Batting Cage in Japan, this is why we have many good baseball players !! #031

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I’m Rion All right, so today I came to batting center in Japan, you know, the baseball is really popular in Japan So batting Center is really popping in Japan as well. maybe you guys never seen but then it’s really awesome This is their working hours They starting from 11 a.m. To 10 p.m That’s how usually they open. Yeah, and also there is the age restriction well, pretty much, you know, any age can enter but then after 7 p.m Over 16 years old can enter and also after 10 p.m. Only over 18 (y.o.) people can get it Yep. So are you guys ready? Let’s go well so let me explain how it looks like,
There is a restroom right there and Claw catchers This is pretty much what they have,
well another claw catchers. Yep some arcades air hockey And they have punching machine and gun shooting game And also a basketball game, bowling game Yeah, so usually batting, there are many functions, Sometimes, there is table tennis, bowling, a lot of people practice here, so that’s why you know it is popular in Japan Alright so as you see You can choose speed from 80 to 120,
for example for this one, alright let me try this one I am not good at baseball.
Yeah slowest one, Let me do it. Let’s go So as you see there is like monitor right there You can feel like you are actually playing with someone. This is how to play you can choose from 80 to 120 and This one make it high ball And this one gonna make it low ball and you can borrow the bat as well so yeah, just come over here and then you can play the price is usually from 350 Japanese yen to 400 Japanese yen for example, this place, 1 play for 350 Japanese yen but then, you know if you play three times then one 1,000 Japanese yen, so It’s pretty cheap. I think He’s good, all right, so let’s see let’s do it All right, let’s do it Oh All right. So today pretty much that’s it. How do you like it? it’s really good right? This is why we have so many good Japanese baseball players. Yeah the Ichiro, well, he used to practice every day at the bottom Center. It’s a good investment You know if you wanna be a baseball player so pretty much that’s it Well, thanks for watching my video
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  1. Thank you for your video, keep up the good work 😁 by the way, would like to ask you a question. How minute or hour will take for 1 game?

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