Batting Aid

Today, I’m going to do some soft toss with the Laser Power Swing Trainer Takes, 5 minutes to custom size; after which you won’t have to do it again Unless you share with others, which we do not recommend As it’s customized to your body Pull and align the armband buckles to sit on the rear of your arm Slide the armbands to the ends Wrap around your waist and clip it in Align the clip-in-attachement to your spine to maintain balance Slide the armbands to align to your hips And slide your arms in And repeat Slide to the armband buckles to the middle of your arm for balance Check for resistance Sits at the bottom of your chest It’s where all the action happens, the top of your core It works your core muscles, improves posture Works your deep layer abs Increase resistance by reducing size To work on isolation drills If a player has a long swing Best way to fix, that; increase resistance Preventing them from reaching, fixing a long/casting swing They have to let the ball get deep, the only way to hit it is with a short swing The players will quickly figure it out You can practice as normal Coaches can intergrate into your current program Remove either arms for isolation drills Set to a general resistance for a full range of motion for all swing types It works for all types of hitting mechanics and methods High, mid and low elbow hitters; it works Hitting the ball deep, extended or in between; it works Works for all types of swings Swing as normal, whatever way you like Wear the entire practice Get better. Faster, stronger, precise; which equals power hitting.

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