Batting Practice at LBSU: Episode 1 (2018)

Batting practice. [MUSIC] [Ball hitting bat] [Ball hitting bat] [Ball hitting bat] [Ball hitting bat] [Ball hitting bat] [Ball hitting bat] Yeah, it doesn’t look that great, but we’re feeling great and glad to be out here ready to compete. And hopefully, keep up the streak. Nothing like some rain in California. Exactly what we didn’t expect, but you know what? [Ball hitting bat] [Ball hitting bat] Be two, be two. My favorite one. [Ball hitting bucket] Two out of three. Spears is just doing stuff to get out of throwing BP. Yeah, Spears loves to watch, he doesn’t really like to help a lot. Yeah, I know. Actually he’s picking up balls, but he’s really just trying to play basketball. First off, I didn’t know it was a bad thing to stretch. Second of all, I came in here and threw my round of front toss, so they don’t know what they’re talking about. I have extremely small hands, so I think four is my max. No, not a good day. What would you rather do hit for the cycle or hit two jacks? The cycle for sure. Really? Yeah. I’d rather hit two jacks. Yeah you have four hits though. Now if you were like – If you were four for four. Four fours, two jacks, two doubles, I’m probably going two jacks two doubles. Not two jacks, two doubles. Two jacks, no question. I’m trying to imitate Tim Elko, he challenged me. [MUSIC] [Bat hitting ball] That’s like a – out of a ten that’s probably like a four, maybe like a three and a half. I feel pretty good; you know I’m ready to start the day. Got to get breakfast in, good hitting, we got to go rest for a little while. Get ready for tonight. [Balls falling in bucket] [Bats hitting together]

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