Beautiful and Emotional Moments in Sports

Sports is not just fighting and winning… Sport is the best thing that… It gives us beautiful and emotional moments. In this video we will watch the most beautiful and emotional moments in the history of sports

100 thoughts on “Beautiful and Emotional Moments in Sports

  1. i like this better than violence. i don't like singling out kids. their are many more kids around the world that wish they could receive something. i like good hard fought games from teams who play their hearts out.

  2. Not every hero wears a cape. Sometimes they wear a jersey. Sometimes they carry a hockey stick. Sometimes they wear basketball shorts.

  3. Todos na vida recebemos um talento.
    Alguns nos esportes na dramaturgia cada um no seu lugar afinal não podemos ser todos heróis do do mesmo espaço ,mais Deus o nosso criador está olhando para cada um de nós em nossas atitudes cedidas por ele o que estamos fazendo ao próximo com nossos dons e tudo lhe será cobrado no final o que nós estamos escrevendo no nosso livro da vida não há o maior ou menor tudo está em seu devido lugar , Deus não erra não faz alguém doente por fazer por motivos quaisquer ,ame ao seu próximo seja amoroso carinhoso como se você estivesse ali naquele lugar.

  4. Que bronca me da cuando en este estilo de vídeos ponen a cristiano ronaldo ayudando a Edinson Cavani, lo que la gente no sabe es que no fue ningún gesto, solo quería que se fuera rápido porque el cuadro de cristiano estaba perdido. aparte mismo el relator de fútbol dice que cristiando apura a Cavani a salir. ME PARECE que este supuesto gesto no tendría que circular por ningún vídeo de este estilo

  5. Why aren't there more moments like these, instead of fights and discrimination, just goes to show that sports can play a big part in respect for each other!!

  6. ….and here come the ridiculous: "my faith in humanity is restored" comments by the morons obsessed with sports….in 3…2…1.

  7. It is people like this that change the world there need to be more like it changes minds and hearts keep doing what your doing

  8. Dios esto es maravilloso cuando nos amamos se que tu carazon tiene piedad por nosotros, Dios de job de noe, Dios de Jesucristo ten piedad de nosotros, ten micericordia alticimo TE AMO JESUS

  9. Comes to show there is still love left all over the world. People shouldn't be so quick to condemn humanity. Until there isn't an ounce of hope left there is always a chance something good can come from a small gesture.

  10. Did those douchebags seriously charge a kid like he was an assassin? Get a [email protected]$king life! I'm no sports fan by any means, but I'll be damned if I didn't choke up watching Rudy. And when I watched that little boy make that touchdown, I had to pause the video to clear my eyes because they were getting to blurry to see.

  11. Радость и эмоции больных детей просто бесподобны, они правдивы, они настоящий. Творите добро до последней секунды своего существования. В этом и есть гордое звание-ЧЕЛОВЕК!

  12. The joy and emotions of sick children are simply incomparable, they are true, they are real. Do good until the last second of your existence. This is the proud title-MAN!

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