BE THE BAT! | Batman Arkham VR (Playstation VR)

*highfive* Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye And welcome to Batman Arkham VR It’s again with the Playstation VR headset with the move controllers and everything This is something that I wanted to try out When I heard that they were making it But I didn’t know it was already out I didn’t know it was out for the VR system already So if I, if I’d known that I would have played that before the Until Dawn thing so This looks really cool! I get to be Batman And I’ve heard some very, very good things about this Everyone I have talked to has said that this is really, really good Umm, already it looks really cool Hey it’s me! It’s Batman down there! Oh god! I have fists Umm and I’ve heard that it’s like forty, uhh forty minutes to an hour long So I might just play the whole thing And again, apologies if the whole recording set up is a bit weird I don’t normally record this type of VR like this Cause the different camera and everything Anyway, enough explaining. Press this to begin Lets fuckin’ do it lets be Batman Uhh origin OK, everything good? Everything dandy? OK, we’re cool Nice! OK! Urgh! Cause I love the Batman Arkham games So I’m really looking forward to seeing what this does And I dont know what it — Martha : It’s Ok Thomas: Car’s around the front Martha: Come on Brucie, look at me It’s nothing to be ashamed of Jack : Mommy? Martha : Between you and me, I think your father was scared too Jack : Oh god! Martha: Why don’t we stop for ice cream on the way home? You can order anything you want Jack: Oh god it’s…Oh no! Thomas: Martha! Joe Chill: Cash. Jewelry. Hand it over. Jack: They’re so tall! Joe Chill: Hand it over! Jack: Ahh! *chuckles* You look like your friend Jack: Oh this is scary Joe Chill: FASTER! Martha: It’s stuck, Thomas! Jack: Nigh! Joe Chill: Back off! Thomas: Please, we’re trying to cooperate! Jack: Daddy? Jack: Oh no! *gun shot* Jack: Oh Jesus Christ! *gun shot * Whoa! Oh it’s so loud! Oh! Don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me! I’m OK! *sobbing* I mean, I know you’re not going to… Eww! Joe Chill: That’s what happen when you try to be a hero Jack: Oh God! You’re so ugly! Oh God! That was incredibly immersive holy shit! Alfred: Rough night sir? Jack: You could say that Oh God, I’ve some broken hands Albert: Some awareness of your movements would be appreciated Albert: You do know that one’s bed would make for more comfortable sleeping arrangements than a piano Jack: I know! Albert: Grand or otherwise Jack: Shut up! Albert: Ordinarily I would beg you to take a nights rest But, well We have a situation Jack: *laughs* Albert: I’ll explain downstairs Ah! Jack: Oh! Albert: You were looking for this, I imagine Jack: Yes Albert: Very good sir, I’ll see you down stairs Jack: Thank you! You sure will Oh God it just hovers back there? What happens if I drop it? Don’t just vanish and appear back there! You mother! OK, so what are you? Oh! *lock clacks open* Oh that’s awesome! And don’t get me wrong, I’ve played VR stuff before Obviously And I’ve been like incredibly immersed and everything But this is really cool! OK uhh? Voice Machine: You have new messages recieved yesterday at 8:37PM Jack: What are they? Recorded Message: Bruce? It’s Vicky Vicky : I missed you at the Gala last night Look, I know we’re technically not a thing But standing me up last minute is not cool *phone dings* Jack: Sorry Vicky! I’m a go over here and see what the hell is going on Oh God there’s a very like floaty feel to everything that’s going on That’s really weird Aww! Was that given to me by my mommy? Woo! Wait! What’s going on here? Queen’s diamonds missing? Hey! I live right there! Pat pat pat. PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT! *chuckles* Ahh woo! Oh that’s cool! *phone rings* It’s the Batphone! Hello?! Albert: Sir? If you please venture downstairs There’s a matter I must bring to your attention Now might be a good time to check the piano’s in tune Jack: OK, got it. Thank you Alfred! Here we go Oh man thats cool! How your like your hand grasps the thing! That’s something that other VR games should do! It’s like I know my hand is like this And I only have one button to press instead of five fingers But the fact that it changes dynamically like that That’s very nice, OK piano sounds That’s awesome! gears freak out That was the tune to get into the Batcave? Man! Anybody can get into the Batcave these days, it seems. Ohoohoohoohoohoo! Female voice: Welcome Suit up sequence, initiated Jack: Oh yeah! Female voice: Biometric signature required. Jack: Okay! do hiky makes noise There you go. Female Voice: Batsuit version seven point four three Ready for deployment Ooo! I’m gonna be Batman! *suit snaps* *suit powers on* What? What?! OK, I put it on apparently, thank you! Thank you! Female Voice: Engage gauntlet apertures *machine gears whirl* Jack: Ooo! Dude this is fuckin’ badass! I’m like Iron Man! Woo! That was a very complex way to try to put on gloves Oh yes! Jack (In French): De pièce de résistance! Jack (In English): Oh the cowl Do I dare? *music starts to play* Jack (Batman impression): I must become the Batman. *alarm rings* Jack: Yes! Hahahahaha! Female Voice: Please begin cowl calibration routine Jack: Oh! Female Voice: Calibrating Jack: Oh! How’s it going Brucey? Hmm? Man, do I look good! Ooo! Female voice: Calibration complete Jack: That was calibration? Female Voice: Grapple gun, ready for deployment. Jack: Oh hell yeah baby! Female Voice: These upgrades include, high tensile wire To aid the navigation of enviroments And retrieval of distant objects Jack: Dude that’s pretty cool! Umm? Also How the hell does Batman get anywhere on time If it takes this long to put on your fuckin’ Bat suit? Female Voice: Calibrating targeting Jack: Ooo! Female Voice: Please fire grapple gun at target Jack: Oh it’s so cool! *gun fires wire* Female Voice: Grapnel gun Jack: Oh yeah! Oh this is awesome! *dramatic music starts to play* Jack: There you go Female Voice: Forensics scanner Ready for deployment Jack: Oh I can just take it on and off! Female Voice: Allows for crime scene visualization At multi-layer analysis Calibrating diagnostics Jack: The hell is this thing? Female voice: Please scan target *scanner beeps* *scanner clicks then whirls* Jack: Oh my God! That’s cool! Female voice: Diagnostics calibrated *scanner clicks* Jack: Oh my God that’s fuckin’ awesome! This is so well made! OK, put em’ on my belt Female Voice: Batarang Jack: Whoosh! Female voice: Ready for deployment Jack: Oh yes! Oh! Female voice: They were mechanically designed for rapid flight And high impact Jack: Oh! Female voice: Integrating targeting *Batarang clings* Jack: Shit! Oh I’m sorry! Female voice: Please use the Batarang to hit the target Batarangs equipped to utility belt Hit target to continue calibration Jack: Oh God Huh! *Batarang swishes* *Target dings* Jack: Ahh! I feel so fuckin’ cool! Female voice: Hit three targets to continue calibration Jack: Nice! Can I? Can I? Equip two? *Batarang scratches* Can I equip another one? Oh I can! Aww! Just equips to the other hand Whoosh! *target clangs* I mean, it’s auto hitting it for me Go back in there It’s auto hitting it for me but I just feel so cool I see my target Female voice: Batarang targeting calibrated Jack: Ahh! That’s so fuckin’ cool Female voice: Batsuit calibration complete Jack: Thanks you! *dramatic music plays* Is this my first time putting it on? OK, let’s fuckin’ wizz out of here *gears turn* Where am I going? Aww do I get to the Batmobile? Eck! *maniacal laughter* Oh I feel like a fuckin’ kid! Oh my God! FIfteen year old me would have loved this Who am I kiddin’?! Twenty six year old me fuckin’ loves this! This is so immersive! Everything feels so good! Whoa! Oh God I’m feeling motion sick right now *trumpets blow* *dramatic music plays* Jack: The music Ahh!! I love being Batman! Could they Oh my God! *water flows* Whoa! Ahh! Bats! Go away! *bats chirp* *bat wings flap* Jack: This place is swanky as fuck! Oh my God this is so cool! I’m going to keep saying that The entire playthrough I don’t give a shit! This is fuckin’ awesome It’s a dinosaur! *calm music plays* *water flows* Holy fuck! What is that?! It’s a giant Abraham Lincoln coin! Oh yeah! Can I? Oh God I feel like I’m going to fall over Oi! Are you gonna come back? No? *Jack laughs* Whats do these do? Ahh! Jack (Joker impression): Mr. J That’s his calling card Alfred: Ahh! So you’re here Jack: Hello? Alfred: Please, let me know when I can brief you on the situation Jack: J. Browne? Who the fuck is J. Browne? Umm? Alright what do I do with these? *gears move* *metal thuds* Whoa! What did I do? *metal clangs* It’s the Bat symbol! Oh that’s cool Why do I have a Bat symbol? *metal slams* Alfred?! I mean it’s pretty cool and all I just don’t know why I have it I’ll point it over there Cause I’m cool and I like to look at stuff above myself Oh wait! Can I put you in here? Ooowooh Put you in there I don’t have a third one! Do I have a third one? Beep Hmmm Yes! Science! Science! Science! Scientific words, scie- I don’t need you *Weapon clicking noises* Boop! *swoosh* BOOP! *swoosh* Argh Can I climb? *swoosh* Oh God! Ehh Aww Man Are we done? What did we get? *Bat squawks* That’s nothing! Fucking piece of shit! What does this thing do? Ohhhh Robotic voice: Collecting blood sample *Injection squirt* Ewwwww (Slight laugh) *Squirting* Arghhhh (Amazement or disgust. We may never know) That’s cool! *Glass chink* Now let’s do it *More chinking* Alfred I know that you’re here and you wanna talk business but.. I have a few fucking matters to attend to myself. Y-You don’t- You don’t go there? What goes in here? *shink* Oh god- I don’t- fuckin’ {Activating Target Range} OOohhh Oh, bye! Have fun! HUF HUF {Alfred: Excellent shot, sir.} Oh god I feel like I’m really high up right now. Oh gud I’m afraid to move! Huhg Hugf Huwah I’m NOT supposed to hit those?? Oh my god, this is so fucking cool! OH MY GOD I’M A FUCKING BADASS!! (uh) Hahahah! NO!! Son of a BITCH! Can I stop? I don’t wanna do it anymore. Alfred! Can we do the thing- fine. I’m not saying this just cuz I wanna stop. {Alfred: A new personal best, Master Bruce. Congratulations.} Thank you Alfred, I do say so myself. Thank you Terry the t-rex! I feel good about that! How do I stop? Alfred, what the fuck is going on? Sorry to keep you waiting in the wings, bro. I know that you have important business to talk about. {Alfred: I’m afraid I have rather concerning news.} {Alfred: Robin failed to report in last night,} {Alfred: and now I’m unable to reach Nightwing as well.} NOOOO!! {Alfred: It could just be a coincidence sir, but it is unlike them to not respond.} {Alfred: Hopefully the Bat Computer can help you pinpoint their location.} Gimme some blood- OH *static* There we go!
{Alfred: Must you relive this so often, Master Bruce?} Oh no! {Voice: Don’t you have something to tell the nice man, Jason?} {Jason: My name,} {Jason: Is Jason Todd.} {Voice: Who do you hate?} {Jason: Batman.} ME?? {Voice: Excellent, of course you do.} Whoa {JOKER!: Did you get that, Bats?} YEAH {Joker: He’s not yours anymore…} {Joker: He’s mine.} {Joker: Mine, mine, mine…} I don’t wanna listen to you anymore! I wanna go over here! WHOA, That was fucking quick. Hehe Okay. Bat Computer! Find- Oh god, I’m so high up it’s making me weird. Find Robin! {Initializing the O.I. Database.} hOoly fuck! That’s a big computer! Uh, {Tim Drake, AKA, Robin.} Oh my god, that’s AWSOME! Hello! Hi! Pat pat pat! Anybody in there? BAHH! (Jack laughs) Umm… okay- no Let’s go back {Batman, Gotham City Vigilante} OH I am soo fuckin’ handsome Look at these pecs! Ohh yeah. Ohh yeah. Oh touch ’em up, good! Oh turn around let me see that booty! Oh, that’s a good booter right there! Umm… I’m six foot two?! Motherfuckin’ feel like it What do these do? OH GOD Hi! You wanna- you wanna tussle? You wanna fucking go? I’ll fight ya bitch! Okay. Uh what’s this one? That’s nothin’! OH.. OH I have one too! You wanna go?! Oh I can scan his head! Whoa OHHH YES K, that’s enough of that. Let’s go back. Let’s search! {Tim Drake} {Activating Robin’s location tracker} {Searching} WHOAA {Location tracker not detected} Hello! {Batman: Damn it. Nightwing’s tracker could still be online} Whoa This is fucking scary ’cause everything’s so high up! Okay. Nightwing! {Richard Grayson AKA Nightwing} Hello! How are you? You look like a little cutie! You got the good booter? Ohh yess Ohh yes Someone’s been doing squats! Sorry! I almost bataranged your arse there for a second Nice haircut bro! {Activating Nightwing’s location tracker} {Searching} {Nightwing location identified} Where are you bro? {Batman: Nightwing’s in Central Gotham but why isn’t he responding? {Batman: I should head to his location. He could be in danger.} Whoa So this IS the Batcomputer then! Like alll of this! DUDE Do you think you could run Battlefield 1 on that? Max settings? I need a thing Nightwing I-I don’t fucking know Umm No! I don’t want this thing! I want this! Can I go back? Where was back? Okay nevermind. Let’s go! WOOO! (Jack laughs) I wish it kinda pulled you along {Alfred: I’ve readied the Batwing in the back of Beautiful Deployment} Dude your- {Alfred: Is Master Graysons in trouble?} {Alfred: Every second makes it} You’re a fucking beast Alfred! Always said: Alfred is the best! And don’t let you tell you different! I don’t know what this thing does Ohh I put- Ohh! What does that say? Is that my blood? Do I have- do I have an STD? {Sample analysis} {Infected with the Joker’s contaminated blood} FUCK IT I knew I shouldn’t have had sex with the Joker that one time You know what Alfred? You have sex with the Joker one time and you’re infected for life Let that be a lesson for you Pow! Oh god! Okay we’re going to the bat garage! Bye! (Jack laughs) I didn’t mean to click that but we’re going! This is so cool! {Welcome. Please select vehicle} {Vehicle selected} OHHHHHH WHOAAAA WHOAA Holy fuck! It’s gigantic! Oh god aghh WHOA WOOOO And launch! PSHH Batmobile! {Vehicle selected} Ohh yes! Show it to me Bye! Nice seeing you! (Jack grunts?) Ohh there she is! Oooo it’s so fucking cool! Oh I want this one! The flame one is cool and all but this one is gonna let me go AHWOOSH Let’s do it! Let me hop in! {Setting navigation coordinates} Ahh man! I thought it was showing me like jumping up into it! I- {Alfred: Don’t speed Master Bruce} Thanks Alfred! (speed noises) {Alfred: Sir, you’re nearing Master Grayson’s tracking beacon} (banging noise) {Alfred: Have you found him?} Whoa No! Whoa! That’s a big ass bridge! Where am I? Man Gotham sucks! Imagine a full fuckin’ Batman game in this Where you could run along and jump off of a building and then spread your wings and fly Aww you don’t even do an animation I wanted to see you jump down! {Batman: Beaten to death. Why wasn’t I here?} {Batman: Or why didn’t I stop it?} He’s dead?! {Data recorder detected} {Batman: I need to find out who did this.} I got it! {Batman: Analyzing Nightwing with the forensics scanner will help me identify the killer} Will it? ‘Cause I’m analyzing right now- ah there we go {Batman: Multiple trauma} I killed him! {Batman: Cause of death, cervical fracture} {Batman: They broke your neck} {Batman: You must have been in agony when you died} {Downloading suit data recorder} HE’S DEAD? {Simulating reconstruction} {Batman: You were the best fighter I ever trained.} {Batman: How did they beat you?} {No injured} {Batman:If I can identify the precise moments when your three main injuries occurred, it might help me establish your killer’s identity} {Batman: I can use the forensic scanner to analyze the reconstruction.} {No injury found} What I wait- what am I doing? Ohhhh That’s awesome! But wait he’s dead? Whaaa {Batman: Nothing. I need to identify when your injuries were sustained} Ohh okay Let’s do this This is AWESOME! Who that? Did Robin do it? He did, didn’t he? (Punch) Oh no! {Batman: You dropped your guard before the first blow fractured your jaw. Why hesitate? Owww {Batman: It goes against everything I taught you.} ‘Cause it’s someone we know! {Batman: How are your other two injuries sustained? There must be a clue in the reconstruction.} {Batman: Nothing here.} Okay, I thought would have broken your arm {Batman (at the same time): I need to study the points when you were injured} Jee dude- motherfucking hell! What’s happening? Hold your GROUND! GET EM’! Yeah, kick his ASS! Ow OW ‘Still good? WHOA AHHH I- I figure-I think I found where the broken arm happened! Dude, this is fuckin’ badass! {Batman:The killer was fast, strong, but that wasn’t why they beat you. They knew exactly how you’d fight.} Dude, you look like a topographical map! {Batman: You’re —- would have fractured by this point. That must have happened near the end of the fight.} Owww Ow- Don’t do it Don’t do it… uh oh What’d you do? WHOA H he- he left! Oh NOOO (Bang) OWWWW {Batman:The killer anticipated your move and cut off your escape. I know you Dick. You’d never back down from a fight.} I know you Dick! {Batman: Did you were beaten?} Dude what the fuck! {Batman (at the same time): I’m starting to build a profile of your killer. Studying the fatal blow could provide another clue to their identity.} Dude that looks so PAINFUL Go, go! He went up and then knocked it off and OWW AHHH OW! (laughs) Sorry, Dick! I know your dead but… Uh oh UH OH UH OH OH MY FUCKING JESUS CHRIST! Oh my god! It’s so weird to see that like up close! And in VR and everything! That is fucking horrifying! {Batman: You were badly injured, no longer a threat. Your killer showed no mercy.} (whispering) ah jesus christ {Batman: Why did the killer flee the scene? What did they see?} Oh I don’t- {Batman: They’re increasing the radius of the reconstruction.} Oh god that scared me I don’t like that. {Batman: A witness, but who was it? I need to search the reconstruction, see if they left prints behind. The witness didn’t leave any prints here.} Okay, what am I scanning? Okay uh Ohhh Ah god not again! You just standing there the entire time?! There we go! {Batman: I need to examine the reconstruction. The witness must have left a finger pr-.} {Batman: A full hand-} I’m getting it! {Batman: The witness was Jackie Flynn. Low level criminal and know associate of the Penguin.} {Batman: I need to pay Penguin a visit.} Yes we fucking do! {Ending reconstruction} He killed my Dick! {Batman: I’m sorry Dick. I should have been here.} {Batman} If Cobblepot had anything to do with your murder I’ll make him regret it MY HANDS ARE SHAKING WHOA! HELLO! (laughter) GO No OH BADASS {Alfred: Are you alright? Perhaps you should take a moment.} {Batman: No time, I’ll grieve when I know Gotham’s safe.} (At the same time laughing) Oh, hello! So Dick Grayson used to be Robin right? {Man’s voice: Let go of me. Boss! Please!} What’s happening? Whoa (Penguin says something) {Penguin: I’m glad we… (fades off)} Whoa {Penguin: I know you’re scared but I ain’t At least show….} Ohhh {Penguin: Not like three of my best guys. Not like my bloody club! {Victim: I’m sorry boss!} {Penguin: You were on security, shanks!} {Penguin: Do I have to explain to you what that means?} {Penguin: It means… your supposed to check every bag for bloody (unintelligible) bombs!} Should I be stopping this? I don’t know if this is supposed to happen or not OH NO {Penguin: You should be grateful} {Victim: (screaming) NO, what did I do?!} OH NO {Penguin: (Unintelligible)} Oh god my legs are fuckin’ weak Don’t do it {Penguin: I like to come up here when I’m feeling contemplative. And I think you should contemplate a little while longer-} (EXPLOSION) I DID IT! I saved them! (grunting from men) WOOSH WOOSH (Screaming) Oh god, oh god, oh god! (Continued screaming) {Penguin: NO NO} HI! {Penguin: NO NO LET ME GO!} Where the bad guys? I don’t know what I did Hello! {Penguin: Are you gonna ask some questions before you stop with the bleeding scare tactic?} OHHHH {Penguin: I know why you’re here, your little buddy.} (At the same time) I don’t wanna move! {Penguin: Sidekicked the bucket, didn’t he?} Oh jesus christ {Penguin: When I bloody didn’t do it?!} {Penguin:This is all I know. I swear!} You tell me! You tell me! {Penguin: Last night, one of my boys comes back to the club bloody terrified he is! He says he saw your boy done in.} {Penguin: Said you’d be after him, last thing he says before some wanker blows him up!} {Penguin: And went after the bloody Iceberg lounge!} {Penguin: You want your witness? He’s in the mall.} {Armed Man: Suprise! Bat freak!} OK, I gotta get out! I gotta go! (Gunfire) AHHH OWWW {Man (in background) Don’t try anything Batman haha Did I die? {Armed Man: Stay right there! Move an inch and your dead} {Alfred: The Batwing is is bounds, sir.} Oh nice! {Alfred: Please identify the target to be neutralized.} {Armed Man: Oh oh} Uh that guy That guy That guy and that guy {Alfred: Very good, sir.} Shoot em’! TAKE THEM DOWN! GET EM’ ALFRED {Penguin: It’ll be over soon! (laughs)} Do I have to press anything? Oh you’re in for it now! THAT WAS AWESOME Ha ha ha Bitch! Bye! (laughs) THAT WAS SO COOL! Ooo oh my god that was fucking scary though. Like hanging over the edge like that {Alfred: Robin is still not responding, sir.} {Alfred: If his disappearance is related to Master Greyson’s murder there must be a clue in that mall.} Okay Oh no Oh my god it’s Five Night at Freddy’s! Who this? {Batman: Charlie Vaughn, mid-ranking Penguin enforcer and friend of Jackie Flynn Are you dead? BOO (Whistling) Pretty sure he’s dead, had to make sure WHO’S WHISTLING? There’s somebody dead over there as well {Batman: The victims of the Iceberg lounge bombing. The coroner identified a piece of shrapnel in one of the bodies.} Okay {Batman:} Looks like a fragment of the bomb’s detonator.} {Batman:} I need to analyze with the forensic scanner. Find enough fragments and I can determine the origin of the device Wake up! Wake up sleepyhead! I need to make an incision, do I have permission to put my hands upon your person? Okay! ZAAA Oh god… um Alfred! Get the Batwing! We need to get out of here Okay, it dissapeared the problem resolved itself Okay Ohh that’s fucking weird! Ohh that’s so cool! I have X-ray vision! Dude! You don’t have any ween though I know that that’s where the things is so I’m gonna come back and look at it after Ah so weird Okay {Batman:I need the forensics scanner to search for evidence.} That looks like a key! {Batman: A piece of the detonator lodged in the adductor muscle of the victim’s thigh. There could be shrapnel anywhere in the bodies. I can analyze both the bone and muscle layers by switching modes on the forensic scanner.} Dude DUDE That’s so cool! I’m looking at his bones now! Where’s your biggest bone? hahaha K, looking for shrapnel Shrapnel Anything in your face? There it is I see it! {Batman: A detonator fragment lodged in the victim’s skull.} Well there’s your problem! {Batman: There could be more of the detonator shrapnel in the remaining two victims.} Okay! So we’re going over here now? God- hi! Jesus WOOSH (laughs) WOOSH No wonder Batman gets around super fast Uh.. right Where the shrapnel at bro? Tell me Tell me where it hurts Oh, everywhere? And nowhere cause your dead hahaha {Batman: A fragment of the detonator cut through the victim’s soleus. There isn’t enough here to trace the detonators origin.} Okay {Batman: I need to examine the third victim.} ooOo Hey! How’s it going bro? You’re looking a little uh out of sorts. There we go. There we g- I’m piecing you back together dude! (beeping then buzzer sound) I- (sigh) (more beeping then buzzer) Is it is 7 7 7? Is it 1 2 3? (buzzer) Man. Did you see something? You tell me, right? I don’t know what’s going on. OO {Man’s voice on tape recorder: Gotham City Coroner’s Office Autopsy Report Performed for 30, October 23rd by Dr. Mcarthy} Okay {Dr. Mcarthy: No- (fades) } Ah I can’t hear it {Dr. Mcarthy: -everyone, some we have here.} EWWW OHHH 2 4 5! Umm but some of them are more faint then others so (beeping, unlocking sound) YEAH Cause I had to analzye the thing and I saw the fingerprints and then I could see whichever ones were bigger er were like the last ones pushed. Oh! A little eyeball! There you go little buddy! I think I’ll put you all back together. Okay… Key. Move, move please. (grunts) That’s heavy! Okay. Don’t need you AH WOOSH There we go! Oh.. (with accent) Hello my froind! (with accent) Vud you like to come out? Oh Ohh yeah Oh yeah, oh he’s dead alright Yeah, you see this shit right here Yeah that shouldn’t be there. This.. yeah leeches. That shouldn’t be there either. Okay, I’m just- I’mma just scan you. Is that okay? Sir? Is that okay? K, you got nothin’ in your head No wonder you’re dead ahaha S’little, it’s a little funny doctor joke we got going on Oh! I told you that shouldn’t be there Sparkplugs. What are you doing eating them? {Batman: Part of the bomb’s detonator punctured the lower abdomen.} Uh where’s the next one? Is it in your shoulder? It sure is! AWOOSH {Batman: A detonator fragment lodged in the victim’s clavicle.} {Batman:The fragments are mangled, twisted but if I use the Batcomputer to simulate their original shape I should be able to reconstruct the detanator and identify the serial number} {Generating reconstruction} I’m badass! WHOA Ah do I have to put it back together? Ooo I love a little puzzle! Okay… that, okay Do you go in there? I-I have no idea There we go, and.. here YEAH I DID IT! (laughs) That took longer than it should have {Batman: The device was registered to City Vision Demolitions. They’re demolishing an old sewer system beneath Founder’s Island. The sewer could be the killer’s hideout.} {Batman: If I target our scanners on this area maybe I can pick up Robin’s transmitter.} Nice! {Scanning} {Decrypting radio signal} {Robin: Alfred… Batman- the sewer.. trap (glitch noises) {Batman: He’s alive…} Come again?! {Batman: but in danger. I’m coming Tim.} Okay, find Robin! Okay, Peace out bitches! I’m sorry I broke your window! {Alfred: Oh, that sewer system has been ostensibly abandoned for some time. Whoever trapped Robin may well have made preparations for you.} This is the coolest! It’s so immersive! WOOOO! Aw I wish I could sit in it. I want to sit in the Batmobile! Whoaa Hi, beauty! Oh it’s so cool! It like- This is one of those things that when you play the game it’s cool to see the Batmobile and you can look at the models in the game and spin them all around. But to see it right in front of your eyes… and just to see Batman being like a 6’2 dude inside this world Just to see the scale of everything like Batman using his grapple hook to fly up into the air and then spread his cape and fly- Hi!- and fly around and everything you don’t really get to see how high everything is! Until you’re actually in the game! And seeing how BIG the fucking tires on this thing are! It’s so cool! This is awesome! God I’m fucking wooshing everywhere (eerie ringing noise) What now? {Man (through speaker): Here we are, together again} Nice! (Man: Haven’t you realized were- (cut out by Jack) Fuck yeah! Oh I’m badass AHHHWOOSH (Man laughing) (Jack laughing) {Man: TA DA! Your gift! Now I know, I know I’ve gone a little bit overboard with the packaging.} (metal creaks) He’s right there but I don’t trust this. {Man: Oh! Good dynamic duo} (Cage slams) OH NO TIM I let you down buddy! {Robin: Batman.} {Robin:Your just in time for my daring escape] (Groans in pain) Yeah, you really got this under control {Robin:} I followed the trail like you said. Led down here. Whoever it was I didn’t.. see them coming.} Aww {Robin: This grafitti.. Some kind of Joker copycat maybe.} {Man: EHH WRONG and who are you calling copycat Robin number 3?} {Robin: Come on, let’s get out of here} (Jack laughs) Oh my god the character models and the lip syncing and the acting and everything is so fucking good! Uh right, okay {Robin: I don’t think it’s working.} I did it! Okay! (imitates buzzer) Right, so this is… {Robin: Whatever it does, its got no power.} (Man: Uh, such incite! I don’t know how you get by without him} {Robin: It looks like a blown fuse {Man: I don’t know how you get by without him} {Robin: I’ll check on this side} Do you got an extra fuse? Use that strength of yours! AHH Heart of a warrior {Robin: You hear that?} (Man laughing maniacally) {Robin: We need to hurry} Is that Killer Croc? Oh god no thanks Uh yeah, pass it to daddy! {Robin:Okay what have we got? I think you need this.} Yep! Th- thanks, thanks, thanks Do these go a certain way? Any way at all? Any way will do! It’s broken. Are these special? Oh 20 10 {Robin: There’s something written in here.} {Man: Oh, very helpful bird boy.} A equals 10, okay {Man: Less helpful than not getting kidnapped in the first place…} There we go! {Man: …but still.} Uh, you go here and you go here. I did it! Nice! Three stars! (Buzzing noice) {Robin: I think that’s it.} AHH {Robin: Or we can electrocute ourselves, great.} {Robin: Okay well the panels open so-} See how fucking badass I am {Robin: Batman!} WHAA JESUS FUCKING CHRIST (intense banging) HI… HI {Robin: Batman!} (Killer Croc snarling) Wh- What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? OH! Shock him! Oh! I got it! Sorry, I was a little slow {Man: …gumbo!} (Laughter) {Robin: Who invited him?} {Man: Oh Robin, I’d kill you myself but sometimes you need a little help from your friends} K, I got these coger doos Oh {Robin: It looks like some kinda… gear box but I’m missing some cogs.} Okay! Dude! {Robin: Let’s find them.} I- I, I got it Don’t even fucking worry! Yeah! WOO EUGH {Man: Oh, bless his little heart} {Man: He actually thinks he’s going to survive this.} There you go! Ok, uh… Batarang This is awesome! {Robin: Perfect, one more.} Ah it fell in the water! AH AHHH FUCKING JESUS AHH GO AWAY, GO AWAY Son of a bitch! (Man laughing) {Man: Oo he just wants to be loved Batman!} (Man: Unintelligible, speaking under Jack) HE’S SO FUCKING BIG {Robin: You okay?} I’m alright! {Robin: We just need that last cog.} Is he dead?! D-did I get him? Did we win? {Robin: Thanks} I think we won Here you go This is like a (?) puzzle {Robin: Okay, try the lever.} OWW AH WOOSH (Unlocking sound, metal clanging) Wait, why does yours work and not mine? {Robin: Alright, your side’s jammed.} {Robin: Hang on.} Uh oh! Uh oh, I don’t trust this! I don’t like this! Ohh I don’t like this! (Buzzer noise) {Robin: Okay, that should do it.} {Robin: Right!} {Voice: Is he out here?} OH NOO NO NO NO NO NO {Robin (strangled):} Go away! Stop it! (Killer Croc snarling) (Man laughing) What the FUCK?! Duude This game is MESSED up! I really like it though! I really like how like… they don’t hold back! This is a different elevator They don’t hold back, it like shows how brutal Gotham really is! This is like (a) comic book! Ah this is fucking awesome! This is an INSANELY GOOD VR experience! Whoaa Am I supposed to be doing something? (continuous beeping noise) Shut the fuck up! No, I just wait (Jack reading) Arkham Asylum- Intensive Treatment God Killer Croc was fucking massive! (still beeping) Can you shut up! You sound my- like my fucking morning alarm! STOP IT I’ll come over there! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh, woosh! (classic music plays) Oh, it’s like being in the first game! {Women’s voice: Light’s out in five minutes.} Boop (Buzzer) Thank you, sir Here, here’s a little uh Here’s a little tip… for ya Uh wait, I-I pay in Batarangs Erm This is my currency. There you go Buy something for the kids Bye! (spark) That one didn’t work Little help? Can I do this? (different buzzer) Yeah! (Laughs) I used my brain… to figure out what to do (background noises) Hiii? I know damn well that I’m going open one of these and somethings gonna jumpscare me in it I can’t remember your name, I’m bad with- like some of the lesser villans Hi, buddy Have you seen? Someone that likes to joke? I don’t think so I’mma just let that guy fap in peace OHH {Joker: Pff} I FOUND HIM {Joker: Come here!} I-it’s okay you can stop, okay he’s still fapping (scared) Hi {Joker: Oo kind cozy in here ‘innit} Yes Bye (laughs) What do I do? Am I sup- Oh! Ohhh! Oh I’m going insane {Alfred (echoing) : Are you alright, sir?} {Alfred : When did you return?} Oh! {Alfred: Regularly I-} Hi! {Alfred: would beg you to take a night’s rest but… well} (Jack laughs) {Alfred: We have a situation.} (background screams) (Jack laughing still) Now watch me whip now watch me nae nae {Batman: I need to find out who did this} (laughing more) {Flashback Robin (echoing): You’re just in time for my daring escape.} {Flashback Robin: I followed the trail like you said. Led down here.} You seeing this? (laughs some more) This is so cool! Hello! (dance noices) {Flashback Batman:You were the best fighter I ever trained. How did they beat you?} Oo oo, god I’m so muscly! ARGHH (Punches) Oh! This is so much fun! I’mma scratch my armpits I’mma jerk off (laughs) (Flashback Man: Well, here we are! Together again} Aww I’m infected {Man: Haven’t you realized were inseparable.} Aww do I have the super AIDS? {Man: I’ve got something for you.. (laughs)} Is this your penis? I don’t want that! All I wanna do is dance! I wanna be a Bat dancer Toro, Toro (?) Agh (laughs) AHH FUCKING JESUS (background noises echoing) Whoaa {Flashback Robin: This graffiti, some kinda Joker copycat maybe} Ohh my hands are bloody. I got the blood on my hands Bruce, Brucey! {Flashback Man: I’d kill you myself but sometimes you need a little help from your friends.} It was ME! OHH GOD {Mirror Joker: Oo dynamic duo, together at last.} (Mirror Joker laughing) (Technology sound) AHHH (whispering) What the fuck? Was that me acting as the Joker? WHOA HOLY FUCKING SHIT That was PHENOMENAL! Oh that’s cool! (Reading) The Riddler has hidden 30 riddles and puzzles throughout Arkham VR find and solve them to unlock characters and vehicles. So I can go back to my Batcomputer then after scanning a lot of the stuff? And see like the character models up close. That’s awesome! Whoa! Okay WOW, holy crap! That is one of the coolest VR experiences I’ve ever had! That was FUCKING awesome Not only did it make you feel like you were part of that world cause I love the Arkham games universe as well, anyway and I love playing those games cause it makes you feel REALLY like Batman and I just love the LOOK of it and how much they captured a lot more of the comic book side of stuff I mean I’m not the biggest comic book dude on the planet anyway but, I really liked that they captured more than just what the movies were and oh my god that was so cool! I can not recommend that enough! That was awes- it’s a shame that it’s just THAT and like that’s the whole game and you can go back and get puzzle and everything. Erm, and it does cost 20 euro to buy Uh, I don’t know if it’s- well I guess it is worth that, i don’t know because that was a really good experience again one of the coolest VR things I’ve ever done. Some of the tracking kind of went away here and there but overall… fucking flawless! I would have liked to see more of the… like when I was on top of the banisters and whooshing down to something else I-I would have wished it would like show you gliding down to it or something like that instead of just skipping and going right to it. I get why they didn’t show you in the Batwing and they didn’t show you in the Batmobile because that’s a bigger task, you have to animate all that, you have to render it all. You have to look through it all, that kind of stuff so…. I-I get that side of stuff but I really wish it had like- when I was, like, zooming to some other stuff and it showed me actually doing it instead of just cutting straight to it so… In that regard, it was a little lacking but AGAIN being- loving that world and the Arkham games and then being able to get into something like that and stand around and look at everything… and look at the size of the buildings and like the SCALE of everything that world has to offer and just how tall you are and how buff you are as Batman. And you get to see the Batmobile and the Batwing up close it just really sells it! That’s one of the coolest things about VR mhm and I hope to see more stuff like that where you get to get into these worlds. It was the same when I played the Portal aperture robot thing, the very VR things I did in the Vive. That was really cool cause you got to see the size of Glados and Atlas and Peabody in front of you. So getting to see, like, Batman and um… and Nightwing and Robin and those guys up close and getting to see KILLER CROC up close! He is ginormous! He is at least, I don’t know, he’s like this fucking high compared to me in real life! And his- like his arm is like the size of my body! It’s so cool to see that stuff and seeing the Joker up close and that stuff like being in… the stuff in the end and turning around and when you turn around it’s like a different scenario again. That stuff is really sold in VR and you get to see how weird it all is. To see your mind go crazy and the story was cool! The little segment that you got to play, there was a nice little arc to it! That you- still people were missing and th- the little hint of it that I got to take out some of my blood at the start I’m glad I did that I took out some of my blood at the start and I whizzed it around, and then I put it in the analyzer and it said I was infected with the Joker stuff. And then getting to see at the end that I was the one who killed Nightwing! That I went it- obviously it’s not well I don’t know if it’s cannon or not? But I went in and it was like “You know not to trust people, you’re the best person I ever trained.” and it turns out that’s the reason he got beaten. Cause I did it! Cause I was infected with the Joker thing! And I wasn’t myself! UGHH So cool and the little puzzles and getting to do the stuff, like the Arkham games. Where you see a panel in the distance, you throw a Batarang at it. You use your grapple thing to get to it. It was a little wonky getting the stuff cause I would have preferred if I was able to like reach down and grab the stuff a bit easier. But I guess it was just me not getting used to it. Cause I felt like it should have been on the side but every time I reached down I kept grabbing Batarangs all the time but… Oh my go- If you have a PS VR headset I would 100% recommend that! That is not only the coolest PS VR thing I’ve done so far, and I’ve tried out some other stuff in like my spare time no just for videos, but that’s one of the coolest VR experiences I’ve had. That-that would sell anybody on VR, or anybody that loves Batman, anybody who just loves video games in general. That was something else! That was fucking fantastic! And the character models are so well rendered! Absolutely props to Rocksteady! The developers of it, for… just selling that and s- like the lip syncing was fucking perfect! You could really tell the emotion in the faces! Granted, there wasn’t that many you got to see up close. But like getting to see Robin at the end and just seeing his emotion in his face like “We gotta get out of here.” like it just sold me on it! I would love to see them do a bigger thing in VR that isn’t just like this. I would love to see a- Could you imagine a fully-fledged, first person, Batman game like that. Oh my god It’s- it’s a fucking huge undertaking and I have no idea how they do it. But I would just love more of this! I would love if they released DLC for this like updates too, where we can go around different scenarios it would be so cool. But ANYWAY I’m gonna leave this episode here! Thank you for sitting through this whole hour of a thing I figured it was better to do the whole experience and get immersed in it and (coughs) It’s a testament to this That going through a whole hour of VR and not feeling sick, not feeling dizzy, not feeling anything like that. There was a few moments here and there where tracking went off and it makes you just go like, “Whoa, what the hell.” Erm, and your body just freaks out but, a whole hour of VR and I feel fine and I feel so enthused by it and I’m not going blind or anything like that. SO fucking cool! BUT ANYWAY, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING THIS IF YOU LIKED IT, PUNCH THE LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS! AND high fives all around! *WAPISHH* *WAPISHH* Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO! ( Music- I am everywhere- Teknoaxe) (Background noices of the other videos->go check them out!) Holy god! I want to get in and play that immediately again! Just straight up immediately again!

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