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Hi Youtube! Gerald here Whenever you visit a badminton shop Do you realize there are rows of neatly stacked badminton grips And they come in different shape and sizes Have you ever wondered, what are they for? So in this video, we’re talking all about grips There are two types of badminton grips. One, the rubber grip, and the towel grip Within rubber grips there are two subcategories The overgrip and the replacement grip The problem with rubber grip is that when it becomes very wet, they become extremely slippery If you have very sweaty palms, please don’t touch rubber grips Because… You’ll end up with flying rackets all over the court The function of an overgrip is actually to go around the replacement grip So it adds a variety of texture and it is very cheap to change so it saves you lots of costs But the problem with it is that it makes your racket very bulky and heavy which I don’t like Personally I prefer putting an overgrip on top of an overgrip Ya that’s my personal preference And… There’s this very interesting video done by The Tennis Shop That explains in-depth what are the different varieties of rubber grip But I think it’s not absolutely necessary for beginners to understand If you’re interested I’ll actually put the link down in the description below so do check it out! And moving on to towel grips. The good thing about towel grips is that no matter how wet this grip becomes, It still maintains very good friction and feel, such that it will not slip easily even if it’s very wet But the downside to this is that after a while it really stinks And it does not last as long as the rubber grips And the more you use it, the rougher it becomes so as you can see This is like after prolonged use and this is when it’s quite new The difference is this is really really rough and this is smooth and nice Personally I prefer using towel grip for intensive trainings because I’d perspire a lot And an alternative to using towel grip is to use a sports wristband Where it helps to absorb sweat so that it does not flow to your palms Here’s another interesting fact. Did you know, That the badminton racket handle actually comes in different sizes And unless asked, most badminton shop assistants do not actually tell you that they have badminton rackets that comes in a variety of handle sizes So for me, I would actually request or ask for thinner handles because The advantage of having a thinner handle is that you can wrap your grip thicker (without increasing the width) So that gives you more comfort and cushion, and at the same time a thinner handle also gives you more control because of the fine movements of your fingers Basically it is advantageous to use thinner handles And that’s it for this video, if you have learned something Please, click here to see more and do check out my two other videos where I talk about shoes, all about shoes because there so good! (Shoes are important!) I think you’d really like them!

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  1. Should I choose rubber grip or towel grip??? When I play Badminton my hands always get wet… But I don't like towel grip… Should I put on over rubber grip ?

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