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This is Sean Plouffe form today I
want to talk about getting to a good hitting position what that looks like
this is a clip of Alex Rodriguez and once you notice how far he pulls its
elbow back and the position of the bat and you take a look at the Jersey here
there’s tension between the upper and lower body these are all good things
that you like to see from from any hitter and you’ll see the correlation as
we get into the video here that they all get to a very similar position so again
this is Alex every as you can see the leg leg lifts here and a lot of times
I’ll put guys here in this position with the front heel off the ground and the
elbow pulled back with the bat up and from here all that’s left to do is
really step and swing and you want to try to keep the elbow back as long as
you can that way you get some torque here between the upper and lower body
but this is the position they did too so a lot of major league hitters will start
all different kinds of ways and have their own style
but eventually when they go to swing the bat they’re in a position that’s very
similar to this you can see some guys pull their hands back as they load up
the swing that’s normal when I say he pulls his hands back I really mean back
towards the dugout behind him see the elbows draw back here and that’s where
we get a really nice position to swing from so elbows drone back that up and
front foots up he also has a nice bend at the waist that you like to see that
way his eyes are a little bit more behind the baseball let’s take a look at
some more guys here and see if they’re in a similar position
so here’s Chipper Jones again the back elbows drawn back the bats up and you
could see the tension already in the upper and lower body Ted Williams said
in his book the science of hitting in 1971
the hips leave the hand but I want you to notice in this position the hips are
already leading the hands in a sense because he’s created a tension with by
drawing the elbow back the hips don’t have to move very much for them to power
the swing because he’s pulled back and he’s created that tension between the
back elbow and the back knee before the swing is really even started one other
thing I want you to notice is the shape in the arms I call this – triangle this
shape is what you’ll see from the majority of the best hitters of all time
again the bass up the back elbow usually gets even with the shoulder line the
guys will hold the hands up their shoulders but Barry Bonds Ted Williams
you know Hank Aaron Babe Ruth they carry their hands a bit lower so you’ll see
the back elbow jaw back and won’t quite get even with the shoulder line but this
shape is pretty consistent throughout here’s Ted Williams you see already you
see Val ball behind him and we’re in a probably the shortstop view we’re not
even in in the pitcher view if you can really see the lower body lead the
movement so he gets a big inward turn here no that’s not necessarily something
I’m against but it’s not something that I would teach is to kind of rotate this
much but you do want to be able to draw back and you definitely want to eyes on
the picture so that’s Ted Williams take a look at some more guys here’s David
Wright I love this position he’s gotten into with his arms and the bat you see
the bat kind of tipped forward and the arms in a really nice spot and I tell
guys all the time to make a 90 degree angle between the forearms and the bat
that way your wrist stays straight and you’re in a really nice strong position
to move the barrel of the bat again you can see the front foots not down yet and
he’s really pulled back with this guy go Bo and he’s in a nice triangle shape
he’s Joey Votto same thing Missy that back elbow even
with the shoulder line because you hold the same to the shoulders and this is
really important for hitting to the opposite field obviously Votto is one of
the very best of hitting to all fields and by pulling the elbow back like this
it gives him that room to create power to the absolute field or to all fields
and really connect the energy from the back leg up his body and into the back
is Mike Schmidt and I consider the start of the swing the moment the bat moves is
to start the swing for me so sometimes you’ll see the bat move even before the
foot gets down and sometimes it’ll be after the foot gets down but really the
position from where the bat actually moves is a position I’m looking at and
from there is the elbow back is the bat up and do they have a triangle shape and
arms so here’s Mike Schmidt you see him rock this triangle shape and time
machines maintained all the way right up right into contact and then the arms
extend you want to maintain my triangle shape as long as you can is Manny
Ramirez same position generally see the bat here but the bat straight up and
down elbow gone back and up Obama here’s Ryan Howard again one of the best
opposite field home run hitters we see him really rock this triangle shape
really maintained for a long time and he’s able to kind of rock this shape and
extend out towards the field he’s hitting to rather than just take a left
turn you see his front shoulder kind of come up instead of turn sideways
but this position really sets them up to create power to all fields josh
donaldson that up back elbow up and back tension between the upper and lower body
front foot front heel up so this position really sets us up to use the
kinetic chain properly and hits all fields and create power deep in the zone
and get the barrel behind the ball here’s Miguel Cabrera the stiches way
inside and he gets to it so we could see that drawing back like this and creating
tension doesn’t hinder us from getting to that inside pitch we’re still plenty
of just about to that even when we hide our hands and jaw the elbow back aging
is olives like chop now Chad doesn’t held his
barrel up like I’d like to see but the rest of his body is perfect you know
back elbows drawn back nice angle at the hips nice weight distribution everything
else that I like to see that’s consistent with the best hitters before
him is there and you have this really nice bat path that gets behind the ball
really early and really keeps the ball off the ground and here’s Gary Sanchez
and this is something you’re see from David Ortiz Gary Sanchez several other
guys they kind of pull back into that position late kind of as they’re falling
forward they’ll pull back with that with the hands and the elbow and again back
to me means not back towards the empire but back you see the back elbow you want
to draw the back elbow back towards what they got behind you that’s that way you
really create this tension you can see the the jersey bind up here so you
create this tension and back leg still leaves the hand even though he’s now in
a position early on with the elbow gone back and that’s okay so he jabs back as
he’s falling forward and as the ball comes and then back leg pulls him
through the swing if you liked this video subscribe the channel
again been Sean Plouffe from you next time

7 thoughts on “Batting Stance | How to Load | Good Hitting Position

  1. Great analysis. Regarding the early (built into stance like Pence and Wright), mid (slow and easy/load as you go like AGon) or late (G. Sanchez), I really don't think it matters as long as that tension/stretch is created.

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  3. When do you start the leg lift/toe tap? Some coaches teach to begin it when the ball leaves the pitchers hand, and others teach to begin the leg left when the pitcher lands on his front leg before the throw.

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