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The grenade has been a common weapon used
in warfare for a very long time. It grew in popularity during the World Wars,
but grenade-like weapons can be traced back as far as the Byzantine Empire who placed
Greek Fire into jars. Here’s a great example of how China adopted
the Greek Fire concept between the 10th and 12th centuries to make their own grenades. This basic concept inspired the development
of quite a few more complex models including the Ketchum Grenade that was used during the
American Civil War. I can’t help but see a Nerf Vortex Football
when I look at this one though. *laughs* All of these designs are definitely
fascinating, but certainly the most American of them all is THIS one that was inspired
by America’s Pastime. Let’s take a look at how baseball helped
create a popular grenade that is still used today. Welcome to That Was History, I’m Cliff Langston. For the majority of World War II, the United
States of America primarily used the Mk 2 grenade, also known as the “Pineapple”
grenade. It was modeled after the French F1, and featured
40 “knobs” around the body that were intended to help with fragmentation. Its “mouse trap” fuse design also proved
to be one of the most successful grenade fuse concepts. Despite the Mk 2’s success, some American
officers were not satisfied with the design and suggested that a grenade should emulate
a baseball because, “any American young man should be able to properly throw the grenade
with both accuracy and distance.” In response to this idea, the Office of Strategic
Services, known as the CIA today, developed the BEANO T-13 grenade with help from the
Eastman Kodak Corporation. The original design called for the size and
weight to match that of a baseball at 5.5 ounces with a circumference of 9 and a half
inches, but the weight was increased to 12 ounces in its final version. What made the BEANO T-13 even more unique
was its “pressure trigger” that encouraged the two finger grip that someone might use
while throwing a baseball. The mechanical system inside also allowed
the grenade to detonate on impact, which differed from the Mk2’s timed fuse that would go
off after so many seconds had passed. The BEANO T-13 was approved for field use
in the latter part of World War II, and about 10,000 were shipped to Europe. It’s also believed that a limited quantity
were used during the invasion of Normandy. Unfortunately, the BEANO T-13 did more harm
than good. The triggers were just too sensitive, which
resulted in premature detonations that injured quite a few of America’s own troops and
killed several more. On June 15th of 1945 an order was given to
cease production of the grenade and destroy any stock until a safer fuse was developed. New versions of the T-13 were created, but
were never approved before the end of World War II, which earned the grenade the title
of having killed or injured more of its own personnel than the enemy. Since the war was over, the demand for a safe
BEANO T-13 vanished and all versions were again ordered destroyed. While this grenade is considered a failure,
it did inspire a line of “baseball grenades” that are still used – the most recent of
which is the M-67. This grenade has been in use since the late
1960’s and still maintains a similar weight and shape as the BEANO T-13. The main difference is that the M-67 utilizes
the tried and true timed fuse with lever method as its means of detonation. This kind of makes it a cross between the
Mk2 and the BEANO T-13. If you happen to be a collector of old military
weaponry, you can still find the BEANO T-13 for sale. Just be prepared to empty your wallet because
one disarmed grenade will cost you anywhere from $1500 to $5000 or more. Since most of the T-13’s were destroyed
and they weren’t manufactured in large quantities to begin with, this grenade is considered
one of the rarest and most sought after from World War II. So there you have it, the story of the ORIGINAL
“baseball grenade.” If you enjoyed this video, I hope you’ll
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  1. " Any young man should be able to throw a baseball with both accuracy and distance." I don't think this holds up today lol. Thanks for the video.

  2. (i'm not good at english) i saw this from r6 siege. it's a defender's secondary gadget. so i searching about this in imfdb and watch this . thank you for this video.

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