save (Better that than for the attack!)
    1:44:22 Pit Fiend Punishment (1:47:56 Major Damage!)
    1:54:41 Clash of the Giants
    1:57:10 Say it Matt! Not quite there yet.
    1:59:08 Now say those magic words!
    2:14:39 The cavalry has been called
    2:20:28 LIAR!!!
    2:23:03 Oh, poor Doty… (Break Starts)
    2:41:44 Break Ends
    2:43:22 Assistance From Afar
    2:45:45 Let the Nightmare Fuel Begin!
    2:51:50 The Chain Devil
    2:56:25 The Inside Devil
    3:09:50 Bats out of Hell
    3:21:25 Roll for Initiative!
    3:31:00 Bone Devil Gunning for Keyleth
    3:33:50 Keyleth Unconscious
    3:35:10 Oh s**t! Oh god! Oh no!
    3:51:22 ANOTHER Map?!
    4:06:55 Door Destroyed…and…
    4:19:02 Completing the Chain
    4:20:02 And that's where we'll pick up next week!

  34. 2020 Crew bringing it up top again
    0:45 Dice Merch?
    1:47 The dice are gone
    5:26 And on that note…
    10:58 Facing Utugosh
    19:21 Mind if I open a window?
    23:19 Pit Fiend Hand Signals
    29:11 Blood Curse!
    34:17 Percy shoots at…Orthax? No, wait…
    36:59 Blood Curse takes effect!
    38:15 Trinket Perception…& Bear Speech?
    39:38 A Burning Sensation
    41:15 Reinforcements!
    43:34 Wall of Fire!
    50:45 Evil Cages! (51:33 Who's evil? Matt or Utugosh?)
    53:38 Taryon Goes Into The Fire
    57:10 Doty, well…just watch.
    59:26 Clutch Use of Luck
    1:01:15 Tidal Wave
    1:04:43 Wall of Fire…Wait, WHAT?!
    1:10:13 Grog's Action Surge!
    1:15:18 Evil Cages Again!
    1:18:11 Good Day…and Good NIGHT!
    1:21:34 Time progressed as it was meant to
    1:25:54 Feeling Lucky Yet?
    1:35:52 Grog Smash
    1:41:31 Utugosh Nat 20 on a Wisdom Save (Better that than for the attack!)
    1:44:22 Pit Fiend Punishment (1:47:56 Major Damage!)
    1:54:41 Clash of the Giants
    1:57:10 Say it Matt! Not quite there yet.
    1:59:08 Now say those magic words!
    2:14:39 The cavalry has been called
    2:20:28 LIAR!!!
    2:23:03 Oh, poor Doty… (Break Starts)
    2:41:44 Break Ends
    2:43:22 Assistance From Afar
    2:45:45 Let the Nightmare Fuel Begin!
    2:51:50 The Chain Devil
    2:56:25 The Inside Devil
    3:09:50 Bats out of Hell
    3:21:25 Roll for Initiative!
    3:31:00 Bone Devil Gunning for Keyleth
    3:33:50 Keyleth Unconscious
    3:35:10 Oh s**t! Oh god! Oh no!
    3:51:22 ANOTHER Map?!
    4:06:55 Door Destroyed…and…
    4:19:02 Completing the Chain
    4:20:02 And that's where we'll pick up next week!

  35. vox machina got lucky. According to the contract, the only price for the devil not keeping his part of the deal was 15 thousand gold.

  36. Keyleth should have been separated out and pulled into a different room of the prison for a special session of torture, for attempting to impersonate one of Lord Dispater's officials.

  37. 3:35:15 – Keyleth faces her 3rd Death Saving throw and the group reacts to the idea of losing their one Plane Shift out of the Nine Hells

  38. I actually have a pretty good imagination, and the idea of actually fighting a towering golem made out of hell-forged dark iron chains is TERRIFYING. It would crush your friends and be slicked in their blood before it finally came for you, cowering in the corner.

  39. I would like to point out it makes no sense for Tova to have survived by herself while trying to escape a prison in the Nine Hells. They would have taken her, and they would have broken her.

  40. 3:30:00 well you could say that the chase could have gone better but let’s be honest, it went as well as it could….so freaking nerve racking

  41. 1:34:05 Yeahhh… They probably should've stopped to find her equipment before engaging Utugash. And to answer Marisha's question, it's because purses are a thing. 😛

  42. Just halfway through but sometimes I just shake my head…. a freaking fire giant? You can change in almost anything! Also, didnt Matt had to roll for concentration for the fire wall

  43. Matt, you cheeky devil. Giving them a verbal version of that Simon game with 4 different colored buttons to remember. Expecting them to get it all in one go without warning is diabolical. xD

  44. gosh i wish the battle map was bigger like they had at the start of the series really hard to see what is going on in combat

  45. 0:45 Dice Merch?

    1:47 The dice are gone

    5:26 And on that note…

    10:58 Facing Utugosh

    19:21 Mind if I open a window?

    23:19 Pit Fiend Hand Signals

    29:11 Blood Curse!

    34:17 Percy shoots at…Orthax? No, wait…

    36:59 Blood Curse takes effect!

    38:15 Trinket Perception…& Bear Speech?

    39:38 A Burning Sensation

    41:15 Reinforcements!

    43:34 Wall of Fire!

    50:45 Evil Cages! (51:33 Who's evil? Matt or Utugosh?)

    53:38 Taryon Goes Into The Fire

    57:10 Doty, well…just watch.

    59:26 Clutch Use of Luck

    1:01:15 Tidal Wave

    1:04:43 Wall of Fire…Wait, WHAT?!

    1:10:13 Grog's Action Surge!

    1:15:18 Evil Cages Again!

    1:18:11 Good Day…and Good NIGHT!

    1:21:34 Time progressed as it was meant to

    1:25:54 Feeling Lucky Yet?

    1:35:52 Grog Smash

    1:41:31 Utugosh Nat 20 on a Wisdom Save (Better that than for the attack!)

    1:44:22 Pit Fiend Punishment (1:47:56 Major Damage!)

    1:54:41 Clash of the Giants

    1:57:10 Say it Matt! Not quite there yet.

    1:59:08 Now say those magic words!

    2:14:39 The cavalry has been called

    2:20:28 LIAR!!!

    2:23:03 Oh, poor Doty… (Break Starts)

    2:41:44 Break Ends

    2:43:22 Assistance From Afar

    2:45:45 Let the Nightmare Fuel Begin!

    2:51:50 The Chain Devil

    2:56:25 The Inside Devil

    3:09:50 Bats out of Hell

    3:21:25 Roll for Initiative!

    3:31:00 Bone Devil Gunning for Keyleth

    3:33:50 Keyleth Unconscious

    3:35:10 Oh s**t! Oh god! Oh no!

    3:51:22 ANOTHER Map?!

    4:06:55 Door Destroyed…and…

    4:19:02 Completing the Chain

    4:20:02 And that's where we'll pick up next week!

  46. I know this is an old episode but Im sick of Percy saying "for fun". It is said after every time he uses grit or chooses to do anything.

  47. I'm confused, why does Laura think a fanged grin has to be cocked to the side? Does she think he said 'feigned' grin?

  48. Ok I know I'm not a zoologist or anything, and I realize those tiny insects were fiends but an insect is an animal. It is in Kingdom Animalia. So if they wanted to become an insect they could.

  49. A werebear isn't a lycanthrope (lycanos is ancient greek for wolf, combined with anthropos for human, aka wolf man), it would instead be an arktanthrope (arktos is ancient greek for bear).

  50. You might have thought that this band of adventurers with trapped in a Room full of demons. No, there was a Room full of demons trapped in a Room with this group of psychopaths. Turning into a fire giant and pile driving a pit fiend just before a giant bear tore its throat out was pretty awesome.

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