Batting Stance – Distance between the Feet

Hey guys. I got a great question from HBSG
asking about the batter’s stance and the distance between the feet and what I think is the best
stance. Obviously everyone is a little bit different but I think in my opinion the best
stance is going to be just outside shoulder width apart.
So if your shoulders are right here, your feet would be right under here. I think you
want to take a little step with your left and a little step with your right so you’re
just outside of your shoulders with your feet. The reason why is because if you’re straight
under your shoulders, you’re creating an angle from your knee to your feet. That is pretty
straight. In baseball, we want to create angles to help us gain momentum and generate force,
transfer force. So if you’re just outside of your shoulders,
what you can do is knock those knees in a little bit and now it’s a lot easier to transfer
force and move side to side and that’s what you want.
When you’re trying to hit is you want to be able to transfer that force efficiently and
get to those good spots. So that’s what I think as far as distance between the feet.
For you younger guys, a quick general tip might be just to drop the bat down and see
where your feet are compared to that. But I mean everyone has shoulders so that’s a
lot easier to measure. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe
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