Batter Up: Republicans, Democrats Gear Up for 56th Congressional Baseball Game

I’m Alex Gangitano, Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter, and we’re scouting out Congressional baseball game practices
leading up to the big night. How are you feeling? Well you know I think the Democrats should really be worried. You know we got to keep that streak, that one-year
streak alive. We’ve got a one game winning streak, you know we won last year, so this year we’re going to try to
make it a two game winning streak. After last year had been seven years since we won, we need to even that score up a little bit. I feel pretty good, but in
sports even if you’re not they teach you to stand back and say that anyway. Not only do you want to cut taxes we really to drum them in the game as well. Do you think you’ll win? Oh absolutely I think we’re gonna win. I thought we’re going to
win every single game we played and I’ve been right once. I think we’re ready for them, you know, half of us are too old, half of us are too, not very good at
the game and so, really I think that fits very well matches up very well for
Democrats. Well I feel a little better than I did last year. Great! Ready to go. I’m real excited about it. It’s always a wonderful chance to be with my friends. I’m feeling really good. We’ve been getting a lot of good practice, Coach Doyle has really been working us, Pascrell has been working us on the bat. They won, so our job is to go
back and what’s rightfully ours and that’s the Roll Call trophy. Oh gosh it gives me something to wake up for in the morning. I just love getting out here, stretching a little bit, feeling
the breeze in my hair. So I say we make the freshmen get us breakfast every morning. Just don’t tell them it never happened when I was a freshman. What do you want sir? What do you want for breakfast? McDonald’s. Did you play catcher growing up or is this a new thing for you? You know I, until I came to Congress, I
hadn’t really caught a game of baseball since about sixth grade and I moved
other positions as I got older. But I came here and Joe Barton said you’re one of the young guys go squat and now I love it it’s the best spot on the field. Well I played baseball with the boys growing up so for me it’s pretty natural. I couldn’t even make
my high school team but you know I kind of bloomed later life. With brothers growing up played a lot of baseball played a year in college then I realized how
good everybody else was so I decided to pursue a new career. Do you think you’ll get more sleep before the game than last year? Oh absolutely. If they want to have a
sit-in they’re gonna do it without me. Last year I don’t think it was the
staying up all night I think it was really the emotional investment and the issue of guns, and people losing their lives, that the couple innings
we just we mentally were not there. Oh this is the best institution in
Congress it really is. It’s just fun. It’s every kid’s dream is played on a major league field. I don’t ever say we’re going to win, I
say we’re going to work hard to try to do everything the right way. I’m Alex Gangitano and that’s what I heard on the hill. Hey where else can you swing a
Democrats like this? You know, it’s a good deal.

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