Beer Hockey League Highlights | Red Stars vs. Mondays 8 pm

We’re playing against the Red Stars today. This is John Johnny Lennart, owner of this arena. Pay attention to him. Are you filming? Of course, we need to record this match! Let’s have fun! If I win the face-off, try to shoot the puck into the boards as hard as you can. I couldn’t shoot it harder! – It was hard enough! I’m training to become Ice Master, it takes three years. I already failed three times, but this time I can do it! This time I can do it! Boss, I’m close, ain’t I? No, there! No, there!! Now, I did it! Now, I did it!

1 thought on “Beer Hockey League Highlights | Red Stars vs. Mondays 8 pm

  1. schönes video, auch das sportliche wird zum teil deutlich…zb ist phil an den ersten zwei gegentoren maßgeblich beteiligt…man kann fast sagen , er unterstützt….und er trägt einen roten (!) helm…..das macht mich stutzig…..das ist das problem….momentan….

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