So it’s important to stay low and
athletic when you’re moving to pass on the beach. You don’t want to make the
mistake of standing up to pass. So always stay low and shuffle your feet to
quickly get in position. Shuffling the feet allows you maintain a good body
position for angling the ball to the target. You want to always work hard to
get your hips around the ball. So in serve receive, you always want to face the
ball so you’re facing the server and then as you get in position to pass, you
angle your arms to the target. There’s a lot of court to cover so you need to
have a plan for how you’re gonna pass the short and deep serve. For the deep
serve, you need to learn the technique of taking the ball off line. Basically, you
want to shuffle back while staying low then take a drop step and take the ball
offline. Offline basically means you’re taking the ball outside the midline of the body. This
technique will really help you be a more athletic passer. Once you become more
comfortable taking the ball off line, then you would become more comfortable
taking the ball higher. If you take the ball higher, you can really just angle
your arms to the target without swinging the arms when you pass. Now if you’d like
to learn more about covering the court, be sure to watch my video on what you
can do to improve your range out on the court. The link to watch it is in the
description below and also in the cards in this video. If you’ve been struggling
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