Beach Volleyball Short Serve Strategy (WHEN TO SERVE SHORT)

So if you’re playing against somebody that
likes to take a big approach when they hit then it can be really effective to
serve short. Okay so you got two players and serve receive, server. Say they serve
short. This player has to come in to pass the short ball and then if they want to
take a big approach they got to back up to take an approach and hit. If they don’t
take a big approach and they just stand at the net then it’s gonna be a shot and
so it’s easier to predict that a shots coming. So you could watch players warm
up when they hit and if you notice that they’re taking a big approach then it’s
probably a good idea to try to serve them short and see what happens. When they
can’t take that big approach, serving short can actually be a little bit more
risky because if you try to serve short it really doesn’t quite get short and it
ends up more in the middle of court then it could be a really easy ball to pass. And taller players tend to struggle more with the short serves. But everybody’s
different so you really just need to experiment and see what works best.
Another thing to consider is your team’s defensive strategy. For example, if your
team is better at blocking a hitter that takes the big approach and hits hard
then you might want to serve the ball deep. And if your team is better at defending
shots and you would prefer the hitter to hit a shot then you might focus on
serving short. This will help stop your opponent from taking a big approach and hitting the ball hard. So maybe serve the ball short to try to avoid the hard hit. If
you’d like to see more tips on serving be sure to watch my video on how to
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