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– What’s up, everybody? This is Dez from COISKI
and I’m in Waco, Texas for Baylor vs. Oklahoma. You know what that means. This is ‘SATURDAZE.” – It’s my first time at Baylor. What’s the
one thing I need to know? – We’re here to have a good time, sure, we’re a Baptist University but we have a
good time just like anybody else. – It’s like family. Everyone. It’s a tight-knit community here in Waco and everyone here gots each other’s back. – We Baylor nation baby ain’t nothing gonna hold us back. That’s what it is. We breaking chains out here. – Just because we’re Christians doesn’t
mean that like we can’t have fun. – Tell me what’s McLane like inside during a game like this. – It’s show time. It’s big time. The lights are on. The people are hype. The
Christian people get a little Hyper. – We’re not as big as other schools but I think everyone who shows up gets rowdy. – Hey, I don’t know who this is. I don’t know what this is but can I get a Sic ‘Em Bears? – SIC ‘EM BEARS! – Favorite Baylor tradition? – Um the Baylor Line for sure. – The line is cool. All the freshmen running
on the field is super cool. – The Line. It’s really fun running on the field, except it’s really scary. – Running the Line.
– Did you run the Line? – Yeah.
– What was that like? – Uh. Crazy. Getting trampled but it’s so cool being on the field and like getting to make the tunnel that the
football players run through. – Baylor Line, you get to sit right behind the visiting side. Is that the best seat in the house?
– Oh hundred percent. – You get to yell super Christian things to the other side. – In my honest opinion, it’s one of the best traditions
in all of college football in general. – Can I get a Sic ‘Em Bears? – SIC ‘EM BEARS BABY! LET’S GO! – Alright, let’s do it. Ready? – You’re going to start up here. – AYYYYY SIC ‘EM BEARS.
– …. AYYY SIC ‘EM BEARS. – Mine was weak. – AY SIC ‘EM BEARS! – AYYYYYYY SIC ‘EM BEARS! – AYYYYY SIC ‘EM BEARS! – After the game where we going tonight? – Umm. So I have a Bible study. (Laughs) – We’re a Baptist University. – Bruh. – I heard you and Coach Rhule have
a little special relationship. – I mean, yeah, you know I would say so. My dad and my family, Baylor fans our whole lives, right? So I had to show him a token of appreciation
and hooked him up. – And we hooked them up with this, right? – Yeah, man, I gave him a copy – or not a copy – but one of these starter jackets from straight out of 1995 baby. – I’m going to put this on. – Oh it’s thick too. It’s a real one.
– Yeah. – Alright, well thanks man.
– Yeah. (Laughs) – So today versus Oklahoma, it’s the biggest game of the season. How many Baylor Line students do you expect today? – So you know we have probably about
300 out there right now. We’ll max it out at about 2,500 probably.
This whole area will be packed. The students will wrap all the way around outside the stadium and they’ll just descend over the field. It’ll be incredible. – 2,000?
– 2,500 probably, yeah. – On the field? – Oh yeah. They’ll take over the field. It’s wild. – That’s a sight to see, huh?
– It’s great. You’ll love it. – What was the Line like today? *A lot of answers.* – The Line was long! It was hype!
– It was crazy. – That was the longest Line we’ve ever seen.
– But it’s worth it. It’s always worth it. – It’s all worth it. – Anything for the Bears! I will do anything for the Bears! – Sic ‘Em Bears. Sic ‘Em Bears. – Anything for the Bears! – The games tied up 31-31. We got five minutes left.
How are y’all feeling? – We’re very sad, but we’re gonna recover. We’ll get back. – Stressful, but it’s okay. – We trust our Bears. We trust them. – BLOCK THAT KICK! BLOCK THAT KICK! – Heartbreaking loss. Definitely not what I expected after that first half. But hey, the Baylor Bears and McLane Stadium – the energy, the atmosphere from start to finish, incredible. Never seen anything like it. Let’s go see what the rest of the night has in store for us. Alright, so we’re told there wasn’t a lot of places in Waco, but there was one place we had to check out. Let’s see. – My favorite memory here at Scruffs was probably tonight. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been here a couple times, but
tonight it was real packed. – If it’s my first time here. What’s the
one thing I gotta know? *Breathes heavily* – Boy you look like Kilmonger from Black Panther. HOO. HOO. HOO. And I’m about to bring your damn Old
Town Road shoe wearin’. Boy don’t let me! – What’s the best thing about Scruffs? – Umm. It feels like home on the cool to keep it G with you. – Everytime I go I always find myself in a mosh pit.
It’s kind of fun. – It’s a lot of college students so you’ll run into your classmates. So it’s a friendly environment. It’s pretty good. – Making connections. Talking to people.
Adding people on Snapchat. – This boy asked me what my LinkedIn was. – You gotta do what you gotta do. – If you liked this video, like, share, subscribe and comment where you want to see us go next. In the meantime, check out “SATURDAZE” with Oklahoma and “SATURDAZE” with TCU. Peace.

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  2. Don’t come to Baylor!!! The fake Christians and lack of human empathy and compassion among the community are insane!!!

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