Believe in your dreams | HANDBALL MOTIVATION VIDEO

In our job, we have a lot of doubt It is not enough to become professional Many gave up along the way Not everyone gets that chance right away Never stop striving for the goal Take matters into your own hands Listen to your heart Never give up Because life is a journey Your journey Follow your dreams Stop being afraid No one can stop you Always take up challenges You will become who you always wanted to be

100 thoughts on “Believe in your dreams | HANDBALL MOTIVATION VIDEO

  1. I playing handball 5 hours everyday and i train with my club 3 times in a week. I'm 11 years old everyone in my school say: You train to hard! You're not so good! And i train much harder now because i want to share them that they have wrong! Greetings from Sweden🇸🇪

  2. Im playing as left wing for 3 years now i learn many things… tq @henrique nassif

  3. I started playing handball since last year but when its game time i feel very very anxious and i cant think clearly.Any advice?

  4. I am already 15 and I'm still horrible…I mean I'm not that horrible,I wouldn't be in first 7,but out of 7 of us I am definetly the worst one.I thaught about giving up and focusing on school because I'm afraid it's too late to achieve anything

  5. I am goalkeeper too,i am from Bosnia and i love handball.I want to be famous,now i am better than 3 years ago.I want to be like Tess Wester
    Do you know her?
    She is my inspiration!😁😁❤I am 12yo
    Big kiss from🇧🇦🇧🇦

  6. Handbal is my life. I'm dreaming to meet Cristina Neagu. I am selected for CSMB!( CSM Bucuresti) and i have a lot of motivation to be like her….And i'm playing Handbal with my heart.. So i think my life is my dream.
    From Romania. Bucharest

  7. Im new in handball, and tomorrow we have a game and im doubting if im going to come because im not good at it. But then i saw this video and i want to learn more. Thank you❤️

  8. I love handbal! I play handbal for 5 years heavy but I would not stop playing for nothing in the world! 💖

  9. i play for 6-7years but have training only once a week and we don‘t have enough players for a team ._. because some players dont play hb anymore. now our coach hasnt time anymore.. hopefully we get somebody new

  10. I'm left wing and I wanted to give up some times, but It was very hard to give up, because I love handball like my life and I never want give up again. Greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸

  11. I have two teams, I have to switch it every season because of my age, there aren’t enough players in my age. So I have three different coaches, because one team has two. In the higher team I am sitting on the bench and playing a position, where he puts the worst players. In the other team they are all really nice and we are all friends, that is special. Also it is the team with two coaches, there I am playing like every player and I was allowed to chose my favorite position. I pushed myself so far, but when I’m in the other team… I am a really bad player, because I am afraid to do mistakes, because of that I am doing a lot more. The coach isn’t really good because in his team it’s like a competition, the girls are mean and sneaky. There were players who stopped playing handball because of them. I don’t wanna go to them again but I have to 😭 I won’t stop Handball is my life❤️

  12. I live in the Netherlands🇳🇱 and I play Handball. I am a goalkeeper, and I have a goalkeeper trainer from Tunesia🇹🇳. He is now 75 years old and trains us with passion for no money. He was a professional goalkeeper for Tunesia and he played at the Olympic games in the past. He says I am the best goalkeeper of our club, and that I will maybe get signed for a professional team within 2 or 3 years. And make it to the national team. I am 14 years old and pretty short. Saturday May 11th Me and my team will go to the national championship from our age. Handball is the best sport 💪. I am so excited and I hope to win. We made it this far and our club excists only 7 years since 2012. Never give up. Vive le Handball🤾‍♂️

  13. I am playing Handball for 5 Years😍♥️♥️ I want to be a good player♥️ This Video ist great!😍

  14. I have seen this video before and didn't thought I need it cause I was the best in my team, but since I switched to a better team I'm sitting on the bench nearly all the time and this video makes me never give up thank you 💪🇩🇪👌👌🔥

  15. I need handball friends age 10-14 everyone is welcome and I am going to make a groupchat with everyone

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