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Relax your hands, and elbows Relax, removing tension from your upper-body Keep both hands on your bat on your follow through for this drill Take a swing, visualize hitting a dominant “up-and-inside” fastball; contact closer to your body Use a “short-and-flat” swing plane for a “hard-and-flat” pitch Keeping both hands on your bat on your follow through C’mon, let it rip Again, this time let it rip! Don’t lift your bat Keep the bat flat or you will swing and miss with a dominant inside pitch Hitting “up–hard-and-inside” you don’t need to lift, the ball will carry over the fence with a flat swing If you lift you’ll over extend, knocking your head off the ball with your rear shoulder Don’t lift! Imagine you are hitting the ball here, closer to your body Go, better; and again Faster Quicker Now turn from your core/hips Again, turn quicker Exploding from your core, the hips are turning your back leg/foot Again, quicker Quicker with your turn Your core explodes, your hands stay back One more Excellent, see the improvement in bat speed Coach, try to toss the ball up and inside Track the ball longer, make contact closer to your body Coach, now toss the ball up and in, challenge your player Relax your hands, use a short and flat swing plane Looking for something hard, up and inside Let the ball travel, track the ball making contact closer to your body Good, that’s better

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