Batting Practice with Bryce Harper – Baseball Pro Tips

Baseball Pro Tips: Batting Practice with Bryce
Harper [INTRO MUSIC]>>BRYCE HARPER: You know, when I get to the
field each day, I come in probably 45 minutes before the game or, you know, sometimes earlier
than that. Top hand/bottom hand is huge for me. Swinging with the little bat is huge for me
as well. I have a heavy bat that I swing before my
regular bat.>>BRYCE HARPER: So, I start off with top hand/bottom
hand, five each hand and then I’ll take that little bat. Swing full hack off a tee with that five times. Do walking, “Happy Gilmore” pretty much
with my heavy bat, very smooth. Standard left side of the cage, trying to
treat the flips like they’re flips. Not crazy swings or anything like that. And then, take regular swings off the tee
as well. Staying on the outer third of the plate, working
on the outer thirds of the plate as well. Maybe a little bit off, with the heavy bat
five times. And then my regular bat that I swing five
times as well.>>BRYCE HARPER: You know, try to stick with
the same routine, stick with the things that’ve gotten me here and not really change. You can always get better, of course, but
stick with your plan that got you there. Stick with what works for you. You’re an athlete for a reason. Be that athlete, and that’s what I always
try to tell myself to never lose the, [CRACK OF A BAT HITTING A BASEBALL]>>BRYCE HARPER: Feel of the game and, you
know, try to do my best. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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