Before You Punish A Child, See This

See, there is a story of a major league baseball player who’s speaking to inmates in prison. One of the inmates asks him, “How did you become a professional ballplayer sir?” to which he says, “You know, I think it started when I was a boy. I will play catch with my dad and he would always say ‘You keep throwing the ball like that son and you’ll end up in the major leagues one day,’ ‘You keep swinging a bat like that son and you’ll end up in the major leagues one day,’ and here I am, A professional ballplayer.” The room became quiet and the inmate who asked the question, he said, “You know, the same thing happened to me. When I was a boy my father told me that I was good for nothing and that one day, I would end up in prison and here I am.” Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, WRONG! See, words can cut deeper and faster, longer than any sword known to man. I still haven’t forgotten what they told me as a kid the (the) teasing the insecurities that it created. Have you? Consider the story of a little girl. She’s in the grocery store with her mother and she drops a bottle of milk onto the floor breaking it. The mother says “You stupid child. Why did you do that?” Consider the story of another little girl who’s in the grocery store with her mother. She drops the bottle of milk onto the ground breaking it and this mother says “THAT was a very stupid thing you did” Which child do you think will grow up to have a healthier self-image and more self-confidence? The one who was – who was called stupid or the one whose action was called stupid? See, it is important to be mindful of the words that we use to our – our friends, our families, our loved ones, and strangers because sticks and stones CAN break our bones but words can break our hearts. And if we’re not careful, It can shatter our dreams. Hey guys, thank you so much for watching that video. If you haven’t joined the family yet, please be sure to subscribe to this channel and click that little–that little bell so that you never miss a beat. And for more insider information, challenges and offers sign up to my personal email list at And lastly, don’t forget this. Make each breath count. Peace.

100 thoughts on “Before You Punish A Child, See This

  1. I recently quit smoking cigarettes 🚬 weed , popping pills 💊 and alcohol cold turkey.. and gained the confidence to upload my journey on my page! I wish nothing but blessings for you!

  2. I lost my dad 4 years ago when I was 11 years old. Before my dad passed away I had an argument with him. I saw him the night before he passed away and we had an amazing time. I’m so happy I decided to see the fireworks with my dad that night. I would’ve never forgave myself if the last memory of my dad was an argument. I’m now 15 and striving for my dream of becoming a singer. I’m telling all of you, please take care of one another. Cherish those around you that truly care for you. Once you lose them, they may never return and all that will be left is regret. A wave of sadness hits but once the wave has past there is always a clear sky. I hope everyone is doing amazing and cherishing every moment in life Edit: I’m glad my story has reached the hearts of some people! If anyone takes anything from my story, please take the fact that I didn’t think it could happen to me. And it did. Cherish every moment with everyone you love and make as many memories you can because when they’re gone, it’s too late.

  3. I hope you be a president ill vote you i hope you and mr beast can be a president my brother also will vote you please be Australia's president

  4. If you dont discipline your kid then they end up in jail with the other retards who dont feel like they have to obey the law

  5. My mom would call me stupid but then she says she’s sorry a few hours later and sometimes she doesn’t say sorry my mom is right I am stupid I barely make it to the 7th grade

  6. I would rather get hit than listen to adults tell me that what I did was wrong and that I am stupid. That even when I try my hardest it's not correct. That because I did something incorrect I am "The dumbest, smart person I've ever met." Words truly do hurt more than a slap.

  7. Dude its my first time watching your channel and iam lovin so inspiring you teaching us good leson for an fantastic future

  8. The thing is when you do that to kids they dont learn and end up taking advantage of you. That's why u see so many young children growing up to be pricks

  9. Stones break bones
    Words break hearts
    Flying objects especially the slippers Breaks your whole body

  10. I WOULDN'T DO THIS STUFF TO MY CHILDREN BIG HUNGRY CHICKs $900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 no one can make no one has ever made it to that huge number maybe i will be the first one too be huge rich

  11. But, I think it's really difficult to be a parent too and we can't blame them for this, cause when they was little, they were raised just like we are now and even worse, I can understand it,cause I live with a little brother and sister and they are very naughtyit. It is very difficult not to express emotions when the child does not obey or makes serious mistakes( mistakes that can effect us in a bad way). But it is also very difficult because then you regret what you said without even noticing it. Your word can hurt people even worse than a sword, we always say things that can hurt others without even noticing it…

  12. My parents tell me I'm not good enough and that I wasn't meant to be here. They brought me into depression but still blame me. I clean and cook all day and I still get blamed for everything. I have to take care of my sister too because no one else will. I hope my plans for the future become reality and I hope I don't become what my parents say i will become.

  13. I've never payed attention to what my family says. They say i should die, i am dumb, hated by everyone but i never pay attention and go on with what i am doing. Everyone should not listen to what others say but to what your mind says. Just ignore, ignore and ignore. The world says many things and if we paid attention to them then we would not even survive in this selfish race.

  14. Think about that all the dislikes from parents.they hate this beacuse they thinks its better than stop punishing.a honest,smart and emotional parent did'nt punish any kid.they working that how much that children cannot teach a kid with punishing

  15. When I press the secure mode of the VPN without noticing it, it blocked the phone. And my parents say:

  16. In Asia, hitting a child and calling them down is the fastest way deemed to keep them in line.. and LINE-up they do.. That is why so many Asian countries have no SOUL. People just do what they have to here.

  17. The worst thing a parent told me was if you were not born my life would've been better but u I hope you weren't gonna be a disappointment but you've always been one

  18. Our parents are stupid lol. Let's say I made a mistake or I let the milk fall on the ground, then my mom say so to me. So she thinks I'll not drop it the other day?

  19. This is sooo nice of you to make this and lets be honest we love people like you people like you can change the world not in a bad way but a good way so thank u for being here

  20. This touched me since i've been called fat ugly worthless stupid not good enough etc and I listened to them but i learned to love me and now im getting a's and i wanna be an author singer and actress

  21. Worst thing they said was before exam they said "look at your classmates they are reviewing their books" while they are all online then i said "wdym they are all in their phone online"

    Then papa said "dont fool me"

  22. "Sticks and stones can break our bones but words can break our heart but if you are not carefully it can shatter your dream"

    Damm that's deep

  23. Parents say : we make this to teach our kids
    Just what the…
    You scream and say bad words for a child that doesn't know what is life
    And then say to teach them
    This would make them worse because they are just children and they don't know what is good and what is bad

  24. Soi live in a good family not really nice but what they said tonight broke my heart they said i look like more than a homelles child beacause on my knees i have a little of bruses they wont let me wear shorts and i like my hair to grow and they say i look bad on it and i have shirt from my church i love it but its kinda big and has 3 mareked points in the back thet can be rude sometimes

  25. Just like my childhood my mom use to call me stupid idiot dumbass throughout my life I had low self-esteem because of my mother

  26. Have you noticed that parents always deny something that u say even if its true, they have a rep. to keep up, and well hit anything in their way

  27. since all asian kids agree on parents comparing us to others let's protest 😂😂 let's go out on the streets and create violence 😂, just joking,

  28. I remember those bad words that my father used to abuse Mee…
    DEAR Parents be kind to your child …
    Because you are the closest person attached to your kid.
    I can relate this video as a prisoner..
    Don't let your child feel like a prisoner.

  29. I do admit that I sometimes take my school for granted, most people are nice, and don’t usually say anything mean about each other. But we do, unfortunately, insult girls behind they’re backs, and then we insult boys behind, and in front of them. I feel shame and guilt for everything I have said in the past, but I do try to be a. Better person..

  30. I always say to others “Words don’t affect me”, but they do.. I have been called many things, but i never fake what I truly feel—.. unless it fear or devastation..

  31. Price ea I just wanna say thank you your videos always make me think and make me feel me better about myself thank u!!!!!!!!

  32. Hi Yes you ,you reading this I just want to prove that generosity can make you a happier person
    So if you are generous enough to subscribe to my youtube channel then thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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