Be the worlds greatest feeder – Badminton Famly

How can you be the best feeder in the world? Perhaps just a really good feeder? And why is it good to be able to be a good multishuttle feeder? well, the answer is very simple. If I am good as a feeder my sparring partner will have much better chances of using all the right techniques he is training like the smash or whatever it can be. If I can place the shuttles precisely every time with the right amount of length and height, the player working the techniques will have better chances of hitting the strokes correctly. There are no breaks and no shuttles coming cross, in the net or all the way to the side. If I do that as a feeder the player on the other side will lose the focus on the exercise. It is really really important to be a good feeder and in some cases be able to do the fast feeding. I will walk you through all the details on how to hit and hold the shuttle – all the technical things. It is actually pretty easy but there are also some things you need to be careful about. Let’s get going – I will walk you through all the elements. The first thing is how to hold the shuttle on your arm. In this case, I have 12 shuttles and the first thing that is important is that you do not cover the shuttles like this. Then it is very tricky for me to take the shuttles out of my own hand. You need to open up your arm like this so the shuttles are easy to get to and to pull out of your hand. The second thing is you need to place your arm in front of your body – do not hold it like this. You need to hold it up here tight and comfortable. Open up your arm and keep it in front of your body like this. As you can see I am using these two fingers to take the shuttles out of my hand. What it important when I do not that I do not take it like this- then the angle on the shuttle will be the same way. If I throw this shuttle down to the strings the shuttle will rotate and it will be tricky for me to hit it properly. In that case if I hit it a little bit off it can go in either direction. I won’t be able to do precise strokes for my partner. Open up your racket arm and take the shuttle out like this. Then you have the right angle on the shuttle. It will be easier for you in the position to drop the shuttle and do the precise hit. When I have the shuttle in my hand it is important I do not throw it up in the air and wait for it to fall. I can do it but it is a bit slower and unprecise because there are more things going on. I want it to be a small quick movement. You need to be able to hit them very fast and pull them out fast. Then we can, in some cases, more pressure on the player working on the other side. Let me show you some examples on how to drop the shuttle. I take it out here and drop it to my strings. As you can see I’m almost only opening my fingers and the shuttle and movement in my arm will do the rest. Do not throw it and hit it. My grip is opened up a bit. We have the forehand grip and opening it up a bit. The angle of the strings is then parallel with the net. I will take six shuttles very very slow so you can see what is going on. The last six I will do very fast so you can see it with a lot of pace and quick movement down here. Let me show you. The slow one- drop the shuttle and hit the shuttle with small movements like this. Then we go to the fast one. You can see it’s very small movements jut like this – no big movements. By using this technique I can do it really quickly and at the same time precise. Then I will take up the speed. Blooooooper Do not do this at home kids.

21 thoughts on “Be the worlds greatest feeder – Badminton Famly

  1. I usually drop/toss the birds of the top of the stack. The only issue I have is when the birds get stuck together. I'll have to work on grabbing them with the racket hand and tossing them to the strings.

  2. Good video. Thx. Can you give some more details on how to move shuttles stack with your arm so that there is always one in your palm?

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