Batting Tips on how to hit a baseball like Miguel Cabrera w/ swing analysis

Hey everybody. Mark Brooks here with Art of
Baseball TV. Today we’re gonna talk about batting tips
on how to hit a ball like Miguel Cabrera. There’s a reason why he was last year’s
Triple Crown winner. I’m gonna show you two reasons if you stay
tuned. All right, so we have Miguel Cabrera. Now
this guy is a big boy right? He’s got an amazing powerful swing, and
you know, I get a lot of questions on how this guy gets the bat head through the zone
the way that he does. So if you look closely there is actually two
things that he does consistently almost every swing and definitely in every at-bat that
he does to help him drive the ball with the consistency that he does. If you take a look at his swing you’ll notice
that his front knee — his front foot, and his front shoulder are closed as long as possible
until the ball is deep into the zone. He opens his hips, and he opens his shoulders,
and he opens his lower half the very last second. Now what this does — this is allows him to
generate as much torque as he can until the last moment, and that is why he has such a
powerful swing. That is why he has been so consistent with being able to drive the ball
to all parts of the field, and is also a reason why he’s such a great two strike hitter
even though he’s also a power hitter. So one of the first things that you can do
if you want to be able to hit the baseball like Miguel Cabrera, you want to understand
what it means to stay closed for as long as possible, and you can do this on a tee, you
can do this with soft toss, you can do this with front toss by letting the ball get as
deep as possible. So start by letting the pitches on the outer
half of the plate deep as possible, the pitches on the middle part of the plate as deep as
possible, and even the pitches on the inner half of the plate, let those pitches get as
deep as possible and try driving those pitches up the middle and to the opposite field. And then eventually whenever you get confident
enough you can take those pitches on the inner half of the plate and start exploding on them
and pulling them the way that you’re supposed to. Another thing that you’ll notice with his
swing, with a pitch that you see here you’ll notice that that’s a fast ball up and in
by John Papelbon. Now this is probably a two seam about 92 to
93 miles per hour, and he’s still able to get on top of that pitch and pull it even
though he’s staying close for a really long time. So the other thing that you’ll notice
with his swing is that he has really minimal head movement. And I’ve spoken about this before, but if
you look at the fans behind him you’ll notice that the fans that you don’t see because
it, you still don’t see them after the point of contact. That means he has minimal head
movement. His heads not moving very much, and he’s
able to track the ball as consistently and as effectively as possible regardless of how
violent and how strong his swing is. So my tip for you and as you’ve heard me
talk about this a thousand times is get your swing on video. Take a look at your swing
on video. Look and measure to see how much head movement that you have. Now if you look at Miguel Cabrera’s swing
he has very little stride, and you know, compared to somebody like Bryce Harper who has a pretty
long stride, he has almost no stride at all. He has essentially what is called a purely
rotational swing. Now if look at his lower half you can see
that he’s driving the ball consistently, and he’s getting a lot of torque with his
hips. Um, if your — if your this type of hitter,
and you want to be this type of hitter who is purely rotational, I would make sure that
you have an incredible uh, strong foundation with your lower half. Make sure that you do static exercises like
squats, dead-lifts, cleans. This is gonna help you build a firm foundation the way that
Miguel Cabrera has. So that is my batting tip on how to hit a
baseball like Miguel Cabrera. Make sure you get that bucket of balls and
that tee and start working hard, and build that foundation the way that he has. If you have any questions about how to hit
a baseball like Miguel Cabrera, leave a comment down below, don’t forget the like button,
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